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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Ultra Heaven Volume 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 22, 2010 05:19 | Go to Ultra Heaven


tl by molokidan

1: gapop
2: goosh
3: Hueh...
4: gapop
5: Hueachooo!!

1: splat
2: So...
3: Kuh...
4: So what this means is, I...
5: swam?
6: Hoo...

1: Yes.
2: Bro, you did a 180 right around the lake!
3: You looked over here from the other side.
4: Then I waved my hat back to you. Remember?
5: And then...ku ku ku,
6: all of a sudden,
7: you went splashin' in! Guheeheehee!
8: Heeeeeheehee!

1: I went halfway around the lake,
2(2b): looked over here, and then swam in...that's it?
3(2b): Yup, that's it. Took about 15 minutes.
4(2b): See? Ain't no fuckin' vitamin, was it? I can see it all over your face.
5: Heh.
6: Hey...I
7: said I wanted P, didn't I?
8: Like I said, it's a specially-made one.
9: That was no goddamn P!
10: I can't even count the times I've done P...
11: From the cream of the crop to the shit at the bottom of the barrel.

1: But that...
2: That hallucination...was from no P.
3: Wooow...
4: It really seems like you got along well with it, bro.
5: That's right...
6: Ultra Heaven...
7(2b): Yeah, it's Ultra Heaven! You flat out told me!
8: I did?
9: Yeah, I know you said it.
10: When?
11: Back then, you know...
12(2b): In your hallucination? Then it's gotta be some name you thought up yourself, bro.

1: Tch!
2(2b): Heh heh heh! Just accept it already! You saw one didn't, you? A Grade-A cosmic
3: Yeah...I accept that.
4: It certainly wasn't no vitamin.
5: That's why I'll pay you.
6: But that was no P, dammit!
7: That's the one thing I refuse to accept!
8: Alright...fine by me.
9: As long as you pay me, what do I care what you think?
10: Tch!
11(2b): Well...if you want me to be honest, though, it wasn't the drug that was specially-
made -- it was you, bro.
12: Huh?
13: Drugs aren't what show you hallucinations, you know.

1: They just push the switch.
2: Then it's all left up to your own brains...
3: Whatever you saw, bro, the truth is...
4: it's just a reflection of the way your head's built.
5(2b): Heh! So my brain's what's messed up here?
6: Yup...it's like a type of disease.
7: Although...insanity is a kind of talent, you know?
8: Want me to prepare another?
9: Heh...

1: ...echoo!
2(2b): Oooooh...shower, shower!
3: gapop
4: goosh
5: gapop
6(2b): Need to go home and take a shower...a nice, warm shower...
7: Bueeeechooo!

1: splat
2: Hoo...
3: I've finally stopped shivering...
4: Dammit...
5: I...wonder if I have a fever...

1: Hoo...
2: What, surprised?
3: I don't recommend you overdo it, though. Heh heh heh.
4(2b): But bro...we both know you're gonna want another sooner or later.
5: You can feel it, cancha? That gaping hole that's been opened up inside you...
6: Keh!
7: Don't act like my counselor, you pusher...
8(2b): Yeah...everyone can feel that hole...a lot of people try to get addicted to
something in order to fill it.
9: The thing is, bro...your hole is a little different from theirs.

1: What...?
2: You probably haven't realized it yourself,
3: but you're giving off a strange aura, bro.
4(2b): An aura? You can see things like that, man?
5: gapop
6: goosh
7: gapop
8(2b): Yup...I can see 'em. Disease auras.

1(2b): Heh...you're the one who...you gave this disease to me! With that drug...
2: gapop
3(3b): Nope. The drug just showed you the hole. Your brain's the one that dug it.
4: What is this hole you keep talking about?!
5: goosh
6: gapop
7: Hueh...
8(2b): An abyss that feeds on insects...a cleft in space and time.
9: Buechoooo

1: splat
2: You'll come to want to see it even more, bro...
3: Diseased humans can't go without checking out their own diseases...
4: Hoo
5: The trembles...
6: I'm usually hanging around the bridge here.
7: Stop by when you're ready.
8: Bridge...

1: The place I met him during my trip...
2: was also a bridge...
3: Hoo...

1: Kabu?

1: Oh, so you were over there?
2: Stop scaring me like that, God!
3: Flashback...
4: Hey, what are you laying down in a place like that for?
5: Is this some kind of joke?

