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Bleach 425

A Day Without Melodies

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 2, 2010 21:45 | Go to Bleach

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tl by molokidan

1: How long are you gonna sleep for, Ichigo?!
2: I'm gonna wake you up with my fist!!
3: ...will you wake up already,
4: Kurosaki Ichigo?
5: You fool!
6: Wake up, Ichigo!
7: Wake uuuuuuup!!
8: I
9: CHI
side: Dream or reality...voices calling for Ichigo reverberate...

1: goooo...
2: Wowaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
3(2b): A...are you stupid!! Are you stupid?!
4(2b): What would you do if I fell?! What would you do if I DIED!!?
5(2b): How shuld I know? If you died, you'd just go to Soul Society, I guess.
6(2b): Hohhh...so you've finally become able to say it...

1(2b): Like you'd actually die from falling only two stories. Because of you, I'm seeing weird dreams now, so just fall already and apologize once and for all.
2: Wahhhhhhh!! Wahhhhhhh!! Stop, I'll fall!! I'll really fall!!
3(2b): Weird dreams? What kind?
4(2b): ...how did it go again? As soon as I mentioned it, I forgot it.

side: Days he's dreamed of Days that were like dreams

1: So
2: How much will it be?
3: ...5...
4: 5000 yen...
5: 5000 yen a week?! That's ridiculous! Next!!
6: Yes, sir!
7: Soccer Club Vice-President, Satoda at your service! I would like to borrow some of your strength, Kurosaki-senpai...
8: Fine, whatever, just tell me the time period and the price.
9: Ichigo--...
10: Hm?

1(2b): He's in the middle of his business negotiations right now. It'll only be a little longer.
2(2b): Ah. I see. Did the basketball club's rental period end?
3: Aww, man...now Ichigo won't hang out with me anymore...
4: You make it seem like you're getting him to hang out with you somehow.
5: I-I-I-I-I am getting him to!
6:I mean, it's not like I'm so bored that I often go to where Ichigo works and annoy him!!
7: OK, OK.
8: Was Ichigo always this concerned about money?
9: I would like to have you become our goalkeeper!
10: Seems to me like Chad would be a better goalkeeper...
11: Sado-senpai told us that he has a job that pays better!!
12(2b): Isn't he just trying to save up money? So he can live alone once he graduates.
13: Ehhh?! You mean he's leaving home?
14: Well, I don't know for sure, but...

1: Either way, it doesn't seem like Ichigo's father is the type to give him money to do what he wants.
2: I think it's a good idea for him to save up money now.
3: Ahhhh--...
4: You may have a poi
5: Thank you very much!!
6: Yay!
7: Alright! Time to go tell the president!
8(2b): So you decided on the soccer club? For how much?
9: That's a secret.
10: From when?
11: Today!

1: Huh?!
2: What happened to basketball?
3(small): Wah, Arisawa-senpai!
4(2b): My job with them ended last week. What about YOUR club?
5: I have a part-time job.
6: Didn't I tell you? I started working as an assistant instructor at the dojo last week.

1(2b): You, an assistant instructor...? Good thing I stopped going there. I would hate to have to call you sensei.
2: How about I force you to call me that right now...?
3: foonnnn foo foon foo-foooo-foo fooooo
4: foonnnnn foo foo-foo-foo-foo foooooon
5: It's Inoue-senpai...
6(2b): She's amazing...like an idol...when I was her, I thought "Man am I glad I entered this high school!"
7: I managed to snap a picture of her face with my cell phone a while back.
8: Seriously!? Send it to me!!
9: Hm?
10: Yayah!

1: Kurosaki-kuuuuuuuun!!
2: Tatsuki-chaaaaaaan!!
3: Yo, Inoue...
4: Teih!
5: That's dangerous, stupid!! You'll fall!!
6: I can see your panties!!

