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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 109


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 27, 2010 08:01 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 109


tl by molokidan

1: Krauser-san's baaaack!
2-3: GO TO DMC!
4: Does he intend to take over all of France now?!
5: Allei!
6: Where's he gonna go next?!
7: Nuu...
8: How dare you...
9: Next up is the Arch of Triumph!
10: I can hear a guitar!
11: This song is...
12: Look uuuuuuup!

1: I'm a terrorist from Hell!
2-3: Oui!
4: Yesterday I raped my mom, tomorrow I'm gonna carve up my dad!
5: Satsugai Fraaaaaance!
6: A triumph concert on the Arch of Triumh!
7: What's going on?
8: Why is Krauser at God-san's concert?!
9: No need to worry.
10: Krauser's just throwing a bluff with this footage.
11: He's too frightened of me to actually show his face here.

1: Not "show his face," "grace me with his presence!!"
2: Krauser-san just doesn't go around showing his face to everyone!
3: And add "san," dammit!
4: Hmph!
5: God-san, it turns out the film really has been switched out by someone!
6: Do we have your permission to stop it!
7: No, wait!
8: Mute the volume when I give you the signal.
9: Satsugai, Satsugai!
10: I'll show them the true power of God!
11: Krauser, here is an order from your God!
12: Stop singiiiiiiiiing!
13: Dumbass! Like he's gonna listen to you!
14: Krauser-san doesn't stop until the police come!
15: Don't underestimate Krauser-san!!
16: Hm?
17: I can't hear it anymore.
18: Uuu...he did just as God told him to...
19: But...the police aren't even here...
20: Maybe it really is just a movie...

1: Kill, kill, kill your parents!
2: Whaaat?!
3: The sound's back!
4: He's also looking at the camera!
5: See, only police can stop him!
6: H-hey, what's going on here?
7: B-but we completely muted the volume!
8: K-Krauser-san's coming closer to the camera!
9: Kill, kill, kill your friends!
10: Wait, the sound is off a bit.
11: Does that mean his voice and guitar is
12: coming from this hall...?
13: H-hey, he's swinging back his guitar!

1: Kill, kill, kill everything!
2: Kill, kill!
3: Kill Gooooooood!

1: Satsugai, satsugai!

1: were behind the curtain...

1: He's baaaaaaaaack!
2: He's back!
3: He's back! (x4)
4: He's back! (x5)
5: He's back! (x15)
6: Ahh!
7: He's back!
8: Toshiko, you idiot! You're gonna start Hyper "He's Back" Ventilating!
9: He's
10: Buhaaah!
11-12: He's back!
13: There's no helping it, I guess...
14: He's back! (x4)
15: We came all the way here
16: believing in him the whole time, after all.
17: He's baaaaaack!

1: Krauser-san's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
2: he really did come home after that!
3: He teamed up with Nashimoto and really did something awesome!
4: Wait, Nishida! I'm going too!
5: Hey fuckers!
6: This Demon King of yours, after already having conquered the metal world,
7: thought he might as well conquer the fashion world as well and set off to France!

1: I heard there was some petty God that came slithering around while I was gone and got to thinking he had taken the top...
2: but I don't see him anywhere!
3: Kuh!
4: Woaaaah, Krauser-san doesn't see hiiiiim!
5: So he went to France to completely conquer the world!
6: He didn't quit after all!
7: God isn't even in his line of sight!
8: What the fuck do you think you're doing, man!?
9: This is God's stage!
10: Woahhh, God's fans are going up to the stage!
11: Krauser-san's in danger!
12: Ehh?!

1: G-guwaaah!
2: Guwaah!
3: Ggguwaah!
4: Woahhhh, he's blowing out the life candles and killing off God fans one after another!
5-7: Guwah!
8: What?!
9: The Demon King has undermined the acts of God!
10: Frightening...the Demon King really is the only one who can stand up to God!
11: Fuuuuck!
12: He really is one horrible guy...
13: Krauser's now at the point where he could even be compared to shit!
14: W-what?
15: Eh...
16: What is that...?
17: Woaaaaaah, looooook!

1: The DMC members are all lined up!
2: Camus-san is pissing on the stage!
3: Jagi-sama is doing his usual thing!
4: Krauser-san put the candles into the shape of an "M!" (What is he trying to say about human lives?!)
5-6: GO TO DMC!
7: Nuuu!
8: The more I stay silent, the more conceited he'll get...
10: I will have no mercy!
11: There it is, the Godwaaaaalk!
12: Ariiight!
13: This is it for Krauser!
14: N-nooo, you can't look!
15: Tons of metal bands have fallen after looking at God when he does this...
16: What is Krauser-san going to do?!

1: Ehh, a mirror?!
text: Makeup
2: Ohh!
3: Wahh!
4: Krauser-san defeated the Godwalk!
5: He used a mirror instead of looking straight at it!
6: You're such a metal monster, Negishi...
7: It's like when Perseus fought against Medusa in the Greek myth!
8-9: GO TO DMC!

1: You think I'd hand over the guitar to a country bumpkin kid like you?!
2: Woaaaaah, he took back the Legendary Guitar!
3: Drop the guitar...
4: That belongs to my father, Karls Murder...I have the right to inherit it!
5: Shut up!! All you've ever done is benefit from the influence of your think that fucking "hereditary metal" will work against me?!
6: Whaat?!
7: Woaaaah, Krauser-san is treating God like a spoiled brat!
8: B-but God-san really is Karls' son!
9: The only sounds coming from your metal are what you've inherited from pedigree and heredity!
10: I as the son of Karls Murder, God received power and a base.
11: That truly is hereditary power...
12: Compared to that, Krauser-san has gained support after working hard and diligently with his own effort.
13-15: Satsugai, Satsugai!
16: Working his way up!
17: Krauser-san's metal
18: must be none other than

1: Muneo Metal!! (*A Japanese politician who was once called a "department store of suspicion" for all the scandal he created)
2: Krauser-san, we'll follow you foreverrrrr!
7: What strong legs and loins...
8: Go to Muluaka! (*One of Muneo's African national aides)
10: You think some rich kid like you who doesn't know one thing about the lives of average citizens
11: could possibly play real metal?!

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