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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 27

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 1, 2010 21:22 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

1: <Tuatha de Danaan> The day before the plan was first put into action--
2: Mr. Mardukas.
3: Yes, ma'am.
4: You always wear that hat, correct?
5: Hailing from the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, I do feel a bit uncomfortable in it, but...
6: Carl...just how many years has it been since I first received this hat from you?

1: Don't worry. I think it fits you very well.
2: To think that I would one day wear this hat while riding on your daughter's ship...
3(middle text):
11 Years Earlier - America - New Hampshire
Portsmouth Suburbs
Carl Testarossa's Estate
4(2b): Back then, Carl and I were captains of nuclear submarines. Originally, I served the Royal Navy, and he the American Navy, but...
5: ding-dong
6: scrinch
7: Nice to meet you, Mr. Testarossa...

1: W-welcome...Mr. Mardu...
2: --uuu...
3: Welcome. Mr. Mardukas! Please come inside.
4(2b): This is my daughter Teresa. It looks as if your height has frightened her. Don't worry about it.
5: A-alright...

1: It's our first time meeting on land.
2: The entire crew of the "Dallas" is very thankful for what you did for us out there.
3: We of the "Turbulent" feel exactly the same.
4: I was very excited for our meeting today.
5: As was I.
6: This is my wife, Maria.
7: It is an honor to welcome you.
8: Please make yourself at home here tonight.
9(2b): Teresa has a twin brother, but he's extremely shy, so we've decided to let him stay at my superior, Mr. Borda's house.

1: Dinner should be ready soon.
2: My wife is quite the cook, if I may say so myself.
3: Well then, I'm very excited.
sfx: teeter teeter
4: bump
sfx: splash

sfx: quiver
1: plip plop
2(2b): As ironic as it may sound, it seems that our jovial dinner tonight is all thanks to that state-of-the-art soviet vessel.

1(2b): The Soviets were moments away from sending nukes into British territory. If your ship hadn't sunk down at that moment...
2(2b): No, by all means, you were the ones who saved us. Since we took a surprise attack, our sub had completely lost its evasion abilities.
3: Since you were kind enough to become a decoy for their second shot, we were able to accurately sink down.
4: If it weren't for you, I would have never been able to see the smiles of my family ever again.
5: I'm jealous that you have a family to feel that way about...
6: Yes...about my family...

1: Would you mind looking at these?
2: What...?
3: Upon first glance, I'm sure it seems to be nothing more than a child's scribbles, but..
4: These...as presumed with my meager knowledge, are memos that deal with the reflectance properties and attenuation rates of electromagnetic waves...
5(2b): Combining them with the theories written on the last two pages...oh my god...
6: This comes out to a theory of technology far more advanced that the cutting-edge <stealth> technologies that are currently being utilized...?
7: This crayon graffiti...is it a secret message?
8: ...it is not some kind of complicated joke...

1: It's a collaboration by Teresa and Leonard.
2: But this is...
3(2b): They say they both thought it up themselves -- despite the fact that this contains ideas and notions unknown to even my expert friends at MIT...
4: Precedents of phenomenons like these have happened with other people.
5: Precedents?
6: A very young child was once introduced on local Alaskan TV station.

1(2b): He had written numerous chemical formulas and complicated physics equations down with his crayons. Just like with what my two children did, this boy's pages contained completely undiscovered theories of technology.
2(2b): Naturally, others found out about this occurrence. And then directly after the broadcast, that child and his family disappeared...
3(2b): Mr. Mardukas, can I entrust you with the confidentiality of my twins' abilities? It concerns their safety...
4: Of course. I promise.
5: But why, then, would you tell me such a thing in the first place--...?

1: It's just a hunch, but...
2(2b): We will soon be forced to take part in a battle that is far removed from the scope of human understanding, one that lies in the realm of the inhuman. That's just the feeling I have.
3: It's because I think that it will someday come in handy that I gave you this information.
4(2b): You make too much of me, Mr. Testarossa.

