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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 423

Farewell Swords

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 7, 2010 07:17 | Go to Bleach

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tl by molokidan

1: The judgment
2: will now be decreeeed!!
side: This place is...?!
3(2b): Ex-5th Division Captain Aizen Sousuke is sentenced to the lowest
underground prison level, the 8th prison "Avici" (*note: the eighth and
most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism, the one of uninterrupted
4: for a period of 18,800 years!!

1: --I see.
2: Beings of your caliber decreeing "judgment" on me, is it?
3: I find that somewhat
4: ironic.
5: Nuguuuuhh....
sign: 22

1: You traitor!! Don't get cocky just because you're immortal!!
sign: 34
sign: 35
2: Bind his eyes and mouth at once!!
3: Raise his sentence up to 20,000 years!!

2: BECILES!!!!
3(2b): You lost your Captain haori?! I can understand if they were
ripped, but what do you mean you LOST them?!
4(2b): And yet you still have those content looks on your faces!! It
really worries me!!

1: ...Captain-Commander.
2(2b): Do not worry. I can easily have a replacement made for such a
cheap haori...
3: That's not what I'm worried about!
4: And those aren't cheap haori, you fool!!
5(2b): Listen up!! Victory isn't all that matters in a battle!!
6: Just what do you all think your Captain haori are, anyway?!
7: A pain in the ass.
8: Cheap.
9: Stylish?

2: Looks like...the Captain-Commander is well.
3: Yeah.
4: 10 days have passed since the battle, huh...
5: He lost his left arm, but it looks like his stamina has returned,
which is a relief...
6: Soul Society still has yet to see a being capable of replacing that
man, after all...

1: Captaaaaaaiin!
2: Where are you, Captain Kurotsuchiiiii?!
3(2b): Oh, he isn't here. He went to Hueco Mundo for research or
4(2b): Ehhhh?! Again?! Geez...
5: Vice-Captain Hinamori's being taken care of by our division right now
for internal organ regeneration, right?
6: Well, it seems that Vice-Captain Matsumoto has come to visit her...
7: I guess I have no choice but to go explain it myself, then.
8: Sorry, Vice-Captain Matsumoto--
9: ...there's no one here.
10: Huh?!

1-6: hah
7: At this rate, I'm no good.
8: At this rate...

1: At this rate, I...
2: won't be able to protect Hinamori, no matter how long I train...!
3: My Bankai...Hyourinmaru...
4: I need to become able to control it more freely--!
5: He's moving forward--

1: Shuuhei and Renji weren't in their barracks either.
2: They're probably out honing their skills right now...
3: And I--...
4: You disappeared, and didn't even leave me a single memento.
5: I've always hated
6: that about you.
7: But
8: if you had left something behind,
9: then I probably never would have been able to move from that spot.
10: You must have
11: seen through to that part of me.

1: Thank you, Gin.
2: I've always--
3: liked that about you.

1: Ahh!!

1: Kurosaki-kun!!
2(2b): Eh? Huh? Is...this my house?
3: ...yeah.
4: You've been sleeping for almost a month now...
5(2b): Everyone's so calm...I'm so embarrassed for screaming all by
6: ...one month...
7: That's right! My powers...
8: ...Ichigo.

1: We heard from Urahara.
2(2b): It seems...that you've lost your Shinigami powers.
3(2b): ...oh. So you heard.
4(2b): Yeah, seems like that's the case. Guess I'll have to give back my
Representative Shinigami title.
5: ...the first stage of loss brings intense pain, loss of consciousness,
and a reverse flow of the time that your body experienced in the
Precipice World.
6(2b): Your hair has gotten shorter, hasn't it? It's not because we cut
7: You lost your Shinigami powers at that point.
8: Then in the second stage, your remaining reiatsu stabilized, and you

1: and in due time,
2: your remaining spiritual power will all disappear--
3(2b): ...oh. I thought so.
4(2b): ...y...you're not surprised...?
5: ...no.
6(2b): I figured that'd be what happened.
7: ...can I go outside?

1: I can't sense any spiritual presences.

1: Even Rukia's
2: is slowly thinning.
3: My power
4: really is disappearing.
5: --this is farewell,
6: Ichigo.
7: ...seems so.
8(2b): What? Don't look so sad.
9: Even if you can no longer see me, I can still see you.
10(2b): Whaat? That doesn't make me happy at ALL!
11: And I wasn't making a sad face, either!

1: ...tell everyone
2: I give them my best.
3: ...okay.
4(2b): --bye, Rukia.

1: Thank you.
side: to calm days--

Note: The author will now be taking a two chapter break. Bleach is
scheduled to resume in Issue 48.

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