1: Hey, c'mon.
2(2b): What's wrong, Kabu?
3: What, what? What?
4: What the hell are you doing?
5: Are you alright?
6: Hey!
7: Pyramidal tract cut off!
8: Breathing has ceased!

1: Administer the Metalium!
2: Hurry!
3: Oxygen mask!
4: Mydriasis!
5: Brainwaves flat!

1: What's wrong...?
2(2b): Hey, Kabu?
3: ...nd...nd...
4: ..under...nd..,
5: ...understand?

1: Do you understand?
2: Do you understand where you are right now?
3: Hey, can you hear me?
4: ...where...
5: Do you know where you are?
6: Where am I? Who am I?
7: This is

1: N...o...
2: Liar.
3: You're as high as a kite!
4: Eheh!

1: No, really, I'm not!
2: That's not it!
3: I mean

1: You mean what, huh?! Tell me how you are not stoned right now!
2: Uwahh! You bad boy!
3: Seriously, what are you doing...?
4: I really don't care what you do,
5: but c'mon, go home and take a shower already.
6: You'll catch a cold like this. Seriously.
7: There's a new strain of influenza going around and...
8: Hey, are you listening to me?

1: Daaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
2: What the hell are you doing?!
3: Uwahhhh, I'm all wet now!
4(2b): Get a grip, you dumbass! Goddammit!
5: Fucking pumphead.
6: ...it's not a dream...

top left: Hot Water
top right: Shower
top middle: Power
middle middle: Off
bottom left: Drain
bottom right: Dry
1: beep

1: zaaaaaaaa
2: What is with him?
3: Is he trying to degenerate his stomach?
4: No wonder he's so psycho.
5: Eating only shit like this...
left to right-
Dinner Ampoule Set
Night Shot
Pumpy Dinner
Afternoon Nutrition
Pumpy Lunch (3)
Morning Shot
Morning Shoo
Morning Needle

1(2b): What is it, Kabu? You look like a zombie.
2: Eat up.
3: It'll get cold.
4: Hm?
5: Okay...
6: God...you still aren't awake yet?
7: Peter Pan? Or...
8: No...

1(2b): Mmm, this is good.
2: Stop avoiding the question.
3: P?
4: ...like I said,
5: it was a Flashback. I have 'em sometimes.
6: Yeah right.
7: You're telling me it rained during your Flashback?
8: Rain?
9: What do you mean rain?
10: How should I know?! You're the one who was talking about rain and thunder and stuff!
11(2b): Rain?
12(2b): It rained really hard...with thunder.

1: ...Kabu?
2: Eh?
3: No...
4: Mmm
5: this is good.
6: Hey, c'mon.
7: This is weird. This whole time you've been...
8(2b): No, really, this is good. I didn't know you could cook this well.
9: ka-chak
10: What are you saying?
11: Eh? This is the first time
12: you've ever cooked for me, you know.

1: ...you made it.
2: All of this...
3: Eh?

1: I
2: made all of this...
3: I did?
4: Yeah, I guess I did...hahaha.
5: Kabu...
6: Haha.
7: plurl

1: slam
2: slam
3: Eww, c'mon.
4: What's wrong with you all of a sudden?

1: Ohhh, what a waste. Come ON!
2: clang
3(2b): What are you doing...shit! I don't know if you're really having a Flashback or
4: but you really need to cool your head.
5: byuroon
6: Heh.
7: kchool
8: pchoh
9: splat

1: Kabu?
2: Stop it, what are you doing?!
3: Hey, Kabu!
4: squeeze

1: Are you OK?
2: What's going on...with me?
3: What happened?
4: Eh?
5: U...umm.
6: I don't understand...
7: Was it you, Kabu? Who did that?
8: What do you mean that...?
9(2b): The spaghetti! The spaghetti danced around all of a sudden!
10: Eh...?

1: Then suddenly, you
2: ...I know I told you to cool your head, but,
3: you suddenly stuck your head under the faucet...
4: Kabu...?
5: Seriously, are you alright?
6: ...cold...
7: Well dry yourself off then!
8: Don't you think you should lie down for a bit?

1: Did the spaghetti really dance?
2: Or was this like group hypnosis or something,
3: and we were both just seeing the same hallucination...?

1: Hey, Kabu...
2: There's something I want to ask you.
3: You said you threw up after playing an Amp once, right?
4: Amp?
5: Yeah...
6: Is that the only time you ever played one?
7: Yeah.
8: ...why?
9(2b): Nah...I just had an idea. Can I turn on the TV?
10: Huh?

