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Kekkaishi 324


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 2, 2010 22:55 | Go to Kekkaishi

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tl by molokidan

slanted: Riding the darkness of night, shadows move...
Chapter 324 - Mission

side: In order to meet with Mahora-sama, Tokine searches for the gate to the other world.
1: Over there with the heavy rain clouds is where the Shadow Organization HQ is, huh...
2: OK then...
3: It feels like something collapsed, though...
4: The entrance is here, right...?

1: Eh...
2: Eh?!
3: What is this...
4: No way...
5: But Mikeno said to enter through here...
6: It's broken..
7: It's alright, I heard there were two...
8: So if this one's no good...
9: then I have to enter through the entrance in the Shadow Organization HQ...

1: You seem distressed, miss.
2: This isn't a place for a young lady like yourself to come to alone in the middle of the night like this.
3(2b): Yuugami...san?!
4(2b): Ah...so you WERE searching for a shortcut.
5: Shortcut?
6: You know, earlier...
7: Didn't we talk about there being a shortcut built within the main Shadow Organization HQ building?

1(2b): Because most of the building is within Shinyuu land. Apparently the shortcut travels through the other world to the outside.
2: Shinyuu Land
3: Shadow Organization building
4: Other world
5: And this was originally the exit for a shortcut that connected to the main HQ.
6: That's why the other one is in the HQ...
7: This was apparently created by my group's disciples and founders a long time ago...
8: Ah, I thought so.
9(2b): The founder of your group, was it Hazama Tokimori...? It seemed like he had something to do with the HQ building, but there's nothing in the records...
10(2b): Well...if he created the shortcut, then I would expect so...
11: More importantly...what do you intend to do once you get in?
12: Excuse me, I'm in a hurry!
13: Wait!
14(2b): So dull. Use that head of yours.
15: Why do you think such an elegant and splendid man as myself would be in a place like this?

1(2b): Whether this place broke or became unusable...it was destroyed years ago, and a difference entrance became the new site.
2(2b): I can't move far from here. It was originally my job to watch over that area.
3: And then I heard news that a person I knew had snuck in nearby.
4: Want me to be your guide, miss?
5: Wai...
6: Yuugami-san, this...

1: Silence!
2: I'm too nervous!
3(2b): I collected up the blood I had stocked at my house, but it wasn't enough, so I just forced it together! Well done, eh?!
4: It's laughing?
5: I'm glad you came back though, Kamina-chan...
6: Yuugami-san, the wind's blowing it around!
7: That's just your imagination!
8: So...
9: the final confirmation.

1: Our confrontation with the commander will happen tomorrow night, just as the day changes over.
2(2b): A few hours before then, Shichirou and I, in order to isolate the public and society from thi war...will create a storm in the surrounding area.
3: Therefore, we will use the mountain entrance route in the designated area.
4: And...
5(2b): Once the wind stops...we will begin to fight.
6: The only force we will send directly into the HQ is Nura-chan's Demon army.
7: As I'm sure you know...the main HQ is full of humans brainwashed by the commander, and this mind control is in full effect.
8: We cannot let any other humans get close, no matter what.

1: As for mind control towards demons, however, Nura-chan should be stronger than the commander.
2(2b): We have enough troops and power, too. We will definitely win.
3: There isn't a demon who wouldn't fight for you.
4: Suppress the entire area so that this ends with few casualties.
5: Understood.
6: Shiromi-chan will be Nura-chan's advisor.
7: Roger.
8: Sumimura-kun will also invade with you two.
9: Sumimura-kun, you don't need to worry about anything else.
10: Just find the commander and finish him off.
11: Roger.

1: Shichirou and I will take care of the rest, including aid placement and general orders.
2(2b): We will also have Shiromi-chan and Sumimura-kun's subordinates, including other people taking part, fall into the chain of command below us.
3: Sorry for being so minute about this.
4: It's fine...my subordinates are good about placement.
small: A rich kid!
5(3b): Ah. I want to move around my family's medical unit, though. My father has been really hesitant...but I've almost pushed them into it. Do you think you could say a little to them for me, Tatsuki-san?
6(2b): OK. Nizou really is a pain.
7: Now...
8(2b): Well, I'm 100% sure this won't happen...but if this plan turns out to not go well...
9(2b): If we get caught up with the commander's counterattacks and unexpected events, and are unable to stop the chaos in that land--

1: Shichirou and I will use all our power...
2: to destroy the land of Hakuma.
3(2b): Because it's such a powerful land...if it's just going to become violently unstable, it'd make less casualties if we just destroyed it altogether.
4: In that case, it will mean all of us dying, so be prepared.
5: Now, see you tomorrow.
6: Ah...
7: Sumimura-kun and Shiromi-chan, stay here.
8(2b): OK, Shiromi-chan...I'm sure you understand, but...

1: Nura-chan really hates hurting people.
2: We've been saying suppress, but she's going to focus on merely immobilizing people.
3(2b): Murder will be, well, impossible. I don't think she'll be able to order the demons, either.
4(2b): But...there are some situations in which that's necessary, correct?
5(2b): In those situations, determine with Shiromi-chan...and then kill whatever.
6: Roger.
7: You know what the commander looks like, right, Sumimura-kun?
8: Yes, I only saw him from far away, but yes.
9: Then here's a cheat sheet.
10: This is a photo from the Ougi family assault.
11: See how he looks...?
12: Kill him in a faraway location from Nura-chan, alright?

1(2b): Sumimura-kun...you have the most important role here.
2(2b): To be honest, as long as we kill the commander, the brainwashing will be gone...everything will end.
3: This is the answer our prophet gave us.
4: The future is choosing you.
5: You are the only one who can kill the commander.
6: Please save the Shadow Organization. would ya?
7: Yes, boss.

1: It's finally tomorrow...
2: I have many doubts...
3: and should be bearing hatred deep within my heart...

1: Yet I cannot keep down this exhilaration I feel...
2: in regard to having a precise mission--
3: Ku...
4: Kuku...
5(2b): Aha, ahaha...
6: Haha...
7: Hah...
8: Is this all that I am?
9: That's exactly why...
10: I must carry out this mission...!

1: Makoto!
2: I can't believe I can see my new castle tomorrow!!
3: Yes...
4: Isn't this a happy occasion, sire?
5: Is this really...
6: Alright? Yoshimori-kun.
7: Yeah.

1(2b): Yuugami-san...thanks for everything.
2: This is a debt.
3: Once everything's done with, will you talk with me about your new job?
4(2b): If my intuition's right, I think it'll be necessary to getting the entire jist of this incident.
small: By the way, I'm an investigator right now.
5: Mmmm...
6: I don't know how much I can say, but OK.
7: Now excuse me!
8: ah, wait a minute.
9: You aren't...
10: overdoing it again, are you?
11: No!

1: Well isn't she cheerful...
2: Seeing her in a place like this, I got worried and followed her, but...
3: This is it!
4: This ceiling i the entrance to the other world...!!
5: Alright!
6: Ketsu!!
white: Finally, face to face with Mahora-sama?!

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