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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 413


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 13, 2011 01:12 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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*Only for use by Utopia scans.

slanted: The Boy Detective Gang is in biiig trouble.

Chapter 413 - Betrayer

side: Get the secret "Yami" data that Niijima has to the anti-"Yami" force member! But pursuers from "Yami"'s weapons group close in?
1: The number of pursuers are clearly increasing.
2(2b): I don't think we'll be able to easily dodge this like earlier. It's impossible for me to move quickly now. I'll stay here and buy us time!!
3: If that's the case, then I'll stay back too.
4(2b): Things aren't that simple. What do you mean?!
5: I bet that among them...

1: there's someone who let them know
2: about this back up disc!!
3: Whaaat?!
4: Wh-what did you say?!

1: Are you nuts? This isn't the time to be joking. Niijima!! Are you saying we have a betrayer among us?!
2: They were after Inspector Honmaki at first. That was probably because he was someone who commanded things during the Okinawa incident, so they wanted to shut him up.
3(2b): But their persistent chase that continued after that...I feel they have another motive for it.
4: What do you mean?
5: They were clued in to the existence of this back-up disc, and are trying to destroy it, I think.
6: ...so it's just your intuition.
7: There's no way there's a betrayer here...
8: We pretty much all know each other.

1: But there is one person among us who we don't know so well.
2: Unfounded suspicion like this will only invite chaos!!
3: Who could it be?
4: Whodunit?!
5: It can't be...
6: D-doesn't seem like it was her.
7: I know who it was.
8: The guilty party...

1: is him.
2: Wh-what? Impossible!!
3: That can't be!!
4: I've been an inspector for thirty straight years, and I do feel responsible for the incident this time...
5: but there's no way I would leak information to the enemy!! Please, believe me!!
6: Calm down, it isn't you.
7: What?
8: Excuse me.

1: It's this guy.
2: H-his cell phone?! Ahhh!!?
3: H-hey, that was paid for by the department!
4: Tch!
5: I knew it...there was a listening device attached to the charger that was recording endlessly.
6: Guh...I can't believe this! They put a transmitter on me while I was in the police department!!?
7: I thought it was suspicious. Inspector Honmaki, did you use that phone...
8: to contact that government person hiding in his home and tell him we were coming with the disc?
9: Gunuu!! I-I'm mortified!!
10: ...to think they were this capable...
11: they're going to wage war seriously now.

1: Errrrr ummmm, Rimi doesn't have much experience in battle, soooo...
2: Ehhhh? So all Rimi has to do is steal the diiisc?
3: If Rimi doesn't have to kill anyone, she'll manage somehow.
4: Please, this is a time when we need to be good friends with the weapons group.
5: Just think of it as your observation study suddenly turning into actual training.

1: Thanks, Atlantae. You're the most honest of my disciples.
2: Hm? No, it doesn't matter.
3: Ryuuto-kun says "I'm counting on you <3"
4(2b): If Ryuu-san praises Rimi, then she needs to try harder. Be sure to help out <3

1: Fast runners head to the house and protect the man!!
2: The ones left over should try to lure in the enemies and buy time.
3: Our goal is to get down off the mountain together with the man. In order to avoid all sorts of excessive battles.

1: The truth is, in the practice memo Master Koetsuji left me, he wrote "Definitely rest for two or three more days." Ha ha haaa
2: Ehhh?
3: That "ha ha ha" is really starting to fit all over the reckless people from Ryouzanpaku!!
4(small): deep regret
5: But if there's even one Master class present among the pursuers...
6: You'll be dead meat.
7: And if that happens, we'll have to to disband the Boys Detective Gang.
8(small): it's never actually be formed, though.
9: True...Can such flashy people stay hidden like this, though?

1: Yes, just go at it at your own pace!
2: Bodybuilding is also a very effective way to counter alzheimer's.
3: OK, now jump lightly like that.
4: OK, Fuurinji-san, now match your pace to everyone else's!
5: ...sorry.

1: How are the bumps ironing out in your family, Fuurinji-san?
2: Mm, about that...
3: It's been tough for me to contact them from my end.
4: Yes, I understand.
5: Everyone's like that.
6: Conditions constantly change, though...
7: And more importantly...
8: my young ones always mistaken the way they're supposed to train themselves.
9: They may just half-ass it to get through.
10: Ah, check.

1: Kenichi-san, don't overdo it!
2: I-it's alright !
3: Here they come!!

1: Owww!
2: Wo-woooaaahhh!!!
3: Yahh!
4: The enemy!!
5: They don't have it. Rimi will go bring it back.
6: What?!
7: What was that...who just passed through here?!

1: Didn't you notice?
2: She groped around a bit before she went through!!
3: Ehh?
4: Ahh!
5: Regardless of the fact that I felt no murderous intent....
6: How could someone touch my body so easily?!

1: What frightening speed!!
slanted: She's after the data Niijima has!! The goth loli girl Rimi charges!!

Next: Issue 8

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