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Ultra Heaven Volume 1

Volume 1

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 4, 2010 03:12 | Go to Ultra Heaven


tl by molokidan

1: Oooooone

1: Shoooooot!
2: 1000 microgram L-Doper!
3: Peptide supply for mental fatigue!

1: Repopamin D!
2: Cuuuuut!
3: OK, that's good!

1: Nice job!
2: Great work!
3: Is that everything?
4(2b): Nice acting! I guess you really can't beat living actors after all!
sfx: slap!
5: You going home already?
6: Yeah, I have another filming tomorrow morning.
7: Gonna shoot up a Sleeper and head straight to the sack!
8: Well then, good work everyone!
9: You too! See ya!


1: Wanna grab a drink on the way home?
2: Nah, I have to finish editing all this today.
3: Oh yeah, by the way...
4: Have I swam too deep into the virtual...?

1: Hoo...
2: Only one intravenous injection between you and a 24-hour hot springs healing session--

1: When you think of hallucinogens,
2: think of the hidden hot springs of peace: "Nirvana."
3: The love communicator, Aishin Pharmaceuticals,
4: and the company that makes your dreams into science -- Sonic.
5: This program is brought to you by these sponsors
sfx: ptsn
6: Huahh....ah.

1: Ahh...
2: I wake up,
3: and it's already night...

sfx: tick-tock
1: It's tiiiime!

1: flap
multiple sfx: cuckoooo
2: The last...hurrah...
3: Peter Pan...

1: cough
2: blegh
3: tap
4: pssht

1: Eee...
sfx: Eeeeyooooooooohhhh!

1: Gonna blow 'em all away...
2: Ku ku ku...

1(2b): Nfuh! U...ufuh...my son's been into RC shuttles lately.
2: S-s-so I put a bomb in one of their gas tanks....
3: Kukuku...
4: Y...yeah...I'm gonna shoot it right into their meeting room...ehee, eheeheehee..
5: Now, now...no need to get so bent out of shape over this.
6: You're always bound to find one or two people you don't like no matter where you work.
7: There's no use in getting so obsessed over them, cuz it'll never
8: People I don't like?
9(2b): One...or two?
10: That's not it...
11: --at all!
12(2b): I...you know, I, I...I know I'm an easy person to take advantage of.
13: But that doesn't mean...that doesn't mean everyone can just, just...
14(2b): Why...why just me...why...why?!
15: I know, I know.
16: I know exaaactly how you feel.

1: That's just one way of looking at it, though...
2: Hey!
3: Hey, you!
4: Fine.
5: If that's how they wanna plaay,
6: then I'll just go and do it.
7: Yeah!
8: The next person who pisses me off
sfx: bam bam
9(2b): I'm beggin' ya, bartender...isn't there anything you can do?
10: The problem probably lies in a decrease in his serotonin transmissions.
11: pshn
12: It may be a bit pricey, but one shot of Garamon should do it.
13: flip
14: psht
15: Garamon?
16: It's a cocktail made with an active-enzyme Tryptophan base that contains Dopamine precursors and Hydrochloric Fluoxetine.
sfx: choon!
17: Let's give it a try.
sfx: tap

1: Thanks...I owe ya one.
2: Hey, bartender!
3: Gimme a bottle of Peguila! (*tl note: both Peguila and Garamon are names of monsters from the Japanese 60s SF show, Ultra Q.)
4: I'll show them.
5: Just watch.
6: C'mon now...calm down.
7: Peguila again...? Why don't you try something different once in a while?
8: Leave me alone! I've already decided that when I come to the Pump, all I'm ever gonna drink is Peguila.
9: Still though...no matter what kind of company he may work at,
10: I can't understand what it must be like to take down such an expensive Pump every day like that guy.
11: I'm gonna blow 'em all away...
12(2b): Now, now, let's sit back down...how about a Pump? I'll pay.
13: Everyone who's made fun of me is gonna...
14: That's right, that's right...now, gimme your left hand.
15: Here it comes, hehehe...thanks a million!
sfx: tap
sx: pchooo

1: Tsaaaaaaaaah!
2: Daaaaaaaaamn!
3: You really like 'em too, huh...?
4: Yeah...this single shot is gonna give me tons of energy for work tomorrow.
5: ...that's it.
6: They
7: They need me...
8: That's it. That has to be it!
9: Hoo...
10: Who else could take on all I have?
11: I...I...

1(2b): They need me, yeah, I know they do. That's it. That's it!
2: Bartender! One more, please!
3(5b): Ahhhhh, I....I'm needed! Waaaah! I! I!
4(2b): I'm needed. I...
5(2b): ...ohhh, friend! Will you toast with me?
6: O-of course I will.
7: To your monumental enlightenment, I will--
8: And to this wonderful night!
9(2b): Your Peguila is really something, bartender. It even makes my drink taste different!
10(2b): I appreciate it...but this is your fifth day straight, isn't it? How do you feel right now?

1: Like I'm on the top...
2: On the top of the highest peak there is.
3: The fact that you can say such sorry jokes is proof that you've built up a tolerance.
4: You should really think about taking a break or moving on to something else.
5: Hmmm, tolerance, huh...?
6: Guess that means I need to order a double for it to really work, then?
7(2b): Get outta here! That won't fly here.
8: Why not?
9: You know, normal Pump Bars
10: try to make their customers as addicted to their Pumps as possible. It's just another business tactic to them.
11: The bartender at this place, however, uses his pride at taking care of his customers as his selling point.
12: That's why he's established an elite clientele.
13: If all you want is volume, try going down to where the junkies hang out.
sfx: klak
14: Aw, gimme a break...

