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Fairy Tail 205

Natsu vs. Gildarts

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 16, 2010 13:24 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 205

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tl by molokidan

slanted white: Chapter 205 - Natsu vs. Gildarts
slanted black: The inside of Natsu & Happy's house, which even Lucy has never seen!! Revealed in Mag Special No. 12!!
bottom vertical black: Special Report!! There will be a free large sized original art postcard and special FT chapter in Magazine Special No. 12, on sale Nov. 20!! The cover will also feature FT, of course!! Get excited for it, everyone!!

1: D Route
black: Everyone's "battle power and luck" is being tested!! the "S-class" certification exam is already heating up!!
2(2b): Strong...!! Was she always this...strong?
3(2b): That's Sea King Armor! She intends to completely nullify Juvia's water!
4: What's wrong, Juvia?
5: You won't be able to become an S-class Mage with that.

1: Juvia will...
2: beat you!!
3: Water Slicer!!!!

1: We got you, Erza!!!
2: Kyaaa

1: Uwaaaaahhh
2(2b): Uuu...owww....
3: A Route
4: Of all people...
5: we had to run into her?

1: Don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're my little brother,
2: Elfman.
3: Uwaaaaahhhhh
4: Hiiieeeeee
5: So this is the power of a current...

1: S-class Mage!!!!

1: Let's go, Gildaaaaarts!!!!
2: Natsu!!
3: Hold on a minute.
4: Uoooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!
5: Calm down, Natsu.
6: I'm not quite mentally prepared for this yet...c'mon...
7: You can't just jump in carelessly like that!!!
8: Gildarts is known for obliterating his opponents...

1: Crash!!!!

1: I thought I told you...I'm not good at holding back.
2: Natsu's been blown to pieces!
3: No I haven't!

1: He crushed the ground and used it like a cushion?
2: Uaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
3: Hah

1: Nbu
2: Natsu's face...he's so serious, and yet...

1: Ohhhhhhhhhh
2: It looks like he's smiling.
3: Fire Dragon's...
4: Roar!!!!!!

1: You sure have gotten strong...
2: Natsu...
3: Dragon child.

1: Gah
2: Natsuuuuuuuu!!!
3: Oh no!!

1: That's...
2: All of a sudden, my power...
3: Natsu...
4: No...he probably isn't dead.
5: It wasn't that kind of magic.
6: Look!

1: That just now was a "disassembly" spell.
2: There's a bunch of Natsuuuuus!!!
3: Uwah
4: Gyah
5: Oww
6: Fugoh
7: Gugah
8(2b): He'll be back to normal in a little bit. But unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of the line for you, Natsu.
9: You have failed
10: Hold on a minute!!!!

1: I haven't given up yet!
2: That's right! That's right!
3: Don't underestimate me just because I've gotten smaller!!!
4: I'm on fire now!
5: I'm Natsu!!!!
6: Gaaaaaah ka ka ka!
7: No....I'm Natsu!
8: I'm Natsu too!
9: Scaryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
10: This is the definition of something backfiring!!
11: If there are this many of me, then I can definitely beat Gildarts!!
12: Kukuku...boy did you screw up!
13: This battle is mine!!
14: This is the first time an opponent in that state
15: has approached me.

TBC in Chapter 206 "In Order to Continue Down This Path"

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