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Bankara-san ga Tooru Oneshot : Bankara-san ga Tooru

Bankara-san ga Tooru

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 19, 2010 23:21 | Go to Bankara-san ga Tooru

*Only for use by Mangastream.

tl by molokidan

1: A spirit-filled youth does not perish so easily. -Hans Carossa
small black: Top of the Super Legends #2!!
[Bankara-san, Passing Through]

*tl note: "Bankara" is a word originating from the word "yaban" (savage, often used for foreigners) and "haikara," (high collar/fashionable), indicating a 'rough stylish' person. This word often referring to characters that appear in manga with high geta shoes, long black school uniforms, and otherwise 'uncouth' appearances.

white: Is a campus lifestyle like this...dangerous?!
2: Shit, we're totally late.
3: ...the gate's...closed, man. What should we do? We're definitely gonna get caught.
4: Guess we've got no choice, then.
5: Listen carefully...I'll pick the gate open. Yasu, you go around to the back, and Hiro will go through the gym, and we'll head to the classroom all at once.
6: Got it?! Don't look back, no matter what. Run straight to the classroom.
7: You guys ready?
9: Let's gooooooooo!!

2: Goooooooooooo!!
3: Wha
4: Either turn in a tardy reflection essay to your homeroom teacher,
5: or become scrap. Choose now.
6: There she iiiiiis! Chairwoman of the Public Morals Committeeeeee!

top red: Here comes one real man! A oneshot about a legendary youth school gang leader!!
49P + color cover!!
big right: The strongest is yet to be seen! The legend is yet to be seen!!
big left: Real men etch it into their backs!!
small yellow: This week, together in the mag with a surprising "Gintama!!"

1: "Youth is a strange thing. On the outside it shines bright red, while on the inside, nothing can be felt." -Sartre
2: Public Morals Committee
Activity Journal
Secretary Mobu Mobuta
3: Oct. 12 -
Three tardy individuals who unlawfully intruded into school were dealt with by special privilege of the Public Morals Committee and suspended indefinitely.
4: But our daily work is in vain, for there is corruption present everywhere one looks on this campus.
5: The repeating rule violations seem to know no bounds.
6: Due to the cyber revolution, the daily life of the human race has completely changed.
7: "Cyberization," the technology by which machines can be implanted into parts of the human body, has made human activity more efficient, and our civilization has achieved a new state of evolution.
8: But it was exactly in the silhouette of this glory that a dark shadow began to shine in our academy.
9: It was the rise of the cyber punks.
10(2b): With illegal modifications done to their bodies, these juvenile delinquent students plunged the rule violations down to an atrocious new level. These days, delinquents modify not their uniforms, but transform their arms into guns.
11(2b): They do not ride wildly around the town making noise, but fuse with their bikes and destroy the town.

1: It is our Chairwoman who has continually protected our academy from these fiendish cyber punks:
2: Miyamoto Shizuka, also known as the "School's Lethal Weapon,"
3: daughter of the well-pedigreed Public Morals Committee family who has worked under the Ministry of Education protecting the morals in the academy for generations.
4: Now administering a surprise clothing test.
5: What? Where do you see a problem?!
6: She possesses an austere spirit that honors the school rules above all else, and strictly governs not only others, but herself as well. And--
7: Your boosters are 2mm longer than maximum allowed length.
8: completely contrast to her sweet appearance, she has equipped a metal right hand capable of cutting through even a heavy tank.
9: She was also the one who saved me after some cyber punks hid my underwear in a pool class shortly after I transferred here.
10: Your booster is 5cm shorter than the minimum allowed length.
small: It's far too short
11: Er, no, that isn't a booster.
12: She was the lone flower left in this machine-drowned academy. And so, mesmerized by her sublime form, I chose to fight with her.
13: Hey, did you hear the rumor about the Chairwoman?
14: I heard she got a boyfriend recently.
15: Eh? That rumor was true?
16(2b): Apparently there's someone who has seen her meeting with a boy night after night at the old school. The old school...you mean the one we're not allowed to go inside?
17: That's messed up! She's always going on about protecting the rules and how illicit sexual relationships aren't allowed!
18: Yeah, but looks like to her, things are different when it comes to personal affairs.

