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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 108


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 13, 2010 04:04 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 108


tl by molokidan

The day has finally coooome!!
2: Born To God!
3: We've been waiting!
4-5: Born To God!
6: God-saaaan!
7: Born To God!
8: Woooaaaaahh!
9: Today--May 10th
10: is God's Day--

1: Tonight, let us celebrate God's enthronement--

1: New Song! "Evil Eye!"
2-3: Huwah
4: Wooaaaah! This really is the sound of the God who created metaaaaaal!
5: It's on a totally different level!
6: He's starting with a new song!
7: A faintly grinning demon peeking out from a crotch!
8: A barely-visible, hateful, scrap of cloth!
9: The true form of this God has been exposed!
10: The Evil Eye exposes everything!
11: Guuhh...

1: Th-this really is some amazing metal...
2: Yeaaah! I feel like if I don't be careful, I'll go insaaaane!
3: Get a hold of yourself, Toshihiko!!
4: Now that DMC...and Krauser-san are no more...
5: I guess we really have no choice but to acknowledge God as the ruler of the metal world?
6: It's finally begun!
7: Woaaaaaaah!
8: I said get a hold of yourself, Toshihiko!!
9: After calling Negishi's family's house, they told me he was studying abroad in France.
10: I sent him a ticket for a planet that was supposed to leave three days ago, but...
11: I guess he really didn't come back after all...
12: Narita Airport
13: He should be on this one!
14: Why isn't he here...
15: I was planning to march into this concert after he came back, but
16: the way things are now, it's about to become God's era in the metal world.
17: Black Vagina!
18: Hey, look at that!
19: Woaaaah!
20: Those black candles...
21: represent all of the

1: lives of the members of the crowwd!
2: They are all within my grasp!
3-4: Fuwah
5: On this God's whim, any one of you foolish mortals' lives can be...
6: I-is this concert going to become a public execution...?!
7: extinguished!
8: Guwaaaaaahhhh
9: Woaaah!
10: One person died!
11: Woaaaaah, he blew out three all at once!
12-15: Guwaah
16: Hey, why did 4 people die even though he only blew out three?!

1: No, he did blow out four!
2: Giving people the horror of having their lives toyed with...
3: This really is a frightening performance only God is capable of...
4: Not only that, but that movie on that background screen...
5: Now watch closely as my legend unfolds!
6: Is this the "666" we sought...?
7: Woaaaah, that's the video of all the metal bands being crushed that leaked on the internet!!
8: I don't want to watch that anymore...
9: Ohhh!
10: I never thought this day would come!
11: Uuu...Nishida, wanna go home?
12: Jack lost agaaaaain!
13: Now am I in Hell?
14: The Godwalk is crushing them all, one by one!

1: This is truly the defining moment of a change of eras...
2: Like when japanese style toilets were changed into western ones...
3: Don't turn your eyes away...
4: Papa, there better not have been a fourth time.
5: Nuuu...
6: So there really was no one capable of beating this guy?
7: I don't want to watch this all over again!
8: Hm?
9: The Godwalk video...
10: It looks kinda messed up!
11: What's going on...?
12: Wh-whaaat?!
13: It disappeared!
14: A glitch...?

1: Ahh, it's fixed!
2: Huh...that's not the Godwalk!
3: W-what is this video?!
4: What the hell's going on here?!
5: H-hey, this video is the...
6: Pa...
7: Paris Collection...?
8: Hm?
9: H-hey, these footsteps...
10: Could it be...
11: N-no way!
12: Impossible!

1: K...
2: K...K...
3: K...
4: K....K-K...
5: K...K...

1: Krauser-saaaaaaaaaaaaan!

1: He's baaaaaaaack!
2: Krauser-san is baaaaaaaack!
3: I-I just shit my pants!
4: Me too!
5: I can't believe it...
6: Fu...ck!
7: Hey, just what do you think you're doing?!
8: Woaaah! Run, Krauser-san, run!
9: K-Krauser!
10: He ran outside! Follow him!
11: K...Krauser?!
12: I thought DMC split up...
13: Woaaah! Look at that!

1: Krauser-san's riding on the French pig, Napoleon!
2: Allei!
3: Kyaaaa, what is that?!
4: That's the Champs-Élysées!
5: He's teamed up with Poazon!
6: Aldo must be filming this, then!
7: Where could he be heading?!
8: Is this for real?!
9: Anal!
10: It's the Louvre! The Louvre Museuuuuum!
11: Allei, Allei!
12: H-hey, he's getting close to the Mona Lisa...
13: What's he gonna do...?
14: No way!
15: This is gonna become an international incident...
16: Krauser-san's holding a pen!
17: Y-you gotta be kidding me!!

1: He wrote iiiiiiiit!
2: So Mona Lisa really is a DMC believer!
3: I always thought there was something missing from that painting!
4: Now it's a real masterpiece!
5: The Da Vinci Code has been broken!
6: Run, Krauser-saaaaan!
7: Allei!
8: Hm?!
9: Hey, the picture with "Kill" written on it that fell just now was a fucking postcard!!
10: Like hell it is, you dumbass!!
11: Woaaaaaaah!
12: L-look at that!!

1: He's raping some weird old guy at a bistroooooo!
2: Working me so hard like you think you own me or something!!
3: I'm giving you all the leftover eggs, bitch!!
4: W-who are you?!
5: Please, stooop!
6: Who is thaaat?!
7: The Prime Minister!
8: The Prime Minister of France!
9: Whaaat?! Krauser-san's raping the Prime Minister of France?!
10: Is that really what he looks like?!
11: Maybe's the one for the next term?
12: Does Krauser-san intend on violating every single symbol of France!?
13: Where is he gonna go neeeeeext?!
14: He looks kinda lost!
15: Oh, I know what the main event's gonna be!
16: The tallest thing in France!
17: It really is...!

1: It's totally looking down at us from up there! (and it's totally erect!)
2: That bitch pig of Eiffel Tower!
3: It's trying to act so cool!
4: It's making a face like it's not interested in any of the men around there!
5: Once Krauser-san rapes it, it'll become a woman in no time!
6: It'll be flooded in an instant!
7: Woaaaaaaah, Krauser-san's going up to it!
8: Here it comes!
9: Eiffel Tower raaaaape!
10: Don't think you can act so cool just because you're a Parisien!
11: Keh!
12: It isn't feeling it one bit!
13: T...they're right!
14: That's weird...
15: Maybe the barrier of ethnicity is too thick...
16: I got it!
17: This bitch...

1: is actually a virgin!
2: She's been putting on a tough act the whole time!
3: Trying to hold back her pain!
4: She's drawing her body back, dammit!
5: Woaaaaaah, Krauser-saaaaaaan!
6: Tonight, you will all witness the true power of the Demon King!
7: A power that makes even God cower in fear!!

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