1: I'll be damned if I'm gonna take a Pump with those filthy punks...
2: Right?
3: ka-chak

1: snap

1: Hey...
2: Yeah...speak of the devil.
3: what the hell is that?
4: Hey!
5: You've clearly come to the wrong place, buster!
sfx: klak
6: Ah...
7: Hm?
8: No...er
9: What is it?
10: klak
11: klok
12: klak

1: gsssh
2: Peguila.
3: Double.
4: Figures...

1: Hmph...stupid kid.
2: fssh
3: Thinks he's tough just cuz he orders a Peguila!
4(2b): Hey, hey, bartender...he's just gonna shoot up and run, you know?
5: H...hey, cut it out.
6: Old man.
7: You're really amusing, you know that?
8: Amusing?
9: And just what about me is amusing to you?
10: Your face.

1: Y-you bastard...
2: C-contain yourself, contain yourself!
3(2b): Sorry about this. It looks like he's drunk too much.
4: Hey, pops.
5: I'm not drunk one bit!
6: I'll pay for it,
7: so give this old fella a Sleeper, would you?
8: Wh-what's that?! You
9: Sorry, but time's up for me.
10: I have a meeting tomorrow morning.
11: Put it on my tab please, bartender.
12(2b): Eh? No, wait...
13: Kuh...
14: You junkie!
15: Hey, wait up!
16: Let's go drink this off somewhere else!

1: slam
2: tap
3: Ff...
4: Junkie, huh...
5: There ain't a single person left alive in this world that ain't no junkie.
6: This is an age where you can completely change your state of mind after just one pump.
7: Right, pops?
8: Exactly.
9: So...how do you feel right now?
10: How do I feel?

1: ...when I was a kid,
2: there was this TV show I really liked.
3: I used to wait all week just to watch it.
4: When it came down to the half hour before it started, I just got so excited I could hardly sit...
5: One time, I got so excited that it tired me out.
6: And before I knew it, I fell asleep.
7: The next thing I know, I wake up and the show's over--
8: That's how I feel right now!

1: ...when I was a kid...
2: you couldn't call up a program you liked whenever you wanted like you can now.
3: And if you wanted to watch it again later, you'd have to record the thing yourself. In other words...
4(2b): I was so excited that tomorrow was Sunday that I ran around all until morning,
5(2b): but when I woke up, it was already that night...that's how I feel. You get it, right?

1: What I mean is...
2: ...hey.
3: Hey, what the hell is this?
4(2b): Gomora. It's my own special creation. Don't like it? (*tl note: from Ultraman.)
5: Gomo...
6: You got hearing problems, man?
7: I don't remember asking for a cheap piece like this...
8: Sorry, but I'm out of Peguila ingredients.
9: The fuck you are!
10: No Pump Bar could stay in business without Peguilas!

1: ...I see.
2: So that's how snooty this place is.
3: Guess my card won't work here, then.
4: Quite rare
5: to see someone walking around with cash these days.
6: I have enough to rent out this place all day.
7(2b): Is that your life's savings? It's a bit unsightly, so would you mind putting it away?
8: Pops...

1: Pops, I said...
2: tap tap
3: I'm paying with cash.
4: All you need to do is shut up and serve your customer, right?
5: Please don't misunderstand.
6(2b): Pump Bars aren't normal bars. Medical licenses are required to become Bar Doctors.
7(2b): Unsteady pupils, trembling fingertips, purple rashes on the neck. You took Peter Pan, didn't you?
8: Mixing Peguila and Peter Pan will interfere with your cholinestrase and cause breathing problems.
9: Go kill yourself if you want, but don't do it here.
10: No matter the reason, Pump Bars who produce corpses are put out at once.
11: Sh...

1: Shithead...
2: I lose...
3: It's my loss...
4: Ever since I became conscious of my actions, my life was finished.
5(2b): Pumpy Movement, Fruit Children...

1: You experienced all that in real time, didn't you?
2: All the revelry that happened the night before the Drug Law Amendment was passed.
3(2b): All that was left to us were the cinders of the fire...nothing but trash.
4: We crawl through trash, feast on other trash...
5: And let me guess...you've drifted here, to what you believe is a suitable place.
6: chnn
7(2b): Yes sir! But I guess you don't deal with trash, huh?
8: The only suitable place for trash
9: is the dump.
10: tap
11: My original cocktail, "Nova Express."
12: Sweet dreams--

1: What's wrong with me...where am I, what am I doing?
2: ...am I having another trip...?
3: Hey, junkie!
4(2b): You wanna die, don't you? Lemme kill ya!
5: Guh...

1: Ahh!
2(2b): Ah...ah...
3(2b): Fuck...this world.
4: Everyone's nothing but trash. Just go on and disappear.

1: How beautifuuuul!
2: Uhyaaaaah!
3: Ohh!
4: Ohhhh!
5: S-s-s-s-shivers...
6: What is this place?
7: What's going ooooooon?

1: Uhaha
2: I feel weird
3: Ugu
4: H...happy...
5: Gyaha
6: Ha
7: Ha
8: Hyaaaaahahaha
9: Heehah
10: Heehah
11: Ahahahaha ahahaha ahaha
12: Heeeeeeeeee
13: Eeeeee...
14: Sooosooohappy
15: I'm gonna burst...
16-17: Ah...
18: Ahhhh
19: A...