1: The Chairwoman, in an illicit sexual relationship?!
2: That strict girl, who honors the school rules more than any other?!
3: She is ladylike enough to have mistaken my pretzel rod with a booster, after all...
4: And these people think she's spending night after night with some BOY, measuring the length of his booster, getting measured, and doing surprise tests?!
6: I absolutely refuse!! She...the Chairwoman would never engage in such a slovenly act!!
7: Watch and see! Mobu Mobuta, Secretary of the Public Morals Committee
8: will prove the Chairwoman is pure and innoce...
9: The Chairwoman...s...she really is here!!
10: So? How do you feel now?
11: Who's there?! Who is she talking with?! Don't tell me the rumor was true!!
12: How do I feel...well, hard as a rock, as I'm sure you can see!
13: H...hard as a rock?! Wh...wh...what?! Where?!
14: Hurry up and get this over with already, I'm tired of being all straight and upright like this.
15: Straight and upriiiiight?! What iiiis?! Where?! In what manner?!
16: It is your fate to stay hardened like that, digesting and reflecting upon the sins you committed.
17: S...stay hardened?! C...Chairwoman...could this be some kind of sex tortu...
18: You're really a cheeky little girl, you know that?! You'd better remember this...I promise, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna give you what you deserve!
19: Wh-wh-what?! Give her what she deserves?! Wh-what could that entail...i-in what positio...
20: U...unforgivablllllllle!
21: I don't know who you are, I will not allow you to speak to the Chairwoman in such a bawdy manner and attempt to seduce herrrrr!!

1: You cuuuuuuuuur!! A mere student like you...
2: What do you mean you'll give her what she deserves?!
3: Mobu!!
4: I refuse to allow you to defile our Chairwoman any further!!
5: I'll instantly suspend you!! What year and what class are youuuuu?! Name thysellllf!!
6: Bankara High, 152-G
7: Gouda Takeru!
8: Sorry, pal!
9: But I was already suspended 150 years ago!

1: H...h...h...
2: He's frozen rock soliiiiiiiid!!
3: C-c-c...C-Chairwomaaaaan!!
4: H...h...h...he's...rock haaaaaaard!!
5: One of our students is frozen rock solid in ice...
6: Wh...what is the meaning of thiiiis?!
7: You idiot...to think you'd go as far as trespassing on an off-limits zone...
8: ...so be it. As a fellow member of the committee, I would have to tell you about this sooner or later.
9: Mobu, have you ever heard of a "bancho?" (*a gang leader)
10: E-excuse me, ma'am?!
11: It was a fantastic creature said to have existed long ago in this academy, before the cyber revolution happened.
12: One of these creatures existed in every academy across the land, assuming full control over each campus with their violent tendencies.
13: Despite possessing bodies of pure flesh, their strong fists could apparently crush even steel.
14(2b): And among those "bancho," there existed a truly dangerous, vile bancho, who is said to have driven all of the bancho in Japan toward extinction, while slamming Japan's schools into the depths of fear:
15: the most evil, demonic bancho who ever lived.

1: Because he was so evil, the Ministry of Education looked upon him as a Level 10 problem child -- national disaster level.
2(2b): And during the School Armageddon, by the hands of the Special Public Morals Committee, they punished him with "An Eternity of Standing in the Hall."
3: And that bancho has been standing in the hall ever since, for 150 years.
4: Yes, he is none other than Ministry of Education Administration Number B-983:
5: a demon left over from the previous era...the worst prankster in the entire world...
6: The "bancho" of Bankara High
7: Gouda Takeru.
8(2b): The leader of the Special Public Morals Committee who sealed him here was an ancestor in my family, the Miyamoto line. The reason I work as the Chairwoman of this school is not only to protect its morals.
9(2b): It's to make sure no "bancho" is ever born into this academy again...and to protect the seal on this "bancho."

1: Th...this rock hard guy is the legendary bancho who once plunged this academy into darkness?!
2: And the Chairwoman is the descendant of the legendary Public Morals Committee who sealed him here?!
3: I...I never knew! To think the Chairwoman had such an RPG-ish backstory...
4: That's enough, you jackass!
5(2b): Stay quiet, and people will try to make you into a carbon copy of the Archfiend Baramos! But don't be deceived! The real Baramoses of the world are people like her who try to keep the freedom of us students in bondage!
6: I'm just an innocent, freedom-seeking ZOMA!
7: Woah, woah...that's practically the same thing! Actually, that makes you a Great Archfiend instead!
8: Free me! Are you really content letting that girl use you like a puppet?!
9: Don't bother listening. Let's go.
10: Who would you rather be an underling of, Baramos or Zoma? Think about it!
11: In any case, our mission is far more weighty than you can imagine.
12: Don't try and ignore me! All Baramos's property is Zoma's property, and Zoma's property is Zoma's property! So you're already my underling!
13: From now on focus all of your efforts even moreso on our activities.
14: Um...wait a second! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'll be your subordinate! I'll do whatever you say!
15: He will try any and all types of baiting and cajolery in order to get you to break the seal.
16: Make this the first and last time you come in contact with him.
17: Although, I do not believe that anyone could be led astray by a creature with such low intellect.
18: Hmph.
19: Hey, Mobuta-kun! Listen to meeeee!! That girl, she sure knows how to put on a good act as a Committee member,

