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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 374

Weapons, Face-Off!!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 28, 2010 11:19 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

1: Yooooou're
2: late.
BATTLE374 Weapons, Face-Off!!
3: Uwahh, she really is there already!!
side: Shigure and the Shinpaku union, who instantly mobilized to save Freya and her master!! They have their eyes set on the "YAMI" base, but...?!

1: She said it'd be "better to just run an extremely short distance," but to think she'd be faster than a train...
2: It's slightly scary...
3: The Elder once came down from a mountain with me on his back.
4: Sticking these people in the scope of common sense is unfair to the scope itself.
5: Please don't compare us. I don't have the strong legs that the Elder...has.
6: Halfway through I jumped on and rode a car, so that's why I was...fast.
7: That's still scary enough...
8: The GPS says Freya's close!!

1: Let's go, Shinpaku Union!!
2: But hey, that jojitsu master who's Freya's grandfather, Kugatachi Danki...just what kind of a person is he?
3: I'm also interested in that.
4: He's over 90 years old. When Freya went to college, he came back from a long wandering.
5: Wandering? You mean some kind of warrior training?
6: I don't know the details, but...
7: Guidance in training is the epitome of preciseness. It extends the student's strengths, while whittling down their weaknesses, resulting in true training. If a genius of guidance really does exist, I guess it'd be that guy.
8: It's just...there's one thing that bugs me~
9: Eh? What?

1: ...he seemed to be really worried about Freya. That's why he gave her a cell phone with a GPS in it...
2: During times when they weren't in training...
3: Grandpa, are you alright?!
4: I'm fine...don't worry.

1: Huh? And who might you be?
2: ..grandpa..it's me.
3: Your granddaughter, Kaname.
4: When's the food coming?
5: Aren't you bastards feeding him properly?!
6: How rude.
small text: You're gonna starve me to deaaath! Murdererrrs!
7: Not only did he eat four meals, he also had dessert twice.
8: It's good to have them replenished before the important time, but...
9: Will we really be able to use this old guy?

1: We're gonna move the elder in a little bit. Get ready, all of you.
2: Ah...
3: Yes sir!! At once!!
4(2b): Again...I always obey him...What IS this strange power he has, that allows him to make everyone follow him...? Whenever you stand in front of him, you feel unbelievably small...
5: It's like all the other guys are looking up to him...
6: Once we hand him over, we'll return to the HQ.
7: Sir!!
8: He's strong!! This man is clearly strong!! But that's not all, either...there's something that allows him to grab the hearts of people...

1: That's it...it could be that the heroes you always hear about through history
2: have all been just like this guy!!
3: Now then, gentlemen, let's all meet again at the "Eternal Sunset."
4: It looks as if the car has arrived, sensei.
5(2b): OK. Let's go finish up this transaction, then. Hopefully a decent warrior will come to receive him.
6: Yes, sir.
7: Thank you for all your hard work!!

1: Is it this building?! Niijima!!
2: Yeah.
3: Looks like a pretty normal building to me.
4: "YAMI" has penetrated society pretty deeply, Thor.
5: Hey, what are you guys doing?! Let's go bust in already!!
6: I'm worried about Freya!!
7: Not like we aren't too, right Takeda?
8(2b): Mmmm...looking at a normal building like this kinda makes me feel like it's a drawback to us...like, what if they call the police or something?
9: ...mm.
10: I've heard that servants of "YAMI" exist in the police system...we're completely at the disadvantage.

1: Uu...
2: Uwaaaahh!!
3: She went in!!
4: Relax. It's just paralysis...poison.
5: If this happens to be the wrong place...all we have to do is leave.
6: S-she cleverly had Touchuumaru dismantle the camera...

1: Hm? Wait a minute, the signals on the GPS...
2: W...what is this?!

1: Outside the building!!!

1: Woaahhhh, they've begun!! So this is an expert battle...
2: More importantly, everyone, look! Freya-san!!
3: Ahh!!
4: A truck!!? They're going to take her in that!!
5: Wait a minute!!

1: C'mon!!
2: I'm sorry, everyone...they're serious here! Don't get involved anymore!!
3: See ya~
4: Katanas...?
5: Kuh!!
6: Seriously...?
7: ...so only people who can dive into that crowd of blades
8: can continue on to the next level, huh?!

1: Let's go!
2: Everyone!!
side: The "Captain of Raids" is first on the list...an all-out battle begins here!!!

Continued in Vol. 15

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