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Chocolat 50

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:41 | Go to Chocolat

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tl by molokidan

1: It's been one week since Taruto came to our shop--
2: Excuse me?
3: I'd like an apple pie and a green tea mousse, please.
small: Apple pie and...

Chapter 8 - That's the Hard Part

4: For some reason we've gotten a whole lot more customers,
5: Excuse me!
6: Ah, yes?
7: and now the orders just never stop...
8: This cake tastes really good!
9: Until recently, though, this place was notorious for having bad cakes...
10: Eh? Really?

1: And the reason for that is...
2: Ahhhh!! You can't do that!!
3: You have to warm up the knife before you cut the cake!
4: Otherwise you'll ruin all your finishing touches.
5: That's basic stuff! Basic!
6(2b): Also, I said to only spread eight-tenths of the whip cream, didn't I?! You're gonna make it a sponge like that.
7: I-I know that much, dammit!
8(2b): Ah, make sure you "pique" that pie batter before you bake it. Otherwise it clumps up.
9: Man oh man...
10: How did you guys survive up until now?!

1: Well? Boss?
2(2b): Y-yeah...e-exactly!
3: P...P...Pique means...
4: What's with that little punk?!
sign: CLOSED
5: Giving us orders like knows everything!
6: Someone needs to teach him about a little thing called seniority!
7: If he keeps mouthing off, I'm gonna have to use this Chestnut Blow to shut him up...
8(2b): Although, ever since he's been here, our customers have been increasing.
9: We never have any leftovers anymore, either.
(bubble-less): They're good enough to snack on
10: YEah, and they taste a lot better, too.

1: Maybe he really wasn't lying
2: about studying to make cakes.
3(2b): Eh? What other reason would have to be here then?
4(2b): What's with that outfit? Are you going out somewhere?
5: I have a date!
6: A date with Taruto-kun!

1: Why?
2: Why can't I focus on anything but you...
3(2b): That's right...you're the only heroine on my screen.
4: The shining light from your eyes gives color to all the landscapes..
5(2b): This meeting has been celeberated by God...the universe is surely revolving around the two of us...
6: forever...

1: T-that's it...
2: I'll turn her into mush with that line!
3: What are you doing?!
4: M-my angel!!
5: Wh-when did you get here?
6(2b): A little bit ago. (This is embarrasing) Hurry up, let's go before the movie starts.
small: That cold attitude really turns me on, angel <3
7: A-a date with Taruto?!

1: That's right, he invited me yesterday.
2: We're going to see a movie, and then go have lunch.
3: W-when did that kid get the nerve to...
4: Y-you should be careful. He's a stalker!
5: The real reason he started working at the store was because of you, too...
6(2b): Kyaaaah, how passionate!! Men have got to be proactive and aggressive, you know!
7(2b): D-do you really understand what's going on?! That player obviously has alterior motives!
8: You'll go see a movie, eat, and then...
9(2b): after that...what?
10: Oh, come on...you know.
11: Something only a man and woman can do...

1: So what?
2: I don't care, as long as it's with someone I like...
3(2b): Taruto-kun won't take me on a lame date to a yakuza movie and a ramen shop either, so it's fine.
4: Unlike someone, he might be good at creating a mood!
5: Fine.
6: Just as long as you're having fun!

1: I'm gonna have fun!
2(2b): Eh? Wh-what?
3: Ah, sorry...
4: J-just talking to myself.
5: Why didn't you stop me?
6: Stupid Ichigo!
7: Chiyako and I...

1: aren't...
2: anything special...
3: anything special...
4: that's what my existence isn't...
5: Owwww!!
6: Huh? What's wrong?
7: A-an empty can just hit me from behind...

1(2b): What? What's with that full smile?
2: Nah,
3: nothing.
4: Stupid kid...
5: You lay one finger on her...
small: Wore this out of worry->
6: And this time I'll throw a full one!

1: Kyaaaah, a strike!!
2: Kuuuuuh!! You're so hot, Angel!!
3: That was a double!!
sfx: glance
small: I'm announcing another strike, baby!

1(2b): It's the first time I've ever seen Chiyako...that energetic.

1: Watching them like this...
2: they really look like a good couple.
3: ...what am I doing?
4: I...
5: A...are you OK?
6: You've had a lot to drink...

1: Whaddya mean a LOT?!
2: Who's gonna get drunk on one or two glasses of wine?!
3(2b): O-OK! J-just don't overdo it... (we did go through one already, though...)
sfx: glance
4: What is he doing...
5: He doesn't look at all like he's going to stop me!
6(2b): At least get a little jealous! Stupid!!
7: Angel...
8: The truth is, I have a room reserved in this hotel.

1: I'd like
2: to get to know you much better tonight, Angel.
3: I'm going to the bathroom!
4: Eh?
sfx: swish swish
5: HEY!!
6: Just how long are you gonna sit there, huh?!
7: Following me all silently like a stalker!!

1: You don't care?! What happens to me and Taruto?!
2: Aren't you worried?!
3: C'mon, say something, dammit!!
4: Ichi...
5: Go?!
6: Sorry to keep you waiting, Kouji-kun <3
7: Who's this girl...?
8: I-I guess she mistook me for someone else?
9: Wh-what's wrong? Angel...

1: It's fine...
2: I'll stay...
3: with you a bit longer...
4: Ah, I see.
5: This is bad news.
6(2b): If you don't come to understand her heart more, you'll keep heading in the completely wrong direction.
7(2b): The way you are now, you're just going to keep suffering with women. Well, do your best, I guess.
sign: The Mother of Shinyuri (*t/l note: famous fortunetelling spot) Palm Readings

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