1: but after class, she comes here in a loose, oversized jersey and reads the shojo manga she seized from the students!
2: And there's a yakisoba bun covered in mold from three weeks ago still in her bag!
4: C...
5: Chairwomaaaaaaan!!
6(2b): O...oh no!! Fuhahahahaha! You fell right into my trap, Shizukaaa!!
7: What are you doiiiiiing?! The bancho's seaaaaaal!!
8(2b): Y-you've got the wrong idea. T...this is -- not a yakisoba bun! It's a croquette bun!!
9: THAT'S what you're concerned about?! It looks like a Sea of Corruption bun to me!! (*IT IS A NAUSICAA JOKE)

1: Kukuku...so the time has finally come...
2: The time for me to awaken from my long period of being held back!
3: How dare you make me stand for 150 years in this filthy hall, Shizukaaa?!
4: First things first, I'm gonna give each of you good-for-nothing Committee members a swirly, and turn this place into a bloodbath. And then...
5: I will once again conquer the entire nation,
6: and become the great bancho of all Japan for real this tiiiiime!!
7: Muhahahaha
8: And I'm gonna start with you, Shizukaaaa!!
9: C'mon with me to the toilet, will yaaaaa?!

sfx: slap
1: "Humans who did not engage in tomfoolery at times during their youth will retain no power in their middle years." -J.A. Collins
2: Public Morals Committee
Activity Journal
3: Oct. 13-
A student who modded his hair into decapitating wires has been shaved and reprimanded.
4: Yesterday, I had a bad dream.
5: I dreamed that a great archfiend known as a "bancho" was sealed in the old school, and the Chairwoman was the descendant of the hero that sealed him there.
6: It was nightmarish, and then a moldy piece of bread somehow broke the seal.
7: Over the 150 years of imprisonment, however, the bancho's body had degenerated to a mere prankster level, and he was killed instantly by the Chairwoman in an absurd conclusion.
Oct. 13
Day Duty
8: I must have been really tired to have seen that kind of dream.
9: Have my daily desperate struggles with the cyborg punks finally begun to wear down my mental state?

(so, the joke on this page...Kouda writes his name in a phonetic pun form using the kanji for things like blood, horrible, and other generally negative things. The joke continues throughout, but it's utterly untranslatable.)
1: In any case, I'm just glad it was a dr...
2: chak chak
3: Kouda Takeru, 167 years old.
4: My hobby is one-to-one battling, and I like punk girls with droopy eyes and permed hair like Kudou Shizuka from Onyanko Club.
5: Nice to meetcha.
6: ...it wasn't a dream.
small: Huh? Yoshiaki-kun is...uwahh, another bun!
7: The dream was better than this.
8: Chairwoman!!
9: No!! This is just a clay bun I made in handicraft class...
10: Er...I wasn't talking about that.
11: Wait a minute, why are their moldy buns even in your desk?! Are you a hoarder or something?!

1: More importantly, why is he here?!
small 1(tiny): Eh? Popeye?
small 2: Seems like you've really been givin' me the ol' popeye for a while now...
small 3: You know, the popeye! Almost looks like your eyes are gonna pop out!
2: I have no choice. It is the duty of my family to monitor him.
3: What?! Noooo, you can't bring that thing in here!! That's the bancho that was sealed outside until yesterday!!
4: But as of now he has lost his power, and possesses battle power lower than even an elementary schooler.
5: Compared to the cyber punks, this prankster's almost cute.
6: Incidentally, he will be tied up in the room next to your dormitory after school.
7: Wha?!
8: He had no family even before the sealing, so it won't be a problem.
9: There is nothing BUT problems with this, though!!
10: There will be no problems.
11: Even if we give him a final chance,
12: with the body he's in now, Gouda Takeru can no longer do any evil.
13: He will obediently be rehabilitated, and graduate this school just like the rest of us.
14(2b): Yeah right! I'm not gonna graduate until I become a huge bancho, moldy bun girl! I'm gonna keep spiraling farther and farther down, over and over again, just like a phoenix!
15: You are in no way like a phoenix! Moldy bun would be more accurate!
16: If you rehabilitate, then I'd be fine with giving you true freedom.
17: What? So then it'd be okay for me to call you into the toilet and beat you up?
18: Do you even know what rehabilitation means?!

1: I don't mind.
2: !! Chairwoman!
3: If you manage to graduate, we'll follow you into the toilet or wherever.
4: Why are you casually including me, Chairwoman?!
5: You have done wrong,
6: and thrown away 150 springtimes of youth. (*Spring is graduation season in Japan, hence the imagery)
7: But no matter how many hundreds of times you stay back a year, and how many hundreds of years you add to your age,
8: as long as your eyes never close, you will see spring come again, eternally.
9: Try taking it back...
10: Taking back your spring.
11: If you intend to take it back with all your strength,
12: then we of the Public Morals Committee will support you with all OUR power.
13: But if you intend on breaking this school's rules,
14: then we will scrap your spring with all our power.
15: Uuu...you jerk.
16: Even if Shizuka is the same Shizuka, droopy eyes are still way different than upturned eyes.
17: Namekawa-san! That's it, that's it! Next to that rotting Chairwoman!
18: Woah, woah! He still hasn't cyberized yet! What a loser!