1: gonna break
2: b b brea
3: Help...
4: ...someone...

sfx: waaaaah

1: Ufufu...
2: Ufuh Ufufuu
3: Ahahahahahaha...
4: Somewhere...
5: Someone's laughter...

1: Ahaha
2: Ahahaha
3: Who...
4: Who's laughing...
5: Ahahahahahaha...
6: Haaaa ha ha ha
7: ...oh, I get it...

1(2b): Ha, hahaha
2: Hahahahahahaha
3: Haha...I lost.
4: Hahaha...
5: Dammit, in one night...
6: I lost...twice...

1: Mock suicide?

1: Yeah...
2: Not even idiot would think of killing themselves at a Pump Bar.
3(2b): No matter if they stop breathing or have heart attacks, there's a Bar Doc with antidotes and revival tools standing right in front of them.
4: It's a game.
5: In order to feel the rush of risking one's life.
6: It's like a new version of Russian Roulette...
7: Sheesh...
8: Humans really are despicable.
9: The point is, games like this are really addictive.
10(2b): They're pathetic little lambs who have been possessed by the Grim Reaper. This probably wasn't that first time for that guy...
11: Oh, he came out.

1(2b): Are you alright? Your footsteps look unsteady.
2: Heh!
3: That's funny coming from you.
4(2b): But anyway...I acknowledge your skill. That's the first time I've ever had something like that.
5: ...it truly snatched me away.
6: I don't need any money.
7: Don't need any...?
8: Nova Express is a one-time only cocktail.
9(2b): It's like getting the mumps. You get over it once, and you'll never experience it again for the rest of your life.
10: You'll never see the same dream you did with that cocktail.
11: Gotcha...
12: I don't need any money, so just don't ever come here again...right?
13: I gotcha...

1: ...I'll be praying for your survival
2: in this world.
3: Ffh...
4: What a dishonest store...
5: Goddammit...
6: You were correct in your judgment,
sfx: gyuh
7: in order to protect this store...
8: Yeah...
9: Mock suicide...
10: and a habit of using illegal drugs
11: are two very unfortunate ingredients

1: in what would otherwise be a healthy body.
sfx: shck
2: A lost lamb, huh...
3: I'll guide him...
sfx: beep beep boop
4: to the stairway to heaven...
5: ka-chak
6: biiiigsssshh

1: V!
2: ka-chak
3: Yo!
4: You're late.
5: Mm...just a little, though.

1: ...what are you doing?
2: Isn't it obvious?
3: Cleaning.
4: Hmmm...
5: Did they stick a notice in your umbrella holder or something?
6(2b): Nah, I just thought I'd freshen up the air in here.
sfx: gasha
7: Wow...
8: ...what?
9: You took something really strong, didn't you, Kabu?
10: Something that spins you all the way back to square one.

1: Then you felt like you were reborn, so you decided to start fixing your life by cleaning up your room.
2: People like that crop up all the time.
3: Ah, shut up! Leave me alone, what do you care what I do?
4: Nah...I don't.
5: Just don't get too caught up in yourself and throw away my Alice, OK?
6(2b): I'm not that stupid. Here!
7: Wow <3
8(2b): Thanks! Here's your change.
9: Hey, can I borrow your sofa for a little?
10: I bought the new Mantra!
11(2b): You never quit, do you? I can't believe you can buy these toys just one after another.
12: How rude! These are different from kids' games, you know.

1: It's all about inner mental evolution.
2(2b): I got to Level 3 on the last one, but after that I just couldn't seem to get ahead.
Open up new chakra--
Superconducting Quantum Interface Device
Neuro Amp
side: The dawn of a new human race!
Complete the stages to evolution
3: Hmph...
4: They have even crazier machines at the Meditation Center, you know.
5: But there are always sanitation officers hanging around the M-Cen, I can't concentrate there.
6: I use these when I play, you know.
7(2b): Hah! I was already turned off just after reading the words "inner evolution."
8: Why don't you stop complaining and give it a try, Kabu?
9: It feels much better than any crappy Pump.

1: Even the first level alone is sooo relaxing.
2: I already tried it.
3: All I did was puke.
4(2b): Pff! You did it with Peter Pan, right?
5(2b): Those two don't go well together. You gotta use Alice, man!
6: Now then, excuse me.
7: pssh
8: Just forget I'm here and keep cleaning.
9: Yeah, just make yourself at home...
10: gasha
11: Suuuuuuuu
12: pch
13: Mm...
14: Ahhh...
15: A...

1: Hoo...
2: Mmm...
3: ...m...
4: Mm
5: Nnah
6: Tch.
7: Well look at her.
8: If people could evolve from something like that, then no one would suffer.
9: gasha
10: You think I'm not trying my best just to survive too?
11: Yooo, Seven.
12: kachak
13: Sorry...you busy?
14: ...not exactly. C'mon in.

