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Orochi 7


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 19, 2010 11:15 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan


South Junior High
1: Now to read Okabe-kun's essay.
2: The title is "Father."

1: Ready?
2: Fathers are mysteries.
3: To me, the only way I can describe my father's actions is to say they are mysterious.
4: For example, the way he acts toward others.
5: And by others, I mean everyone besides my father.
6: Especially towards strangers, the way he acts is nothing but mysterious.
7: And that's because he is far too nice.
8: Once, when I was walking with my father...
9: I saw a drunk man spit up and fall down in an alley.

1: At the moment, I felt grossed out and moved to turn away.
2: Let me borrow your handkerchief if you have one!!
3: Are you alright?!
4: Please, hang on!!
5: Where do you live?
6: Uuuu...
7: No matter how you looked at him, the man didn't seem like a normal person with a job.
8: But my father called a taxi,
9: and begged the hesitant driver to drive he and the man to where the man said he lived.
10: One time, a house nearby caught on fire.

1: It was at night, but even then my father was the first to dash out.
2: He took care of clean-up afterwards and worked his hardest to take care of everyone.
3: For some reason, it felt like my heart had been electrocuted.
4: With all my energy,
5: I went to help my father.
6: But that wasn't all -- we also let people who lost their homes stay temporarily at ours.
7: My mother didn't resist this in the least.
8: My father helped provide them with food and other things they needed.
9: Soon after that, however, one time when I came home from school and my mother and father were out,

1: I saw that the people were all gone.
2: Not only that, but all our belongings and money were also missing.
3: When my father came home, he was silent for a bit, but did not express any anger.
4: I'll just work hard to buy new things.
5: At that moment, my father's actions seemed so mysterious that I could barely stand it.
6: Just what kind of heart did he possess...?
7: Whenever he would meet disabled military men on the street,
8: he would always give them some sort of offering.
9: It must be because my father also was once involved in a war, in the south.

1: My father suffered so much that he nearly lost his life at Guadacanal, and barely made it back to Japan. I once heard that he, the youngest member of his squad, was the only one who managed to survive.
2: Looking around the world now, I can hardly believe that war ever existed.
3: Whenever someone accuses my father of something, he never argues with them.
4: He always just smiles and apologizes.
5: At those times, I feel somewhat resentful.
6: But my father never gets involved in such petty affairs.
7: He never forgets even the smallest nicety, though.
8: No matter how tired he is, he always lets the elderly take his seat on the train.
9: Are other fathers also like that...?

1: Father always does his best at work, too, so he is trusted by everyone.
2: By his students too...
3: My father is a teacher.
4: He is a teacher at South Junior High.
5: I respect my father.
6: Hoo...
7: That was Okabe Tadashi-kun's father.
8: Your writing from several viewpoints gave us a very vivid picture of your father.
9: Also...the part about other fathers...
10: express just how proud you truly are of your father.
11: I'm going to show this essay to your father, Mr. Okabe.
12: I'm sure he'll be pleased.

1: That's Okabe Tadashi...
2: and I am Orochi. As usual, I've become interested in another young boy,
3: after happening to hear his essay from that classroom.
4: As I was listening, I remembered something from the past that has always bothered me...
5: And so I decided to follow Okabe Tadashi from now on.

1: Hey, Tadashi-kun, welcome home!
2: Ah, the rice man! Hello!
3: Tadashi-kun seems to be quite the serious, polite young boy.
4: He must have learned it from that father of his.
5: I wonder what kind of face his father has?
6: I'm home!
7: Welcome back.
8: His mother looks like a quiet, normal woman.

1: That evening, Tadashi's father came home.
2: That's him...I see. He looks to be very honest and gentle.
3: And look how well they get along with each other.
4: After that, I followed Tadashi and Tadashi's father, never missing a moment.
5: And that's because I had an idea.
6: Tadashi's father really was a good person.
7: Shall I push the back for you?
8: So I decided to test him.
9: Ahh!!
10: Ahh! That's my store's sign! Sorry about that!!
11: No worries...

1: He always took on others' jobs without a speck of unpleasantness.
2: Don't worry, I'll take care of that for you.
3: He was loved by his students, and had a great reputation with the PTA.
4: One day, I fixed things so that Tadashi would walk home with his father.
5: It's been a while since we've come home together, huh?
6: For some reason, I didn't have any work to do today...
7: Walking with his father, Tadashi looked proud, but a little shy.
8: Oh, yeah, father...did you read the essay I wrote a while back?
9: Hm...?
10: Yeah...
11: It's about that essay.

1: But his father gave no answer.
2: I suppose anyone would be a little embarrassed to talk about an essay about themselves.
3: Afterwards, the peaceful nature of this family continued unchanged.
4: Must be nice to have such a great father, Tadashi-kun...
5: Y-yeah...
6: If we don't hurry, we'll be late to school.
7: Ta...Tadashi-kun...!!
8: Huh?!
9: What are you making such a weird face for?

1: T-that taxi behind us...!!
2: It's been following us all the way here.
3: And...
4: Some weird guy inside was staring at you, Tadashi-kun!!
5: It drove away!! Maybe he realized he noticed him...
6(2b): Did you see the guy inside?! No...
7: It might be one of those kidnappers everyone's been talking about lately.
8: Hahaha! There's nothing to worry about. I'm not a kid, after all...even if I was kidnapped, what could they possibly want from my family?

1: I've never done a single thing to make someone resent me, either.
2(2b): And your father is a nice man too...you're right. No one would want to kidnap you because you're a good person, Tadashi-kun.
3: We're really going to be late, you know! Let's run!!
4: OK!
5: See you tomorrow!
6: Bye!
7: You can all go home.
8: I still have to write my journal for today.
9: Alright, we'll see you then!
10: You really are a serious kid, Tadashi-kun!
11: See ya later!
12: Alright, done. Now I can go home too.

1: It's gotten a little dark out.
2: Ahh!!
3: There's someone following me...!!
4: Ahh!!

1: Wh-who are you...!?
2: Tadashi...you're Tadashi, right?
3: Y-yes...!!
4: Give this to your father...
5: Got it?
6: You'd better...
7: Wait a minute, who are you, mister?!

1: What could he want to give my father...!?
2(2b): What did that man just give him? Tadashi's trying to look inside.
3: Wah!
4: A-a skull!!
5: G-gross!!
6: H-how could I show something like this to my father?!
7: Uwaaaaahhh!

1: That night...
2: What's wrong, Tadashi? You don't look well.
3: I-it's nothing. I'm going to bed.
4: Everyone at Tadashi's house has already gone to sleep.
5: Just what was that skull about, though...?
6: Who was that man? And why did he want me to give a skull to my father?!
7(2b): That man must be crazy!! There's no way my father could have anything to do with someone like that.
sfx: brriiiing
8: The phone...who could be calling at this hour?!
9: My mother and father are both fast asleep.
sfx: brriiing

1: brrriinriiing
2: Hello, this is the Okabe residence.
3: It's me, Tadashi...
4: You gave it to your father, right?
5: What is he doing now?
sfx: slam
6: It's that man!!
sfx: uuuuuuun
7: Father's voice!!
sfx: uuu
8: What's wrong, father?!
sfx: uuuuuuuuh

1: Ah, father!

1: What's wrong?! Are you alright...?
2: Tadashi...
3: That was you moaning just now, wasn't it...
4: I've been so busy and tired lately, I guess I was just tossing and turning...

1: More importantly, why are you up at a time like this?!
2: N-no reason.
3: Someone called with a wrong number.
4: Well, I'm fine.
5: I don't want your mother or Sachiko to wake up, so go back to sleep.

1: Tuck yourself in, alright?
2: Yes, father.
sfx: slam

1: Ahh, I'm so glad nothing was wrong.
2: Being suspicious all the time only makes you see meaning where there is none.

