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Trigun Maximum Gaiden 2

Badlands Rumble [Part 2]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 26, 2010 15:32 | Go to Trigun Maximum


tl by molokidan

1: ...they're here...
2: ...they're here...it's them!!
3: The Dodongo Bros...!!

TRIGUN Bangaihen: Badlands Rumble ~Shootout with the Dodongo Bros. in Honeycomb Village~ [Part 2]

1: ...so we meet again! What a joyous occasion, Vash the Stampeeeeede!
2: And so the one supporting the fate of this village on his shoulders turns out to be the biggest softie in the entire universe!!
3: Your head's gonna net us $$60 billion...in exchange, we'll let the citizens go free...whaddya say?
4: Dumbass.
5: Don't think about it! What are you considering it a little for?!
6: ...what are they talking about?
7: ...I can't hear...I dunno.

1: I refuse...more importantly, as you can see, this village is a little different than it was when you attacked it before.
2(2b): First of all, we're here...but only not that, there's also Mr. Beauregard behind us, who carries the firepower of a small army with him! Don't think you can mess with us and make it out in one piece...capiche?
3: ...huh...?
4: ...I don't see any nods of agreement?
5: ...looks like negotiations have failed.
6: Waaaait!!
7: We just started talking, didn't we?!
8: Having a short temper is a disadvantage!! We should take a little more...
9(2b): ...err. Hey, you guys...!!
10: Stopstopstopstop waitwaitwaitwait

1: Spikey!!

1: That sure was easy,
2: Vash the Stampeeeeede!
3: Use your head a little!
4: There's no way in hell there'd be anyone insane enough to try and save such a meager village besides you two nutcases!
5: I can't believe you wandered around the planet for as long as you did with such a naive mind!

1: ...you son of a bitch...!!
2: Since when were you working together?
3: From the beginning of the beginning of the beginning.
4: Beauregard also guided us out of jail.
5(2b): Thank you so much. Thank you so much...!!
6: Mmm.
7: Just leave it to me.

1: Gotta make sure they can't even move a millimeter.
2: They did manage to escape from how we did 'em up before, after all.
3: ...we're gonna be extra careful this time.

1: Say goodbye,
2: legendary bounty!
3: That's enough!!

1: Who the hell are you?
2: Some scrap metal beggar picks up a gun,
3: and all of the sudden he thinks he can take ME on?!

1: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!!
2: uwaaah
3: Hiiieee
4: Dammmiiiit

1: ...ahhh...I get it, I get.
2: Now I get it!
3: Leaving half of you alive back there was a mistake.
4: I acknowledge my carelessness.
5: ...hey
6: ...stop...!!
7: I didn't think you'd get this full of yourselves after only a dozen years, though!
8: Alright!
9: Let's go, brother!
10: Shoot every last one of them!
11(2b): Just like back then! No...

1: Be more thorough this time!!!

sfx: uwaah
sfx: hieeehh
1: ...what the...?!
2: ...you...!!

1: ...goddamn...!!
2: cockroaches...

1(2b): Crtth fffhhr!! (Careless bastards!!)
2: Rrkknrizzrey rnrreit fhhtffoooo!! (Lookin' the other way when we're right in front of youuuuu!!)

1: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
2: ...damn...!!
3: It took all my strength just to slow them down...!!

1: wooaahh
2: Run away right now, you twooo!!
3: Get your head down!! Milly!!
4: Shhky... (Spikey...)
5: Wolfwood, behind!!
6(2b): FFht?! (What?!) Just shoot behind...!!

1: kyah
2: Eh

1(2b): ...I see. Furniture from a simple cutting materials bunker.
2: This stuff IS super durable.
3: ...sorry for not letting you know.
4: It was our last trump card, after all...
5: Don't worry about it.
6: If that idiot had actually known about it, we might have ended up getting roasted by a flamethrower.
7: You're so cool, Wolfwood.
8(2b): Well, you know...it were my bullets that saved the day.
9: And I will be the one to accept all the reward money, too.

1: Eh?
2: What what what?
3(2b): Eh? There's nothing unusual about that. What's with all these "at least donate a little to the village" signs I'm getting?!
4: What's the big deal?!
5: Well, if you want to get technical, it was because we created that small opening that you were able to get your victory.
6(2b): So we'll be accepting our portion of the-- eh? Have you two always been such picky-about-the-details characters?
7: What's going on here?
8: They got a point, though.
9: Everything's already finished, why are you still talking?!
10(2b): Uwaaaaaah, I can't take this anymore! I wanna quit!
11(3b): Wahh, now the children are looking at me! Ehhh?! Stop it! C'mon, gimme a break here!
sign: See you in the theaters!!

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