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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Trigun Maximum Gaiden 1

Badlands Rumble [Part 1]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 26, 2010 15:32 | Go to Trigun Maximum


tl by molokidan

1: Vash the Stampede!
2: Why have you come back AGAIN?!
3: Let us put to you straight: you're nothing but a pain in the ass!
bottom: [TRIGUN] is back!!!

1: The "Humanoid Typhoon," Vash the Stampede, Wolfwood, Meryl, & Milly have all returned!!

TRIGUN Bangaihen: Badlands Rumble ~Shootout with the Dodongo Bros. in Honeycomb Village~ [Part 1]

1: ...ehhh?
2: There you go again with those hurtful words!
3: Hurtful? You wanna talk about hurtful?!
4: Because of you, me and my bro received a sentence of 270 years each!!
5: ...but you ended up making it into only 13 years, right?
6: The ones we hung out with did, you mean! 30 minutes after getting thrown in there, we began planning our escape!
7: Relax, I'll only gonna shoot you from the neck down. I wanna leave that stupid-ass grin on your face.
8(2b): It'll be necessary when we go to collect the reward, after all. This will be extremely painful, but just try to bear through it, alright?!

1(2b): Thanks for all your hard work...Vash the Stampede!
2: Say hello to those who no longer thirst for me!
sfx: jakah

1: Let's go, spikey!
2: Temporary retreat!!

1: This way!!
2: Hurry!!
3: owowowowowowow
4: Dammit!!
5: There goes...our $$60 billion...!!

1: ...mmmm.
2: ...things're really heating up now.
3: ...just who are those guys?

1: What the hell are we gonna do
2: about those Dodongo Bros?!
3: Those worthless shitheads you decided to randomly save during the Battle of Zudora Fortress 13 years ago!!
4: Now it's the same old thing all over again! Zero remorse for what they did! So take some damn responsibility for once!!
5(2b): We just!! Just barely managed to get out of the exact same mess at this!!
6: Is this what they call deja vu?! Tell me, is this deja vu?!
7(2b): Now now now now now...calm down, please, calm down, Mr. Wolfwood!

1(2b): For the time being! We have to find some way to catch those two again.
2(2b): We know where they live. The problem is what to do after we get there.
3: ...got any ideas?
4: Calm dooooown!
5: Calm down, Mr. Wolfwood!!
6: Um
7: excuse us!!

1: You know where the Dodongo Bros. are heading?!
2: ...so we can ambush them and fight from an advantageous position.
3: It's way better than trying to charge into that mansion.
4: ...we watched that amazing escape of yours.
5: Please, you must save our town.
6: My name is Rayne Jacquet.
7: And this is
8: Balzac Beauregard.
9: Ex-First Lieutenant of the 14th Military Policemen Regiment.

1: ...a cyborg?
2: Indeed.
3: The regiment was composed of myself alone. It was the first solitary regiment for the Military Policemen.
4(2b): How can you call it a regiment, then? --strength-wise.
5: No one would even listen to me...only Mr. Balzac lent me a hand...
6: Villains cannot be allowed to run free.
7(2b): ...although, to be honest, I have since left my regiment, and now work for bounties. The $$4,500,000 attached to their heads is what really drew me in.
8: Ah!
9: Ummmmmmm
10: We have unfinished work left over, you know, so
11: we'll just be

1: Who the hell parked their Toma out there?!
2: We're from the Dodongo group!!
3: If anyone's seen a woman in a white mantle and a big-ass girl with blond hair, ya better fess up!!
4(2b): I dunno...maybe I have, and maybe I haven't...
5: Tell us straight, jackass!!
6: I don't like your guys' attitudes, so I'm not gonna.
7: Whaaaaat?!
8: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
9: We're completely wrapped up in this now...!!

1: Haleykound.
2: Right between September and San Miguel.
3: A tiny village of a little less than 100 people.

1: I see...scrap metal dealers.
2: That's right. The village was built right on top of where a part of a Ship fell.
3: But aren't the leftover Lost Technology materials extremely strong and resilient?
4(2b): Yes. Cutting parts out takes a severe amount of time and work.
5(2b): But, that's the only way their ancestors had to make a living.
6: And then, one day
7: the Dodongo Bros. came knocking.

1: From that day forward, the name of the town was changed into
2: Honeycomb Village.

1: Control began, and they continued
2: to let people neither live nor die,
3: squeezing all they could out of the town.
4: They'll come back here again, I'm sure of it.
5: But they just got out of jail, so they've got nothing on them.

1: ...please...help us...
2: ...stop it, grandma!
3: Handing out food isn't gonna change anything...!!

1: Leave it to me!!
2: --It's all be OK!!
3: After all, I'm--
4: Va...
5: sph
6: buh
7: Futanpeeeee...d!
8: That's not gonna give them any sense of relief...it'll do the opposite...!!
9: Naive...!! You're too damn naive...!!
10: Just forget about that!!
11: Yep, just forget it!
12: Ahahahahahahaha

1-2: wheee
3: Hey!
4: Go to bed already, you two!!

1: ...sheesh...
2: They've completely forgotten about the situation we're in...
3: And what's wrong with that?
4: It's better than sinking down like everyone else.
5: You're right.
6(2b): To tell the truth, they were really down in the dumps until yesterday. I guess even kids this small can sense the atmosphere around them.
7: I have a feeling that since you all came, though, that atmosphere's changed.
8: I don't quite know how to describe it...but yeah.
9: To sum it up in one word, I'd have to say "relief."
10: I don't know how good it will be for us to all feel relieved, however.
11: ...yeah...

1: ...well...about that...
2: I guess I actually do feel rather safe.
3: Having Vash-san and Wolfwood-san around...
4(two separate bubbles): uwaaaaaaaaaaah
5: Ahh, I shouldn't have said anything!
6: See, that's what happens when you don't listen to your big brother!

1: ...c'mon, time for bed!!
2: uuuuuu
3: You should all get some rest, too.
4: Who knows what time they'll arrive, in a situation like this.
5: ...umm...
6: ...are you all
7: really...going to stay here?
8(2b): This place is filled with children and elderly people. You should just leave the town to Vash-san.
9: Our company has a branch office not too far from here, so we could all temporarily...
10: ...thank you very much.
11: But we've already decided.
12: We're going to protect this village together.
13: ...and
14: well
15: we aren't our old selves anymore.

1: Yo.
2: ...Wolfwood!!

1: ...you....
2: ...hm?
3: What are you planning to do?
4: ...about what?
5: I'm saying, the same things just keep happening over and over again.
6: Now, are you gonna finally stop being such a tedious pain in the ass or what?
7: The Dodongo Bros. should have died that day 13 years ago at Zudora Fortress.
8: But then you came waltzing in, disrupting everything, and let them live.
9: As a result--
10(2b): Just look at the people in this town. So pitiful.
11: What it should have really been for them was finally a chance to say goodbye to life of living in fear.

1: Just because time has passed, that doesn't change anything.
2(2b): The weak always do nothing but suffer--am I wrong?!
3: ...yeah.

1-2: ...yeah.
3: ...goddammit...
4: ...I feel like I'm gonna go insane...
5: ...that's it right there...
6: That's what pisses me off so much about this guy...

1: He already understands everything so much it could kill him.
2: And he's gotten completely used to me saying the same thing to him everytime, that jackass!!!!

1: ...the plan will be carried out
2: tomorrow morning at 8 AM.
3: ...I still can't believe it.
4: All I planned to do was take out some dinky little village! To think that $$60 billion would come along with it!!
5(2b): Let's be sure to go out with a bang this time, Mr. Balzac!!!

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