1: My father isn't hiding anything strange.
2: That one-handed, one-legged man really is just crazy.
3: I'm going to keep quiet about it to my father, though.
4: I don't want him to worry...
5: Why would he go as far as calling our house, though...?!

1: Brother,
2: Father! Have a good day at school!

1: Ah!

1: A dead cat...!!
2: It must have run out into the street and was run over. And if traffic was heavy, then no one would have been able to save it.
3: Poor cat. I'm sure it didn't want to die...
4: Let's go bury it somewhere, Tadashi.
5: Yes, father.

1: This'll do.
2: Let's go.
3: Phew...my father's acting normal.
4: That man really is just some crazy person.

1: Good morning, sir!
2: Good morning! Finished your homework, have you?
3: A few days later...
4: Bye! See you tomorrow!
5: After that, nothing seemed to happen to Tadashi.

1: That one-armed, one-legged man never showed up again. Just who was he...?
2: Kyaaaaah!!

1: Ah, it's Sachiko.
2: Heeey, Sachiko!
3: Ahh, brother!
4: Time to go home!

1: OK!
2: Gimme this back!
3: Gimme this back!! It's mine!!
4: Waaaait!!
5: Sachiko, what is that?! What are you holding?
6: I'm not showing! Then you'll take it too!

1: I found it.
2: While I was playing by myself...
3: Let me see it.
4: No!
5: Sachiko!!
6: Ahhhh!

1: Mother!
2: Father!
3: Sachiko!
4: I can't believe her. I bet it's nothing special at all, too!!
5: Mother, where's Sachiko?
6: Oh, Tadashi...

1: She ran into the back.
2: That was Tadashi's younger sister Sachiko just now.
3: What a cutie.
4: Everyone is still together, even at this hour of the night.
5: I wonder what's going on?

1: Sachiko!!
2: Ah, you're in here...
3: You're trying to hide it!!

1: Ahh!
2: A hand grenade...!!
3: C-could it be...
4: a toy...?!

1: Nooo!!
2: Sachiko!!
3: Wait!
4: Hahaha!

1: Nooooo!!
2: Hahaha...
sfx: creak
3: Sachiko, stop playing around!!
4: Hahaha!

sfx: ahahahaha
1: Sachiko ran outside.
2: Wait, I mean it!!
3: Ahhh!!
4: Oh no!!

1: Ahhhh...!!
2: Sa
3: Sachiko!!

1: Surprised by the sound, Tadashi's parents and neighbors soon ran out.
2: Sachiko!!
3: Tadashi!!
4: Sachiko and Tadashi were taken to a nearby hospital.
5: I wonder if they're OK...?

1: Why was there a hand grenade on the ground in the first place...?
2: Earlier, Tadashi was handed a skull by a strange man...
3: and now Sachiko picked up a hand grenade...what could this mean...?
4: Uu...uuuun...!!
5: Tadashi!!
6: Are you awake?!

1: Where's Sachiko?!
2: Sachiko...!!

1: Luckily, Tadashi escaped with light wounds and was able to go to school the next day.
2: I'm off now!
3: Tadashi's going to school.
4: But he doesn't look very well...

1: I can understand why, though, considering what happened...
2: After school, he went straight home.

1: Mother, how is Sachiko?
2: She's sleeping.

1: She's fine, though, Tadashi. There's no need to worry.
2: What was that explosive she was holding?
3: Did you manage to see it, Tadashi?

1: I-I don't know...!! Sachiko wouldn't show me...
2: She said she picked it up somewhere.
3: The police are investigating now,
4: and they're guessing it was a piece of dynamite some kid dropped.
5: Luckily, the explosive rolled away from Sachiko's hand when she fell,

1: and it exploded far away from her.
2: Since she was pinned to the ground, she managed to survive...

1: Soon after,
2: the chatter over the explosion incident quelled...
3: See you tomorrow, Tadashi-kun!
4: Yep, see ya!

1: His face looks like he's deep in thought.
2: It must be about the series of events that have happened.
3: I'm home.
4: Huh...?

1: A letter to me...
2: Who could it be from?
3: There isn't a return address.

1: Who on earth could it be from...?
2: And what's inside?

The Battle of Remand Bridge
Special Reserved Seat
A 25
March 30

1: The Battle of Remand Bridge...
2: It's a ticket to a movie!!

1: The battle of Remand Bridge...
2: It's a newly-released war movie...

1: It's for the 30th at the Royal...
2: That's today...

1: Tadashi went out to the city...
2: Who could have sent that ticket?
3: Could it be related to the hand grenade...?

1: This is it...
theater sign: Royal Theater
movie sign: The Battle of Remand Bridge

1: It's amusing to think that war scenes are going to be displayed on a large screen inside such a beautiful, cheerful place.
2: Please take this pamphlet.
3: Tadashi's actually going to watch the movie.
4: I'm going to follow him in.

1: There he is...
2: He's sitting in the designated seat.
3: The Battle of Remand Bridge.
4: This movie...
5: is about the humans that risked their lives in a tragic and action-packed battle that took place on one bridge...

1: a beautiful, moving drama!!
2: Just as I was sitting down far in the back so that I could see Tadashi, the movie started.
screen: The Battle of Remand Bridge
side sign: No Smoking
3: The war scenes nearly ripping through the screen were so great that I momentarily forgot about Tadashi.

1: Ahh!!
2: Someone sat down next to Tadashi when I wasn't looking...!!
3: Ahh!!

1: Ahhhh!
2: So it was you!
3: That's right...

1: The one who gave your sister the hand grenade...
2: was also me.
3: Listen closely, Tadashi. I have something important to tell you!!
4: Something you must hear.
5: It's something that no matter how much I time I have to tell you, it will never be enough.
6: The truth is...
7: They've started whispering about something.
8: The movie is so loud that I can't hear them, though. I'm going to try going a little closer.

1: The man continue talking until the movie ended.
2: It was an unbelievably horrible story...!!
3: The blood gradually drained right out from Tadashi's face!!!

1: Finally, the movie ended.
2: Now, I am done talking...
3: and will never show myself in front of you again.
4: Farewell, Tadashi!!

1: And so, the man left the theater.
2: I quickly hid myself behind another chair.
3: Tadashi's face as he left the theater...was filled with so much pain that it looked not one bit like that of a boy's.

1: Hey, kid! Don't step on people's shoes, would ya?!

1: Tadashi, why did you stay out this late?!

1: What's wrong. Does your head hurt?
2: Nothing!!
3: Ahh!!

1: Tadashi!!

1: What could be wrong? Tadashi's acting strange...
2: Yes, and he won't talk to anyone.

1: He stopped talking with his good friends, too.
2: What's wrong with Tadashi-kun...?
3: He's totally lost all his spunk.

1: Well then, Mr. Okabe, my house is this way..

1: If you'll excuse me.
2: Ah, yes...I'm this way.
3: Be careful of cars.
4: Why thank you.

1: Huh...?
2: Tadashi...?!
3: What are you doing here...?!
4: Father, there's something I need to talk to you about...!!

1: Talk to me about?

1: What do you mean, Tadashi...?!
2: Father...!!
3: There's something I want to ask you!!
4(2b): Ask me?! A-alright!!
5: What is it?
6: I-it's...
7: Tadashi, it may just be me, but it really seems like you've been a bit down recently. Is something wrong?

1: Let's walk while we talk.
2: Just what is going on? It doesn't matter, you can tell me anything.
3(2b): Don't hold back. Get it off your chest.
4: I-it's nothing.
5: Just a little something has been bugging me.
6: I just wanted to ask you about that essay I wrote a while back.
7: Essay...?
8: Y-yes, father.
9: Why are you such a nice person...?

