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D.Gray-Man 202

A Changing World

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 1, 2011 01:53 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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tl by molokidan

top: 20,000,000 volumes sold commemoration center color
top left text: Flickering in the moonlight are the fated exorcists
The 202nd Night - A Changing World

This page is an advertisement for the first DGM character popularity poll since it moved to Jump SQ. All that's written next to the characters are their names. If you really want me to translate them I will, but I'm not really sure of the official romanizations. I'm sure a fan would be able to know who's who just by looking at their faces.

slanted: After the battle...the Noah are...?!
1: Where is the Earl?

1: He was doing nothing but crying until just a minute ago.
2: I guess he was afraid of meeting the "14th."
3: Why?
4: He acted embarrassed and said "I want to be next to the "14th" <3," didn't he?
5: Makes me jealous.
6(small): What's that sexy face for?
7: I guess after being with the Earl for roughly ten years, I've come to understand his feelings.
8: Right, Road?

1(2b): We have pledged our allegiance to the Millenium Earl. That's why we follow any order, and never doubt our duties.
2: Despite that, however, we cannot completely lose our emotions.
3: And we come to want to "understand."

1: ...this doesn't look to be an invitation from the Earl,
2: but sorry to keep you waiting.
3: The Millenium Earl had a hard time getting to sleep.
4: Long time no see.
5: Is that the proper thing to say in this situation?
6: Road said you were intimate with the previous generation of Noahs until 35 years ago.
7: O
8: Old man...
9: And that he has a connection with the "14th."
10: Fuh...I see.
11: I was told by the Earl to usher in the traitorous "14th," which truly filled me with great fear.
12: What, do you want me to tell you his weakness?

1: You don't believe we'd seriously welcome him in, do you?
2: We will kill the "14th," without a doubt.
3: But we were told to "protect him from the Heart with our lives."
4: Why?
5: And in front of him, the Earl said "I want to be by his side <3" and got embarrassed!!!
6: How should I know about that?
7: I want to know all about the "14th."
8: Through a thorough search of all the Bookman logs you possess!!

1: Yeah.
2: And don't forget that "Fiddler"'s parasites are inside Jr. and Chaoji.
3: You wouldn't want to lose ANOTHER successor at that age...
4: would you?
5: bikih

1: What do you mean you can't heal him, Doctor?!
2: calm down!
3: There's no way to do it! This is a completely unknown pathogen.
4: And now that we know that Noah's involved with this, we have to be careful.
5: We'll cooperate with team 2 and give it our best...
5: But...
6: klak
7: Allen-kun
8: and Kanda...
9: Even Lavi's group...?

1: Link!
2: Just a little...a little more would have been enough...
3: I wanted you to believe in me...
4: Tokusa.
5: I'm sorry.
6: I'm really sorry...
7: Sorry...
8: Inspector Howard Link?!
9(2b): Y-yes, excuse me!
10: Your report, please.

1: How is Allen Walker's condition?
2: Will he still not cough up the location of the Third Exorcists?
3(2b): Y-you are...
4: ...gh
5: Please continue with your report, Inspector Link!

1: ...he
2: he is completely silent.

1: Over these past few days...Walker has not answered a thing during his interrogations.
2: He isn't even awake at all times...
3: Fearing that truth serum may be mixed into his food, he has accepted nothing but water.

1: That sly Satan.
2: We must make him understand his current position.
3: Even with his stomach pierced like that, he's showing no signs of breaking. We should consider using rougher methods...
4: If I may,
5: Kanda Yu died together with Alma Karma.
6: He will not return...
7: In these past days, a strange rust has covered Mugen.
8: This must be proof that it has lost its Compatible.

1(2b): Walker is merely trying to protect the will of his allies.
2(2b): If anything...if anything, we should be giving him mercy...
3: Zhu Mei Chan!
4(2b): Y, yes sir!
5: Silence.
6: gulp
all other bubbles: drip

1: Sorry to keep you waiting!
2: Rice boooooooowl!!!

