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Fairy Tail 168

Earth Land

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 23, 2010 02:50 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 168

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tl by molokidan

Yellow: The shocking words that came out of Mystogan's mouth...
purple: Fairy Tail will disappear?
1: Wendy!!!
2: I have to tell everyone!!
3: You cannot go!!!
4: At the very least, I can take you out of town with me!!
5: Me surviving alone? Impossible.
6: After all, I am now
7: a member of Fairy Tail!!!

4 lines from right to left
The shape of dreams
is ever-changing!
are endless!
toppest line: Thanks for your support!
top line: Two chapters in one with color pages, for a total of 47p!

Chapter 168 - Earth Land
right line: Imagine,
left line: and then catch it!!
bottom box is anime info

1: Previously
A man appeared with the same face as Gerard, named Mystogan. It turns out that he was the
man who saved Wendy 7 years ago! Not only that, but he told her these mysterious words:
"Magnolia will soon disappear, and all of Fairy Tail will die." What is the true meaning of
Mystogan's declaration?!
2: There's nothing better than a date with the boyfriend on rainy days like this.
3: Kana...just make sure you leave behind some of the "boyfriend" we serve to guests,
4: Huh? Where are you going in weather like this, Mira?
5: Just to the church.
6: If you're real men, you've got to get stronger!!! You think you can protect Levy with
7: Y...yup.
8: We know.
9: I'm off now, Elfman!
side: Unchanging days...will everyone continue their daily life ignorant to the "despair"
that is yet to come?!
bottom: Start reading from the color pages, OK?!

1: C'mon, you tell 'em too, sis. These guys keep screwing their jobs up!
2: You ended up wasting so much time that Levy had to clean things up by herself!
3: Uuu...my ears hurt!
4: How pathetic...
5: Although, Jet, Droy, I do think you're both doing your best!
6: Mira-chaaaaaan <3
7: As much as you're capable of, that is.
8: So mean!!!!
9: Why would she go all the way out to the church on a day like this?
10: Ah! That's it.
11: It's almost the anniversary of Lisanna's death.

1: Lisanna?
2: Mira and Elfman's younger sister.
3: She died in an accident during a job 2 years ago.
4: When it gets close to the anniversary, they start going to church.
5: That reminds me...you remind me a little of Lisanna, you know.
6: Oh really?
7: Like the way you get along with Natsu.
8: Hmmm...so a while back, Natsu and a girl...
Mashima's Musings[1] I received a souvenir from Africa from Raiku-sensei. Thank you very

1(2b): Hah hah
2(2b): Hah hah
3: You're
4: way too sticky.

1: Can't you eat it any better?
2: becha
3: I...it's Juvia's...first time eating this, so...
4: Look at them, being so cute together.
5(2b): This is how you eat Caramade Franks! Like this!
6: Open your mouth up wide!
7: gaba
8: Like this?
9: hagu
10: This isn't something that's meant to be eaten politely.
11: But Juvia doesn't think it's a good idea to take off her clothes.
12: How can I get him to be more proactive like that...?
13: Someday, I'll get Bisca to...
14: T...the rain just won't let up, eh?
15: Y...yeah.

1: You two seem to be getting along well, as usual.
2: No...that's...
3: Erza-san!
4: Treasure these moments.
5: So as to avoid regret.
6: Hey, Erza, over here!
7: Yes, Master.
8: It's about that 100-year quest...

1: I did a lot of examining...but I think I'm gonna pass it on to someone else. Any
2: I think it is an appropriate choice.
3: I'm bored.
4: The weather doesn't really make you feel like working, either.
5: Isn't anything interesting gonna happen around here?
6(2b): Hah hah
7(2b): Hah hah
8: Kyaa!

1: Uuu...

1: Anima is
2: Everyone!
3: We're in big trouble!!!!
4: The sky...

1: What is this?!
2: Everyone!!
3: Kyaa!

1: No way?

1: The Guild...
2: disappeared...
3: the town too...
4: everything...
5: Th...that's...

1: What...
2: in the world happened here!!?
3: Is anyone here!!?
4: Someone...
5(2b): Huh? What am only I still here?
6: The town and the guild, everything disappeared...
7: Why am only I...?!
8: moguh
9: Hiiee!

1: Wh...what the!!?
2: Natsu-san!!!
3(2b): Wendy...huh? Where are we?
4: So I'm not the only one left...
5: You...don't remember anything, do you?
6: Well yeah, I was asleep.
7(2b): Here is...where the Guild...was.
8: Huh?

1(2b): A hole in the sky suddenly opened up...then the guild and the town were...it
swallowed everyone up.
2: I'm serious!!! We're the only ones that are left!!!
3: Wendy...did you hit your head somewhere? This is really bad.
small: Noooo!
4: Could it be?!
5: Only Dragon Slayers were left behind!!?
6: That's right.
7: Charle!! Thank goodness!! You're alright!
8: I suppose.
Mashima's Musings[2]
Thanks for all the New Year's cards, everyone. It really cheered me up!

1: Looks like the special magic Dragon Slayers possess really helped us out.
2: I'm glad that at least you two could survive.
3: Charle...
4: That's unforgivable! What about the others...
5: ...wait, do you mean they really DID disappear!!?
6: kokuh
7: They disappeared.
8: To be accurate, they were swallowed up and erased by Anima.
9: Anima...
10: That hole in the sky just now was the gate to the world on the other side, Edoras.

1(2b): What are you going on about?! Where is everyone!!?
2: Natsu-san.
3: Do you know something about this, Charle?
4: Speaking of which, why were you saved?
5: Naaatsuuuu, what is thiiis?! Where's the toooown?!
6: Happy.
7: I came from the "Edoras," the world on the other side.
8: Eh!?
9: That male cat too.

1: Wh...what do you mean...?
2: He and I
3: are the reason this town disappeared.

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