1: ...In other words, acknowledging that what we perceive as reality
2: is nothing more than a virtual world created by our brains...is the first step.
White text: Meditech Co. Representative
Kiriyama Taichou
3: For example, there's a spoon here.
4: Please hold this for me.
5: It's a JTV Special Science Investigation Team Special.
6: This was broadcast last Fall.
7: This is a stainless teel spoon, correct?
8: This Kiriyama guy is the one who created the Meditation Center.
9: He used to be a physics Professor.
10: Yes...it is definitely a spoon.
11: I hear that before he started the M-Cen, he was researching the brain at the Sanitation

1: The Sanitation Dept...?
2: Incidentally, this spoon you are seeing is actually anything but a spoon...
3: It is an image of a spoon built by synapses firing in your brain.
4: Matter is no more than energy clumping together,
5: in this sea of energy we know as the world.
6: We call the countless waves floating up and down on the surface of this ocean things
like matter, space, and time.
7: You see, the surface of this ocean is none other than our own consciousness.
8: I see...and so the things detecting order from these waves and giving meaning to them
are our brains...
9: Indeed.

1: According to the Quantum Theory,
2: data processing in our brain happens through the breakdown of wave functions in
3(2b): Tch! This guy makes no sense.
4: What the hell does this have to do with anything...?
5(2b): Just be quiet and keep watching. You'll understand eventually.
6: What is that which gives these waves form, then?
7: What determines their movements?
8: This, of course, is all governed by the undulations of the entire ocean.
9: In short, one wave can represent the entire ocean's motion state...
10: You could also say that even one elementary particle is still expressing data of the
entire universe.
11: I see.

1: Everything is simply data being expressed.
2: If you get down to the core of elementary particles and energy, they are both nothing
more than pieces of data.
3: Our consciousnesses are high density data houses.
4: However, we do not see waves and undulations of the sea.
5: ...so what you're saying is that an invisible, high-level theory of order exists in the
6: Yes...we, especially in dreams,
7: or other special states of meditation, can sometimes catch glimpses of this.
8: Not only that, but we can sometimes even swim in the ocean or exert influence on its
9: ...which means?
10(2b): Hm...? That's...an Amp?
11: Yeah...The most advanced type there is, created by the M-Cen.

1: As our consciousnesses are data houses,
2: we therefore serve an indispensable role in the universe.
3(2b): Normally, this data house transmits data outwards -- in other words, we are open to
the world, but by phase transitioning to the inside,
4: we can interfere with the quantum process of elementary particles.
5: With the quantum process...?
6: What exactly does that mean?
7: This...

1: Eh...?
2: gnyooo
3: Th
4: This is

1: Y...
2: Your doing...?
3: Excuse him...he currently resides in a dimension that is beyond speech.
4: Huh...?
5: Of course, something like this requires intense training.
6: But...do you at least understand that it is not impossible?
7: Well...I'm surprised, alright.
8: I never thought that...

1: Everything rests on the power to create images.
2(2b): Consciousness and matter are two mirrors facing each other. The brain is an
imitation of our universe.
3: Right after this broadcast, people flooded the M-Cen.
4: ptsn
5(2b): The place became incredibly prosperous, and I just couldn't stand to go anymore.
6: So...they're popping out superhumans left and right now?
7: Of course not.
8: Most people are just there to give donations.
9: There does seem to be some truth to it, though.
10: There's a handful of people there who can say they're in the upper echelons.
11: I wouldn't really want to get close to any of them, though...
12: Why not?

1: They're insane.
2: It's like they can't tell the difference between their dreams and reality.
3: For example, that guy who bent the spoon just now.
4: He was supposed to be in some dimension beyond speech, right?
5: I think...Kiriyama was just trying really hard to keep the guy from talking.
6(2b): If it hadn't worked, and the guy did talk...then it'd be totally apparent just how
scattered he really was.
7: People with potential are suddenly shot up to the advanced stages, you know.
8: Then all of a sudden, they're being twisted around by the very powers they've worked
toward developing.
9: Well?
10: Doesn't it sound a little similar to the way you are right now?

