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Chocolat 52

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:42 | Go to Chocolat

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 10 - Try Making Up Your Mind

1: I...
2: I'm home...
3(2b): Chiyako! Where were you last night?

1(2b): I don't care who you go out with. You're free to fall in love.
2: I have no intention to interfere with that.
3: However...
4: However!
5: Morning returns are not permitted!!
6: Wh-what are you doing?! Just leave me alone!!
7: Shut up!! You deliquent daughter!!
8: S-stop it, father!!
9: --Kazuo has finally laid a hand on his own daughter.
10: And so, this became the day that the first sounds of cracks in the family's bonds were heard.
TV: Family Theater
The Crumbling Family

See you next week!

1: Ch-Chiyako?
2: Don't you think you should at least say one word of apology to the old man?
3(2b): Everyone worried about you, too...
4: I'm sorry...

1: I'm sorry...
2: Ch-Chiyako...
3: Why...?
4: The tears won't stop...
5: I can't...
6: look Ichigo in the face...

1(2b): I can't leave everything like this...I'm going to have to set things straight.
2: Make clear what happened that night...
3: I need to ask Taruto-kun...
4: but...what should I say?
5: I can't just ask "Did we have sex?"
6: I need to be more circumspect...

1: Ah? It's you...
2: I thought so!
small: K...King Slime...
3: You're the girl who came in a school uniform to my store earlier, aren't you?
4: Ah, ah...
5: Ummm...
6: C-could Taruto-san be...
7: your son...?
8: Are you Taruto's...
9: angel?

1: He's working part-time at your cake shoppe?
small: My face can't even fit into the panel
2(2b): I wondered where he was spending all his time instead of helping out at that's where he's been!
3: Y-yes...
4: He really has a problem with girls.
5: As soon as he gets one in his sights, he starts calling them "angel" and centers everything around them...
6: Is he causing problems at your place?
7: N-no, he's really good at making cakes, so he's helped us gain reputation...
8: Is that so...
9: His father had pride in cake-making.

1: My husband was the one who started this place.
2: When he was young, he went training in Europe, and won awards at different events...
3(2b): that so...
4: But you know, like father, like son.
5: He was a womanizer too!
6(2b): He just wouldn't stop getting new lovers, and they kept piling up. Finally, we divorced three years ago.
7: He left me this shop and went off with one of his girlfriends...
8(2b): After that, I had Taruto help me out at the shop, thinking I could leave it to him when he graduated from high school...
9: But then he said "I never want to work at a cake shop"...

1(2b): I suppose he still hates his father, even now.
2: And doesn't want to walk the same road.
3(2b): Even though his tendencies with women and his cake-making talents...both came from that man.
4(2b): Ah, but you know, he's not a malicious child.
5: He may fall in love a lot, but he's serious every time.
6: My husband was the same way.

1: If he ever does something to make you cry, just come tell me!
2: I'll boot him to the moon for you!
3: Such a warm person...
4: What a wonderful mother.
5: I'm so jealous...
small 1: By the way,
small 2: what's a King Slime?

1: I-it won't come out...
sfx: nhaaaaah
2: Damn is it hard today...
bottom small: Constipated Ichigo
3: What's wrong? Angel...
4: Calling me out in a place like this...

1: Uh, ummm...
2: I-I just want to make something clear.
3(2b): Y-you know when we went on a date...and then I drank a lot of wine at the restaurant and got drunk...
4: T-the next thing I knew, it was morning in the hotel...
5(2b): I can't
6: I want to ask...
7: What a silly question, Angel!
8: Are you really saying you forgot?
9: The first night we spent tied together!!

1: Just kidding <3
2(2b): I can't believe you look down on me that much...I'm not the kind of trash who would lay a hand on a passed-out angel!
3: However,
4: I was satisfied watching your super cute sleeping face anyway <3
5: Not with what you said, though.
6: The existence of a man...
7: who lurks deep within your heart...

1: Ichigo...
2: That one word--
3: gave me a whole new determination.
4: The more damaged a love is, the more it burns...

1: So I'm going to become an existence bright enough
2: to someday appear in your dreams...
3: That's how serious
4: I am about this love...

1: So we finally found you!!
2: Having fun with your new angel?
3: You need to be more sharing, dawing!
4(2b): ...I'm a bit tied up right now. Can this wait until later?
5(2b): "Find Taruto and bag the chump!" That's what the Boss of Team HIPS said to us.
6: He doesn't seem too happy about the many angels of yours that've been poppin' up lately!

1(2b): The angels of my past are important memories, but love now is a new liberty that has signaled an end to all that.
2: No one's gonna tie me down!!
3: OK!
4: We'll tell that to the Boss.
5: As your last testament, that is!!
6: What the hell is wrong with these people...

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