1: Nice...!
2: That's all. I really wanted to ask you, but it was a bit awkward, so...
3: That's it, though.
4: Ahh, Tadashi!!
5: I'm going home ahead of you!!
6: That's really all...?
7: Fine, I'll believe you.
8: I feel like the thing that has been bugging me has finally started to come to the surface...I need to peer in deeper, though...

1: After that, Tadashi avoided his friends and his father even more.
2: And the eyes with which he looked upon his father...
3: were like a surveillance camera, watching from start to finish.
4: He also avoided doing things together with his father.
5: I'll go out later. I need to finish organizing my notes.
6: Oh...
7: Watch out, kid!
8: Bikes run along there, you know.
9(2b): C'mon, over here. It's safer to play here.
10: It can't be!

1: Tadashi's emotions right now are very complicated. What could he be denying?
2: Is it what the one-handed, one-legged man told him...?
3: That has to be it...!!
4: That must be what he meant...
5: It really seems like he was changed by what the man said to him. It might have even ripped his heart in two, completely changing his personality.
6: It's understandable.
7: And he can't talk about this to anyone...not even his father, the man he respects most...that's how painful this is.
8: Huh? He's heading in a different direction than to the school.
9: Where is he going?

1: It looks like he's searching for the surviving families of those who died at Guadacanal.
2: It's really moving to see a young boy like you interested in the war...!!
3: The battle of Guadacanal was truly horrific.
4(2b): Almost all of the troops were downed by enemy fire...!! Even afterwards, most who were saved died of starvation and fevers.
5: There were very few who managed to make it back to Japan alive.
6: Speaking of Guadacanal survivors...
7: There's one man who survived who always comes to visit our graves twice a month.
8: He's missing an arm and a leg...
9: Ehh?!
10(2b): What is his name?! Where does he live?!
11: I'm looking for that man!!

1: I don't know the details, but it appears that officially, he is registered as having died on Guadacanal.
2: That's why he can't even get support from the country after having come home missing an arm and a leg.
3(2b): He should be stopping by today, you know. This is about the time of day, too.
4: Eh? Today!!
5: Is he a weirdo?!
6: Of course not!! He's a very serious man!!
7: Looks like he's done talking.
8: His face looks even paler now.
9: It's nothing but mysterious...for a boy like Tadashi to not only come here, but to seriously fold his hands and pray...

1: Caw!
2: Tadashi's waiting for the man to come over there.
3: And then he's going to try and ascertain whether the story really is true or not.
4: He hasn't come...

1: Huh...?
2: Did something happen?
3: Right here, kid, a one-armed, one-legged man got his cane stuck in a taxi's tire...
4(2b): and then he was hit away by another taxi and died instantly. It was crazy, kid! He must have flown about 3 meters, just like a little stone!!
5(2b): Musta been the first time he was ever tossed like that since losing his leg! The first, and the last! Gahahaha!!
6: He died...!!
7: The next day, a small article about the man was in the Tokyo newspaper.
8: An unknown, one-armed, one-legged man was killed instantly...
9: There's no mistaking it. This is him!!
10(2b): Father didn't show any kind of reaction. He just read it to start to finish like normal.

1: Does that mean that the man really has nothing to do with father?
2: Even if he did, it would be from the distant past. So even if father did see this tiny photograph, he probably wouldn't remember anything!!
3: Then...it has to be true!!
4: Father is just like that man told me!!
5: If he wasn't, there's no way he could be that nice to people all the time!!
6: That's also why he doesn't talk much about the war!!
7: And that's why he was moaning in his sleep...

1: Is what the one-armed, one-legged man told him really true?
2: Is Tadashi's father really what Tadashi is worrying that he is?! It seems like Tadashi believes so...
3: No one knows the true answer.
4: Unless they are capable of peering into Tadashi's father's heart...
5: And I can do that!!
6: Everyone's asleep.

1: His father is sleeping on the second floor.
2: Here...
3: He's asleep.

1: I wonder what kind of memories lurk in his mind.
2: And what is he dreaming about right now?
3: Uuu...!!
4: Remember what happened at Guadacanal, from start to finish!!
5: Mumumu...!!
6: Through my arm,
7: the happenings at Guadacanal were revived.
8: Mixing with my knowledge, the events were replayed within my mind.

1: The battle of Guadacanal began as a fierce territory struggle between Japan and the Allied Forces at the center of the north beach!! In the end, the Japanese forces were chased into the jungle, where the cruel battle ended in failure and withdrawl.
2: Japanese corpses lay everywhere.
3: Some were drowned in seawater,
4: and others were submerged in swamps.
5: Some had even lost their shapes.

1: The few who survived had lost since lost their wills to fight. For them, the enemy was no longer the Allied Forces,
2: but the creeping demon of "starvation."
3: Supplies from Japan had long since ended, and their food stock had long since run out. The humidity razed them, causing fevers that beckoned death.
4: Haa, haa...!!
5: The meager artillery they had left was used to shoot down wild pigs and birds.
6(2b): Damn, it got away!! I-I'm so hungry that my body is weakening, and I can't even shoot straight!!
7: Keh! I hit a damn snake!!
8: Dammit!
9: How could I eat something like that!!
10: At that time, the survival of the squad's captain provided it with the little order it had.
11: All food they found was shared and passed out to immobilized men.

1: Eventually, all the wild pigs, fruits, and other edible things were eaten up,
2: and the men's hunger forced them to go after creatures like rats, snakes, and lizards.
3: There's one!!
4: Haa, haa!!
5: No matter how much a green snake is cooked, it retains a terrible, raw taste that will make anyone nauseous. And yet, the starving men...
6: did not allow the disgusting stench and horrible taste phase them. To them, it was a valuable feast with which to combat "hunger."
7: Only candles that did not produce smoke were allowed to be used for cooking, out of fear that they would be discovered by the Allied Forces.
8: As the days went on, the men weakened, turning even the capture of a snake into a difficult task.
9: If someone finally managed to capture something, they would often hide from the others and eat it alone.
10: There were also others who left the group and crept around on their own.

Sign: Nakano Squad
1: Okabe!!
2: Where's Okabe?!
3: Sir!!
4: Go bring us some water!!
5: You're the youngest and most energetic here!
6: Yes sir!!
7: And where's Yamanobe been?
8: I never see him around...
9: Around this time of day, he's always walking around somewhere by himself.
10: What...!?
11: Could it be, he's...?!
12: His skin has been annoyingly shiny lately...

1: Eh?!
2: Okabe!! Hurry up and bring us some water already, dammit!!
3: Yes sir!!
4: There's a puddle...
5: Ahh!!
6: That's Yamanobe-san...!!
7: What's he digging over there?!
8: Ah!

1: Yamanobe-san!!

1: Wahh!!

1: H-human
2: meat!!
3: gusah
4: Wahh!!

1: Okabe...
2: Haa, haa!!
3: What's wrong?!
4: The water! What happened to the water?!
5: Haa, haa...!!
6: That night, Yamanobe did not return.
7: I didn't tell anyone about what I saw.
8: During this time, the war continued on the sea,
9: and the Allied airport on Guadacanal, which the Americans had taken over, fell victim to a firefight, resulting in the burning of over 50 aircrafts.
10: The Americans' recovery technology was quite advanced, however, so it didn't have much of an effect.
11: Not only that, but thanks to the Americans' advanced radar system, night battles, which the Japanese Navy prided themselves in, made little progress in the war.
12: Support to Guadacanal was cut off, and the hunger of the soldiers left on the island became direr.

1: The American attacks within the jungle was severe and unrelenting, and microphones equipped underground informed them of the Japanese troops' movements.
2: And so, the hunger of the soldiers trapped deep in the jungle reached a limit!!
3: Not only hunger, but malaria and amoebic dysentery took the lives of dozens of soldiers each day.
4: The remnants soon began to bring the maggots squirming in the corpses of their allies to their mouths as a source of food,
5: bringing them to the brink of human reason.
6: I-I can't eat this!! I won't!!
7: Haa, haa!!