1: Which country village did you stroll out from, kiddie?
2: Wh...what are you boys doing? I'm in the middle of a cla...
3: Sorry teach, but I'd like to borrow a little of your time.
4: I just want to introduce myself a little to the new transfer student.
5: As the boss
6: of this school.

1: Namekawa...!!
2: Who's that?
3(2b): Na...Namekawa Tsuneo! No sooner did he transfer here two months ago, than he rose up to the top of the cyber punks in a flash, and now possesses the influence to force 90% of the school's students to go buy yakisoba buns for him!
4(2b): He is the strongest cyber punk there is, who's machinated over 90% of his entire body! The hyper-alloy young noble: Namekawa Tsuneo!!
5(2b): Welcome to our Bankara High, transfer. We're pleased to have you. However, now that you have entered into our academy, there is something I must teach you.
6(2b): Once the chime for lunch rings, you are to bring me a yakisoba bun within 30 seconds. Understand? This isn't a vital rule to our academy...
7: It's a rule *I* enforce...
8: Wait, 90% of his body is machinized...then what about the remaining 10%? What is that, some gesture of mercy?
9: Er...um...I don't know, but...
10: Normally, if you went as far as 90%, you might as well go and do the whole thing! He's so close! The goal tape is right in front of his eyes!
11: ...hey, are you listening to me?
12: But would anyone be concerned with that, normally? 90% machinization is amazing enough on its own...
13(2b): Yeah, but come on, man! 90% machinized, he controls 90% of the school...why always 90%?! Why is he always just on the verge? He's so close, why doesn't he put out that extra little bit of effort?! Why does he always get soft before the finish?!

1: Hey...
2: Someone needs to go tell him to work harder! Tell him to not give up until the end, that people are singing Sarai and waiting for him! (*the theme song of 24 Hour TV, a program that's broadcast every year in the second half of August)
3: Well maybe it's not about working hard, maybe he just wanted to leave something behind, or there were some places that he refused to mod. HEY! Enough already!
4: Ahhh...like his nustack?
5: Oh, I get it. So that's why they call him the Hyper-Alloy Balled Young Nutsack...
7: That's a pretty lame kick.
8: And you call yourself
9: a bancho?

1: He blocked?! That kick was at the speed of sound...!!
2: Could it be...that he still has that much power left...
3: Was my alignment off...?!
4: Don't tell me there's a defect in my electric nerves...
5: Is your body...really all flesh?
6: Hmph...hey, junior. Don't just think you can beat me after modding 90% of your body into nutsacks.
7: If I did that, I'd be nothing but a huge pile of nutsacks!!
8: You'd better not underestimate me too much, alright?
9: 70% of my body is water, and the remaining 30% has been modded into Kudou Shizuka!!
10: Then you'd simply be Kudou Shizuka!!
11: Hey!! That wound...!!
12: Don't tell me...you...
13: Stop right there. Have you already forgotten about your promise of rehabilitation?
14: I'll take care of all rule violators.

1: Hmph...so you're gonna have us kill each other for the peace of the academy, Chairwoman?
2: I'm not opposed to dying together with a beautiful girl,
3(2b): but during the period of time in which that outdated cyber hand of yours is lopping off my head,
4: my new-model cyber legs can go to the store and buy a yakisoba bun.
5: This is silly. What do you say we stop fighting, Chairwoman?
6(2b): Very soon, the school rules you all protect will harbor no meaning anymore. And I'll become the rules.
7: Become a beehive here, or go buy me a yakisoba bun. You pick.
small: Chairwoman...
8: Sorry,
9: But I like croquette buns!
10: Then diiiiiiiiie!!
11: Gyaaaaaaaaahh

1: Hey kiddies.
2: What the hell do you think you're doin' in the middle of class?
3: Shirama-sensei!!
4: O...oh shiiiiiit! It's White Base!! Ruuuun!! (*Gundam joke)
5: Gyaaaaaaaaah
6: Tch
7: You just barely escaped with your life, Public Morals Committee.
8: And...
9: Bancho.

1: "Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children." -George Bernard Shaw
2: Hey! I can't hear you!
2: 5 more dashes added to your menu!
3: I'm sorry! Fight-o!! Fight-o!!
small: zeh hah zeh hah
4: Sorry! Fight-o!!
5: Chairwomaaaan! Why are we the ones who have to be punished like this?!
6: They were the ones who started the commotion, but we have responsibility for being unable to prevent it.
7: But by that logic, then we should be entered in the National "I'm Sorry" Olympics!!
8: You let that measly Namekawa get the best of you.
9: At this rate, he'll have our whole academy right under his thumb.
10: I thought I told you idiots that you're my final fortress.
11: Everyone! Sorry, but can you pause for a minute and take a break?
12: I made honey-glazed moldy buns!