1: ...the hell are you doing?
2: Cleaning.
3: Just felt like a change.
4: I see...
5: Yeah, I guess you'd end up shooting up your foot or something i it got any worse than this.
6: Why do you people always give me that kind of reaction?
7: doosh
8: Mm...
9: And what's this little lady up to...?
10: cough
11: gssh

1: You
2: got one pretty belly button, you know?
3: Cut it out.
4: She's risking her life on an Amp right now.
5: Oh...
6: I see.
7: Yeah...
8: Today's like...kinda a good day, you know?
9: The ion flow feels good, yeah...
10: Ffh.
11(2b): Days like this may you want to sprinkle some fairy dust and do a little dancing...that's what you were gonna say, right?
sfx: snap
12: Of course, it's exactly times like these when I run out of P. Despite the fact that I've usually got more than I can get rid of...
13: I know.
14: It's the Law of P.
15: What the hell is that?
16: Last week...at Nero's store.

1: You flatlined, didn't you, Kabu...?
2: Peguila and Peter Pan.
3: People who do a PP combo like that
4: don't run into any more P for a while afterwards.
5: The invisible hand of God moved,
6: and simply pushed you a bit farther away from the Reaper.
7: I even realized that just because I hang out with you sometimes,
8: they've stopped coming to me as well.
9: Oh really...well I'm sorry about that.
10: It's no biggie.
11: It'll just last for a little bit, after all.

1: You can always find 'em somewhere.
2: Right?
3: ...it really is important to have friends, isn't it?
4: That's right, m'boy...
5: Don't forget though, that in this world,
6: there are people who put drugs higher than their friends.
7: Be careful, Kabu.
8: The greedy pigs out there think of guys like you as nothing more than clogs in the flow. You never know when or what'll happen.
9: You sure this is alright...?
10: Relax, I'll be with you when you cum.
11: Forget it...
12: Just kidding.
13: I used the base route, so the quality of your product is guaranteed.

1(2b): Fuck that...it's still pretty naive.
2(2b): News to me. Shall we be off, then?
3: pssh

1(3b): Ha hoo ha
1(2b): Ha ha
2(2b): Zeh ha

1: Just now, I...
2: went to the moon and came back.
3: I see.
4: I went around the world.
5: This is so awesome.
6(2b): they said there's 140ml of DTT in these babies. From some Russian punk.
7: He must be...either really loyal, or a really good salesman.
8: I think he's both...
9(2b): His old man was an Armenian who migrated to Brazil. He went over by boat.
10: Huh...
11: What a guy...
12: Yeah...

1(3b): Haa haa haa
2(2b): Haa hoo
3(2b): Haa zeh
4(2b): Puh Kukuku...
5: Ku ku...
6: fsht

1: Kabu...
2: What was it like when you flatlined?
3: I hear that it's right before humans die that their brain reaches its ultimate potential.
4: C'mon, tell me. What did you see?

1: Dammit!
2: He did iiiit!
3: Goddammit, it's a PP!
4: I can't believe the motherfucker did it in my shop, of all places!
5: Pigmon! Go get a Micuras!

1(2b): Get his shoes off! Raise his legs!
2: Hey, hang in there, dammit!
3: Cyanosis...
4: Heart failure! Windam, hurry it up!
5: ...it wasn't anything special.
6: At that time, I...

1: was simply watching my bubble-spitting, fallen self
2: from above...

1: Astral Projection...?
2: ...and then?
3: Then...
4: After that my memories were fragmented.
5: It's pathetic, I know. It's like I just fainted or something...
6: I didn't see Heaven on the other side of the tunnel,
7: and I didn't meet any deceased friends, either.
8: Now that you mention it, though...
9: When my blood vessels started pumping again...
10: I kinda felt as if...I had visited a distant place...

1: We did it, he's back online!
2: Administer oxygen, hurry!
3(2b): OK, okay, good boy, good job making it back. Everything's alright now...you really pulled one on us back there!
4: Grab me some blankets, Pigmon!

1: Thanks for your help, everyone!
2: Good job, Nero!
3: Yahooooo!
4: I haven't seen something this amazing in a while!
5: Cheers to Neronga!
6: Cheers to junkies!
7: ...it felt like I left a distant, faraway land
8: and foolishly returned to my nostalgic old haunts...

1: ...that's the only feeling that remained...
2: The farthest place away,
3: the edge of this world...

1(2b): Well, Kabu, it's great to hear...that you were able to make it back.
2: Back to this idiotic world...
3: If you had stayed there, after all, I wouldn't have been able to talk to you.
4(2b): Pfft. I guess you're right.
5: Now...then.
6: What, you're leaving already?
7: Yeah...I've got a little item that needs delivering beore sundown.
8: Also...
9: I'm not as gauche as one might think.
10: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

1: Hey, Seven!
2: Believe me, she isn't anyth...
3: Enough, enough.
4: Enjoy the real world as much as you can, alright?
5: I'll come back whenever I get something else.
6: Adieu!
7: smooch
8: kachan
9: Ahh...
10: Mm...

1(2b): Well, Kabu, it's great to hear...that you were able to make it back.
2: ...I'll be praying for your survival
3: in this world.
4(2b): I did it...Level 4...
5: I can see your aura, Kabu...
6(2b): It's kinda blue...like flames. It's all like little veins...
7: So pretty...

1: Kabu...
2: ...are you alright?
3: Eh...?
4: Why...
5: are you crying...?
6: I don't know...
7: I don't know, but I feel kinda
8: not good...

1: I feel like I might go...
2: somewhere really far away.

1: slam
2(2b): Excuse me, sir.
3: Huh?
4: We're carrying out routine check-ups.
5: Oww! Owwwwww!
6: Hey man, that hurts!