1: Haa, haa...!!
2: I-I don't want to die!!
3: I don't want to diiie!!
4: Wh-what's wrong, Tamura?!
5: Hang in there!!
6: I-I don't want to die!!
7: Y-you won't die alone...we're all with you!!
8: L-let me go!!
9: D-don't touch me!!
10: Don't fucking touch me!!
11: Hmph! You think I'm gonna die like this?! I don't care what happens to me, n-no matter what, I r-refuse to die!!
12: Tamura!!

1: You all think I'm gonna die any minute now, huh?! Because my body's the weakest here!
2(2b): You think so too, don't you?! And you...and you!!
3: And you...
4: And you...!!
5: And you!!
6: Tamura...why are you so obsessed with your own death?!
7: Don't say that!!
8: Stop saying stuff like that, I know you're doing it on purpose!! You're all doing this on purpose!!
9(2b): Everyone's thinking the same thing. I'm on to you all!! You're just acting ignorant...
10: But I can see it on your faces!!
11: On yours too!! You, the Captain, and everyone!! Everyone's thinking the same thing!!
12(2b): Stop being so repetitive!! Out with it, already! What are you trying to say?!

1: F...fine,
2: Here I go!!
3: You're all waiting for me to die!!
4: Wh-what...!?
5: You're all just wishing for me to hurry up and die!
6: If you kill me you'll get shot to death for murder, so you're weakening me instead!!
7: The ones who died from malaria and dysentery are too dangerous, so you're waiting for the ones who die naturally!!
8: I don't want to die!!
9: I don't want to be eaten by you all!!

1: Eh...?!
2: Wha...
3: What did you say?!
4: S-silence!!
5: H-how can I stay silent?! You're all trying to eat me!!
6: You're waiting for me to die!!
7: S-silence, I say!! The captain will hear you!!
8: Yeah, I want him to hear!!
9: I'm gonna scream even louder now!!
10(2b): No one wants to come out and say it, but, the reason everyone writes the words for "Americans," "Brits," and other white people in Japanese characters with the "beast" radical attached
11: is because they're trying to send the message that white people are no different than beasts!
12: But you know what...? When a human gets hungry, both white people and Japanese cease to be human...you know what I'm saying.
13: I-I'm not gonna let anyone eat me!!

1: You hear me?! Anyone who eats me isn't human!!
2: H...he's dead...
3: He's dead!!
4: He died...

1: Wh-what's wrong?!
2: E-everyone...
3: If this squall gets any worse, the humidity will rot him!!
4: batah
5: H-he's getting cold!!

1: dooooon dooooon
2: A-another troop somewhere got taken out!!
3: Out of the way!!
4: Where's the Captain...?
5: Another canal!
6: Get everyone together! I have something to say.
7: At this rate, we have no choice but to starve and die...!!
8: I don't want to do something like this, but thinking about how our current condition means the death for every man here, I'm sure even Buddha will forgive us.
9: Listen closely...
10: everyone...
11: Surround him so the Captain can't see!!

1: Wh-what are you doing?!
2: I-it can't be...!!
3: Strip him bare!!
4-5: Please, stop!!
6: Tamura was a fine soldier!!
7: Okabe, be quiet!!
8: You...
9: I can't do this!! Such a terrifying thing!!
10: I know how you feel...everyone else is terrified too. Me, and all the others...we're horrified!!
11: But even knowing that this is a horrible thing, we must do it. That's how frightening the will to live in human hearts is!!
12: Despite our fear, we cannot disobey it! Everyone wants to live!! Despite how our hearts may be feeling, we want to live!! And you do too.

1(2b): B-but what are we living for? Coming to a place like this and still trying to survive!!
2: Do you really think we can make it through this alive?! A fire assault from the Americans could be coming any minute now, and we're all still trying desperately to live!!
3: Even if you don't think about wanting to live, you still want to!!
4(2b): We have come here to fight. To do war!!
5: Listen to me, Okabe...everyone came to the battlefield prepared to die, whether they liked it or not...
6: Each man was completely ready to die, just like you...right, Okabe?
7: But think about it! If you knew you were going to die, then why did you come all the way here?!
8: Why would you allow yourself to be wounded, go hungry, and suffer in a place like this if you knew you were going to die?!
9: If you truly had intended to die from the beginning, then why wouldn't you have allowed yourself to die in a more peaceful fashion before getting this far?!
10: Because deep down, you want to live!! Even if you never thought of it directly, somewhere deep inside your heart, the feeling is there! It's inside everyone!!
11(2b): Isn't that why everyone continues to live despite all this pain?! You and I as well!!

1: Uuuuuu
2: Uuuuuu!!
3: I-I won't eat him!! I...!!
4: Cry!! If you don't want to eat, then you don't have to!!
5: Uuuuuuuuu
6: But if you don't, then you'll die on the fifth day.
7: And what do you think will happen after that?
8: Have you ever thought about it? What'll happen after you die...
9: T-the flesh is coming apart...!!
10: Haa, haa!!

1: Ready? I-I'm going to pass out the meat!!
2: Eat it however you want, alone!!
3: The meat was passed out and eaten by each man in a hidden manner, which may have been an expression of how their consciousness of "sin" had become distorted beyond repair.
4: And so, 2 days passed.
5: Okabe!!
6: You've become totally debilitated!!
7: Come to your senses!!
8: Can you hear me? I don't want to watch you die!!
9(2b): You're the youngest one here, and I've always thought of you like a younger brother! I want to keep you from dying at any cost!!

1: Listen to me! A rumor's been passing through the squad...
2: That you'll be next...!!
3: Now, do you want to be eaten by those bastards?!
4: You have to understand...none of them are human any longer...!! The "beast" radical is attached to all their names!!
5(2b): the only way to defeat a beast, however, is to become one yourself. This is the jungle! It isn't part of society! Becoming a beast is the only way to survive here! Who would there be to get angry at you if you became a beast, anyway?!
6: Now, eat this!!
7: Don't worry, it's lizard meat...beast meat...I hid it away especially for you!!
8: Now come, take it in your hand!!
9: Eat it!!
10: Eat it!!
11: Put it in your mouth!!

1-2: EAT!
3: If you don't, you'll die!!
4: And if you die, you'll be eaten by everyone!!
5: Eat it for my sake!!
6: You're the only one here I don't want to eat!!
7: Do you want to make me commit a crime?! You want to force me to eat you?!

1: To consume human flesh is to commit a mortal sin!! But in a jungle like this, with everyone reverting to beasts like they are now, can you really call eating human meat a sin?!
2: To me, however, eating you will still be a crime!! Until I am shot by the enemy and killed, that sin will never leave my body, and cause me to suffer for the rest of my life!!
3: Therefore, please eat this!!
4: It is not human meat!!
5: You're thinking too much! It's lizard meat! No one will incriminate you for eating it!!
6: Now eat it!!
7: Eat it!!
8: Just stick it in your mouth and swallow!!

1: Uuuu...!!
2: Why are you crying?! Are you sad? Well so am I!
3: But there should be nothing for you worry about. Because the meat you just ate now was from a lizard.
4: Believe me! All you did right now was eat lizard meat!
5: It was lizard meat, goddammit!!
6: Good...you've finally gained some energy back.
7: Now look at everyone's faces...!!

1: They're looking at you with glittering eyes...
2: Those are no longer the eyes of humans!!
3: And now I too am no longer human...!!
4: What are you saying, Okabe?! Why aren't you human anymore?!
5: I know the truth, Sano-san. What I just ate right now was not lizard meat...!!
6(2b): Okabe!! What are you saying?! Be quiet!! What's the big deal?!
7: So it was!!
8: W-why? Why didn't you just leave me alone back there!?
9: I wouldn't have eaten it if you hadn't put it in front of me!! Why did you do something like that?!

