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Chocolat 49

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:41 | Go to Chocolat

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tl by molokidan

7 - Honesty Comes First, Right?

sfx: fuwaaah
1: So sleepy...
sfx: gacha
2: Welcoooooome!!

1: Welcome to the delicious cake shoppe, "Maya"...
2: Y-you're the guy from...
3: I see...now I understand it all!
4(2b): You're a regular customer here...and so, finding out about the existence of my beloved angel, you drew closer!
5: You are one who is capable of leading my angel astray...
6: A bad guy!!

1(2b): Hey Ichigo, you're late! Hurry up and get ready!
2: Eh?
3: G-get ready? You mean...
4: You work here?
5: P...
6: Part time?
7(2b): Yes, my name is Tatsuo! I am studying to become a patisserie, and decided that I wanted to work part-time here!
sfx: welcome!
sfx: what would you like?
8: Where do we have the money to hire a part-time worker?
9(2b): Well, I declined at first, but he said that as long as I taught him some secrets about making cakes, that he'd be fine working for free...

1: It seems like my cakes really moved him! (Looks like this cake shoppe is blessed with more fortune than we know!)
2: We got an order!
3: A Marron Gateau, and a Chocolate Mousse,
4: Ichigo-senpai <3

1: High possibility of an intruging man appearing!
2: and you might feel something after a heated approach, it says!
3: Hmmm...
4: What's with that lame reply?
5: This magazine is known for how well its fortunes hit the mark!
6(2b): For a reserved girl like you, an active, sensible partner matches perfectly! Your lucky date spots are the movies and a french restaruant.
7: I went to see a yakuza movie and a ramen shop, you know...
8: What are you talking about?
9: Nothing, forget it.

1: Azukiiiiii!
2: M...
sfx: Azukii!
3: Mom!?
sfx: Over here, over here!
4: Wh-what are you doing here?
5(2b): Look, I brought you this! You forgot to put your PE clothes back in your bag after you washed them, didn't you?! I was close by shopping, so I just thought...
6: Ohhh, come on, you don't have to worry about stuff like that!

1: You look just like her!
2: Eh? R-really?
3: (snicker) Yeah, she looks like a 20 years later version of you.
4(2b): She's worries sooo much, she's such a pain. And she always treats me like a child...
5: Being worried about...
6: That must be nice...
7(2b): Ah...oh. Your parents divorced, huh, Tatsumi-san...
8: Apparently I look just like my mother, too.
9: That's what everyone says.
10: I have no memory of her face, though...

1(2b): When I was in elementary school, visiting day was what I hated most. Everyone's moms and dads came to see them, and even though it was during class, they would all turn around and wave to them...
2: But,
3: All I did was stare at the blackboard.
4(2b): Even if I turned around, there wouldn't have been anyone there to look at me. I just stared deep, deep into the blackboard...
5: S-sorry...
6: I made Tatsumi-san remember her sad past...
7(small): I-it's alright, you don't have to cry...
sfx: bupyuuuh

1: Thank you for the meaaaal <3
2: Um? Why is this person in our house?
3: Mm?

1(2b): He's working for us for free, so I decided I should at least give him some dinner.
2(2b): Mmmmmmmmm...you have good taste with dinner as well, sir! It tastes just like homemade food!!
small: Who are you?
guy(Small): nod nod
3(2b): You sure have a huge house, thouh. Are all these people your family?
4: Well, we aren't blood relatives, but...
5(2b): Oh, I know! Live-in workers, right?!
6: I thought they looked a bit too different from refined Chiyako-san!

1: Huh?
2: Speaking of which, where's her mother?
3: Maya...
4: half a year ago...
5: was in a traffic accident...
6: Ah...
7: I-is that so...?
8: I thought for sure a mother had made this dinner...
9(2b): Shuuzou takes care of the food for us. He learned cooking from square one from Maya.
10: The mother's touch you taste in this food is what Maya left to us.

1: Mother's
2: touch...
3: Chiyako-san must be great at cooking too, then!
4: I
5: never learned how.

1: Thank you so much for the meal!
2: Yup, see ya tomorrow.
3: Just who...
4: are you?
5: Even an idiot could see that you aren't studying how to make cakes, you know?
6: What's your purpose in being here?

1: ...why?
2: Where's your proof?
3: Our cakes suck!!
bubble-less: Distinct Proof!!
4: Fu...
5: Guess there's no helping it...
6(2b): Ichigo-SENPAI...do you believe in "Red Threads?"
7(2b): Yes, they are the threads that govern the lives of those who are born into this world...that which governs the destiny of man and woman!
8: From the moment I saw her in town, I felt it.
9: My lovely angel!
10: She exists within Chiyako-san!!
11: Isn't that just love at first sight?

1(2b): By the way, I'm gonna ask...just who are you, Ichigo-senpai?
2(2b): And what is your relationship...to Chiyako-san?
3: I...
4: I...
5: Chiyako...
6: and I...
7: aren't
8: anything special...

1: Well that clears things up!
2: So you have no reason to put a pothole in our road of love, then!
3(2b): No matter what I have to do, I will make her heart mine!
4: That is my destiny!!
5(2b): I'll prove to you that a red thread is connecting us!!

1: Goodnight, Angel <3
2: See ya tomorrow!
sfx: rattle rattle
sfx: click

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