1: I see you've taken a drink supplement within the past 6 hours...
2: What? I haven't done anything, man!
3: vrrrrn
4: kssh
5: You've also ingested a Downer Pump within the past 12 hours.
6: I'm tellin' ya, I didn't do anything illegal!
7(2b): Sorry, but it's Control Reinforcement Month. Let's see the numbers here...
8(2b): Owww, fuck...stupid pigs, just when someone's starting to feel good, too...
9: Hmmm...looks like he's been using too many IVs.
10: Ohhh reaaaally?
11: Just listen to you marijuana dogs!
12: Excuse me.
13: What kind of a Pump did you take today?
14(2b): Huh? Nirvana. The ones they sell in the vending machines.
15: That's it?
16: Yup, that's it!

1: We'd like you to accompany us back to the office.
2: Huh?
3: bashun
4: Hey, hold on...what the hell?!
5: I didn't do shit!
6: You refused to take part in our routine check-up..
7: Incidentally, your statement does not match up with the results of your exam.
8(2b): That's why we have determined that it will be necessary for you to undergo a deep examination. Your false statement has been an obstruction of justice.
9: Wh-wha...
10: Now I remember!
11: That reminds me, I did take something else! Repopamin and, uh...what else was it?
12: I took so many that I guess I just confused myself a bit, that's all!

1: I see.
2: A loss of memory due to confusion from chemical abuse...and.
3: You can let him go.
4: Hey, uh
5: What are you writing?
6: Your contravining of the law due to the influence of psychotropic drugs
7: has been determined as proof of abnormal tendencies, and therefore you must be issued a proper prescription.
8: Take that to the closest Sanitary Department nearby within one week and receive the proper treatment.
9: If you ignore it, you will receive forced hospitalization.
10: It is all for the sake of your own health.
11: Now, take care of yourself.
12: Pi...

1: Piece-a shit...
2(2b): Ahhh, he got a stamp cut...it's because he mouthed off too much.
3(2b): What an idiot! He just let himself be that officer's footstool to some more pocket change.

1: ...so like,
2: Kyahaha!
3: Seriously...?
4: Ewww...
5: Tch.
6: Piece-a shit...
7: That piece-a shit Sanitary Officer...
8-9: Piece-a shit!
10: Haa...
11: Can you see anything?
12: Bro

1: Eh?
2: The Amp, you know.
3: Can you see anything with it?
4: Y...yeah, well...uh...
5: I can see auras.
6: Ohh.
7: Well...
8: That's if I can keep my concentration up, that is.
9: Yeah...I know what you mean.
10: I can see 'em.
11: Me too.
12(2b): But you know, man, using it always leaves me wide open. It was a mistake.
13: Tearing out your soul, you know?
14: That ain't something you should do in the middle of traffic.

1: Oh...really?
2: Yeah...
3: shiver
4: I'm wide open...
5: Completely...

1: Hie...
2: Hieeee!
3: Heh...

1: Hmmm...

1(2b): Ohh, watch it there! You might end up the next Icarus./
2: There was a guy who turned into a bird here recently.
3(2b): It was right there, too. Right where you're standing.
4: I was down there enjoying some Brazilian cuisine
5: when he took a nosedive straight off that.
6: His brains mixed in with the Feijoada, and you couldn't tell what was what.
7(2b): It really sucks. I love that dish, you know? But now I can't even bring myself to order it.

1(2b): Hmm...maybe he did a PA mix.
2: Who knows...
3: I've heard rumors of something new on the streets, too.
4: Really?
5: It's probably just another fake.
6: More importantly,
7: I don't have any P.
8: Tccch!
9: Haha...c'mon...at least join me for one drink.
10: What happened to your hand...?
11: Don't tell me you got into a fight!
12: Yeah...
sfx: creak
13(2b): Eh...it was nothing special, though.

1: It was the biggest invention since Orange Sunshine...
2: Some pharmaceutical company was trying to develop a cure for Peter Pan addiction,
3: but ironically, after doing too much development, they coincidentally--
4: invented a new hallucinogen exponentially stronger than Peter Pan itself.
5: Hoooooo
6: And so...of course, someone started using it to build up a little savings...
7(2b): Ffh. That's one hell of a story.
8: Isn't it? I spit out my drink when Seven told it to me.
9: Seven?
10: I saw him today, and he didn't say a single thing about that to me.
11: Hoh...he didn't, did he?
12: Must be for real then.

1: Ah, the hell it is.
2: It's fake, it's just another fake!
3: Exponentially times stronger than P? If that really existed, then I guess I could finally say farewell to my old pal.
4: Damn right it's a cure.
5: If you somehow manage to get your hands on it, give me a call.
6: I'll gladly be your guinea pig.
7(2b): You're some daredevil...there's been deaths, you know.
8: Now I know why Seven didn't tell you.
9: Hmph!
10: I'd be happy to die.
11: Just as long as it means I could see a dream that amazing.
12: It's just a hoax...

1(2b): After the Drug Law Amendment, people came to be able to change their state of mind whenever they wanted.
2(2b): Relief, nervousness, nostalgia...any and all kinds of mental states became possible with just a single Pump.
3(2b): It's gotta be a hoax...just messing with the balance of the brain for a small period of time
4: won't really change anything...
5: Tch...of all the things I'd expect you to say.
6: What's with you, getting so serious all of a sudden?
7: Don't play dumb with me, Kabu.
8: You know it too...
9: Does anything in this world other than hoaxes exist...?
10: Everyone's addicted to something.
11: Amp addiction, game addiction, TV addiction, work addiction....