1: How many times do I have to say it? Don't you want to live?! Do you want to die and be eaten by those bastards?!
2: Sano-san!! You ate it too, didn't you?!
3: How can you stay so calm like that?!
4: What are you talking about? There's no way I could be calm at a time like this!! I'm the same as you!! Deep within my heart, I'm suffering just as much as you are now!!
5: Liar!! You aren't suffering one bit!!
6(2b): Look at those men!! Their eyes are shining like animals, they aren't normal people anymore!!
7: Yet how is it that only you are able to remain so controlled and logical?!
8: Why?! Why haven't you turned out like them?!
9: That's what I can't understand?! Why?!

1: That's...
2: because in truth, I am not one bit different from them!!
3(2b): However...if there must be a reason for why I can stay just a little bit more calm than the rest of them...
4: It'd have to be because you're here!!
5: As long as a man like you stays alive, the consciousness of a man like me will somehow be able to stay within its boundaries.
6: That's all there is to it.
7: That's all there is to it, but there are many other reasons.
8: I'm going to tell them to you now.
9: Since it looks as if you doubt what I just said, I'm going to explain everything to you! No, I must!!
10: Because as hunger ravages us, our minds become simpler and simpler, and detailed reasons like these cease to mean anything to us!
11: Just like they are...

1: The most important thing now is to find a purpose to keep on living in this hopeless abyss we've been driven into!!
2: And to me, that is...
3: to make sure that, at the very least...the youngest one here lives out longer than we do.
4: The desire I have for you to live is the reason why I can go on living!!
5: I'm sure that the reason I want you to survive is because I want to entrust myself to my own ally...
6: So that even if I die, I will still be able to live on in the hearts of those who outlive me.
7: But if you die before I do, then what will happen?!
8: Having lost my purpose to live, what can I do?!
9: I'll just turn into another one of them!!

1: And then I too will surely feast on your corpse!!
2: You call that living?!
3: I don't want to lose everything!!
4: That's why I refuse to let you die!!
5: Understand now, Okabe?!
6: Listen closely!! I'm going to kill one of them tonight!!
7: Eh?!

1: We have no other options!! If we don't, then you'll die!!
2: None of their feelings have changed...they still want to kill and eat you...!!
3: Just look at those eyes...!!
4: So, before they get you, we'll just have to get one of them...
5(2b): I know very well how you're feeling right now. I don't want to either.
6: But we must!!
7: Understand? This is for your sake!! No, for both our sakes!! That's why we're gonna do it together?!
8: Alright?!
9: Wh-who...?!
10: We'll decide that now!!
11: B-but I can't!!

1: Are you crying, Okabe...?!
2: This isn't your fault. It's the fault of those who drove us into this situation!!
3(2b): Why are you crying?! We just killed one man!
4: If you can kill others in the name of war, then why do you have to cry after killing a single man in a time like this?!
5: You must survive! And while surviving may be sad, you still must!!
6: That's why you also cannot admit defeat. Understand, Okabe? Please, understand?!
7: Okabe...!!
8: Afterwards, hunger mercilessly attacked the men.
9: Patrol by the Allied Forces was carried out very intensely, so the Japanese troops had no choice but to stay put where they were in the jungle.

1: In addition to those dying from fever and hunger, there was also a neverending series of mysterious disappearances.
2: And not a single person said a word about where they vanished to.
3: With strangely slimy faces, sunken-in eyes, and shining yellow eyes,
4: the men began to glare at and proceed with caution around one another as if they were enemies.
5: Sa...Sano-san...
6: Here's some water...

1(2b): Okabe...? See, your youth really is helping you survive!!
2: Look, all those other guys are completely withered away...
3: Their numbers are dwindling...
4: Okabe, you sleep next.
5: I'll stay awake.
6: You're going to survive until the end of this, Okabe.
7(2b): And whoever's alive last wins!! That's true for anything. Whoever manages to survive the longest...
8(2b): Okabe, what are you thinking about right now?
9: N-nothing...
10: Nothing...huh...

1(2b): Sano-san...what are you...thinking about?
2(2b): Probably the same thing as you. Sad thoughts...
3: But don't think about stuff like that before you sleep!!
4: Ah!
5: An American plane, Okabe!!
6: YOu did something to allow them to find us, didn't you?!
7: Here they come!!

1: Sano-san!!
2: Ahh!!

1: Are you alright?!
2: Uuuuuu
3: They're coming back!!
4: Th-they got me...!!
5: My leg...!!
6: I can't feel my right hand!!
7: Sano-san!!
8: Please, hang on!!

1: Where are the others...?!
2: N-no one's here!! Just you and I...
3: You think I'm gonna die here like this?!
4: Just now...
5(2b): When Sano-san asked me about what I was thinking about...I answered nothing, but
6: the truth is, I was thinking about Sano-san...
7: along with safety, I felt strangely uncomfortable...and I was trying to figure out why.
8: What was that?
9: And so, months passed since the fires of the battle of Guadacanal died out. By that time, Japan had long since left the men on the island for dead.

1: Wh-who's there?!
2: R-retreat...!!
3: Retreat?!
4: T-take me with you, please...a retreat order was passed!!
5: The night after tomorrow, we'll be able to leave this island on a boat!!
6: D-didn't you guys k-know?!
7: Ehh?!
8: M-malaria!!
9: Retreat...!!
10: The night after tomorrow...

1: W-we're saved!!
2-3: We're going to live!!

1: Now conscious of his desire to live, Okabe's heart burned toward survival.
2: Sano-san!!
3: Sano-san, you really are a frightening man!!
4: Yes, indeed, you're frightening!!
5: M-more than anyone else I've ever met...!!
6: Even more than all those men with their shining eyes!!
7: I finally get it now!! The one you were really trying to keep alive until the end was yourself!!
8: The reason you were so nice to me is because I was the youngest and would live out until the end.
9: And you were planning to keep me hidden as the final food source!!

1: N-no!! Y-you're mistaken!!
2(2b): Sano-san, I want to bring you with me, but...I don't have that much strength left!
3: At the very least, I will do what I can...and bring back your ruined right arm!!
4: Ahhh!!
5: buchih
6: Uwaaaah
7: Uwaaaah!
8: Ahh!!
9-10: uuuuuu

1: The events in his memories were so powerful that they cut off the scene altogether.
2: Let me try once more and see if I can find out what happened afterwards.

1: I opened up the past once more, but all I could see
2: was Okabe walking feebly along
3: holding Sano-san's ripped-off arm,
4: which soon disappeared.
5(2b): So it was true...everything happened just as Tadashi heard from the one-armed, one-legged man. Tadashi's father ate human flesh at Guadacanal!!
6: Everything that man said was true.
7: It's no wonder that Tadashi got shocked enough to completely change his personality!!

1: Tadashi's father killed people, ate people, and even ripped his ally's arm off, all on that island...!!
2: Who knows how shocked Tadashi would be if he was able to actually confirm what he's heard like I just did!!
3: Having only heard this from the one-armed one-legged man, Tadashi must be truly suffering over the doubt he feels toward his father...
4: That man must be Sano-san.
5: And the one who ripped his arm off is Tadashi's father, Okabe!!
6: bam
7: Ahh!!
8: It's the middle of the night, and yet someone woke up.
9: Who could it be?!
10: It's Tadashi. He can't get to sleep.
11: It'll be dangerous if I'm caught here!!

1: creak
2: bam
3: Why did Okabe rip Sano's arm off and take it with him after realizing his will to live?!
4: Did he really take it with him solely for the sake of Sano's memory?
5: Or...?!

