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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 309


+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 26, 2010 13:45 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

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tl by molokidan

1: King...!!
2: I must stop...!!
3: The King!!

No. 309 <> Competition

4: Entertainment...I believe, sire, that
5(2b): it may be necessary for you to enjoy yourself a bit more.
side: To the King, aiming for Ikarugo and Palm...advice!!

1: Looks like you have an idea.
2: Yes, sire.
3: How about
4: having a competition with me?
5: Competition...?
6: Kuhh...
7: Again...
8: Competition...
9(2b): Yupi and I will search for Pitou, and you search for the remaining two nen users, Meruem-sama.
10: Competition...

1: So we'll see who finds their target first...then?
2: Yes, sire.
3: But aren't you going to spread out your scales?
4: Exactly.
5: Therefore, until I finish hypnotizing the remaining citizens,
6: I would like to have you wait here, Meruem-sama...!!
7: The fact that the difference in ability between you and the intruders is wider than the distance between Heaven Earth is already clear.
8: Finding and capturing them would take you mere seconds!! It would not be entertaining.
9(2b): Compared to that, Pitou, whom we are searching for, is currently in the middle of battling an opponent who uses an ability similar to teleportation, so it is unclear as to where exactly he is right now.
10: So in order to fill that gap?
11: I would like you to give us time...and one more handicap.
12: One more...
13: What?

1: You can use your "En" only once more!
2: How about that?
3: Amusing.
4: I will take part in this competition.
5: Thank you very much.
6: Alright...!! Now I can use this time
7: to completely wipe out that girl...!!
8: Since we want to enjoy this game,
9: I'd like to make a suggestion as well.
10: Whoever loses will have to grant
11: a wish of the winner.

1: Yes, sire...!
2: We are grateful for your words.
3: So then...in the event that you win, Meruem-sama...?
4: If I win?
5: Then I will have you both tell me
6: all that you are hiding from me.
7: King...
8: Silence.

1: I told you already...
2: You and I are already one and the same!!
3: Those dark, rear emotions you are strongly sending off...
4: Did you really think I wouldn't notice them?
5: However
6: At the same time...I sense your strong loyalty to me.
7: Without that, I would have beheaded you both long ago.
8: There must be some reason.
9: Therefore I will not ask.

1: If I lose, that is.
2: You will receive what you desire
3: and be allowed to protect that which you hide.
4: There shall be no more conditions.
5: If you beat me,
6: that is.
7: Meruem-sama.

1: I swear on my life that I will spread out my scales with all my power
2(2b): without trying to buy any time, and tell you everything in the even that we lose.
3: Kukuku
4: Those eyes of yours make this seem like more than a simple game to pass some time, Pufu.
5(2b): When Pufu finishes his scattering and comes back here, I will move out. Is that understand?
6: Yes, sire!
7: Whoever brings their target back to this room first wins...
8(2b): And in the event that Pitou returns here on his own, I will explain the conditions to him and direct him to hide from you.
9: Understood.
10: Let me repeat one thing.
11: The nen users I perceived with my "En" were an octopus and a human carrying something.
12(2b): I must win....no, victory is obviously mine!!
13: The problems are dealing with Pitou and that girl...!!

1: Start!!
2: Where do you think Pitou went?!
3(2b): It's fine!! I should be back in no time!! Instead, please turn back and keep Pitou from the surrounding area of the North Tower!! So that he does not get close to the King!!
4(2b): You can't use your divisions while scattering, can you? But then the whole meaning of the time handicap will be
5: Believe in me!! I'm counting on you!!
6-7: hah

1-2: hah
3: Unbelievable...!!
4: What a tremendous aura!!
5: Those two are...dead...no!!
6: They must be alive!! They were only knocked out!!
7(2b): What about Gon...?! He's being carried by Killua!! !? His hair is long...is it someone else?! No!! My crystal is only showing these two!! That's Gon!!
8: What happened when I wasn't "watch"ing?!
9: Where's Pitou?!
10: In any case, don't come back here!! Please!!
11: Where's Pufu?! Scattering his scales?! Poison?!
12: But it'd be safer if he stayed closer to the King!!
13: Anyway, he's far from me! In the opposite direction!!
14: I need to get as far away as I can from that spot...!!
15(top left): I activated "Wink Blue" right after that "En!!" But the King, who should have been standing next to Pufu
16(bottom right): was carrying Knuckle and Meleoron, with Pufu right next to him!! In only a few seconds!!
17: Next are Ikarugo and I...!! It wouldn't be strange if he appeared behind me at any instant now!!

1: Hurry!! I have to run farther away!!
2: Before the King uses "En" again...!!
3: This is the only place!!
4: If he uses "En" In that open field, I'll have nowhere to run to!!
5: His "En" may not reach a point this deep!! But it's true that I'm trapped like a rat down here...!!
6: Should I bet on the fact that the King won't move for a bit, and run outside?! Despite having no proof?!
7: What to do?!
8-9: hah
10: What should I do?!

1: Woaahhh!!
2: Ikarugo...!!
3: So you did come here!
4: Let's go in, hurry!!
5: Eh?
6: But
7(2b): Hurry!! I came here with that intent!!
8: If he uses "En" again, we're finished!!
9: Where's Killua?!
10(2b): He went to Gon's side, and they're together now. I don't know what happened to Pitou.

1: ...I see. So Meleoron and Knuckle got caught, huh?
2: That "En," completely out of this world, that's why.
3: Why do you think those two were allowed to live?
4(2b): Eh? It's...just me hoping...and thinking that they're probably alive, you know?
5: They're alive.
6: Most likely for the sake of a trade!
7: The hostage exchange Killua was talking about!!
8: I'm gonna set a trap.
9: I won't let things end just like this!
10: First we need to hide that girl.
11: In Bizef's room.

1: Bring the remaining four girls here, Palm.
2: Those four didn't run away?!
3: No. And you'd better cover their eyes and hands with packing tape.
4: If they see me, things will get harder to explain.
5: ...yeah, that's true. Alright.
6: By the way, why did you bring those two?

1: A messenger?
2: All you need to do is tell the King or the Royal Guard that we're concealing the girl in the back of the underground vault, that's it.
3: And that we're talking about wanting to negotiate with them.
4: After that, you can do as you wish.
5: This is obviously a trap, right? I'm gonna tell that to the King too, you know? If I don't, it'll seem too unnatural, and then I'll be suspected...!
6: Yeah.
7: ...no, before even that, just the enemy trying to tell him what to do will already summon down imperial wrath...!!
8: Who would do something like that?!
9: Fine.
10: I'll do it...
11: How's your driving?
12: Better than yours.

1: It's vital that Werefin carries out his duty properly...!!
2: su
3: I think it'd be better to "watch" him, even if it means deleting Pufu...
4: Palm!
5: It's alright.
6: Werefin!
7: Once this is over, you're free.
8: You should go see Jairo.

1: Don't get ahead of yourself...
2: I should fucking kill you, dammit!!
3: Don't you dare shout his name like you're his friend or something!
4: What do you know, huh?!
5: I know something.
6: Xaicahal.
7: Wh...at
8: Why...
9: But I didn't
10: my...old...
11: tell anyone!!

1: I probably can't remember my old name,
2: but we're comrades.
3: Or were, I guess.
4: They're enemies, aren't they?
5: Of our NGL...
6: Am I wrong?

1: Dammit...!!
2: Goddammiiiiiiiit!!
side: What is Ikarugo's secret plan...?!
3: Competition...

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