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Billy Bat 40

Heat of the Night

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 11, 2010 01:52 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 40


tl by molokidan

Chapter 40 - Heat of the Night

1: Are you the sheriff?
2: Just a minute ago, on the edge of town, there was a murder...
3: W...wait a moment.
4: Huh?
5: Hey, Jesse.
6: Y...yes, sir...
7: Is this your girlfriend?

1: Ah...y-yes...
2: Just listen!! There were a bunch of hooded white men burning a colored...
3: Th...that's enough, Diane...OK?
4: Mmmmphhh!!
5: E...excuse us.

1: What's your problem, Tony?!
2: Tell the sheriff everything you saw!!
3: He looks just like him...
4: Huh?
5: The man who motioned for them to burn that colored man
6: looks just like the sheriff!!
7: Impossible...
8: How could a sheriff do something like that...

1: Be quiet...!!
2: Everyone in this town looks like people who were at that bonfire...!!
3: What are you talking about, Tony? Get a hold of yourself!
4: You're the only witness here, so...
5: Y...yeah...
6: I know, I know.
7: I know, so that's why I think it's dangerous.
8: Wha...?!
9: This isn't something we can take care of ourselves!!
10: Tony!!
11: For now we have to get out of here...
12-13: sputter

1: Wh...what the...?
2: sputter
3: No way!! C'mon, engine!!
4-5: sputter...
6: What's wrong?
7: The engine...
8: Ahhhhhh!!
9: Someone did this...!!

1: Someone made it so that we can't escape!!

Chapter 40 - Heat of the Night

1: I can't tell what's wrong...but I can pull it over to a repairman friend of mine for you.
2: I've heard stories about those men in white hoods before.
3: Then...
4: what Tony saw has been happening for a while...?
5: I don't know...
6: But the whites around here hate negroes.

1: Around these parts, whites and negroes being on equal ground is still a dream within a dream.
2: And a white and negro couple like you walking around is just unthinkable.
3: That's why everyone was staring.
4: Ah, it's the distributor that's the problem here.
5: click click
6: I won't be able to fix it 'til noon tomorrow.

1: Tomorrow?! Can't you do anything now? I'll pay you extra!!
2: No matter how much ya pay me, I can't do what I can't do.
3: The parts shop don't open 'till morning.
4: But please, there must be something...!!
5: Umm...
6: Hey, you're the missus from Davis' place, right? What you doin' out so late?
7: Have you seen my husband?
8: He said he was going to look at the horses, and hasn't come home.

1: He ain't just out hittin' the bottle?
2: He don't drink no more.
3: Yeah, well, even if a man stops hittin' the bottle, every once in a while he'll wanna...
4: Weird things been happenin' lately...
5: Weird things?
6: I'm uneducated, so I don't understand much...
7: But there have been a lotta messy letters sent to us.
8: And rocks thrown through our windows.
9: It's all 'cuz, you know
10: he started readin' those books.

1: Books?
2: You know, like Reverend King's books...
3: Ever since then, he's never stopped talkin' about Civil Rights movement this, Civil Rights movement that...
4: In any case...I don't think standing out here in the night wind will be good for either of us...
5: Ahh...mmm...
6: Please get in, everyone. I'll take y'all home.
7: Take us...where?
8: For the time being, you two should come to my house...

1: It's alright. Your husband will come home fine, just try to get some rest.
2: vrooom
3: Even if something had happened to her husband...
4: there's no way it'd become a case...
5: Things like this happen all the time.

1: This is my wife, Sheila.
2: Sorry to barge in in the middle of the night.
3: Naw, we gotta help each other out when we need it, right?
4: The sheriff asked me if you were my girlfriend, and I didn't deny it, right?
5(2b): He would never accept this. A white and negro couple...
6: If he knew there was a white man out there like that, he'd treat you just like he does us negroes...

1: Anyway, as soon as the car is fixed tomorrow, I want to get out of here.
2: Tony!!
3: N...no, just listen. I'm not running.
4: Once we get to Dallas, I'm going to tell the Vice-Presidential candidate Mr. Johnson about this.
5: He's the main driving force behind the Civil Rights movement, so I'm sure he'll do something!!

1: Is there any other way?
2: If you have any ideas, please let me know.
3: This isn't something we can handle by ourselves!!
4: And on top of that, they saw my face...
5: rustle...

1: Ah....ah...
2: What's wrong?!
3: J...just now, there was a white hood outside...!!
4: Really?!
5: I just saw a flash, so I'm not sure, but...!!
6: We don't have time to go meet with Johnson.
7: Is there anyone in this town who can replace him?
8: Huh?
9: Is there anyone among the whites who will side with the negroes?

1: Maybe Mr. Ronald...
2: He's a town councilman who also runs a diner. Mr. Ronnie Burns...
3: And he doesn't discriminate?
4: Comparatively so...
5: He should understand what we're saying...
6: Okay. Take me to his house.
7: No!!
8: You stay here!!
9: Leave this to me.
10: You have our precious child in your stomach.

1: bz-bzzt...
2: Huh...? The lights are all on but there's no one in here?
3: Let's wait here for a while...

1: rustle...
2: The sheriff...!!
3: What?!
4: creak...
5: Hey, Jesse.
6: And the guy from before...
7: What are you loafing around here for?
8: Where's Ronnie?
9: He seems to be out now...sir...

1: Hmmmm...
2: Ohh, sorry about that. I had to step out for a bit.
3: Well I'll be...isn't this a coincidence.
4: Thanks for giving me a ride back there.

1: Ohh, you know this fellow, Ronnie?
2: He picked me up when I was hitchhiking. Really helped me out.
3: Ronnie and I go way back.
4: He's also the one who made me into a sheriff.
5: Want something to drink?
6: S....sure...w...water...

1: clack
2: Hey, did you hear? This boy's wife is a nigger.
3: And she's got a baby in her tummy...
4: Hrrmm.
5: bffh
6: cough, cough, cough
7: Ahh...!!
8: cough, cough
9: What?!

1: Ronnie was the man who took you to the bonfire...?!
2: cough, cough
3: Oh my God...
4: If only I would have known...
5: It...it's fine...
6: Th...there's nothing you could have done.
7: There's nothing any of us can do...
8: stagger...
9: It's no use...

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