1: Could he have taken it with him as a food source to keep him alive until he made it to the ship...?!
2: Was it only through that act that he was able to be saved and return to Japan?
3: Tadashi's father has never spoken a word about Sano's arm, however...and I didn't see anything resembling it in the house.
4: Did Tadashi's father really ate Sano's arm? Or did he lose it along the way? I can't tell what's the truth...
5: But then Sano was miraculously saved after losing an arm and a leg, and reappeared seeking revenge...
6: And then he told Tadashi about everything his father did at Guadacanal
7: as a way to get back at the man he had treated so nicely for betraying him in the end.
8: Does that mean that Tadashi's father really did take Sano's arm with the intent to eat it, and left the man for dead?

1: No one knows the truth...
2: That may be exactly it.
3: Or it may just be a misunderstanding of Sano.
4: Not only that, but it's not exactly clear whether Sano himself was truly concerned about Okabe's survival...
5: ...I'm not sure...it all concerns events that happened in an extreme situation, and everything is hard to believe.
6: All things incredibly hard to judge in the peaceful conditions we live in now.

1: One thing I can believe, however, is that times of war push people to commit atrocities like that.
2: And just because wars end doesn't necessarily mean their effects disappear...
3: That's what I wanted to know...
4: I'm going to keep watching Tadashi and his father.

1(2b): Something wrong, Tadashi? It looks like you didn't get a wink of sleep last night.
2: N-nothing's wrong.
3: Hurry up and eat, or it'll get cold.
4: I don't want to eat!!
5: You have to try and eat a little, even if you don't want to. You really haven't been feeling good lately, huh?
6: Ah!
7: Chicken!!

1: I know it might be a little much for breakfast, but chicken will give you energy for school.
2: crash
3: What's wrong, Tadashi?!

1(2b): F-father, did you also eat it?! The meat...?!
2: Eh...
3: Why do you ask?
4: You wouldn't wake up, so we already finished.
5: Your father likes lighter foods, however, so he didn't eat much...
6: But why did you ask about that?
7: You don't understand a thing, mother!!
8: Tadashi!!
9: slam
10(2b): I don't get it!! I don't get my father's feelings!! I absolutely don't understand him anymore!!

1: The one-armed one-legged man told me that a long time ago, at Guadacanal, my father...
2: ate human meat!!
3: And not only that, but at the end, he ripped off his ally's arm and left him for dead!!
4: I can't believe my father would do such things...!!
5: It's frightening!!
6: It looks like Tadashi's brooding over something. I can understand...
7: Ahh!!
8: Tadashi's father's come out...he's following his son!!
9: Tadashi...

1: Uu...
2: Tadashi, today I have something I want to talk to you about.
3: You said you wanted to talk to me about something earlier, didn't you?
4(2b): And it turned out to be about your essay. About why I'm so nice to people.
5: I want to talk to you about that right now.
6: You're still a child now, Tadashi, but one day you will grow up and leave my side.
7: Eventually, all humans become alone.
8: When I first realized I was alone on my own, I felt both a hollow sensation in regard to my father, and also a sense of relief.
9(2b): I thought there was nothing to be afraid of in this world. And then one day...that's right...I went to war, and experienced many painful things...
10: Since that point in my life, I became able to possess a gentle heart toward others.

1: Wanting to be nice to others may be a transformation of the feeling of wanting others to be nice to you.
2: To live is a difficult thing. I may not be someone you respect, Tadashi, because I am a being that at some point was sullied in certain parts.
3: But if I became able to be kind to others because of that, wouldn't you agree that it was good for me?
4: And, for the sake of the argument, even if I was being kind to others for some hidden reason, why wouldn't you forgive me?
5: Tadashi...what is tormenting your heart so much? Will you tell me?
6: I'm afraid!!
7: I'm afraid of the fact that I carry your blood!!
8: Okabe-kuuun!
9: Ah, Okabe-sensei! Good morning! Hi there! You're Tadashi's good friends, aren't you?
10: Ah...Tadashi-kun...!!

sign: South Junior High
1(2b): Lies...everything my father said was a lie! It's all just excuses!
2: The reason my father is nice to people is because...he ate people! It's a way for him to atone to the people he ate and their surviving family.
3(2b): No matter how severe a condition it may have been, my father still committed cannibalism!! And that blood of his is now flowing through me!!
4(2b): That means I too will surely become a cannnibal sooner or later!! And even if I don't ever come to eat human meat, I'll probably do something else that's just as evil...!!
5: Now that I think about it, I enjoying watching cruel scenes in violent movies...
6: Okabe!!
7: Hey, Okabe!! Sensei's looking at you!!
8: Ahh!!

1: Now, just to repeat and make sure you all heard me: tomorrow afternoon we will be going to Okutama to collect plant samples.
2: Hear that, everyone? It's not going to be a picnic, so don't misunderstand!
3: Okaaay!!
4: We get it!!
5: And so, the next day, Tadashi's class went to Okutama.
6: We'll be moving in groups.
7: chatter chatter
8: Waaah! What a find! So many rare plants!!
9: Ehh?!
10: Look at these tulips!!
11: You idiot! Those aren't rare at all!
12: Why not? Don't you think it's rare to see tulips growing in the mountains like this?
13: Tadashi's going deeper into the mountain with his friends.

1(2b): What's been wrong with you lately, Tadashi-kun? Yeah...everyone's really worried about you!
2: Nothing's wrong!
3: Ah, look at that! How can there be such a huge hole in a place like that?!
4(2b): I got it!! Hey Tadashi-kun, how about we go explore inside? It'll cheer you right up!
5: Whaddya say, guys...
6: Yeah, that sounds fun!
7: N-no, stop!! Sensei will get mad at us.
8(2b): It'll be fine! We're just gonna go in for a few seconds. And it might have some weird plants inside!
9: Ready, guys...?
10: Yeah!!
11: But it's dangerous! Stop!!
12(2b): Don't worry! If you're really that scared, then use your light pen. C'mon, let's go, let's go!
13: Our stuff will just get in the way, let's leave it here.
14: But aren't we gonna collect plants?
15: This'll just get in the way!

1: Wow, there's moss growing in here!
2: Maybe this cave used to be a bomb shelter or something? It looks man-made.
3: But look how deep it is! It looks pretty naturally made to me.
4: heeey
5: uwaaaaan
6: Stop that! Those echoes are creepy.
7: dosuuun
8: Ahh!!
9: Ahh, the entrance!!

1: The entrance caved in!!
2: Waaah!
3: Be careful!! If you get closer it might cave in even more!!
4: N-now we can't get out!!

1: Wh-what should we do now?!
2: Let's try screaming really loudly!!
3: No, loud voices might make it collapse even further!!
4: You screamed just a little bit ago, so it probably fell in from that!!
5(2b): But if we keep quiet, then no one will know we're in here!! And besides, it's already completely caved in, how can it get any worse?!
6: I'm gonna try calling.
7: Heeeey!
8: Someoooone, help uuus!!
9: Heeeeey!!
10: Heeeeelp!!
11: Haa, haa...!!
12: I-it's not good...at this rate we'll just tire ourselves out and lose our voices!!

1: We're completely shut in!!
2: Are our voices even being heard on the other side?! 25 minutes have passed already!!
3: But someone has to realize that we've disappeared eventually.

1: We're going to have to work together on our own until then!!
2: T-that's right! Let's help each other until the end!!
3: Phew...so it was just me overthinking.
4: When times get touch, people really can unite and work together!!
5: The lightpens are g-getting weaker!!
6: Ehh?!
7: I feel like I'm gonna go crazy just sitting here like this!! I'm gonna try digging a little bit.
8: And let's try shouting every 30 seconds. That way we won't tire ourselves out and still be able to shout loudly.

