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Fairy Tail Special : 5

~Welcome to Natsu's House!~

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 21, 2010 15:23 | Go to Fairy Tail

*Only for use by Mangastream.

box at top: Extra Story
text a top: ~Welcome to Natsu's house!~
side text: Customary of our Mag Specials, here is an extra Fairy Tail chapter!! This time Natsu's house is revealed for the first time!!
slanted text at bottom: In a relaxing moment...there should always be someone beside you!!
box at bottom:
All of Mashima's Works Selling with High Praise!
*RAVE (35 Volumes (18 Bunko Editions))
*Short Story Collection (Mashima-en) [1][2]
*[Monster Hunter Orage] 4 Volumes
*[Monster Soul] 2 Volumes
*[Plue's Dog Diary] 3 Volumes

What this story is about-
In this world, there are many mage guilds where mages can go to take on various jobs! Among them, Fairy Tail is a very busy guild that overdoes just about everything(?)! Fun things, dangerous (?) things...something's sure to happen today as well...?!
1: Phewwww, finally finished!
2: Aye!
3: That was a fun job for once.
4: Yeah!
5: What should we eat today, Happy?
6: Fiiiiish!!!
side: Lucy tracks Natsu and Happy, as if she's waiting to make some kind of counterattack! But why...?!
7: I found it!!!!
8: I finally found it!!
bottom text: ~Extra Story: Welcome to Natsu's house!!~

1: Natsu and Happy's house!!!
2: They've embarrassed me so many times up until now...

1: Looks like the time for revenge has come!
2: Nooow, how should I go about it?
3: The next day
4: Looks like they still aren't back yet.
5: This is my chaaaance!!!
6: And the door's even open.

1: My roooooooooom!!!!
2: That'd be hilarious <3
3: Eh...?
4: this...?

1: Gross!!!!
2: They're actually living in this squalor?

1: It's such a mess!
2: Hm?
3: Are these all the jobs he's done so far?
4: Ah!

box says what the note does
1: Fake Salamander's signature
2: Rubble from the Meeting Hall
3: A souvenir from Garuna Island!!
4: Lucy's maid outfift
5: They're...taking surprisingly good care of items that hold memories...

1: Alright!!
2: I guess I'll do some cleaning before they get home then.
3: Wait...
4: They still aren't back yet?
5: Just when I thought I could finally surprise them! What are they doing?!?!

1: I feel so empty...
2: Does waiting for someone to come home
3: always feel this lonely!!?
4: I'm leaving.

1: So they WERE in my room after all!!!!
2: Lucy...come home already...
3: scratch scratch
4: Aye...
5: But...
6: I guess this is a good thing to do once in a while.
7: Haaaah...
8: No matter how much time passes, everything's still synced up to their pace.
side: The boys can stay selfish!! She can forgive it!! This is what you'd call a comfortable relationship <3

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