1: You're the one who instigated them. You should be in the National "I'm Sorry" Olympics too!
2(2b): Like hell I should! You should be in the World "I'm Sorry" Olympics for what you did to my buns! If you want to run that much, then let's that horse over there running as well and put on a Bankara Cup! Whaddya say, Mobu-kun?!
3: Did you watch that tragedy just now?! That man is the murderous P.E. teacher whom even the cyber punks fear!!
4: Are you not satisfied with Namekawa alone? Do you want White Base to set his sights on you as well?!
5: A bancho never backs down from a fight, even if he has to get a part-time job to do it! (*In Japanese, not backing down from a fight, or accepting it, is to "buy it," hence the pun)
6(2b): You're just a monster who insists on acting cool even though you're weak! What are you gonna do if you really have to fight Namekawa, the way you are now? You'll be massacred!
7: Wouldn't that be perfectly convenient
8: for the Public Morals Committee?
9: Namekawa and the bancho.
10: One of the protuberances will be taken out.
11(2b): Ha...Hakuma-sensei...you...you knew...about the Bancho...?
12: Let 'em fight, Miyamoto.
13(2b): The strongest bancho from the old era, and the strongest cyber punk from the new one. It won't hurt to decide who the strongest really is.

1(2b): Wh...what are you talking about, sensei?! Please do not try and stir him up!
2: Just how much do you know...?
3: Are you asking me to let him re-commit the wrongs that happened 150 years ago?!
4: As Chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee, that is something I cannot permit!
5: Well even if you don't want him, Namekawa will still come.
6: Regardless of whether his flesh turns to metal, or his blood turns to oil...
7: The things an idiot comes up with are the same, no matter the age.
8: And a bankara man's seething will not stop.
9: I will stop it.
10: I will rehabilitate Takeru...he promised that he would graduate with us!
small: No I haven't?
11: He won't start fights anymore. I will be the one to stop Namekawa.
12: After 150 years of being encased in ice,
13: he should be pardoned. He should be allowed to see his springtime come.

1: I will protect
2: his springtime of youth.
3: "I only have three pieces of advice for our youths: work, work harder, work to the bitter end." -Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck
4: Public Morals Committee
Activity Journal
5: Oct. 15-
Three members of Namekawa's gang who launched an attack during school today have been suspended.
6: Oct. 16-
Six members of Namekawa's gang who launched an attack during school today have been suspended.
7: Oct 17-
8: A student who snuck into the Chairwoman's room in the girls' dormitory and photographed her room has been moldy bread-ed.
9: Oct. 18-
10: A student who snuck into the girls' dormitory and attempted to clean her room was swallowed up into the Sea of Corruption.

1: Oct. 18-
All illegal weapons found during a periodical test this morning have been seized.
2(2b): Ever since the bancho was revived, the Chairwoman has been working at her duties with even more fervor than before. I believe the reason her room was filled with trash was not because she is a hoarder, but because she is just that busy.
3: At the same time, she has not let up on her surveillance of the bancho.
4: Hurry it up.
5: How can I calm down and do it like this?! Cover your ears, alright?! Please, just don't listen to me do it!!
6: There is never a moment when she is not at his side.
7: And the bancho grumbles how this is no different than being forced to stand out in the hall.
8: Apparently, she has ventured out to that dark, cold hallway countless times.
9: Dooooon't take off your sailor unifoooorm
10: Not yet, have patieeeeeence (*The famous song, sung by Onyanko Club: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M10oFLrDCdo)
11: How can I have patience like thiiiiiis?!
12(2b): And you're singing it like it's a lullaby or something!! Do it in more of a whisper!! Try to act like a high school girl!! Abandon your shame!!
13: Hey, I'm doing the best I can, alright?!
14: How should I know how to sing a song this old, though?! It's from 150 years ago!
15: Shuddap!! I can't sleep until I hear this song!!

1: If you want to hear it that bad, then bring me a CD!!
2: There's no way they're still producing that album!!
3: There is a super-advanced music player installed in my body that can copy CDs to its HDD, and allows me to sing with super sound quality!
4: I can't believe after all the work I did pushing you, you're no better than some home electronical device!!
5: Shall I play a song from AKB5000 (*apparently the futuristic version of AKB48) as a test?
6: I don't wanna hear...
7(black): Don't take off
8(black): your sailor uniform
9(black): Not today, have patience
poster on wall: Onyanko Club
10(black): Don't take off
11(black): your sailor uniform
12(black): No, don't
13: ...who?
14(black): Not in a place like this
15: Giiiirls~ alwaaaaays~
16: Chairwoman!
17: I've been singing it every day for the past 10 years...I've completely memorized it.
18: ...Chairwoman.
19: You've been going there for ten whole years?
20: It's no big deal...