1: It's all a bunch of hoaxes!
2(2b): That's why I'm after the craziest of them all.
3: Something so out there you can't even doubt it.
4: Is that why you shot up a PP?
5: Heh...
6: You're just like him...
7: Him?
8: I once had a friend who was just like you.
9: He wasn't a best friend or anything, though.
10: He was a good guy, Kabu...
11: Just like you.

1: One day, the two of us were sitting here drinking, just like this.
2(2b): It had been a while since I had seen him, and I dunno, something looked fuzzy about him. So then I said...
3: Hey Captain, whatcha got cooked up today?
4: Your eyes look like you just woke up from a dream.
5: A dream...
6: That's right...we're all just seeing a dream, that has to be it.
7: Heh...yeah, right...
8: Hey...
9: What's the month and date today?
10: March 8th.
11: What, you got plans or something?

1(2b): No...eight days, huh...I guess I really am dreaming.
2: Huh?
3: This is all a dream.
4: No...to be more precise, it's memories reappearing.
5: Hey, heeey...
6: Yeah...the truth is I'm sleeping,
7: and I'm reexperiencing my past through a dream...
8: This hurts, doesn't it?
9: Yeah...
10: Miraculously, even the pain seems real.
11: What a realistic dream.
12: ...you really overdid it this time, man.
13: Hey, look at that guy...
14: That salaryman in the grey suit...
15: See him?

1: Just watch him...he's gonna come in here.
2: Then he's gonna sit in the deepest chair by the counter,
3: and take off his glasses...

1: There...
2: With that, now I know for sure
3: that this is really a dream.
4: Hoo...

1: Hey.
2: creak
3: What's wrong?
4: rattle
5: Oh no, what's he doing?
6: That's dangerous!
7: Hey!
8: Sto...
9: Ah!

1: Don't worry...
2: I'm not gonna die.
sfx: schring
3: I'm just gonna wake up from this dream.

1: Ku...
2(2b): Even now, I can't believe it...that it all really happened.
3: That it wasn't all really a dream.

1: It wasn't, though.
2: This scar ain't no hoax.

1: I'm hungry.
2: Yeah...
3: Wanna eat at the restaurant down there?
4: Sure...
5(2b): Hey. What are you doing?
6: I'll be there in a minute.
7: It's alright.
8: This is all just a dream.
9: You dumbass!

1: See, look.
2: It's a dream.

1: Hello?
2: It's me.
3: Ah...
4: You were asleep?
5: No...I just took a shower.
6: Oh...you going to sleep now?
7: I woke up a little bit ago.
8: How rare, to see you waking up before noon!
9: C'mon, what is it? I'm butt naked right now...
10: Sorry, sorry, it's just such a nice day out,
11: I wanted to know whether you wanted to go for a walk.
12(2b): Huh? A walk?
13: Yeah!
14: A walk.

1: Where are you right now?
2: Below your window.
sfx: bump
3: Today, your face
4: looks kinda simple.
5: In the twilight of your P drought?
6: Or are you suffering from jet lag?
7: P drought.
8: Oh...ok.

1: Ah, a cat.
2: C'mere, c'mere! Uwahh, you're so tiny!
3: There, there.
4: Where's your mummy?
5: Hey, you.
6: Since you managed to wake up so early today, you might as well try and move your body a little while you're at it.
7: Yeah...
8: You're right.
9: Come on.
10: I didn't drag you out here for nothing, you know.
11: Don't you get skin cancer from absorbing too many UV rays...?
12: Idiot.
13: If that was the case, then farmers and fishermen would all have it.
14: You aren't the least bit cute!
15: Hmph!

1: Nooo, I wasn't talking to you...
2: There, there!
3: Ahh
4: No more P...
5: The guy coming from over there...
6: Is a seller, and he's gonna talk to me...
7: Then he's gonna sell me P...
8: Hey, Kabu!

1(3b): I'm thirsty. I'm gonna go buy some tea, so wait here, OK?
2: You want tea too?
3: ...yeah.
4: OK! I'll be right back.
5(2b): Hey, don't you follow me!
6: Ffh...
7(2b): Outta P, bro?

1: Hah x4
2: Huh?
3: What's WITH him?
4: I told him to stay right here!

1: Unfortunately, I only got one shot's worth on me.
2: If you want a lot, I could come deliver more later, though...
3: Ffh...
4(2b): Be careful. I might be a plainclothes.
5(2b): You, bro? Haha...
6(2b): Those shoes are probably too loud to be of any use when ollowing someone. There's no Sanitary Officer in town who'd wear a pair of those.
7: Hm...why did you first talk to me?
8: That's...bro.

1: They were written all over your face!
2: Big letter Ps!
3: Ffh.
4: Telepathy...?

1: It may be just one,
2: Ah!
3: but it's been specially-made.
4: ...specially-made?
5: The Embassy Route, huh?
6: I'll leave that to your imagination.
7: I'm sure you'll like it though, bro.
8(2b): Heh. That's what they all say.
9: Do they?
10: How much?
11: A special trial price of one hand.
12: Hey, pal, if you're trying to pull a fast one on me...
13: Try it.
14: Try it right here and now.
15: I don't mind if you want to pay after.
16: ...hey, buddy.
17: If you're trying to put me asleep, it ain't gonna work.

