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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 89


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:11 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 89

*Only for use by Scum-Scans.


tl by molokidan

1: What the fuck did you say, Wada?!
2: T-the bullet train stopped due to some accident, so all 3 of us are still in Hiroshima.
3: It's already 5:00, you son of a bitch! How are you going to make it in time for the concert?!
4: Wh-what should we do?
6: I shouldn't have to let you go to that stupid magazine shoot, dammit!
7: Fauuu!
8: Hiee!
9: Preshideeeent! Don get mad, pleaaaase!
10: I do Krauser, so iss alriiight!! Relax, baby!
11: TCh!
12: We have to find two others, though.
13: I do all at once!
14: I really at the top of my peak now!
15: 40 minutes later--
sfx: knock knock
16: Oh, c'mon in!

1: Greetings.
2: Looking forward to working with you, President!
3: I just came from the kitchen!

1: What?!
2: Shit!
3: To think the day would come when I need 3 replacements...
4: We don't have time. Hurry up and get ready and then we'll head to the stage!!
5: Just pull it off for this one night.
6: Yes!
7: Wait, Preshident!
8: I'm so happy she finally called me!
9: Noooooo!
10: But who do what?!
11: Thank you.
12: I'm Chen Min Shik, nice to meet you.
13: Ahhh!
14: You gonna be Jagi-sama?!
15: But you don look nothing like him!
16: You fat, you don speak good Japanese, and you not Japanese!
17: Shut up, I'm gonna change now.
18: I not talkin about your outside! You need inside!
19: You not takin DMC Kagemusha seriously!

1: I thought I told you to shut up! What are you, a retard?!
2: Don't even think for one second that I see you as Krauser, either!
3: You think I be scared just cuz you scream?
4: Jagi-sama is more cooler than that!
5: Hm?
6: Camus-san, you drums!
7: You really gonna be a Kagemusha?! It easy to see where you from, but...
8: I am "Dhalham." Let us be friends...
9: You even trying?!
10: I resemble him.
11: How?!

1: Curry.
2: Even if that is same, it don matter!!
3: I gonna play with you guys cuz the Preshident call you, but thas it!
4: Jus don get in my way, got it?!
5-8: GO TO DMC!
9: H-hey, isn't it taking them a while to come out today...?
10: GO TO DMC!
11: Yeah, it's the first time they've ever made us wait this long...
12: Maybe something big is happening in Hell!
13: Tonight might be really frightening...
14: Woaaaaah!
15: Here they cooome!
16: Nuoohh?!

1: Yaaaaaaaaay!
2: Woahhh, the Krauser-san today is the kinda tan one we see once in a while!
3: Did he have another rampage in the carribean?!
4: "KILL" has been changed to "PITCH!"
5: Look at the other members!
6: Jagi-sama's gained some weight!
7: He looks like a dugong! (Did he eat one?!)
8: Camus-san too...
9: He looks like his soul's been sucked out of his body!
10: Here we go! I (1) ur (2) i (1) ur (2) san (3) su (4)!

1: Today a letter came from mom! Tomorrow dad gonna call me!
2: Gimme, gimme allowance! Gimme, gimme gimme lots of it!
3: They doin' pretty good for only one practice!
4: No money, I got no money!
5: Just play music isn't everything, though!@
6: Got no money man!
7: Hey!
8: Fans are waiting for my amazing moves!
9: Something's wrong with Krauser-san...
10: Hey, what's that table in front of Jagi-sama?
11: Woahhh!
12: Ahhh!
13: This is...
14: Look!
15: Woaaaahhhhh!

1: There it is! Jagi-sama's flaaaaames!
2: Almost time for some fried rice!
3: Whaaat, fried rice?!
4: I didn know you had such a good trick cooked up...
5: He's completely controlling the fire!
6: I'm starting to smell something good!
7: Next up is happousai!
8: Hn?!
9: L-look! Camus-san has some mysterious-looking pot next to his drums!
10: Hn?!
11: Ahhhh!
12: Those aren't sticks, they're flutes!
13: H-he's blowing them!
14: No way!
15: Eh, what?!

1: It's heeeere! The metal cobraaaa!
2: A-amazing!
3: So flutes were for this...
4: But there no way they can keep up with me!
5: Woahhh!
6: Krauser-san's grabbed a bat!
7: He made a D!
8: Well?
9: Krauser's D is a really rare sight!
10: Who's gonna be the M then?!
11: Ahh!
12: Kuuu...that barely looks like an M!
13: Maybe Camus-san can't do an M!
14: Hmph! See, you no good after all!
15: Eh?!

1: It's an M!!
2: What about Jagi-sama?!
3: Nnnn?!
4: Fried rice?! How is that a C?!
5: Ah!
6: Chinese!!
7: It's the C in Chinese!

1: They did it! The DMC Person-Letters from Hell!
2: Uwaahhhh, I don't want to die yet!
3: Now we keep going!
4: Groteshk!
5: Grotesk! Japan too big!
6: They're showing us a whole new type of horror today!
7: Groteshk! Nine brothers!
8: Groteshk! I da oldest!
9: Groteshk! I'm the oldest too!
10: Groteshk! We're all the oldest in our families!
11: Groteshk! Waiting in home country!
12: Groteshk! Hungry families!

1: Today's concert was da best!!
2: I misunderstand you guys! Sorry!
3: We were able to do our best because you were pulling us, Rozard-san.
4: It was very fun.
5: I really happy when I find out we all the oldest during Groteshk!
6: Me too!
7: Everyone is waiting for me to make money here in Japan.
8: Me too.
9: I think da fans really like da song too!!
10: I think so as well!!
11: Here's your green curry with naan.
12: Thank you.
13: This first time I have so much fun playing music in Japan.
14: Now we have memory together.
15: Too bad not all DMC members will ever take another rest again...
16: Yeah, that probably won't happen again.

1: So this is end...
2: And so we Kagemusha say bye-bye to DMC
3: and go back to normal days.
4: I wonder how everyone is...
5: Shoulda asked for phone number...
6: It's going left!

1: Ahhh!
2: What are you doing, Rosard?!
3: Ahhh, I can't take no more!
4: Hey, where are you going?!
5: Run, run!
6: What happened, Rozard?
7: It's a comeback!
8: How could he abandon his beloved baseball just like that...?
9: The beating of my heart no stop!
10: This first time!!
11: My body is...
12: running to office on its own!

1: I stepped out on the kitchen again.
2: Greetings.
3: Everyone!
4: They all felt same...
5: Haa...I'm so glad we didn't have to come yesterday...
6: Why does there have to be a meeting today, though...?
7: Ah, Rosard-san!!
8: Sorry about yesterday, the train stopped, so I guess we caused you some inconveniences.
9: Thanks so much for always being there when we need you.


[TRACK 89 - END]


Like how many people who start playing guitar struggle when they come to the F chord, this proves to be the first tough wall for bassists. If one really wishes to become a pro musician, however, they must at least master "happousai," "chili shrimp," and "leek & liver" and do complete all with their eyes closed.

[Usage Example] If you want to know about real fried rice, go eat it at Eizokuen! It tastes great!
*This was not a paid advertisement.

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