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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 373

The United

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 24, 2010 17:46 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

1: Now that Freya-sama, and Kugatachi Danki, her grandfather and jojitsu master, have been kidnapped...
2(2b): We've come to borrow the strength of the "spoon monster" we once suffered a great loss to...or rather, the strength of the weapon users from Ryouzanpaku.
3: Standing against the massive "Yami" which kidnapped their allies...the Shinpaku and Ryouzanpaku unified force!!!
4: This time, "Yami" will probably send out an expert too. Leave Freya's grandpa to your master!
5: Oh, and we'll help Freya-san...that's it, though!!

Battle373 - The United

blue: To save Freya!!! Color pages standing up against a great evil!!!!!!!!!!!
red: Vol. 37 on sale
black: Forward!!!!!!

1: Just heading straight down the road they believe in...

1: Masterrr~
2: That's what's happened, so please lend me your help!!
3: Ehh...?

1: Err...first, though, please actually face me and listen.
2: Yah!
3: Ahh, nothing will work on her. Ever since she won that in a neighborhood committee lottery, she's been trading it back and forth with Apachai-san and won't ever take a break.
4: She's got a lot of friends <3
5 Well, whatever.
6(2b): We want to make sure nothing bad happens to Freya-san, so we'd like another master to come along.
7: No one hooome.
8: Too fast and...no answer.
9: What was that?
10: No one hooome...alright!
11: Akisame and Ma have been unusually busy with their orthopedic and acupuncture clinics, so they've been sleeping there.
12(2b): Apachai is here, but at this point he played this thing all night so many times that he's fallen into "Apa Slumber." And when gets like that, no matter what you do, he won't wake up. And the Elder's in the west...

1: Whaaat?! Why are we usually buried up to our necks in experts, but only have one available right now!! I was hoping to bring at least two!!
2: This is not good...it's going to be an extremely bad idea to let this woman jump into the underworld alone!!
3: I kinda feel kinda uneasy about what's gonna happen, now that I've been left here all alone with her...
4: That's what you're thinking...right?!
5: She read my mind!!?
6: We're still just fortunate to have one master left here!
7: Kousaka-sensei even helped us back at Desper Island. (*not sure about the spelling of this location and can't find any references)
8: Might as well have her hear the jist of things, right?
9: I don't know much about "Yami," but,
10: It seemed like there was a man pushing around the young weapon users in black who kidnapped Freya and her master.
11: He looked Asian, had a tattoo on his face, and seemed to be a student of Muy Thai.
12: A tattoo on his face...
13: Could it be?!

1: Continually protecting the rule of non-lethality during battle...
2: and rejecting our invitations to "Yami" time and time again...
3: The legendary jojitsu user who has survived up until today, Kugatachi Danki!!

1: Still no food yet?
2: This is him?!?!?!
3: Is this REALLY him? You sure there's no mistake?
4: I just brought him from the reported dojo.
5: Any closer and I'll cut ya!
6: Also, this old guy...
7: What?
8: ...nah,
9: If you don't feel it, then there's no point in saying it.
10: Just give it a try.

1: "He has the scent of a warrior..."
2: Uuu!! Since when...
3: Sensei.

1: You're one of the Ichiei Nine Fists from the barehanded team...
2: Sir!!
3: Impossible...why am I standing at attention -- this guy isn't my direct superior, nor does he even belong to the weapons team...
4: At ease, soldier.
5: Sir!!
6: Kuhh, again! I can't go against him!!
7: How's the girl?
7: She saw an opening and tried to escape, so we have confined her in a different room, ma'am!
8: Hey, don't you be any more polite than you need to, either!
9: So it seems. Your granddaughter is in perfect condition, Kugatachi-sensei.
10: I don't really like resorting to such childish tactics...
11: But for now, we have to play nice with the weapons team.

1: Same goes for you, Koukin.
2: Don't be too rude to your senior!
3: Even if they do happen to be a human weaker than you in martial arts.
4: Yes, sensei.
5: Mm. Now then, I leave sensei to you until the transaction time.
6: I apologize, everyone.
7-9: Sir!!
10: Kuh, even after being belittled this much, I can't fight back...what brews within me is not anger nor fighting spirit, but rather...
11: I want a proper warrior ready for when the time of the transaction comes.
12: Indeed, sir.
13: nothing but shivers!!

1: ...I see.
2: So....they...intend to have that jojitsu user join their "Yami" army by kidnapping his granddaughter, and your friend.
3: Unless we know the location, though...we can't do anything.
4: I don't think we need to worry about that.
5: This is the cell phone that was left when Freya was taken away.
6: Look, it has a tracking feature. It seems that her master, who was also her grandfather, Kugatachi Danki, had Freya carry a cell phone with a GPS in it.
7: That makes things simple, then.
8: Wait!!
9: Ahh, you guys!!

1: The spoon monster...
2: ...no, the weapons girl!!
3: After losing to you, we all discovered a new depth to weapons, and have cultivated our abilities up until this day!
4: If possible, we would like to receive your help!!
5: I'm...so popular...
6: They don't understand how dangerous a world follows this girl...ahh, if possible, I would have wanted to enlist the comparatively reassuring Master Ba or Master Kouetsu...

1: You girls wanna go too?
2: Yes!
3: We all want to show you the results of our training!!
4: Nooo way.
5: Ehh?!
6: Why?!
7: Nnnn!
8: The reason is...this.
9: Hey!!! What are you thinking of doing with that controller?!
10: Ahh!!
11: Everyone, grab your weapons!!

1: Stop the music!
2: Shigure-san!
3: I lost a little piece of the edge here...
4: ...why?
5(2b): Right now, I saw your capabilities...your weapons have not been cut. You've gotten stronger...however, with me alone...I cannot protect you all...as well.
6: Kuh...
7: It's me.
8: Bring clothes for the Valkyries from the base!
9: So our ally will be Master Shigure alone...our enemies will probably be a combination of the barehanded and weapons groups.
10: And to make things worse, if Koukin is there, then there's a possibility that the Ichiei Nine Fists will come out as well...

1: Hey, Shirahama...Fuurinji.
2: Save Freya-sama for us...
3: That person is both close and far...
4: our goal!!
5: Understood!!
6: Now...
7: then...

1: Time to moooove out!
2: Our only choice now is to move forward!
3: Departure.

side: The enemy: a super-large group of fighters who have already bested them once. In order to save their friend, however...!! Next time, the unified force launches a full charge ahead!!!
Next: March 3

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