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Translations: Gintama 636 (2) , One Piece 865 by cnet128

Psyren 134


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 12, 2010 07:32 | Go to Psyren

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*Only for use by Keishou-Scans.

tl by molokidan

1: Matsuri-sensei...
text: Now, the battle between Matsuri and Grana--!!
2: Kagetora-san...!!
3: Go...!!
4: Yoshina...!!
5: Sakurako...!!

1: Kaaaah
2: Listen
3: This is the requiem
4: that Yagumo Matsuri plays.
white: Matsuri is serious now!!
CALL.134 "Requiem"

1: 10 years...! I've never once forgotten your face.
2(2b): So we finally meet...!! Now it's time to pay you back for all that humiliation!!
3: I wanted to meet you too...!! You, the guy who tricked a little kid, took him away...
4: and then ran...!!
5: Die!!!

1: It's just like sis said...when I'm in this world, PSI overflows from within my body...
2: What's this confidence...?
3: Junas!!

1: Stay back, Caprico!!
2: Nooo!! I'm going to fight with Junas!!
3: You've sure gotten big, miss.

1: It's saddening.
2: Why did you have to get caught up in such a grotesque world?
3: Kaaaah

1: You've got no honor.
2: Bishamon Mura

1: You underestimating me...?
2: Are your fangs really that dull, kid...?!
3: What amazing
4: regeneration...!!

1: Hyoudou Kagetora.
2: Now, shall I allow your strength to blossom to an even higher level than that...?!
3: Even murder is a possibility now.
4: Shall we finish things?
5: Will my fist crush you...or will your blade pierce me...?!
6: Let's keep going until our souls perish!!
7: Seeeeh

1: Shaaaah
2: Wahaha

1: Kuh...!!
2: I've easily got more speed and power than her.

1: Yet we're equal.
2: This woman has more sense for battle.
3: A rhythm that pulls her opponent into her own pace.
4: A conspicuously-colored sensitivity
5: that swallows up people's hearts
6: Emotions like a massive wave
7: I'm glad I got to fight with you.

1: Beautiful.

1: PSI Crystals sparkling as they dance down through the sky.
2: Thanks to their fighting, the entire sky is filled with PSI energy.
3: Finally,
4: the time has come for me to achieve my goal.

1: A new world
2: will begin.
white: Hurry!! To Miroku!!

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