1: You probably haven't realized it yourself,
2: but you're giving off a strange aura, bro.
3: An aura of disease.
4: Hey...
5(2b): Speaking of which...didn't you mention something about my aura while back?
6: ...yeah.
7: Well, what was it like?
8: What was it like...?
9: ...I can't really describe it accurately with words...
10: I'm
11: gonna go grab the Amp.
12: Eh?

1: It'll be quicker if you try it yourself instead of listening to me try and explain.
2: I'll be right back, so just wait here.
3: Yeah...
4: ...OK.
5: Got it? Don't move one inch and just wait here, promise?
6: I want you to stay frozen on that couch!
7: Alright...
8: I'm tired, so I'm gonna sleep.
9: OK! I'll be back in a flash then!
10: ka-chan

1: Heh...
2: Amp addict...
3: Fwaaaahh...ah
4: Superhumans...huh?

1: Everything rests on the power to create images.
2: The brain is an imitation of our universe.
3: The power to...
4: imagine...

1: cuckoooooo!
2: slam

1: slam
3: Eww, c'mon.
4: What's wrong with you all of a sudden?
5: Ohhh, what a waste. Come ON!
6: What are you doing...shit!
7: clang
8(2b): don't know if you're really having a Flashback or whatever, but you really need to
cool your head.

1: Heh.
2(2b): Heheh, heh...
3: splat

1: Hoo

1: clang
2: bam
3: kong
4: Kabu?
5: grip

1: vvvrrrrrrn
2: kashah

1: kashah

1: Brainwaves flat!
2: He's entered Penumbra!

1: It seems like he's just barely managed to sustain life on the brainstem level.
2: For the time being, we've managed to cut off the increasing of neurons...
3: vviiin
4: kashah
5: The axon of the newly-born core in the third ventricle has reached through the pons to
the reticular formation!
6: kachah
7: It's preventing him from waking up...
8: Until just a moment ago, it had only reached the hippocampus...
9: Now it's route is taking it even farther out into the cerebrum!

1(2b): His memories have most likely been restructured...and the functions of his entire
cerebrum are stopped at the moment.
2(2b): Alright, let's administer Metalium once more. I want to try and prevent the
destruction of his "self"...
3(2b): Understood. Administering Metalium.

1: psh

1: The new core has responded.
2: It's begun to activate from the diencephalon now...


1: slam

1: slam

1-2: tick-tock
3: Haa...
4-5: Haa
6(3b): Haa haa haa
7(2b): Haa haa
8(2b): Hah, haha
9: Hahaha
10: Hahahaha
11: Hahaha

1: bump
2: Kuh Kukuku
3: Kuku...
4-5: bump

1: What are you doing...?
2: C'mon!
3: I thought I told you to stay still!
4: Idiot...

1: Hmmm.
2: A new type...
3: And so...one of that drug's after-effects
4: is that you lose your memories and see weird dreams?
5: Yeah...
6(2b): Food appearing in front of me all of a sudden that had to be prepared by
someone...dishes put away that I don't remember cleaning...
7: Does this have something to do with the dancing spaghetti?
8: Yeah...probably.

1: I see.
2: So it's a drug that has the same effects as an Amp...
3: Long ago when LSD first started going around, it was called Instant Zen...
4: There's this guy who jumped.
5: He...thought he was really sleeping, and that this world was a dream.
6(2b): He said he'd just wake up, and jumped off Spiral Tower...
7: Heh.
8: Makes you wanna laugh, huh...
9: ...so the weird dream you saw
10: seemed that real, huh...?

1: Yeah...it was real.
2(2b): If that was a dream, then this moment, right now, might as well be part of time one
too. To be honest, I...
3: feel like I'm starting to lose track of what is and isn't reality...
4: No.
5: I got it.
6: Eh...?
7: Yeah...I finally got it.
8: Reality is virtual...

1: That's right...this is a dream.
2: I'm just a character in the dream your brain's created...
3: Hey...
4: Ahahaha! You took me seriously?
5: Ahahahahahaha!
6: Tch...
7: You've gone crazy, Kabu.
8: Just like those advanced Ampers.

1: Maybe you'd better just go and get your head checked out at the Sanitation Department?
2: I'm sure they'll make you feel aaaall better.
3: Heh!
4: Then I'll be guaranteed to see a nightmare.
5: That's not even funny.
6: You don't want to?
7: Hell no!
8: Then the only thing left to do is open up your brain and check it yourself.
9: Shall we get started?

1: I'm just saying, you shouldn't expect too much at the start.
2: First you need to get used to the Amp.