1: The next morning
2: I would have loved to stay longer, if I didn't have to go in to work.
3: Yes, it's regrettable that we were only able to spend one night together.
4(2b): Oh, that's right. This is a little something from me. Open it on your way home.
5: slip
6(2b): Oh, thank you. How exciting.
7: Let us meet again, Commander Mardukas.
8: Of course.
9: If my wish comes true, then our next time will be on the deep blue sea.
sfx: vrooom

sfx: vroom
1(2b): scrinch scrunch
2: It's embroidered with the name of my ship...
3(2b): Sir...the captain knows about your habit of turning your hat around.
4: Sorry if it seems presumptuous, but I've also heard myself.
5: That when the "Duke" turns his hat around during manoeuvres, it's time to watch out.

1: I see...so this cap will be easier to turn, eh?
2: I will gratefully accept this.
3: Thank you, sir. Allow me to also thank you.
4: All of us crew members of the "Dallas" owe our lives to you.
5: Don't worry about it. I merely chose the most efficient solution.
6: Speaking of which, I don't think I got your name.
7: Yes, sir. I am First Lieutenant Sailor, sir.
8: Mr. Mardukas...?
9: ...yes, ma'am.
10: Carl...that dread that faintly overcame you is now in the process of materializing...
11(2b): Tomorrow is finally the first day she's placed into actual combat. Daydreaming is forbidden.
12: Please excuse me, Captain.

1(2b): The graffiti I saw that night was clearly a basic ECS theory. And the graffiti that Alaskan child drew contained basic AS technology.
2: If it wasn't for that graffiti, then the day when I first saluted to your daughter would have never come...
3: 8 Years Earlier -- London
A Dinner with the Admiral of the Royal Navy
4(2b): Commander Mardukas, you -- no, everyone in the world must remember that single nuke that was used in Kuwait.

1: It's safe to say that single strike changed the tides of our world.
2(2b): After that attack, the 5th Middle East War became bogged down, Gorby was assassinated, and the powers of the East and West reached a chilling deadlock.
3: This may be a good thing, however.
4: It can also be said that this tension is keeping civil and religious wars from happening in third world countries.
5: With that in mind, don't you think that this cold war structure is the most peaceful system to have been developed in all of human history?
6: clink
7: ...I do not understand, Sir Edmond Mallory.

1: I am merely a man who utilizes a weapon system in order to achieve the greatest possible result.
2: I do not believe I am of the position to give my opinion on political philosophy.
3(2b): How exemplary of you, Commander. You do not indiscreetly agree with my opinion.
4: And you think of yourself as nothing more than "a single sharpened blade."
5: Yes, sir.
6: I'm sorry. That just now was a trick question.
7: Sir?
8: I just wanted to confirm something. Please forget about it.

1: Two years later--
Britannia Royal Naval College: War History Compilation Room
2(2b): At this time I was relieved of my post of vessel Commander and demoted, due to nothing more than testifying about the truth of a fault in a ship that was the same type as my <Turbulent> that had met with an accident -- an act that was deemed as unfavourable to the upper echelons of the Royal Navy.
3: I had come to accept the fact that I would never lay eyes on the sea again.
4: A letter for you, sir.
5: Sailor? What is a crew member from Carl's ship doing h...
6: ...is something wrong?

1: Two days later--
Portmouth Suburbs
Carl Testarossa's Estate
2: According to the local police, the criminal was a transient who burned down the house after sniping the Testarossas in their own home.
3: Ohhh...Carl...Maria...

1: Leonard and Teresa went missing, and the possibility of finding them was apparently low.
2-3: klak
4: What...what a horrible...
5: skree
6: ...what the?
7: ...A rifle bullet?
8(2b): This wasn't the work of some transient...this was a planned attack by a professional.
9: Did you switch jobs from a seaman to a detective?