1: I don't have anything valuable one me...
2: You really are one skeptical bro, arencha, bro?
3: If that's all I wanted, I wouldn't have even laid eyes on you!
4: There's way more naive puppies out there.
5: It's fine if you don't want to.
6: I'll just give it to someone else.
7: I pay after.
8: But only if I agree to.
9: Got it?
10: Oh, you will...
11: Hmph...

1: ...nothing.
2: It takes a little while...

1: Stand up.
2: Feel any different?
3: Stand...
4: Hm?
5: What's wrong?

1: Just like I thought, nothing.
2: Hrrrrm...
3: I'm gonna walk around the park and come back.
4: I'll be right here.
5: It should kick in sooner or later.
6: Heh!
7: You sure you're alright with this, buddy...?
8: Who knows, I might just run away.
9: You'll be back...
10: If you don't, then you won't get the next one.
11: Right?
12: Pfft...
13: As long as it isn't just another vitamin.
14(2b): See you soon! Have a nice trip!

1: Oh?
2: I'm started to get shivers...
3: Ahh, maybe it's just my imagination.
4: Ahh...

1: Ffh...I bet that guy's
2: really angry right now.
3: Hoo...
4: Hm?
5: What?
6: I'm confused...

1(2b): This...this hallucination.
2(2b): specially-made? This is...
3: This isn't P
4: Exponentially times stronger than P...
5-6: This is

1: Kabu?
2: Eh?

1: Errr...
2: Why am I...
3: here again?
4: Hahaha...
5: That's weeeird...
6: Oh yeah...
7: After I took that...
8: I lost track of time...
9: Lost my memory...?
10: It wasn't Halcyon, though...
11: Haha...what is this?

1(2b): That bastard!
2(2b): Calling this specially-made or whatever...this is
3: Th
4: Oh shit.
5: I'm gonna break.
6: If I make even the slightest move I'll have an acci
7-12: deeeeeennnnt

1: Buhaaah!
2: Ahhhhhhh...

1: ...ah...
2-3: Calm down.
4: This is the dope's fault.
5: It's giving me paranoia.
6-9: haa
10(2b): OWA Ah...
11: crack crack crack crack

1: gaboh
2: pikpikpikpikpikpik
3: crack crack crack crack crack
4: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
5: showaaaaah
second to bottom right: bsssh
bottom right: dppn

1: ...nnn...maaah...
2: What's wrong?
3(2b): What, what?
4: Wuuhaaat?
5: Are you alright?
6: hey!

1(2b): Are you...alright?
2: Huh?

1: H...uh?
2: What are you doing here?
3: Where did you go?
4: What's all over you...?
5: Mmmmm...
6(2b): Eww, you're totally soaked. What is this?
7: What's going on...?
8: Eh?
9(2b): Ahh...it's rain. It was raining...really hard.
10: Rain?
11(2b): Yeah, like a rainstorm...with thunder.

1: You mean to tell me it rained,
2: on this beautiful, clear Spring day?

1: What's wrong...?
2: Hey, Kabu?
3: zbrrrr
4: Nothing...
5: Huuuh?
6(2b): Hey, look at me, Kabu. There's still something...
7: zzzz
8: I said nothing, alright?!
9: zukyoo
10(4b): Nothing at all, at all, at all, at all
11: zukyoo
12: This is just
13: just
14: Where am I? Who am I?
15: Nuu...ooo...

1: Liar.
2: You're way high up there.
3: Eheh?
4(2b): No really, I'm not. I swear!

1: I mean
2: I meaaaaaaaan

1(2b): Until now...I was just in standing in the park until now...
2: In the park!
3: pukun
4: pokoh
5: Yeah! With my hand against this tree!
6: nyoro
7(2b): Not a wall, a tree! A TREE!
8: Hey.
10: Hey, you.
11: What are you doing here?
12: Eh?
13: What
14: are you doing?

1: kyoro
2: What am I, what...?
3: blurp
4: My hand
5: Your hand?
6: slither slither
7: Ah...no, nothing.
8: gopoh
9: Your hand is stuck to the wall and you can't get it off?
10: mekyo
11: No, really it's nothing.
12: hiku hiku
13: It's just, uh, you know, that.
14: Oh, just that.
15: Hahaa, yeah, it's that alright.
16: Haa...hahaha!
17: pusoooh
18: Yeah, it's just that! Hahahaha!
19: Look, he's laughing so much he's crying.
20: Peh!
21: goh
22: Havin' fuuuuun?
23: You really must be, all doped up like that.

1: squee squee
2: Let's see you laugh again.
3: C'mon, laugh, you're having fun, aren't you?
4: Hey, what's wrong? Laugh!
5: Stick your tongue out, bwaaaaah!
6: Kuh...
7: Oh?
8: He's trying to resist.
9: Have you heard? We Sanitary Officers
10: can do whateeeever we want to trash like this.

1: For example...
2: we can clean them out, just like this.
3: pyoooooo
4-5: Uwaaaaaaah

1: Hyaaaaaa...
2: What is this...?
3: Woooow...
4: Oh...
5: Ohhh...
6: Yuo...ouu
7: Oh
8: Bang
9: Oh...

1: Lemme try that too.
2: clatter
3: Huuuh?