1: When I was first brought there...I was a little scared.
2: What? Time to switch over to the next guard?!
3: Little girl, there's something I've gotta teach you!
4: You know the song "Sailor Fuku o Nugasanaide?"
5: But I soon came to realize that he was just an idiot.
6: ...My bloodline is the Public Morals Committee family that has protected this academy's morals and the bancho's seal for generations.
7: I have been obligated to protect the morals here at this academy from a young age.
8: But as you know, members of the Public Morals Committee...become easily disliked.
9: As I attempted a serious life as a model student, people distanced themselves from me, and I had no one whom I could call a friend.
10: It's ironic, I know, but
11: the only person I actually had to talk to was the demon my family sealed here, the greatest enemy of the Public Morals Committee.
12: "He" was all I had.
13(2b): He would say nothing but provoking things, but to my lonesome self, he was a valuable person I could talk to.
14(2b): He made me cry a lot at first, but gradually I became used to his treatment.
15(2b): I could fight, something I could do nowhere else, as well as act rude.
16(2b): ...then, at some point, that place...became a location in which I could truly be myself.

1: I don't remember a single time in which I've actually gone there as a member of the Public Morals Committee.
2: And I've never thought of it as painful.
3(2b): To me...that was a place I wanted to stand in forever.
4: It was a normal school hallway, where I could talk with a friend.
5: Here, bancho, this is my leftovers from lunch.
6: You expect me to eat this moldy bun?!
7: Hey, bancho. When are you allowed to come out of there?
8: How should I know?! Why don't you just let me out right now, you stupid kid!!
9: Did you really do something that bad?
10: Then the first thing I'll do when I get out is slaughter your entire family!!
11(2b): I know that you're not that bad of a person. But I can't let you out yet.
12: Wait until I become the same age as you, OK?
13: Then let's go to the same school together, and graduate together. Alright, bancho?
14: Until then, I'll bring you buns every day.
15: ...as a Public Morals Committee family member, I have done something I shouldn't have.

1: Out of selfish, personal feelings,
2: I broke the seal my family has protected.
3: You can scorn me if you'd like.
4: I...
5: believe in you, Chairwoman.
6: And if I believe in the Chairwoman,
7: then I will simply believe in your friend as well.
8: So in return, please take care of yourself a little better, alright?
9: Leave him to me, and get a good night's rest tonight.
10: It's alright.
11: To me as well, he's already...a friend.
12: Thanks, Mobu.

sign: Bankara Academy High School Division
Boys' Dormitory
1: "There is no period where one is as close to death, where one is in the shadow of death as much as youth." -Sakaguchi Ando
2: Public Morals Committee
Activity Journal
3: Oct. 19-
Strangely enough, this day ended without any disturbances.
4: The Chairwoman was gone today, and nothing happened in her absence.
5: She had never taken an absence up until now, though...maybe the exhaustion from her recent hard working actually has taken a toll on her.
6: Bancho-san, will you go to visit the Chairwoman? I'm worried.
7: You gotta be kiddin' me. I finally got freedom, and you're asking me to purposefully throw myself into that Sea of Corruption?
8(2b): She probably inhaled too many spores and has a mushroom growing in her crotch or something. Oh, shit! If I don't hurry up, I'm gonna miss Yuuyake Nyan-nyan! (*An 80s variety TV show which saw the birth of Onyanko Club)
9: You won't make it!! That show ended 150 years ago!!
10: Eh? ...seriously? Hey...is this...for real... A-A LUB RERER?! Hack, wheeze, cough!
11: Wh-what!? A-a-a love letter?!
12: There's a problem with that!! Illicit sexual activity is against the rules in this school!! Cease this at once!
13: Shut up! I'm already 167 years old, there should be no problem with what I do!
14(bottom right): Uwahhh!! There's a photo in it!! Please droopy eyes and permed hair!! Please droopy eyes and permed hair!!
15(top left): Obscenity crime!! I'm going to call the cyber police!!
16: Please be ugly!! Please be ugly!!

note: To bancho-
Go buy a yakisoba bun within 30 seconds and bring it to the back of the old school.
1: C?!
2: Chairwomaaaaaan!
3(2b): I...it's Namekawaaa!! This is Namekawa's doiiiiiing!!
4: Oh my god! Why didn't I notice this sooner? I'm such an idiot!!
5: I will protect his springtime of youth.
6: Bancho-san, you have to stay here! Please do not move from this spot!
7: If you go, they'll kill you! Don't forget your promise to the Chairwoman!!
8: Dammiiiiiit! Chairwomaaaaan, please be alright!!
9: "The failures of one's youth are desirable for the victories and successes for his middle and old years." --Benjamin Disraeli
10: ...to think I'd see 30 of my soldiers scrapped, after simply asking you to come along with me.
11: You aren't called the School's Lethal Weapon for nothing.

