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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 1, 2010 21:23 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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*Only for use by I-M.

tl by molokidan

1: Southeast Asia - The town of commerce, Namsak.
2: rustle

1: One month has passed--
2: And I see the same dream every night.
3: Chidori, being taken away by the enemy.
4: and then, my powerless self--...

1: I lost everything.
2: All I can do now is approach the enemy with my single body.
3: The enemy--...<Amalgam>

1: Which team will receive the blessing of the Goddess of the <Arena>?!
2(2b): The odds were against the <Tiger of the Southern Sea> this time!! He's showing us a great battle despite it, but it looks like he was just up against the wrong opponent!!

1: There we go!! The headhunting finisher!!
2: <Bloody Queen> is the winner!!
3: Amazing...wrestling matches with army-issued ASes, where betting is possible...

1: So this is the <Arena> I've heard so much about...
2: This has got to be it.
3-6: snap
7: Now it's just a matter of how I make the scoop mine...
8: bump
9: Oh, excuse me...
10: Hey, wait a minute, pal.
11: ...eh?

1: Uuu...
2: W...wait a minute, please don't use violence...
3: If you don't want any more pain, then hand it over.
4: I was watching you gawk around with your scrawny pale little body from some time ago.
5: Now hand over all the money you've got, foreign or otherwise, as well as that camera.
6: Damn...to think I drew the attention of some local thug...I must have overdone it.

1: That's enough, Dao.
2: Get back, Nami...!
3: Don't ruin this town's reputation anymore by mugging people whenever you feel like it!

1: Woah, woah, woah! You're going to shoot me over some random person?
2: I, a member of the Ogre family?!
3: The Ogre family...
4(2b): I didn't say that. I said that if it's money you want, I'll pay.
5: Tch...only this much...
6: Would you prefer a bullet?
7: Nami...I won't forget this.
8: puh
9: Thanks. I'm Michel Lemon.
10: I'm Nami.
11: grin

sfx: ka-chik
1: Wh-wha...
2: Oh yeah. This is broken, so it can't shoot.
3: What are you doing?!
4: Now then...Monsieur.
5(2b): ba-dump ba-dump
6: Wh-what are you doing...?

1: Negotiating.
2(2b): In exchange for my services and the money I gave to Dao, how does $4000 sound?
3: That's way too expensive!
4: And besides, this is all I have right now!
5(2b): $300, huh...well that's not even close to being enough.
6: It's enough to live a month of luxury in this town!!
7: That camera...
8: Not the camera!! It's a tool I need to work!!
9(2b): You're one of those reporters, aren't you? If you give that to your paper, you'll get a hefty reward, right?
10: Well, yes, if it's a good story.
11: Story...?

1: In that case, I'll give you special permission to cover my team.
2(2b): Well? What do you think of our first-rate AS?!

1: ...it looks horrible.
2(2b): I'm not too learned on ASes, but, look...it looks like it's really in trouble in numerous places.
3(2b): It is broken in a few places, but if it's fixed a little, it'll work fine!!
4: Well? Ashe.
5: All that's left now is Pipe #51 and the buffer solution!! Without that, we'll in trouble!!
6: It's alright, I found a sponsor!
7: ...eh?
8: We need money for parts. That's what the $4000 was about.

1: And I told you, I don't have it on me!!
2: But if you write about our team, you might get a ton, right?
3: Gimme a break! Even if it does get published, $4000 is...
4(2b): Fine...so you'll pay the $4000 after you spend a night with me?
5: I know I should be asking for $10,000, but I'll let you slide.
6(2b): One night for $4000?! Just what kind of a high-class prostitute do you think you are?! And besides, I refuse to do such a thing with a minor!!
7: Tch! You're so unreasonable.
8: To be honest, though, if our team ends up winning, we could easily give back the $4000.
9: With odds that high, I bet you have no hope of winning.

1: Oh, we can!! Our AS may look how it does, but we've got a super-skilled pilot with us!!
2: Hmm...
3(2b): His name is Rick, an ex-American Naval AS Pilot. He's blown through 10 enemy ASes so far, and he's known as the "Wild Eagle of the Jungle."
4: If he's piloting, then we can beat any AS, no problem!!
5: I wonder about that...
6: Seriously!! I mean, he's
7: We've got trouble, Nami!!
8: Rick was...

1: This is Mr. Rick?
2(2b): To be honest, he wasn't a very nice guy. He did nothing but brag about his skill, and always looked down on us...he was also a womanizer, and an all-around slimeball.
3: But...
4: He didn't deserve to die.

1: Yo, Nami.
2: Looks like Rick was stabbed to death.
3: What a dangerous town this is. Scary, scary...
4: Nami...could he have done it?
5(2b): I told you I wouldn't forget, remember? I've hated you all AND that American dog since the beginning.
6: ...you bastard!

1: Going to resign? Or will you ride out on that thing?
2: Either way, I'm excited.
3: Hey, Nami...could your next opponent possibly be...
4: That's right, we're going up against Dao's team.
5: ...I'll pilot the AS.
6: Do you have experience in battle?
7: No, but I at least know how to move it.
8(2b): You're crazy!! That guy isn't just some normal pilot!! He'll kill you too!!

