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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fairy Tail 204

Who's the Lucky One?

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 9, 2010 22:47 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 204 "Who's the Lucky One?"
pic line 1: Always "big mouths?" Triple Cats <3
pic line 2: They're about to catch a big mouse!!

left to right:
hard battle
hard battle
hard battle
2: This exam tests one's
3: We have to fight...
4: with the Raijin tribe...?
5: strength and luck.
slanted line 1: There should be fortune for those left behind...right?!
slanted line 2: That's our Lucy!! Super lucky?!

1: Apparently, only the winning group can go ahead.
2: Sorry, but this is as far as you go, Cana.
3: The one who will take Laxus' place
4: will be me.
5(2b): Fine!! We have our own reasons why we need to become S-class, you
6: Let's do this!!

1: ...well then how about putting on some clothes first?
2: Naw, they're better this way, Fried.
3: No! It's too distracting.
4: Hoh!
5: In that case...
6: Sexy Lady Card!!!!
7: Wha

1: There are ladies coming out of these cards!!!
2: How shameless!
3: Keep it together, Fried!!!
4: Uaaaaahhh
5: What's happening?!
6: I knew it!! He really is weak towards women!!
7: Aw, whatever!! In that case, I'll just...
8: Lucy!!
9: Yeah!!!
10: Open! Gate to Virgo

1: Virgo!!!!
2: Service spirit is in full blast!
3: A...another oooooone!!!
4: This stuff doesn't work on me.
5: Go on, baby!

1(3b): Lessons of Virgo -BA- Leave the bathroom cleaning to me.
2(2b): -RU- I am serving Lucy-sama again today.
3: GO (*tl: This is how Virgo's name is spelled in Japanese, so this is a
play on words that only makes sense in Japanese.)
4: It is important to take out trash.
5: An
6: So weak!!!!
7: Why did you call that thing out?!
8: I just thought a woman would be best.

1: Hieee
2(2b): I don't wanna hurt you too bad, so hurry up and go to sleep.
3: Uwaaaah!! Stop, all of you!
4: Uwaaan
5: Dammit!
6: That won't hit me!!
7: Ahhh
8: How can I lose here?!
9: The Prayer's Fountain!!!!

1: shubibi
2: gyuuu
3: zaaah
4: tsuiii
5: suuh
6: They still were able to dodge!!
7: Water!!
8(2b): Lucy!! No!! This is water for attacking!!
9: It's dangerous to touch...
10: It's alright!!
11: Nnn
12: Open!!!
13: Gate to Aquarius!

1: Aquarius!!!!
2: Wooaaaahhhh!!!!
3: Another bathing suiiiit!!!
4: Take thiiiis!!

1: Cana!! Hang on to something!!!
2: What?!
3: Ooooohhhhhhh
4: Raaaah
5: Guoooooohhhh
6: Kyaaaaaahahh
7: Nuuuaaaahhh

1: Aabaabababababa
2: Nuaaaaaaahhh
3(2b): Hmph. Distracting men with bathing suits.
4: You've still got such a long way to go.

1: Hey!! You!! Just what's the big idea?!?!
2: Hey, Cana...
3: Huh?
4: Can't you tell the difference between your allies and enemies?!
5: All young women are my enemies!! You think being firm and bouncy is
all there is to justice, don't you?!
6(2b): Ahh...so that's why you can't get a boyfriend. You have 0 points,
you know. 0 points as a woman.
7(2b): So you're looking down on me just because you have a man? You're a
cheap, shallow woman, then.
8: These two...they're so similar.
9: Fried and Bixlow are down.
10: Did we...do it?
11: Look!! We can pass through now!!
12: ...which means...?

1: Yaaaaay!!!!
2: We passed the first exaaaaam!!!!
3: Let's go, Lucy!!
4: Yeah!!
5: Are you really going to accept this, Fried?
6: Yeah

1: I would have fought seriously against any other.
2(2b): But I owe those two. I already decided what I'd do if it came down
to this.
3: Isn't it a bit much that women are your only weakness, though?
4: Yeah.
5: Aww, man...I was so excited about taking Laxus's spot, too...
6: That's not what's important.
7: It's all about Fairy Tail.
8: Laxus will come back someday.
9: ...but still, that Lucy and Cana...
10: To think we'd run into them...

1: They sure are "lucky"...
2: Route E
3: Erzaaaa!! Get out here alreadyyy!!!
4: Let's fiiiiiight!!!!
5: But we're not sure if Erza is really down here yet.
6: So what?! I went down the E for Erza path!!!

1: I'm gonna beat Erza here,
2: and then become an S-class Mage!!!!
3: Natsu!! The path's opened up!
4: Ohh
5: Someone's there.
6: Who?

1: Gildartz!!!!
2: Yo, Natsu. Looks like you got bad luck this round.
3: It's over.
4: You know how I hate holding back.
5: Now I'm really on fire!!!!
text: Pinches are chances!! Natsu, who fears nothing...is prepared to go
beyond Gildartz, and exceed his own limits!!

TBC in Chapter 205 "Natsu vs. Gildartz"

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