1: But if I'm actually serious about what I'm doing, this is what happens.
2: To be honest, I've only kept the Public Morals Committee alive for entertainment purposes.
3: And thanks to you, I was able to meet with a very interesting fellow.
4(2b): I heard that the Ministry of Education had destroyed him...I never thought he'd still be alive.
5: Namekawa...
6: You bastard...you knew about the bancho?!
7(2b): I have been transferred over and over again, leaving thousands of destroyed academies in my wake. I have conquered tens of thousands of cyber punks, and made them all go out and buy me yakisoba buns.
8(2b): But do you know for what purpose I have done all this, Chairwoman?
9: Because a long time ago...I too was forced to go buy yakisoba buns.
10: I was not a conquerer, but the conquered.
11: As the lowest of the low in the punk spectrum, I worked hard, and was sent to buy yakisoba buns for lunch every day.
12: Those experiences during my youth caused a severe inferiority complex to grow inside me.
13(2b): I felt like the treatment my confidence-less, quivering self was receiving would continue even if I graduated and went out into society. It'd be yakisoba buns for the rest of my life!
14: Society?!
15: Don't tell me...you...

1: But this body, which I cyberized over and over again in order to go buy yakisoba buns with further speed and efficiency...
2: became at one point capable of switching me over from the side of the conquered...to the side of the conquerers.
3: That's right! I'm the same as he is.
4: In order to take back the springtime of youth I lost, I have arrived at this academy.
5: This time, I intend to spend my youth as not the conquered,
6: but as a conquerer.
arm: Kokushou Sayori for life
7: Th...that wound...
8: It's the same as Takeru's...!!
9: It's the sign of a Proto Punk:
arm: Onyanko Club For Life
10: The Stigma of the Onyankos!
11: The only piece of flesh that still remains on my body.
12: The afterglow of my single attempt at achieving a springtime of youth.

1: I
2: was the underling of the underling of the underling of the bancho's underling!
3: Senseiiiiiiii!!
small: What are you gettin' so scared for?! Open your eyes and watch the ball closely!
4: Please, lend me your strength! At this rate, the Chairwoman...this entire academy...!!
5: Sorry, but I can't beat Namekawa either.
6: At the very least, anyone who still relies on machinization won't be able to beat Namekawa's cutting-edge cyber technology.
7: ...but
8: you guys have him, remember?
9: It was the same thing in our age.
10: Whenever there was a scuffle, before we went to call teach,
11: we relied on the bancho.

1: Th...that's...!!
2: Exactly...it was the same back then.
3(2b): The great bancho war. The massive battle that broke out between the Onyanko Club-crazy delinquents fighting over rankings.
4: The campus destruction back then was really a sight to see.
5: All of Japan's banchos brought their soldiers and started a war of fighting fire with fire that kept getting larger and larger.
6: There was not a blue spring (*tl note: this is the literal meaning of "springtime of youth" in Japan, referring to how plants that are blue, or not yet green, are still unripe living beings on the verge of maturing. It also comes from Onmyoudo, where the color for springtime is blue.)
7: anywhere.
8: But the one who crushed down those bancho and put an end to their idiotic war
9: was a single "bankara man."
10: That's right.
11: It was the bancho of our school,
12: Gouda Takeru.

1: But he was too late,
2: for the Ministry of Education, who had been carefully watching the punks' idiocy up until now, had started to move.
3: They sent out their Special Public Morals Committee Army to this academy.
4: That's right...in order to exterminate us punks.
5(2b): He went up against them all by himself, bearing the sins of the delinquents all on his own back.
6: In order to protect our springtime of youth.
7: I...impossible! Then that means Takeru is...completely the opposite of what the legend says...
8: Not only was he NOT the one who led the bancho to their extinction...
9: But...in order to protect them...in order to protect the academy...
10: he suffered a fate of standing frozen in the hallway...for 150 years?!
11: Why...
12: Why...would he...do such a...
13: Pfft. What a stupid question.
14: Because.

1: he
2: is a bancho.
3: Ta...
4: Take...ru!
5: Takeruuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

1: You idiot! Why did you come?!
2(2b): We did something horrible to you! You were innocent, and yet I stole your springtime of youth from you...I...
3(2b): So you've come, bancho. I've been waiting.
4: Ugh
5: No matter how long I stood on the top, no matter how many yakisoba buns I bit into...
6: the seething in my spirit never subsided.
7(2b): Bancho...it may be that the only one I've ever wanted to have go buy me a yakisoba bun was you.
8: By controlling you, the legendary bancho, I would finally be able to end my long high school life.
9: Ru...n, Takeru!
10: Namekawa, you really are a just-on-the-verge bancho.
11: I've never done any miserly crap like making people go buy stuff for me.
12: And yet it always came.
small: Here, bancho! Today's bun from lunch.
13: Buns I never asked for.