1: Man, we should have brought our bags with us!! There are shovels for digging up plants in there!!
2(2b): We all left them at the entrance...you're right, we should have brought them!
3: I brought mine.
4: Ehh?!
5: Look...
6: Let's try using this.
7: gah
8: And so, we took turns digging.
9: bakih
10: It's no good!!
11(2b): The lights are getting dim...at this rate, they'll go out soon.
12: Those lights are all we have to count on in a dark place like this. Don't use them until we absolutely need them!!
13(2b): Give it to me. I'll take responsibility for it.

1: Eh? But...
2: Don't worry, I'll be sure not to lose it.
3: I won't do anything horrible like my father...no matter what happens!!
4: Ready, guys? I'm gonna turn it off now.
5: Ehh?!

1: T-this is scary!!
2: T-turn it back on! I'm gonna go nuts!!
3: Please, turn it back ooooon!!

1: kachin
2: Uwaaaahh!!
3: Get together, guys!
4: Try closing your eyes when I turn it off this time. It should make you feel more at ease.
5: Then let's put our voices together and try shouting!!

1: piiih
2-3: clamor
4: What's wrong? I don't see Tadashi...?
5: Sensei, Tadashi-kun's group is gone!
6: We can't find them no matter where we look!!
7: Maybe they went home ahead of us.
8: Impossible!!
9(2b): Yeah, Tadashi-kun won't do such a thing. All the other guys in his group are pretty serious, too.
10: Let's all try searching together once more.
11: And if you don't find him then, we'll call the police, since it's getting a little late.

1: Heeeey!!
2: Heeey, Tadashi-kun!!
3: That's weird...we can't find them no matter how long we search!
4: And all five of them are gone...maybe they really did go home.
5: Rain...!!
6: Everyone needs to go home now. I'll call Tokyo and check whether or not they went home, then call the police.
7: Where could they have gone? When I was busy staring at the mountain landscape...
8: I doubt they would have gone this deep into the mountains...
9: Oh, there's a cave over there...
10: It's collapsed in!!
11: Could they be in there?!

1: Oh my...
2: It sounds like someone's calling?!
3: Ahh!!
4: Th--these are...?!
5: B-bags!!
6: And more over here!!
7: I knew it!!
8: T-that means they're under these stones?!
9: Tadashi-kun!!
10: Boys!!
11: It's no use!! I can't get rid of it all using my power!!
12: There's a big rock deep within there...
13(2b): The teacher and others must still be close by!! I have to let them know!!
14: If they really got crushed under those stones...
15: then it might already be...

1: Haa, haa...!!
2: The flooding is getting worse.
3: I-I'm cold!!
4: rumble
5: I-I'm hungry!!
6: I have some chocolate I brought for a snack.
7: If I turn the light off and then eat it by myself, no one will notice!!

1: I can't do that, though...!! If I do such a cowardly thing, then it'll be proof that I'm going to turn out just like my father!!
2: I have to share it with everyone.
3: Hey, guys...I brought some chocolate with me, so let's share it.
4: Eh?!
5: R-really?!
6: One piece each!!
7: Thanks.
8: Let's try a little harder. Everyone's probably already looking for us by now.
9: I...it's already 7:00!!
10: But why is so much water coming in here?!
11: I-it's so cold I feel like I'm gonna die!!

1: This place is completely soaked...w-we can't sit here any longer!!
2: That's the only spot that isn't wet!!
3: Ready? I'm going to turn the light off.

1: Slide over a little.
2: This is as far as I can go!!
3: Ahh!!
4: Wh-what's wrong, Tadashi-kun?!
5: The light...

1: I-I dropped the light!!
2: Ehhhh?!
3: I'll find it, don't worry.
4: I-it's gone!!
5: Wahh!!
6: Did you find the light...?!
7: I can't find it!! What should we do?!
8: What's gonna happen now?! We can't see anything!!
9: I-I'm cold!!
10: My clothes are all wet!

1: Tadashi-kun, this is all your fault! You dropped the light!!
2: I-I didn't even want to come in here in the first place!!
3: B-but y-you were the one who was looking so gloomy, that's why we decided to go inside!!
4: I-I'm cold!!
5: Where is everyone?!
6(2b): W-where's my seat...? I was in between Nakanishi-kun and Baba-kun.
7: Y-you're all wet!
8: Ahh!!
9: I-I'm cold!!

1: It's freezing!!
2: N-no one answered...everyone's ignoring me!!
3: No one's offering to wipe me off!!
4: At this rate we'll freeze to death!!
5: To think everyone was this cold-hearted!!
6: Ahh!!
7(2b): The smell of chewing gum...s-someone brought gum with them...a-and yet...and yet...
8: Ahh!!
9: Voices!!
10: They're calling for us!!
11: They've figured out we're in here!!
12: Heeeeey!
13: Help us!!
14: Help uuus!!
15: Help us!

1: And so, the rest of the night was spent getting the children out. Tadashi's mother and father came running out to the mountain.
2: All the boys were extremely tired and famished.
3: Where's Tadashi...?
4: Tadashi!!
5: A-are you alright?!
6: Hurry up and massage him!!
7: Tadashi's group was taken immediately to the hospital.
8: After he recovered, he didn't speak with them for a long time.
9: He was asked about what happened in the cave, but Tadashi didn't tell about any of the details.
10: If I do, everyone will get hurt.
11: Finally, Tadashi recovered and started going to school again.

1: If I see any of them, I'm just going to smile and say hi like normal. I'm different from my father.
2: Ah, Nakanishi-kun, Baba-kun!! Heeey, Nakanishi-kun!
3: Ahh!!
4: Wh-what's wrong?!
5: Everyone really ended up suffering because of you, Tadashi-kun!!
6: Ehh?!
7: You forced them to go into the cave even though they didn't want to?!
8: What did you say?!
9: Who told you that?!
10: Everyone's saying it! Because of you, they almost died!
11: Eh?!

1: After entering the school, Tadashi found that everyone was spreading rumors about him.
2: It's Tadashi-kun!!
3: Tadashi-kun forced everyone to go into that cave!
4: Takahashi-kun!!
5: You told that to everyone, didn't you?! Why would you lie like that?!
6: T-tell them the truth!!
7: Stop, what are you doing?!
8: I-I can't believe this!!
9: I was the one who tried to stop them!!
10: I don't know what's going on anymore...I can't trust anyone!!
11: The rumors, while being completely opposite of the truth, even caused problems in the PTA.
12: How cowardly! They all think that by making me out to be the villain, they can hide the shameful things they did in the cave.
13: Takashi, Baba, and Nakanishi have become really distant...
14: This is turning out just like things did for my father at Guadacanal!!

1: And that's not all...now my father hates me too!!
2(2b): He just glares at me and won't talk me!! I know why!! He thinks I'm causing problems for him!!
creak: creak
3: Father!!
4(2b): Tadashi...I heard the rumors about you. I have no intention of doubting you, but I want you to tell me how you intend to take responsibility for your actions.
5: Please, stop it!!
6: Who gives you the right to say that, father?! You ate human meat at Guadacanal, how are you going to take responsibility for THAT?! You're a demon!
7: A demon!!
8: Fool!
9: slap
10: wham

1: Wait! Where are you going?!
2: slam
3: Tadashi!!

1: Tadashi!!
2: Wait!!
3: slam
4: Wait, I said!!
5: Ahh!!
6: A demon!!
7: That man is a demon!!

1: I can't return to my father's side anymore...!!
2: When I told him that he ate human meat, his face completely changed from that of the father I know...
3: It really must be true, then!!
4: And now he hates me!! Because of that rumor that says it was my fault that my friends were shut up in a cave and almost died,
5: my father's position as a teacher has gotten worse.
6: I can't trust anyone anymore!! No one!!
7: Not even myself!!
8: Because my father's blood flows through me!!
9(2b): How long is Tadashi going to keep riding the Yamanote Line? If he doesn't go home soon...