1: But...I have to go out and win...
2: If I don't...
3: Forget about the $4000, Monsieur.
4: We'll take care of this ourselves.
5: W...wait! Aren't you getting a little too desperate?
6: Maybe.
7: Hmm...so Rick's gone, huh...
8(2b): ka-chak
9: Nami...
10: Is Rick here?
11: klak

1: He's an old friend of mine...

1: Where's Rick?
2(2b): Dead. We just found him stabbed through the back in a toilet.
3: ...oh. I always told him to watch his back...that's unfortunate.
4: Who are you?
5: A friend of his. Three years ago, we were both fighting on the same mercenary squad during a civil war.
6(2b): I see. Well, I'm sorry, but that's what happened.
7(2b): Mmm...I thought of becoming a fighter in the <Arena> through him...I know that saying this looks like a good time may be a bit imprudent of me, but would you mind taking me on?

1: You? You know how to move an AS?
2: A little.
3: A little...?
4(2b): These aren't super robots you see in manga, you know. They're special military machines. Practically alien technology to people who don't know their stuff.
5: Understand? So little boys who don't understand should just go home and keep watching TV.
6: Hmph...

1-2: ka-chak
2: H-hey!! What are you looking at?!
3(2b): If it was only for a short period of time, I suppose fighting in this thing would be possible...but very tough. I imagine Rick must have had a hard time.
4-5: ka-chak
6(2b): ...you sound like you really know what you're talking about. But do you actually know anything about machines like these?
7: About this machine?
8(4b): This machine is a first generation RK-91, and its gravitational power and output power is inferior to a Rk-92's, because it does not have a gas turbine engine. Since it has a strong frame, however, it's better than the 91 in that regard. If we're only talking about fighting here, then it's not totally useless.
9(2b): The problem with this machine is cooling. If you have money for parts, I'd recommend buying a brand new muscle package.
10: For short term battles, quick power output is the most important.

1: D...don't talk like you know everything!!
2(2b): It seems like you've worked hard to keep it well-equipped, though. I'm surprised just to see a first-generation 91 still together like this.
3(2b): Y-you're probably just some data-only weapon otaku, right? Amateurs should just...
4: I am not an amateur.
5: I'm a specialist.
6: Hey, Nami, we don't have any more time left!!
7: ...alright.

1(2b): If you want to pilot it, then I'll let you. But this AS is in a horrible condition.
2: Dammit...if only we had some money...
3: About that...
4: I think I can pull out about $3000 from my card cache.
5: ...really?
6: I just thought it'd be interesting...to bet on such dire odds.
7: But we have high odds.
8: Hahaha...well, I'm counting on you. Otherwise I'll be penniless in a foreign country.
9: Thank you, master!!
10: Wawah...!!

1(2b): Oh yeah. I'm Michel Lemon, a journalist.
2(2b): This girl is the AS owner, Nami. You are?
3: I...
4(2b): am Sagara. Sagara Sousuke.
5: I came here in search for something.
6: Two hours later---...

1: I'll be off now.
2: Will he really be alright...?
3: Who knows, he may be able to pull it off.
4(2b): His explanation of the machine wasn't necessarily off the mark. And looking at his body...
5: He's gained muscle in a special pattern that only ASes have.
6: That Sosuke might really be a skilled--...

1: Uh...did he just fall over?
2: I take back what I just said. We're screwed.
3(2b): Excuse me. I figured out its tendencies now. We're fine.
4: Oh really?

1: So you actually had the gall to come out here, eh?
2-3: ga-shun
4: I dunno who's riding that think, but it's too late to beg for your life now.
5(2b): Up next we have a match where the odds are as clear as day! It looks as if the <Ogre> is going to feast violently on the <Crossbow>!!
6: <Crossbow?> That's what that hunk of junk is called?
7: Yeah, got a problem?
8: No, it's a good game.

1: Not as good as <Arbalest> though. (*An Arbalest is a late medieval crossbow)
2-3: Kill!!
4: Slam its head in!!
5: Rip off its limbs!!
sfx: ohhhhhhh

sfx: gsh gsh
sfx: gshkoooon x4

1: Ha-haaaa!
2: So you can't even walk in that piece o scrap metal!!
sfx: slap

sfx: gyon

sfx: boom
1: ...w-what just happened...?
2: The <Ogre> isn't moving!!
3: Ohh, it's no good! The judge has raised the flag!!
4: It looks like this match has ended with tonight's most unexpected result!!

1: The winner is the <Crossbow>!!!

1(2b): It was nothing. There are many other pilots like myself.
2: Still, though, that was amazing!!
3: ...I want to thank you.
4: Thanks for saving us.
5: No problem.
6: More importantly...
sfx: jerk
7: th-thump
8: Wh-what...

1(2b): I want to work for you from now on, too, in exchange for a place to sleep and three meals a day.
2: pff
sfx: waaaaaaaah
3(2b): By all means, we're counting on you, Sousuke.

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