1: Now move your dirty-ass leg.
2: That's my moldy bun.
3(2b): ...Namekawa. Do you know why bancho don't follow any of the school's rules?
4: Because there's something more important than those things
5: that they have to protect.
6: "Take back my springtime of youth? I never remember it being taken from me." --Gouda Takeru
7: Here.
8: Th...this is!
9: His favorite's on there. Play it for him.
10: And revive the burning spirit
11: he possessed back then.
concert sign: Onyanko Club Concert
12: Y...
13: yes sir!!

1: You sure took your sweet time in coming back,
2: Take-chan.
3: Just look at what happened to my body
4: while I was waiting for you.
5: No matter how many times I punch someone with these cold, iron fists, it sends nothing to them.
6: And no matter how many times my cold, iron body is hit, I feel nothing coming.
7(2b): It's because your power was far too great that you were erased from society.
8(2b): But it's exactly eras like this one in which we need men like you.
9(2b): The one thing that can break through thick iron and stupid logic, the one thing that can rock souls:
shirt: Onyanko Club
10: naked fists.
11: Takeruuuuuuu!!

1: ding-dong, ding-dong!
2: Attention all students still within the school:
3: We previously only broadcast classical music after school,
sign: Broadcasting Room
4: but from today forward, we will be changing our schedule.
5: Please listen to Onyanko Club:
6: "Sailor Fuku o Nugasanaide" -Live Version- (Not with the original members, but the one where Kudou Shizuka's singing).
7: what the hell

side text: don't take off your sailor uniform
1: That's...
2: Thaaaaaat's!!

1: The bancho's power
2: has been reviiiiiiived!!
3: Brings back memories, doesn't it, Take-chan?
4(2b): The outdoor concert we went to back then...there was a storm, but we didn't let it bother us one bit.
5: Lightning struck,
6: but Take-chan didn't even twitch.
7: After it struck, Take-chan was able to control the electricity that had been stored up in his body,
8: but we didn't really let that bother us either.

1(2b): ...Takeru...an era capable of counterbalancing your caliber...has come.
2: So today...go as wild as you want!
3: This era
4: will be your springtime of youth.
5(2b): So that's it. The reason you were able to block my attack then
6: was because you used that electricity to throw off my electrical nerves...
7: Before me, your bodies are no different than scrap metal.
8: Bring it with your fists, Namekawa.

1: I'll only use my fists as well.
2: Don't use machines or any of that shit, just show me your own power.
3: Kuku...you sure about that?
4: My right hand may still be flesh, but everything else is start-of-the-art hyper-alloy muscle.
5: This won't be the kind of punch
6: a normal human can taaaaake!!
7: Congratulations on your graduation, just-on-the-verge bancho.
8: Don't forget that punch you shook out.

1: "People who talk about the springtime of youth without any shame have lived their own youths in a dull manner. For they don't know that a great part of one's springtime of youth is made up of embarrassment...doesn't that kinda make sense?" -Sorachi Hideaki
2: Public Morals Committee
Activity Journal
3: Nov. 1-
A student who was found through a urine test to have been injecting his cyberpet's oil into his body has received a stern reprimand.
4: But our daily work is in vain, for there is corruption present everywhere one looks on this campus.
5: The repeating rule violations seem to know no bounds.
6: Due to Namekawa's graduation, the dangerous threat this school faces was temporarily lightened, but in the next week, silver punks and gold punks began transferring in one after another.
7: In order to combat our powerful enemies, we of the Public Morals Committee have begun recruiting new members and strengthening our infrastructure.

1: To be honest,
2: Personal belongings check! That's right, jump!
3: Listen to you, you're jangling all over the place! C'mon, what've you got?!
4: he's the one I'm most worried about.
5: Extortion?
6: Via the cyber revolution, the daily lives of the human race have changed dramatically.
7: You really do need rehabilitation after all.
8: Huh?! Working for the Public Morals Committee while being a bancho should already count as my rehabilitation!! Those things are totally incompatible!! You should be thanking me!
9(2b): The occupation "bancho" does not exist in this academy. You are officially known as the "croquette bun provider" of the Public Morals Committee.
10: But whether flesh turns to iron, and whether blood turns to oil, the shape of the springtime of youth never changes.
11: What's important does not change.
12: You trying to make the BANCHO go buy bread for you, moldy bun provider?!
13: I don't have time to waste with the croquette bun provider. C'mon, let's go, Mobu.
14: Ah, yes ma'am, I'll be right there.
15: Whether we have thinks to apologize about, or hesitate over, we move forward with all our might,
16: raising up our naked fists.
17: For our springtimes of youth have barely begun.
18: -The 3 Members of the Bankara High Public Morals Committee
19: Spring comes back around again and again...!!

Bottom line: Next week is Konomi Takeshi-sensei's [Moon Walker LTD.]!!

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