1: A train personnel...
2: Hey, kid.
3: Just how long you going to keep riding, huh?
4: And so, Tadashi returned home that night.
5: While his mood was still heavy, he apparently gathered up enough courage to enter the house.
6: Tadashi...!!
7: Where's father?
8: He went out, and hasn't come home yet.
9: I'm going to sleep.
10: creak
11: slam
sfx: click
12: I-I have to lock it...!!
13: Father went looking for me...

1: It's morning!!
2: When did I fall asleep...?
3(2b): I saw a horrible dream...a dream in which I killed father...!!
4: He was trying to kill me, so I killed him first!!
5: Did he come home, I wonder?
6: creak
7: Wah!
8: F-father!!

1: After that, Tadashi's father spoke not a single word to him.
2: His classmates also started to avoid him.
3: Everyone believes the rumor and hates me now!!
4: whisper whisper...
5: Look at them, pretending to be such good people...and my father's no different!!
6: Even during the test yesterday, they were all simply focused on getting the highest scores for themselves!!
7: And so, Tadashi's distrust deepened.
8: Because of Okabe-sensei's son Tadashi-kun, he missed out on becoming Principal, you know.
9: This year was supposed to be the one where he made the jump.
10(2b): That really is a shame. Not like it has anything to do with us, though...
11: Wait a second, though. Who's going to become Principal if it isn't him, then?
12: Yamada-sensei, maybe? Or Adachi-sensei? Adachi-sensei is addicted to gambling, though, so I dunno. Should be interesting to see.

1: Rumors of this gradually spread through the school.
2: Everyone's all the same! They say tons of things, but when it comes down to it, they're just looking out for themselves!! My father's the same, and that's why he hates me!!
3: That night...
4: knock knock
5: Tadashi, it's me. Open up!!
6: Father...!!
7: I want to talk to you.
8: creak
9: Tadashi...let's go mountain-climbing on Saturday.
10: Ehh?!

1(2b): I want to go climbing alone with you, on the mountain we always used to climb.
2: But listen carefully...you are not to talk about this to anyone. Not even your mother...this is just between the two of us.
3: Got it?
4: I'll take care of the equipment.
5: slam
6(2b): Why mountain-climbing...and just the two of us...?!
7: Father is trying to kill me!!
8: I'm in his way!!
9: As long as I'm around, his reputation and career will all go down the drain!
10: He probably wishes I had frozen to death inside the cave!!
11: When we're alone on that mountain, he's going to murder me!!
12(2b): Tomorrow is Saturday...ever since he came in my room, father's been watching me...he thinks I'm going to try and escape!!

1: The day has finally come!!
2(2b): I'm not sure about either of their feelings, but I know one thing: they've both come up here to settle something!!
3: They're going to climb that one.

1: Look! Those are edible plants.
2: If a snowstorm were to come,
3: and we ran behind that outcropping to find shelter, the snow would actually slide in and trap us even worse.
4(2b): Mountains are fickle and frightening...!! You never know how they're going to change.
5: If you know a thing or two, however, it's possible to survive dangers on mountains or being trapped in caves, even without any food.
6: And so, I, Orochi, desperately followed the two men.
7: Gradually, the mountain got steeper and steeper.
8: Now we're really getting started.
9: There isn't a person to be seen for miles around.

1: Here, Tadashi. Eat some rock candy.
2: Eat up! It'll relieve your fatigue.
3: I'll eat it later.
4: Oh really...
5: Fine then.
6: Tadashi, you climb first!!
7: Ehh?!
8: I'll go after you.
9: Oh, really...
10: Let's go, then.
11(2b): This rock candy might have poison in it. And if I had climbed before him, he might have cut me with that knife!!

1: Those who climb after someone need to be careful of rock that gets dislodged by the people in front of them!!
2: garah
3: Ahh!!
4: What's wrong?!
5: He might be planning to take me to the top and then push me down!
6: zupah
7: And so, Tadashi and his father kept climbing higher and higher.
8: Look down there. All those mountains look pretty short, huh?

1: He might be planning to push me down...!!
2(2b): I might actually be the one to push him, though...but if I do that, then I'll become no different than him.
3: Ahh!!
4: Wahh!!
5: What's wrong? Did you get dizzy?
6: N-nothing's wrong!!
7: The mountain gets tougher from here on out.
8: We're going to have to use a piton to climb now, alright?!

1: Let's go!!
2: It's impossible to climb any further than that.
3: To find out just what kind of fates these men have been dealt, I have no choice but to sit and watch what happens!!
4: The two continued climbing.
5: Ahh!!
6: Ahh!!
7: Alright? You should drop your right leg.

1: Hmph! How nice of him...he's just pretending, though. But whenever he tries something, I'll be ready!!
2: We're almost to the summit.
3: This is the hardest part.
4: He's really just praying for me to slip and fall. That's why he brought me all the way up here!!
5: He might have rigged this rope to break at some point!
6: Go ahead, let's see you try!!

1: krak krak
2: hyuuuuuuuuuuh
3: S-snow...!!
4: The weather's changing...!!

1: garah
2: Ahh!!
3: buchih
4: Uuu!!

1: Uuuu!!
2: The rope snapped!!
3: If father's right hand leaves that stone, we'll both fall to our deaths!!
4: He might cut my rope with his knife!
5: Uuuu!!
6: hyuuuuh
7: I-it's no good!!
8: My strength...!!
9: Is it alright for me to just swing around like this, though?
10: If father doesn't cut the rope with his knife, my weight will cause us both to fall.
11: If I know that and still let myself swing here, then it simply means I want to be saved! A selfish feeling!!
12: It makes me no different from father and the rest of them!!
13: bachih
14: I'm cutting it myself!!

1: I'm not gonna turn into a beast!!
2: T-Tadashi!!
3: What are you doing? Stop!!
4: Throw away your pack and claw your way up!
5: Yes, I did eat human meat once ago!! Does that mean I have no right to keep living?!
6: Who is the one judging our sins here?! What are you going to do if my hand slips? Don't you want to live?!
7: That's it!!
8: Let's go!!
9: I'll pull you, so just...!!

1-2: uuuuuuuuun

1: Ah! Father?!

1: What's wrong?! Are you alright?!
2: That was you moaning just now, wasn't it...!!
3: Tadashi...
4: I've been so busy and tired lately, I guess I was just tossing and turning...
5: More importantly, why are you up at a time like this?!

1: N-no reason.
2: My father is a terrifying person!!
3: He's just pretending to be a good man!!

1: Well, I'm fine.
2: I don't want your mother or Sachiko to wake up, so go back to sleep.
3: Tuck yourself in, alright?
4: Yes, father.
5: slam

1: Ahh, I'm so glad nothing was wrong.
2: Being suspicious all the time only makes you see meaning where there is none.

1: My father isn't hiding anything strange.
2: That one-handed, one-legged man really is just crazy.

1(2b): I'm going to keep quiet about it to my father, though. I don't want him to worry...

1: Brother! Welcome home, father!

1: Ahh!!

1: A dead cat...!!
2: It must have run out into the street and was run over. And if traffic was heavy, then no one would have been able to save it.
3: Poor cat. I'm sure it didn't want to die...
4-5: Poor thing...

1: Tadashi, let's go bury it somewhere.
2: Yes, father.
3-4: Let's go bury it...
5: Even if my father was a horrible person just pretending to be a good one...
6: does that really mean I have to deny all the good things he's done up until now, even if he was doing them for a certain reason?

1: Snow on the brink of the season...
2: I am Orochi. I am awaiting two men right now.
3: So that their two separate feelings would grow a bit closer, they decided to climb this mountain.
4: Will they be able to come back down alive?
5: I don't know. But I'm waiting...ever since the battle happened, I have been watching. Because I must watch...I am waiting. Waiting for them both to come down.

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