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Fairy Tail 207


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 30, 2010 23:41 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 207

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tl by molokidan

red: Tenrou Island, the stage of the S-class Mage exam!! What could be waiting within?!
Chapter 207 - Mest
1: That's Tenrou Island.
2: You sure it was a good idea to come here?
3: It's fine, we're just watching, after all.
4: You're worried about Wendy.
5: I was so against this, but she just...

right: There's a ticket to dreams right in front of your eyes!!
left: With courage in one hand,

right: jump onto the stage
left: and step up to the challenge!!

A big thank you volume!
Color cover and pages
Three chapters for a total of 65 pages!!

1: One week ago
2: I'm Mest.
3: Mystogan's disciple.
4: Mystogan's disciple?!
5: I heard a lot about you from Mystogan.
6: Um...um, what are you doing?
side: Wendy's doing her best too!! In order to pay back what she owes to that person...
small: start reading from the color page 10 pages before this one!!

1: I want to know how snow tastes.
2: Don't worry about me.
3: OK.
4: What's with this guy?
5: Will you lend me your power?
6: Is that the way you ask someone for a favor!!?
7(2b): Sorry. I have a tendency to become absorbed whenever I find something I want to know about.
8(2b): Wendy. With your power, I can finally know about the world of S-class mages.
9: Please, lend me your power.

1: Eh...but...I'm just...
2: There's no way she'd do that!!
3: I want to know.
4: I want to know what a winter river truly is.
5: You are BY NO MEANS allowed to hang out with this weirdo!!!
6: But...he doesn't seem like a bad person.
7: And I wasn't able to pay back Mystogan in any way, even though I owe him.
8: You saved Edolas!! That should be enough!!
9(2b): But that was only the result. Personally, I feel...
10: No means no!!

1: ...so in the end, she said she was going to help out Mest in the place of Mystogan, and stopped talking to me.
2: To think she'd give you the silent treatment for a whole week like that.
3: She's surprisingly stubborn.
4: You too.
5: I don't care what kind of a person Mest is.
6: I just have a very bad feeling about this exam thing.
7: That prognostication ability of yours?
8: It's too fragmentary for me to say anything for sure.
9: I'm more interested in that Mest guy.
10: Eh?
11: He's the Prince's disciple.
12: Something's fishy about that.

1: Bupohhhhhh!!!
2: Mest-san!!
3(2b): Kuhh...I didn't think they'd be this strong!
4: Of course they are!
5: But...in order to succeed my master's legacy, I cannot lose here!!!

1(2b): Bring it on!!! Grey!! Loki!!
2: Huh?
3: Umm...it looks like we lost.
4: I didn't know!
5: While you were unconscious, Mest-san, Grey-san went on ahead...

1: Ahhhhh, so this year was a bust too...
2: It's because I couldn't come in handy...fuehh...
3: I told myself I was going to work my hardest, too!
4: No...it's fine. More importantly, are you hurt anywhere?
5: shake
6: Alriiiight!! First exam complete!!
7(2b): If Natsu or Fried got knocked out here, it'll make the road ahead much smoother. (No...Kana's a problem too.)
8: Don't be ridiculous!! You think that path to becoming an S-class Mage would be smooth at all?!
9: I know, I know.
10: I'm still impressed we actually managed to beat Mest like we did.
11: Was he always that weak?
12(small): I mean, excusing Wendy...

1: It seems like he was much stronger a long time ago.
2: It means we've gotten stronger.
3(2b): Huh...I can't remember! Did I ever fight with him before?
4(2b): Oh! A memory loss joke, right?! Lucy would love that one.
5: Mest went pretty far in the last exam.
6: True...that seems right.
7: Who...was his partner then?

1: Huh? Who was it?
2: What the?! I can't remember at all!!
3: Seems like memories regarding Mest get a little hazy.
4: Yeah, whenever I try to remember something about him, they always cut off at some point.
5: Grey!! Loki!!
6: Oh

1: So you made it through the first exam, after all.
2: We sure got lucky on the "quiet" route!
3: How is that lucky?! I wasn't able to punch anyone!
4: Anyway, congratulations.
5: These are the only people who made it through?!
6: Natsu...
7: is over there.
8: Well...is that everyone?

1: Kana & Lucy beat Fried & Bixlow in a "fight" route and passed.
2: Hm-hmmm!
3: Whaaaat!!?
4: Natsu & Happy overcame Gildartz's barrier.
5: I did nothing, though.
6: No waaaaay!!!
7: Levi & Gajeel were lucky enough to pass through the "quiet" route.
8: Heheh!
9: You think that's lucky?!
10: Grey & Loki beat Mest & Wendy in another "fight" route.
11: Did Juvia fail too?
12: Wh...what's that face for, gramps...
13: Juvia & Lisanna met with HER...

1: That female knight who doesn't know how to hold back.
2: The end.
3: We looooose!
4: Awwwww.
5: That just leaves Elfman and Evergreen, then.
6: But by process of elimination, the only route left is...
7: Mirajane's!

1: Poor things.
2: We woulda won, though.
3: Waaaaait!!
4: We beat that lady and made it through, too!
5: First exam pass!!
6: What the?!
7: How did you beat Mira
8: I can't say that!! As a man.
9: Let me just say we managed to strike her in a split-second opening.
10: What did they do??

1: cough
2: In any case.
3: These five teams have officially
4: passed the first exam.
5: Now, the second exam
6: shall begin.

1: Natsu, how much longer are you gonna be depressed for?
2: No...I'm just thinking about something.
3: Natsu
4: thinking about
5: somethiiiing?!
6(small): Just how much do you belittle him?!
7: I'll fight you again anytime.
8: Now go and become an S-class, Natsu.
9: Grey!!!
10: Kana!!!
11: Levy!!!
12: Elfman!!!

1: I challenge you to see who can become an S-class mage!!!!
2: You're the only one I refuse to lose to.
3: Me too.
4: As a man, I have no choice but to accept that challennnnnnge!!!!

1: Now I'm on fiiiiiire!!!!
2: Aye sir!
3: I am DEFINITELY making Kana into an S-class!!
4: Don't expect me to go easy on even YOU, Lucy!
5: Giheehee! Look at that trash howl!
6(2b): Real men GUHOH
7: Elfman, keep it together...gufun
8: Those two are gonna be out son.
9: How long are you going to make that face for?
10: But...buuuut...
11: Hey, Wendy. Do you know why this island is called Fairy Tail's holy land?
12: Eh...
13: Because it's the place where the first Master, Mevis sleeps.
14: Yes, but that's not all.

1: This island is normally hidden by a strong barrier.
2: It cannot be found no matter what type of magic is used.
3: Wooow.
4: And that isn't just because Mavis' grave is here.
5: It's because there is a HUGE secret regarding Fairy Tail
6: hidden here as well.
7: What do you mean?
8(2b): Well, I don't know it myself. But what do you say? Wanna go explore?

1: The Prince avoided making contact with people in this world.
2: Even when he visited the Guild, he would put everyone to sleep so that they didn't see his face.
3: It's hard to believe he'd take a disciple.
4: What are you trying to say?
5: Mmmmm...
6: It's a very crazy guess, but...
7: This place is really pretty.
8: Be careful.

1: Was the suspicion right on the mark?! An expression of the true intents that lie behind that smile!!
2: That man named Mest...
3: Is he really a member of the Guild?
side: TBC in Chapter 208 - [Deadly Prey]

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