1: So we finally meet, Duke.
2(2b): I heard that you were coming by. There's some things you want to know, I assume?
3: Is that why the great Admiral Borda has come to a place like this all alone?
4: No, I am in charge of protecting a few people. Sorry if I've rubbed you the wrong way.
5: No...
6(2b): Just what happened here? Did the Testarossas really pass away? And what about their children...?
7(2b): Carl and Maria have left the earth. They were attacked here.

1(3b): A secret intelligence agency from somewhere was planning on kidnapping Leonard and Maria. Carl perceived what was going to happen before the event, and asked me for help. By the time I got here, however, Carl and Maria had already been killed, and the house was burnt down.
2: All I was able to do was save the children who were about to be taken away.
3: So then they are safe?
4: Yes, they are currently in the hands of trustworthy people.
5: Who attacked them?
6: We don't know. They could have come from inside our country, or from overseas...there's the possibility that this is the work of some enterprise.
7: They are both geniuses far removed from the beaten track.
8(2b): Carl intended to hide this. But if he only would have told me about it, something could have been done...

1: The reason I came here, however, aside from telling you all this, was because I have a proposition for you.
2: A proposition?
3: Are you interested in returning to the sea again?
4: Returning...?
5: To that beautiful, dangerous sea...?

1: Half a year later -- A deserted island on the West Pacific
2: So we meet again. I'm overjoyed, Commander.
3: Welcome to Merida Island, the headquarters of <Mithril>'s West Pacific Fleet.
4: <Mithril> is a machine designed in order to avoid World War III, which we believe will happen in the near future.
5: We would like you to come work with us, Mr. Mardukas, on a team planning on how to counteract numerous dangerous threatening the world.
6(2b): But I'm a seaman. I'm not sure I'll be useful on a special squad like this...

1: This is...
2(2b): <Project 985>. An extra-large scale shipping submarine that the Soviets were about to scrap due to insufficient funds. Well, Commander? I'd like to hear what you think after laying eyes on this incomplete vessel.

1: ...unfortunately, if things go wrong its first battle may be its last.
2: With the noise that the propulsion system and nuclear reactor capable of moving such a huge craft makes, its level of espionage is too low. And with a structure like this, escaping on the sea floor would be...
3: Well, Dr. Painrose?
4: 100/100. I'm sure he'll be able to use this sub well.
5: What do you mean?
6: All of the technological problems that you just pointed out, Commander, will be solved by her.

1(2b): Read this and try telling me it'll still be impossible, Mr. Mardukas.
2: ruffle
3: ...Teresa!!

1(2B): I want to complete this girl as quickly as possible. If you refuse, then please leave the island at once. You'll just get in the way.
2: ruffle
3: Y-yes, ma'am...
4-6: ruffle
7: To think...that she was capable of this much...
8: She is prepared to risk her life in a battle of atonement.
9: ...atonement?
10: The missile that was fired into Kuwait was done so using her ECS technology.

1: You'll stay here until she's completed, right, Uncle Jerry?
2: Yes, I'll prepare all that is necessary.
3: Well then, I'm counting on you.
4: Ah...
5: Please
6: return my documents.
7(2b): Now, let's begin. If you waste time daydreaming, I'll be an old woman before she's finished.
8: rustle
9: Yes ma'am.
10: That was my first salute.

1: The present-- Merida Island
2: It's been four years already...
3: That hunk of rust known as <Project 985> was soon completed and became the world's strongest submarine, the <Tuatha de Danaan>.
4: Carl...I wasn't able to make my dream of sailing on the sea with you a reality,
5: but I am thankful to your daughter Teresa for once again inviting me to the deep sea.
6: Mr. Mardukas, let us go up to the command room.
7: klak

1: Yes ma'am!


And so, the "Continuing On My Own" arc comes to a shocking finish. Sousuke has lost everything, but his eyes are not dead yet!! Look forward to his activity in the next series, "Burning One Man Force!"

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