1: Your forehead...does it hurt?
2: I'm fine...
3: This is a version old, so it's a little heavy.
4: Relax,
5: Straighten your back.
6: First I'll set up everything for you.
7: Yeah...
8: All you need to do is relax, Kabu.

1: Do you
2: log on with other people a lot?
3: Not with just anyone.
4: Of course not.
5: Hmm...
6(2b): Ready? We have to breath from our stomachs. Here we go.
7: Tandem Mode ON.
8: One, twoooo
9: klik

1: Haha...
2: I get it.

1(2b): This...isn't bad. This feeling of exhaustion.
2: Mmmmmm...
3(2b): Now I get why you're so addicted to this. I remember a Pump that was kinda like
4: It was called Rodan...

1-2: Kabu
3: Wake up, Kabu.
4: Eh?
5: C'mon, hurry it up.
6: Sit back up straight.

1: Yeah...
2: The fluctuating magnetic field is
3: messing with my
4: sensory input
5: I'm already used to that...are you alright?
6: Haha...
7(2b): I'm used to it too...Perolinga's Bar Doc had a drink called Baltan XO that tasted
just like this.
8: Really?

1: How about this, then?
2: Hey
3: Hey!
4: Or thiiiis?
5: Stop playing around with me!
6: This isn't play.
7: This is calibration.
8: Tone testing and bias regulation.
9: The Amp is measuring the sensitivity of your little noggin.

1: Results should be coming any minute.
2: Look ahead.
3: krak
4(2b): Can you see? The little universe with each of us.
5: This is the neuron activity pattern the Amp's calculated.

1: While it is an extremely simplified geometric expression,
2: that's our basic OS,
3: Hold on, I'll
4: put them together...
5: chree...
6: Oh...
7: Ohh
8: I'm feeling kinda anxious...
9: Your device has begun auto-tuning,
10: trying to synchronize with this one.

1: Does this mean...your brain's activity pattern is lowing into mine...?
2(2b): Loosen up a little. You're slipping more into mine.
3: I'm going to try and fit it completely into yours!
4: nyuroon
5: bibib
6: bi
7: Huohh
8: Oh
9: Normally both parties come together and make one vessel, but since you're a beginner...
10: zubyu
11: nupoo
12: piq
13: brooo
14: Heh...but you like people going into you more than you going into them, right?
15: Fufu
16: Seems like you're back to normal now.
17: It's easier for mine to ride into modes like that...
18: Ohh.
19: zunyu
20: ...aaand lock.
21: klik

1: koton

1: Hoo

1(2b): Wow...so this is how you see things...
2(2b): It's no more than an approximation. A mix between you and I.
3: You're someone who really doesn't worry about the details, huh...?
4: Well excuse me.
5(2b): Have you been experiencing any bad symptoms from Pump addiction? Getting too
obsessed over a certain something?
6: Man...sorting things out goes so fast...
7(2b): We can't let ourselves get immersed here! I'm going to raise the level up one just
like this, all at once.
8: klik

1(2b): Your brain gets used to things really quickly, but once it does, it's all over. No
matter how much you struggle, you'll never be able to progress further.
2(2b): It's like the launch of a shuttle. Escape speed is essential.
3: Ready? Follow me close now.
4: Yeah.
5(2b): I'm starting to get kinda...excited. What should I do? I can't stop it!

1: I know!
2: I feel the same way!
3: That's the scary part about Tandem!
4: When you connect with someone, one single emotion snowballs higher and higher.
5: These are Magnetophosphenes!
6(2b): Neurons overreacting in eddy currents. This is a reflection of our excitement!

1: I feel like I'm going to go beyond pure excitement
2: and turn my body inside out!
3: Hold it in.
4(2b): If we can get past this, we'll clear this stage. That's why it's important to
breathe from the stomach.
5: I'm gonna puke...
6: Uwaaaaaah, stop it! I don't want to see any more spaghetti!
7: Uuu
8: Don't say that, you dumbass...
9(2b): Your altered consciousness switch is mixing with the central vomit nerve on your
brainstem. This is the same thing that made you fuck up with P that one time.
10: Haha
11: Oh, so that's it. Hahahaha!

1(2b): Hahahahaha Goddammit! I don't know whether I feel good or bad!
2: Be careful, Kabu!
3: Because of the Tandem effects, the waves of your emotions will get more violent!
4: If you get swallowed in by them, you'll feel satisfied and everything will end!
5: Drowning in a whirlpool of tears and smiles,
6(2b): foolishly devouring all the energy. A sweet trap.
7: You have to try and ride on the waves, shoot through them somehow.

