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Detroit Metal City 105


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2010 02:55 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 105

Note: Big thanks to GGpX for French help.


tl by molokidan

1: Krauser is my weak self.
2: You fucking bitch piiiiiiig
3: I can't escape to him anymore.
4: That's why I've come to this place.
5: Throwing away everything,
6: One of these, please.
7: 7 Euro, please.
8: OK.
9: in order to test my talent in music once and for all,
10: I've come to the only proper place...

1: The capital of art, Paris!
2: Merci!

1: It's been exactly one week since I've gotten here.
2: Now I'm so used to this town that I've even found my own bread shop to stop by all the time.
3: I planned on studying abroad in France for a long time and did a lot of studying as a result,
4: but I never really found a chance to take that last step until now...
5: It sorta feels, though...
6: Bonjour!!
7: live I've always been living here...
8: Wah!
9: Ahahaha, I fell!
10: Yes.
11: Voici votre cappucino.
12: In Paris, I'm...

1: C'est bon!
2: totally at home!
3: Merci!
4: Hm?
5: He's sketching.
6: Wow, you're really good!!
7: Really? Thank you.
8: Do you have interest in art?
9: This is my utensil.
10: I've come here from Japan with hopes of becoming a pro musician.
11: Hahaha!
12: This town is overflowing with'd have to really put forth some effort to become a pro here!
13: Those who don't are simply ignored, you know.

1: Of course, I'm fully prepared for that.
2: Your face looks really serious.
3: Bien sûr.
4: I haven't come all the way to France with a lukewarm heart.
5: No matter how much I may be beaten down...I will do it!
6: I've come here with the intentions to have my bones buried in this place!
7: Aikawa-san...sorry not telling you where I went.
8: I just felt that if I heard your voice, my determination would be swayed...
9: If I am ever able to see you again...

1: it will be after I have succeeded!
2: I heard there was a re-imported Japanese artist from France coming,
3: but I never thought it would be you, Negishi-kun...
4: I'm home, Aikawa-san.
5: Sorry to keep you waiting.
6: Alright, time to go!
7: I'm "Negishi Souchi," Oncle. Please remember that name.
8: Do your best!!
9: I have a good feeling about this
10: When I was in Japan, my music was always treated as some strange, alien creation.
11: You're just like a strawberry shake~
12: What the hell is that?
13: It's some kind of parody, right?
14: Not here, though.
15: I couldn't believe it at first, but I'm sure now.
16: A couple together in a cafe right next to the Eiffel Tower~
17: My music and this town

1: are melding!
2: Once in love, everything's insiiiide a Crème brûlée~
3: I know you're lying about being a Parisienne~
4: You're a Mesienne who loves me~
5: There's no one to get in my way here. Paris really is the town I should be in!
6: The buildings, the trees, the people...
7: Then I too must becooome~
8: are matching my song,
9: a Yousienne that loves yooou!
10: as if they're keeping the rhythm!

1: But it's no good just to melde my music...
2: I need to think about how I'm going find a market for my writing as a pro.
3: Wah!
4: A keychain?!
5: Ahhh, a sales girl?
6: I see...
7: They're passed out to everyone, but only the people who want them will pay and take them.
8: For people who don't want it, they can just leave it here and it'll probably be collected at the end...

1: This is it!
2: Salut, mec. You want to buy one?
3: Bien sûr! It's all thanks to you!

1: Bonjooour! I'm Negishi Souichiiii~
2: First, listen to my most representative song~
3: "Sweet Lovers!"
4: Wake up in the morning and there you aaare~
5: baking cheese taaarts~
6: Sweet baby, that's youuu~
7: Good thing I made a lot of casette tapes!
8: It's only because I'm in France that I could get an idea like this!
9: Sweet, sweeet~ my lover~
10: I knew being born in Japan must have been some kind of mistake!

1: I may just be a child of the French God of Music!
2-3: Sweet, sweet
4: L*O*V*E*R~
5: Alright, I'd better collect the money soon...
6: Sweet, sweet
7: Sweet
8: Maybe they're holding back...
9: Sweet, sweet
10: ...huh?
11: No one's
12: Sweet, sweet
13: buying any.
14: ...or should I say,
15: Sweet
16: these people

1: aren't even listening to my music...?!
2: No way...
3: Those who don't are simply ignored, you know.
4: It can't beee!
5: I thought I was melding!
6: And yet...

1: I just keep getting ignored.
2: Sweet
3: If it's no good, then just say so...
4: Hiieee! An egg!
5: Ahaha!
6: Japanese people did that much.
7: The lady I'm doing a homestay with...
8: Sweet, sweet
9: Sweet
10: should be able to tell me...
11: Souichi, you must be hungry, no?
12: We're having omelettes today.
13: A-an egg!

1: If you're going to break it either way, then at least throw it at me!
2: Huuuh?!
3: Today...
4: Today will be the day
5: I show them once and for all!!

1: A couple together in a cafe next to the Eiffel Tower~
2: Once in love, everything's insiiiide a Crème brûlée~
3: I...
4: I know you're lying about being a Parisienne~
5: You're a Mesienne who loves me~
6: I
7: Then I must to become~
8: A Yousienne that loves youuu~
9: didn't come all the way to France

1: with a lukewarm heart!
2: C'mon!!
3: H...
4: Hasn't this town
5: even
6: noticed
7: me?

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