1: Now eat!!!
2: It's times like these when we must eat, eat, eat, and regain our spirits!!!
3: If you have time to mope, then move your stomach!!!
4: That's what it means to be human!!
5: But how can we be hungry at a time like this?
6: Eat.

1: If you don't gain strength, you won't be able to fight.
2: And we have a lot of enemies to fight, remember?
3: C'mon!
4(2b): ...haven't you guys gotten more injuries than last time?
5: Inspector Lvellie send us to go do a direct appeal.
6: And...
7: we were beaten back by the guards there.
8: But I mean, it's too cruel for them to lock up Allen like that!!
9: That's it, eat! Let's go all out, yeah!
10: We have responsibility for him awakening, too.
11: Now it's our turn to do something.
12: Exactlyyyy!!

1: All you need to do with those hard-headed bastards is pour some hot oil into their asses!
2: Hey, come on, you're already drunk, old man?!
3: How can I go without drinking in a situation like this?!
4: Don't rely on alcohol, you idiot!
5: He requested that Allen be shown to the science division.
6: Eh...
7: If they look closely, they may be able to find a way to remove the memory of the "14th."
8: 1st Division
9: fiiiiight
10: Sit down, dammit!
11: Ohhhhh
12: Thanks to that, though, the 1st division is now a target of blame.

1: Eh...
2: Egg...?
3: This isn't funny.
4: The Noah should be executed.

1(2b): Hey! Who said that?!
2: Cut it out, old man!
3: Ummm--
4: I
5: was just passing by, but...
6(2b): Ahhh, it went all over my food, too.
7(2b): I'm sorry!! If you want, would you like to eat with us?
8: Why thank you, how considerate.
9: But I must be going now.
10(2b): I see...I'm really sorry.
11(2b): Ahhh, that's right.

1: Allen will not be executed.
2: It's alright.

1: Sorry
2: That guy...
3: Who was that?
4: Eh
4: Dunno
5: What's wrong, Tsukikami?
6: No, nothing.
7: Get down.
8(2b): Huh? Ah, yes, sir.

1(2b): Leave me alone with him for a bit. Keep watch outside.
2: yes, sir.
3: Owwwwww

1: This is Head Chef Jerry's rice gruel.
2: This one should be A-OK!
3: I had him make it so that even a cautious man like you would eat it.
4: The central office has done nothing to your food.
5: So eat!!
6: translation: Lvellie, you shithead
7(nb): He's right...
8: Link.
9: I'm sorry for attacking you back then.

1: Just when I think you were finally going to speak
2: THAT'S all you have to say?!?!
3: We were like family.
4: Having lost our parents, we grouped together and went to go beg at churches.
5: Tevak and Kiredori were still young then.
6: We just naturally
7: protected each other, together.

1: In order to survive, we were taken in by an underground organization
2: and at some point became like puppets.
3: The one who should really atone for the Third Exorcists is me.
4: I handed over the Dark Matter to the Inspector.
5: ...ahhh
6: this is really bad.

1: Hearing that now,
2: I think I could have become better friends with the Thirds.
3: Once I found out they were half-Akuma,
4: I adopted a feeling close to hatred.
5: And so...
6: There was the possibility for change had I known more,
7: Kanda or Alma might have possibly
8: survived...
9: Not knowing
10: is a frightening thing, isn't it?
11: That's right.
12: All I'm doing is hating.
13: Without even knowing anything about the "14th."

1: The "14th." The one who was Mana's younger brother.
2(2B): Why did he betray the Noah? Why does he want to become the Millenium Earl?
3: Could it be
4: that if I knew,
5: something would change?

1: Walker!!
2: Ah...
3: Link...?
4: What?
5: Suddenly...

1: Hot
2: oppressive...
3: My consciousness
4: is being taken away...

1: Don't let him sleep.
2: if you do, it'll be his end.
3: Allen will be swallowed deep within and disappear.
4: Cardinal...!
5: Why are you here...?
6: It's fine, I'm going to heal him now.

1: Everyone's worried about Allen.
2-3: hah
4: Especially
5: The "heart."
slanted: The demonic hand of the central office creeps toward Allen!

Continued in the March Issue

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