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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 106


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2010 05:17 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 106

Note: Thanks to GGpX for French help.


tl by molokidan

1: The people of France...
2: weren't even kind enough to listen to my music...
3: If it was the old me,
4: I would have dropped my guitar there and then.
5: One month has passed since I've come to France, however,
6: and I've been working on my music
7: Un deux trois, c'mon, over~
8: to hopefully bring on some kind of reaction from them.
9: Changing lyrics into French,
10: Un deux trois, close your eyes~
11: Listening to lots of French music and studying their rhythms,
12: Un deux trois, now we're inside a dream~
13: and every day, desperately

1: continuing to sing my songs.
2: Bon appetit, my freshly-baked amour~
3: Je t'aime, bonne nuit, I whisper to you~
box at bottom: Sweet Lovers s'il vous plait

1: Je t'aime, bonne nuit, a couple together in the bed~
2: No one's paying any attention to me today, either.
3: It doesn't matter what, I just want some kind of reaction to my music!
4: I even made sure to buy fresh eggs from the marché this morning...
5: I'm home!
6: Welcome back, Souichi.
7: A letter from Japon came for you.
8: Ahh, it's from home!!
9: Fufu, it's from Toshi-kun...
10: How are ya, bro?!
11: A lot happened while you've been in France, man.
12: Fufuh!
13: Letters from home really can heal.
14: Eh?

1: DMC is putting on a farewell concert, and I'm going to it next week. Oh yeah, and I finally had sex with Chie-chan!
2: Man, it felt so good, I went really quickly. But we did it 3 times in a row, so that was OK.
3: N...no...
4: Your brother's all the way on the other side of the ocean...
5: trying his hardest, and y-you're...
6: P.S. A letter came to you from Tokyo, so I sent it with this.
letter name: Wada Masayuki
7: Wada-kun!
8: He went as far as sending a letter to my family's house...?
9: What could have...

1: Sorry.
2: But if I opened it now...I feel like I might end up running away.
3: I'm not the weak man I used to be!!
4: Saint-German de près, bonjooour~
5: I'm coming to see you from Montmartre~
6: Hoh.
7: I thought you'd have already returned to Japon by now.
8: Still playing, eh?
9: Errr, you're...
10: Ah!

1: Wh-who the hell is he?!
2: Ahhhh~
3: Haven't seen you since the cafè, eh?
4: Those who don't are simply ignored, you know.
5: How has your music been going?
6: Ah...well!
7: It finally feels like I've gotten used to life in France, too...
8: I've come to speak a fair bit of the language, at least...
9: And I'm used to the food...at first there were times when I missed rice, though.
10: Ideally, I'd like to be able to go wherever I wanted without using a map, though...
11: I like the way subway tickets are designed over here, you know...
12: The truth is, I run a small bistro.
13: Eh?
14: How would you like to come work there?
15: Er, no, you see, I'm here to play music...

1: When business is slow, you could even perform a bit.
2: Eh?
3: R-really...?
4: On this day,
5: It won't do any good to ignore a hardworking youngster like yourself.
6: I will finally be able to move up from the street...
7: to my next stage!
8: Merci beaucoup!
9: Pasta's done!! Take it out!
10: Oui!
11: I worked like mad every day,
12: and then every night, right after the bistro would close,
13: There aren't many people left, but I am getting paid to sing, so...
14: with only a few people remaining in the shop,

1: Negishi Souichi exploded with everything he had!
2: Mademoiselle, are you the one who stole my amour?
3: Just like one would steal a Mona Lisa~
4: Someday...
5: I hope the people of France will come to notice me.
6: S'il vous plait, to you~ s'il vous plait~
7: All I wanted to do was sit and have a drink in peace...
8: Ta gueule!
9: Eh?

1: Hey, Negishi!! Are you alright?
2: Get him a towel!!
3: Hmph!
4: F-finally...
5: Please, just leave me like this for a moment...
6: Ehhhh?!
7: My music got a reaction...

1: Finally, my talent has started to stimulate France.
2: Now all I need to do is change these reactions into pluses!
3: Sorry, Wada-kun...
4: It doesn't look I'll be returning to Japan after all.
5: Fufuh!
6: This is probably just about what happened after I quit...
letter 1(cut off)
president threw up blood
collapsed so we called a paramedic
letter 2(cut off)
in a comatose state

letter 1:
stole the legendary guitar
destroying metal bands
internet movie
challenged the
power of God

letter 2:
please watch the movie
full unity
please watch it
at all costs

1: I am the Holy Being that created death metal: God!
2: I have descended from Heaven in order to put death metal back where it belongs:
3: within my hands.
4: Some foolish mortals stood and bared their fangs at me,
5: but all bands who have blasphemed God up until now have fallen to His hands.
6: May 10 will be...
7: God Day, when I celebrate my complete conquering of the death metal world.
8: The ceremony will happen at the Budokan in Japan.
9: Hey.

1: Here are the names of all the bands who have fallen into my hands.
2: The souls of their members will be offered up as sacrifices during the ceremony...
above dmc name: Cannibal Animal
below dmc: Dezumu
3: As a lesson, I will show you how they died right now.
4: VTR~
5: God!
6: Uwahhh, God stole the legendary guitaaaar!
7: Uwahhh, Jack fell before the Godwalk!
8: I-is this Hell...?

1: Even Syse is powerless before the Godwalk!
2: The "666" we strove for is finally here...
3: Pie-Panic has also lost!
4: I'd rather be raped and murdered...
5: Jack's lost again!
6: Now am I in Hell?
7: Dezumu's "Bowel Movement of the Death God" isn't working!
8: Whaat?!

1: Horror Esthetician is running away!
2: Hieee!
3: Uwahhh, that Genki bastard put a spring under his tongue again!
4: Uuu...
5: The Lunatic Devil Fang Riders are all down!
6: Jack has fallen yet again!
7: Am I still...not in Hell...?

1: If there still exist some who do not acknowledge this God as their creator,
2: then come to the Budokan on God Day.
3: I doubt anyone will, though~ Nahahahaha!
letter: DMC has officially disbanded, but...Negishi, are you sure you're OK with that?`

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