1: This is the key to opening the door of perception...
2: It's important not to get attached.
3: Don't be taken in by anything,
4: and always keep your eyes on yourself.
5: Your other self,
6: now with you...

1: I've barely finished talking,
2: and you're already totally into it, Kabu.

1: Alive...
2: the sofa, too
3(2b): and the table, walls
4(2b): One moment at a time, the earth is being reincarnated, ceaselessly...

1: This is Level 2.
2(2b): Your brain's automated data processing has stopped. You're just like a newborn

1: The reason why most people have no memories of their infancy
2: is because memories are the first thing data becomes after it is processed.
3: Right now, we are in a fluctuating quantum world
4: that existed before any of that.
5: A sea of energy, was it...?

1: ...everything looks like a hallucination.
2: It's like a flood of hallucinations!
3(2b): The reality we normally perceive is nothing more than the most vast, largest factor
of hallucinations in existence.
4: If calculations stopped, the world would turn into an eternal mystery...
5(2b): Don't get too sucked in, tough. It looks as if your brain's almost gotten used to
this, too.

1: These are
2: Magnetophosphenes...
3: Signals to move to the next stairway.
4: Ready? Look into the light.
5: This is still the outer strata world.
6(2b): If we stop here, we won't be able to see the true undulations of the ocean. We've
got to swim deeper.
7: Swim deeper...?

1: Right.
2: Look into the light...

1: Kabu

1: This way, Kabu.
2(2b): Come now, stop playing and follow me like a good boy.
3: But--
4: Is it alright to leave those cans like that...?
5: Heey, mom...?
6: Mom...

1(2b): What are you doing? Let's go.

1: Sit down.
2: Where are we...
3: Huh?
4: You aren't mom...

1: Is this person gonna be my mom
2: from today on...?
3: don't need
4: I wonder what kind of person she is?
5: I don't need her.
6: My new mom...
7: I don't need someone like that.
8(2b): haa haa
9(3b): haa haa haa
10: haa
11(2b): haa haa
12(2b): haa haa
13: That's how your basics were built up.

1: A good-for-nothing unemployed man from the day you were born.
2(2b): haa haa
3: haa
4: haa
5(3b): haa haa haa
6: With absolutely no soil in which to place your roots...
7(2b): haa haa
8: haa
9(3b): hah hah hah
10(2b): hah hah
11(3b): hah hah hah
12(2b): This is Level 3, Kabu. Stimulus to your temporal lobe is calling up formative
experiences from your childhood.

1-4: hah
5(2b): Hah Ridiculous.
6: It's a dream I saw when I was a child.
7: I had totally forgotten...
8: It's not just a dream, Kabu.
9(2b): haa
10: haa
11(2b): haa
12: haa
13: haa
14: You're in the middle of it right now.
15: Understand?
16: In the middle of what?
17: Where?

1: Where...
2: Hey
3: Where are we going...?
4: Heaven.

1: We're going to Heaven.

1-2: To Heaven

1-3: To Heaven
4-5: Ah
6: Aaaaahhhhh...
7: What's Heaven?
8: Heaven is...

1: A land of light,
2(2b): where you can do anything, and become anything...
3: It's a super fun place.
4: Hmmmm...

1: ...I
2: don't want to go...
3(2b): Oh...you don't want to?
4: You don't have to, then.

1: Just stay right there.
2: ...rt
3: My heart...
4(2b): Yeah, an overdose.
5: No...the child's still sleeping.
6(2b): Yeah, yeah.
7: Got it. See ya.
8: Who are you?

1: Ah...
2: So you're awake.
3: We're from the Sanitation Department, little boy.
4: Do you know what that is?
5: No...
6: Hmmm...well it's like a mix between the hospital and the police.
7(2b): We help sick people, and work to get rid of dangerous drugs.
8: Recently the law changed,
9: and so a new...
10: Where's my mom?

1: Hm? Your mom?
2: Your mom is, um, hmmm...
3: She went to a faraway place.
4: Heaven?
5: ...hmm.
6: Yes...there.
7: Heaven.
sfx: krak

1: Where are we?
2: Eh...?
3: WHat level are we on right now?

