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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 90


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:11 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 90

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tl by molokidan

1: What's with
2: Rosard-san's attitude?
3: He went back into the office...
4: He's always so cheerful, this is really odd...
5: Maybe things haven't been going well for him in his baseball...
6: Hey, Negishi!! What are you standing around like an idiot for?!
7: It's time for the meeting!
8: Maggot!
9: N-no, it's just, Rosard-san was acting weird...
10: Maggot!
11: Huh?! Who gives a fuck about Rosard?! Let's go!
12: Wh...what?
13: From today forward, we...

1: are no more Kagemushas and become the real DMC!
2: Krauser II - Rosard Ngaire Bothalabardos
3: Jagi - Chen Min Shik
4: Camus - Dhalham
5: Huuuuuh?!

1: What are you talking about...?
2: And who the hell are these two other people?!
3: If you're really serious, then I don't mind...
4: Chen!!
5: Go on, try it!!
6: Eh?
7: Fried rice!

1: Delicious...
2: The rice isn't all clumped together, it's mixed sublimely with the soft pieces of egg to create an exquisite taste.
3: It's almost like I'm riding a dragon
small: Deliciouuus!
4: straight to the "heaven" known as "flavor."
5: Exactly.
6: Naan curry.
7: We have talent to be da true members of DMC.
8: You come and watch new DMC tonight in concert!
9: Is he serious?!
10: Gimme all shifts!
11: Deposit money in my account!

1: Do whaddever I want, Imma Demon King!
2: Demon King, Demon King!
3: I feed my family in country!
4: DMC's kinda different today toooo!
5: Krauser-saaaan!
6: Maybe it's just a different season in Hell or something!
7: We really do make da best concert!
8: Demon King, Demon King!
9: With these members, I can get Japanese dream, and make my family happy!
10: My family be happy, no more hunger!
11: Haa...
12: After talking with the President, she got really mad and sent me here...
13: It looks like they're serious, so I don't see why we can't let them do it...it'll help me out too...
14: Yaaaay! Next is new song!
15: Woaaahh, a new song!
16: Now to make everyone dream come true!

1: "IKIGAI" (*The Reason I live, in contrast to SATSUGAI)
2: Ikigai? That's the total opposite of Satsugai...
3: What's this sentimental intro...?
4: It's a pure ballad...
5: T-this isn't very DMC-ish, that's for sure.
6: The lyrics are horrible!
7: Everyday filled with dream and smilies!
8: Only dreams are large in small room!
9: And so we decide to leave home!

1: Ah~ Far Beyond Da Sea~
2: Only Shadows Waving Hands~
3: Writing letter to describe when I bought somethin' I want, tiredness is far away!
4: Well?
5: I decide to keep save money until my baby bro graduates!
6: This is da best song fill with our feeling!
7: Please agree...
8: I decide to saaaave~
9: Jagi! Solo, c'mon!
10: A...wa...wa...
11: Eh?

(*I dunno about this part, because it's seemingly chinese written in Japanese, so it probably sounds horrible.)
1: Bazuon...
2: Baoozuonna...
3: Uo...finida...
4: Wh-what?
5: What are these sadness-filled sounds...?

1: Shanzu zaiichi
2: uofinuri
3: zenchende
4: But Jagi-sama's always such a cool, collected bassist...
5: You OK? This is concert now, Chen!
6: zuonia ofuechita
7: shandatei enhoa kasudei enhoahi taiguira
8: meitenzunanren tsuchidenritafan
9: Hey, what the hell is he saying?

1: Sorry, all I have is an English Exam Level 2 degree...
2: Tch!
3: I don't speak Chinese.
4: You're so proud of this little dish you've cooked up, aren't you...?
5: Time to smother it with my own starchy sauce!
6: We all gonna make our parents real happy with this band...
7: Uuu...
8: I wrote dis song though so I get all royalties...
9: He's talking about money...
10: You write da next one Chen and you can get lotsa allowance.
11: Eh?

1: Who says you get all the royalties?
2: Ehhhh?!
3: Huh?
4: Of course, it's called writer's right!
5: Dats why you need to write next one.
6: I've never written a song before!
7: Hey, enough with the flute already, dammit!
8: What are you, a retard?!
9: The retard is you.
10: Anyway we still performing now so just shuddap!
11: We need to play like pro here!
12: We aren't Kagemusha no more!

1: nizubuguo shanryonuo
2: Wahh!
3: jintenteditsuon tsuufanpaotsurai
4: Hey!
5: What you doin'?!
6: ayoyo yoyoyoyoyo
7: uebufirannni namesuufuutee
8: Y-youuuuu!
9: Now what we gonna do?!
10: geiuo bizui

1: Auu!
2: uobukanra
3: I quit!
4: H-hey...
5: They were all...

1: fakes...
2: Let's go home.
3: We got tricked by imposters again!
4: I thought there was something weird about this!
5: Let's go, let's go.
6: H-how dare they fall apart on their own without waiting for me...!
7: Hm?
8: H-hey, look up!

1: Isn't that Krauser-san...?
2: What's he doing holding a pot like that for...?
3: Maybe it's some kind of demonic high-temperature sauce hell!
4: You didn't want for my entrance, dammit...
5: "Even Homer sometimes nods," they say...
6: Eh? Look!

1: Guaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhh!
2: W-woaaaahhhhhh!
3: Agggggh!
4: Krauser-san poured the sauce hell on himself!
5: Krauser-san doesn't even consider those guys worth his time!
6: so that's it...
7: He just descended to show us some of his own self-abuse!
8: Amazing!
9: Aaaagggggggggh!
10: The true Demon King really is on a whole different level!

[TRACK 90 - END]

[Starch Sauce]

Starched mixed in with boiled soup. It's gloopy and doesn't cool very quickly. This often becomes the first hard wall to clear for people trying to master death metal performances. If you truly want to me a death metal musican, however, you must at least master the "Scalding Water Bath" and "Oden Art." Proactivity while displaying your pain is always a plus.

[Usage Example] Tonight, try the starch sauce dish at Eizokuen, it's the best!

*We wish it was, but sadly, this is not a paid advertisement.

1: After Krauser II displayed the Toyama Prefecture mark during a performance...
2: In the dressing room...
DMC Dressing Room
Entry Prohibited
Get in here!!
4: What the hell was that, you fuckshit?!
5: Aguhh!
6: Please stop, President!
7: I was...just
8: thinking of the fans,

1: Please stop.

1: Uwahh!
2: Dieeee!
3: Dodging like that only makes her angrier...
4: Die, dieeee!
5: Shaved cunt!
6: As long as those two fans get together...
7: I can bear all this...


People say "it's always darkest before dawn"...

Right now, my music
exists in the darkness,
but I have proof that my dawn is near.
At least, I think so.
Today will be the day...

The dawn of

The last of the Fasionable 4 Devas, the Creative King, appears! And so, one of the most shocking events in the history of metal happens!

1: Matching riiiings~
2: Negishi Souichi!

Detroit Metal City [9]

Coming in Early 2010

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