1: Wah!
2(2b): wah, wah!
3: Uwaaaaah!
4: Don't move!
5: Throw down your weapon and place both hands on the wall...
6: Now!

1: Huuuh?
2: That's weeiiiiird...
3: Your weapon...
4: Throw down your weapon, I said!
5: Hie

1: ka-chak
2: Ka-chak ka-chak
3: ka-chak
4: Heh...
5: Heheh.
6: Eheheheh.

1: Catch him...
2: Catch that man!
3: Someone, get him!
4: Move it!
5: Dammit!
6: Let me go, you
7(2b): Goddammit, what's happening?!
8(2b): Just go on and end already! C'mon!

1: Wake up!
2(2b): Haa haa
3: Haa
4(2b): Haa Hoo
5: Haa
6-8(2b): Haa haa
9: Haa

1(2b): Haa Fuu
2: Haa
3: Hoo...
4: ...yo, bro!
5: How've ya been?
6: Y...oouuu!

1: Just what the hell was that?!
2: Oh?
3: Specially-made my ass!
4: Now tell me what you really stuck in me!
5(2b): What I...you mean that day?
6: That day?
7: ...hey, wait, are you still tripping?
8: It's already been days since that!
9: Wha...
10: Yeah, yeah, just relax.
11: Flashbacks happen a lot.
12: You really are a tough one, bro...

1: The effects differ per person.
2: Looks like they really matched up with you, though.
3: The fuck they did! You have no idea what I've been through!
4: You saw a dream realer than reality?
5(2b): Yeah... I did. And this nightmare won't end, either.
6: Hoh...
7: So you're dreaming right now too?
8: No...this is
9: Heheh. Calm down, I said.
10: It's no different from getting a hangover.

1: This is a special little boy to take for just those times.
2: Your next shot.
3(2b): If you want to run away from some bad nightmare, then just hop into a new dream...you can still pay later for this one, too.
4: What...?
5: I...did I pay like we promised after that?
6: Heh...
7: Lost in the back alley of a dream, arencha...
8(2b): Just take it. That shot'll help you remember.
9: Ffh...
10: What the hell is this...

1: Special? This is...
2: You want to see Heaven, don't you, bro?
3: This isn't a Peter Pan?
4: Ultra Heaven.
5(2b): A dream realer than reality...this is Heaven.
6: Eh...
7: See ya later, then!
8: Have a nice trip!

1: Huh?
2: Hey.
3(32b): Uu oeehh

1(2b): Haa haa
2: Haa
3: Hoo
4: Haa
5: I'm getting goosebumps, dammit!
6: Let me fucking rest!
7: The dream just keeps continuing!
8: If you want to run away from some bad nightmare...
sfx: jakin

2: then just hop into
3: a new dream...
4: Hoo...
5: Okaaaay, hold it right there!
6: Place both hands behind your head and turn around slowly!

1: Can you hear me?
2-3: psh
4: I'm talking to you, leather jacket!
5: Put both hands behind your head!
6: Right now!

1: Ah...
2: Uehh

1: Bleccch!
2(2b): Okaaay, now turn around slowly!
3: Slowly, I said!
4: Eee...
5: pssh
6: What's wrong?
7: You can speak Japanese, can't you?
8: Blehhhh
9: pssh
10(2b): Turn and face me! Hey!
11: Dammit
12: Jump...

1: Throw away this nightmare
2: and go!
3: Turn around, goddammit!
4: psh
5: To the other side!
6: Ah...
7: Haha
8: Hahahahahahaha

1: Haaaa ha ha ha
2: Fwahahahahaha
3: Ahahahahah, aha, haha
4: Haaaa
5: See?
6: it's a dream.
7: ka-chak

1: ...brainwaves...alpha...
2: Caeruleus responding.
3: Reticular formation active.
4: Adrenaline level rising.
5: Awakening.

1(2b): ...be careful. You're still unstable.
2(2b): Can you hear me? Can you hear my voice...?
3: Do you know where you are?
4: ...where...
5: Right now
6: You are receiving treatment for drug addiction.

1: Do you understand?
2: You are receiving treatment for drug addiction at a Sanitation Department.
3: Wait!
4(2b): Hm? What's wrong, can't you hear me?
5: Synapses moving!

1: NGF rapidly rising in the innerbrain regions!
2: Microglia active!
3: Neurons have become growing at an explosive rate!
4(2b): Administer 200ml of Emelium! Hold back actin progression!
5: Administering Emelium!
6: klak klak klak
7: chuweeeen
8: thunk

1: It's no good, it won't stop!
2: Nerve germination on the outer sides of the large brain has sped up even more!

1(2b): They're increasing at fetal speeds! Blood supply can't reach all of it in time!
2(2b): Cell death has begun on the edge due to energy starvation! Is this group neuron suicide?
3(2b): What should we do? Administer Metalium?
4(2b): No, wait! What's that?
5: In the center of his brain!
6: They're gathering...

1: Neurons have begun gathering in the third ventricle!
2: They're forming a new nucleus!
3: The deepest point in the cerebral hemisphere.
4: The third ventricle...
5: The door to heaven is opening...

1(2b): Yoo! Welcome back, bro!

1: Heeee hee hee hee!
2: Heehahahahahaha
3(2b): Hee hee

1: Ehee! Eheeheehee!
2: Heee hee hee!
3: That ain't funny, bro.
4: The cherry blossoms haven't even started blooming yet!

[Ultra Heaven] Vol. 1 / End

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