1: The level won't change, Kabu.
2: Let's call it quits for now.
3: Why?
4: It won't matter how much we play anymore.
5: Why?
6: We hit at a wall.
7: For the time being, that's our limit.
8(2b): Limit? A limit of what?
9: It takes time to break through something like that.
10(2b): I told you, didn't I? First you have to get used to the Amp. It's always like this
in the beginning.

1: Let's keep going.
2: I want to see what's beyond.
3: You'll come to want to see it again even more, bro...
4(2b): It'll just bring pain if we do...and what's more, since it's Tandem, when you feel
pain, so do I.
5: ...let's keep going.
6: Diseased humans can't go without
7: checking out their own diseases...

1-4: To Heaven
2: It's Heaven.
3: We're going to Heaven.
4: Mmm...
5: Um...yes.

1: She went to Heaven.

1: Where are we going...?
2: ka-chak
3: To where your mother is.

1: cough...

1: Ohhh.
2(2b): So she didn't got to Heaven after all...
3: Liar.

1: Hey, wake up.
2(2b): Wake up, mom. Hey, I said.
3: She's cold...
4: That's weird...
5: She's cold...
6: Mmm...
7: You see, we're keeping her cool...with dry ice.

1: Without that,
2: she'd rot...
3: ...I can't believe it...
4: She just...looks like she's sleeping...
5: Eguh...

1: Just like...
2: she's sleeping...

1: Ah...
2: beep beep beep

1(2b): The Chaos Curve is rising...?
2: Level 4...
3: Amazing.
4: He broke through the wall in one go...
5: It feels like...
6: You're gonna go somewhere really far away...
7: Kabu...

1: S...
2: beeeep
3: Sto...p...


1: shiver
2: shake

1: Kabu...
2: Kabuu!
3-4: ba-dump
5: He has a pulse...
6: Hoo...

1: Ah...
2: Flatline...
3: He's a vegetable...
4: At this rate his brain cells will gradually die off!

1: What should I do?
2: Call an ambulance?
3: No, it won't make it here in time.
4: His brain is breaking, right at this very moment.
5: His heart could stop at any time.
6: No! I have to do something right now!
7: What can I do?
8: That's it.
9: If I contact the M-Cen they might know what to do at a time like this.
10: I don't have time
11: No, then it'll just be reported to the Sanitation Dept.
12: What can I do right now
13: The Amp's manufacturer, then?
14: His brain is dying
15: The creator...?
16: What am I talking about, that isn't the problem!
17: Something right now
18: no
19: time
20: That's why...

1: That's why I told you to
2: stop...
3: ...this isn't a kid's game,
4: it's the evolution of your inner consciousness.
5: hah
6: I was turned off the minute I heard inner consciousness.
7: Why don't you stop complaining and just give it a try, Kabu?

1: That's it.
2: I'm the one who invited you, right, Kabu?
3: I invited YOU...!

1: I'm begging you, Alice...
2: Pull us back out together.
3: Please...!
4: pssh

1: It reacted!
2: klik
3: I won't let you get away...
4: Now--

1: --I'll be right there

1: Alice...
2: Please, Alice!

1: Mom...

1: Kabu...

1: What are you doing, Kabu...?
2: Cooking?
3: What are you making...?
4: ...Napolitan Pasta.
5: Oh...
6: That's right.

1: Kabu made spaghetti.
2: This just happened...
3: This is a memory.
4: A reproduction of Kabu's memory.
5: Where was I and what was I doing at this time?
6: I was...

1: They don't use ketchup in Napoli.
2: If an Italian person saw you, they'd get mad.
3: This is the only thing I know how to make.
4(2b): And besides, this tastes good.
5: It's easy to make.
6(2b): Cook ham, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms,

1: then soften the spaghetti,
2: pour some ketchup in, and cook it all together.
3: The secret it to it is the slightly burnt scent
4: the ketchup gives off...
5: Kids all
6: love it...

1: Hungry?
2: Just wait, I'm almost done.
3(2b): Sorry for always making the same thing. This all I know how to make, you know.
4: But you like it, right?
5: Want some salad too?
6: Uhhh, how does salad go again...
7: Hey.
8: Where are the salad ingredients?

1: You bought some, didn't you?
2: Eh...
3: ka-chah
4: I'm back!
5: I got everything, Kabu.
6: Lettuce, tomato,
7(2b): cucumbers, and lemons.