1: Oww!!
2: Well that's what you get! Next time you do something that dangerous, I'll hit you even harder!!
3(2b): Harder than just now?! My head will break open!!
4(2b): You don't have to get that mad. She didn't get hurt, after all.
5: Shut up! I have no reason to be lectured about Orihime's education from YOU!!
6: I'm not lecturing you! I'm just saying you're being too cruel!!
8: U...ummm!
9: I have something to discuss with you two!
10: Discuss?
11: Um...
12: The truth is...

1: There's this song called the "Wahaha Song" that I've made into the theme song of my life, sung by an entertainer who's sometimes in the perfect position, and I always sing it using do-re-mi and cheer him on, but...
2: What do you mean by "perfect position?"
3: The truth is, lately, I've only been humming it!
4: Isn't that a good thing?
5: Why do you think that is?!
6: Because you've matured.
8: Woahhhh?!
9: How are you doing that?! Your eyes look like 3s!!
10: Orihime's really gotten better at face gags...
11: The correct answer is:
12: because I can't decide whether to make the "Do" Dokuro-dan (Skull gang) or "Doburoku" (Unrefined sake)!!
words on left side: chocolate
13: Which one do you think is better?
14: Either one!
15: Ah!
16: Oh yeah! I don't have time to be doing this!

1: What's wrong, Tatsuki-chan?
2(2b): Work! You have to go to work too, right Orihime? Hurry up and go home!
3: Must be tough. Work hard.
4: You sure are acting like this has nothing to do with you. Did YOU remember to call in to work?
5: Your manager really chewed you out when you forgot last time, remember?!
6: Don't expect me to come save you when you forget to call and something happens!
7(2b): Kurosaki-senpaaaai!! We're about to practice, so please join in!
8: Kurosaki-senpa...
9: Huh?

2(2b): Do you have any idea what you're saying?! You took off all last week, and only came in for a single day! And now you want to take another whole week off?!
3: No, don't you see, I'm saying sorry...
4: You think I'll just say OK to everything as long as you apologize?!
5: Just come in today, or you're fired, alright?!
6(2b): Seriously? Alright, then I guess I got no choice.
7: EH?!
8: No, no...hey, what are you talking about? Ichigo-chan...
9: I'm just saying that I guess a flighty guy like me has no choice but to get fired.
10(2b): I'm really sorry. Thanks for everything all this long while.
11: It hasn't been long! Only half a year!! The fun of a 'jack-of-all-trades' shop is just about to begin!!

1: Our adventure is still going to continu
2: bsh
3: kacha
4: Thank you very much for reading.
5: Kyaaaaaaaaah!!!

1: Is there a guy
2: named Kurosaki at this school?!
3: Come on out!!
4: What the? What time period are those guys from?
5: I don't know anyone that old-fashioned...
6: He broke seven of my boy's teeth!!
7(2b): Seven, dog! Are you nuts?! The norm is like, one or two!!
8: Ahhh...
9: I get it.

1: Anyway, Kurosaki! Until you get out here!!
2: We of Miyakou are sealing off this gate!!
3: Hey, you!
4(2b): Would you cut out that anachronistic charade? Can't you see you're causing problems for everyone?
5(3b): No, you're actually rather smart for a friend of Kurosaki's. You can understand what I'm saying, can't you?
6(2b): Now, hurry up and leave.
7: Whaaaaat?!
8(2b): Who the hell are you?! Are you Kurosaki?!
9: ...what did you say?

1: H...how dare you?!
2: You lookin' down on us?!
3: That's my line...
4: Didn't you get a good look at my face...?
5: Exactly how do I resemble Kurosaki?

1: Who's this four-eyes...?!
2(2b): Allow me to take back my previous remark. You are not free to leave.
3(2b): No, don't expect that a single one of you will be able to.
4: ...that idiot!
5: Don't make this scuffle any bigger!!
side: Everyday life crumbles down!! Who does this ominous shadow belong to...?!

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