1: Ah...
2: I wanted some roquette too,
3: but they didn't have any. That store really sucks.
4: Like, for the dressing,
5: all they had was olive oil.

1(3b): If we mix lemon and salt together though, it'll make a perfect Italian. How's the
spaghetti coming?

1: Kabu?

1: Somewhere faraway...
2: What's his problem?
3: Oh, so that's where you were.
4: I feel like you're gonna go...
5: I thought I told you to stay here!
6: Don't scare me like that!

1: Wait...

1: You'd better not move an inch this time.
2: Just stay right on that sofa!
3: On that sofa...
4: Right there...

1: Huaaa...ah.

1: Hoo...
2: I'm hungry...
3: We never finished eating that spaghetti, right?
4: Wanna cook it up again?
5: Well?
6: Eh...
7(2b): If you want to eat, I'll cook yours together. What'll it be?
8(2b): Ah...okay.
9: a dream

1: Will cooking it again dry it out?
2: Guess it's better than being cold.
3(2b): ...yeah, you're right...
4: This is a dream
5: Hmm...
6: ...or should I
7: start over from scratch...
8: That reminds me...
9: I had a weird dream just now...

1: When I was a kid...
2(2b): I learned how to make Napolitan Pasta from my mom, and tried it on my own...
3: but ended up spilling spaghetti
4: all over the floor...

1: Da...
2: ...mmit!
3: Dammit...
4: Kabu...
5: Don't touch me!

1: Huh...?
2: What am I doing...?
3: Kabu...
4: Ah, that's right.
5: I need to wash the dishes.

1: squeek
2: I'm trapped...in a dream.
3: Kabu's dream...
4: A flatline dream.
5: Heaven
6: We're going to Heaven

1: gobogopopo
2: Listen to me, Kabu.
3: We're trapped in a dream.
4(2b): The Amp has connected us and is showing us the same dream. So, so
5: Stop it!
6: This isn't a dream.
7(2b): It's a flashback. Nothing more than a flashback.

1: It's a dream, Kabu...
2(2b): This entire world. You flatlined, and then I...
3: Shut up!
4: Disappear...you aren't here.
5: This is a hallucination
6: A hallucinatiooooon

1: Ah...
2: Haha
3: Hahaha

1-3: To Heaven
4: No, Kabu...no...
5: Noooooooooo

1: It's a dream, Kabu! You're just seeing what you think you are!
2: So please
3: wake uuuuuuuup

1: Wait...
2: Don't go.

3: Tell me you want me to come too, Kabu...
4: This
5: This is your

6: door to Heaven?

1: psh
2: psh
3: pshpshpsh
4: paki

1: No...
2: This is wrong, Kabu.
3: This is a hallucination.
4: piki piki
5: Don't get caught up in it.
6: psh

1: Remember.
2: The world is reincarnated eternally.
3: You can make spaghetti by yourself now.

1: pakih
2: Kabu?
3: What's wrong, Kabu?

1: Eh...
2: Are you hungry?
3: Want me to make some spaghetti?
4: Ah...
5: ...no.
6: I'm alright...
7: I can make it by myself now.
8: Since you taught me.
9: Oh...

1: So this time,
2: I'll make it for you, mom.
3: OK...
4: See...ya.
5: Good night, mom...
6: Good night...

1: Open the door to perception!

1: slam
2: Everyone, thank you for your help!
3: This is the best thing I've seen in a while!
4: Great job, Nero!
5: Cheers to Neronga!
6: Cheers to junkies!

1: A dream realer than reality...
2: This is Heaven.
3: ...I'll praying for your survival
4: in this world.
5: Remember
6: it's important not to get attached.

1: Don't get caught up in anything,
2: and always look at yourself.
3: Your other self,
4: now with you...

1: ...Everything rests on the power to create images.
2: The brain is an imitation of our universe.

1: The world is a sea of energy,
2: Reality is the countless waves rising and falling on its surface.
3: By swimming through the sea through meditating, and touching the wellspring of
4: a new horizon for the human race will be unlocked...

1: At this moment, you have stepped onto the path of evolution.
2: Kya...
3: What you are seeing right now--

1: is what happens when the Neuro Amp "Mantra" series reaches the limit of its
2: This is a preset video.
3: If you truly wish to continue on to the next level,
4: then please come to the Meditation Center.
5: As an allies to those who walk on the path of evolution,
6: we earnestly await your arrival...

[Ultra Heaven] Vol. 2 / End

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