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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fairy Tail 218

"Fire Dragon vs. Fire God"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 15, 2011 15:13 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 218 - "Fire Dragon vs. Fire God"

slanted right: The Three Miss Fairy Tails!!!
slanted left: Their stares are their strongest traits <3

1: uoooooohhhhh!!!!
2: Uheee
3: Is this how strong Dragonslayers are?
4: Raaaahhh!!!!
5: Natsu-san!!
6: Godslayer my ass!!!
7: You say God taught that to you!!?

1: Since Master Hades could possibly be called a God,
2: this is indeed the lost magic I received from "God!"
3: Hah! So you just learned it from some "human!"
4: I learned mine from a REAL dragon!!!!
5: Dragonslayer Magic!!!!
6: Fire Dragon's...
7: Fire God's...

1: Brilliant Flame!!!!
2: Uwahhh
3: What force!!
4: Incredible heat!!
5: The power of God and Dragons are going to clash?!
6: Ohhhh...

1: Kagutsuchi!!!! (*a fire god deity of Japan who burned his mother to death when she gave birth to him)
2: Uheeheehee
3: Kuh

1: Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
2: Natsu was pushed back?!
3: You're really starting to piss me off!!
4: Damn cats!!!
5: Uwahhh
6: Kyaaa
7: Wendy!
8: Guh

1: You jerk!
2: Fire Dragon's Roar!!!!
3: Did you know that it was God who gave humans the knowledge of fire?
4: It was neither a human nor dragon who created fire.

1: It was God!!!!!
2: Eeee!!?
3: That...can't...be...

1(2b): Those were some tasty flames. They were wild ones, ones that will never die out.
2(2b): But although you may have the strength to kill a dragon, you cannot kill a God.
3: This is Grimoire Heart's magic!!!!
4: Fire God's Bellow!!!!!

1: Guaaaahhhh
2: Na...tsu...
3: Natsuuuuuu!!!!

1: Uhahahahahahah
2: Auuu
3: Kuh

1: Guh
2: Gah
3: This guy...
4: He's taking all four of us on...
5: So strong...
6: Uu...
7: Uguh...
8: That bastard...
9: It's been a while...since I've thought of flames as being too hot...

1: Nnn!
2: This smell...
Mashima's Musings[1] While being around me got put down due to colds, somehow I managed to survive without getting one! ...saying this to everyone now seems like it'd be foreshadowing of me actually catching one.
3: Grandpa!!!
4: Hey...you've gotta be kidding me...
5: Grandpa!! You alright!!?

Mashima's Musings[2] I finally started watching the final season of "24." Makes me sad thinking this is the last.
1: Natsu...?
2(2b): Uu! Cough cough
3: Grandpa!! Dammit...!! Your wounds look horrible!!!
4: Just wait!! I'll take you to Wendy!!! No...maybe it'd be bad for you to move now?!
5: I can't believe this...!! Who did this?!?!
6: Natsu...
7: Listen...carefully...
8(2b): We have no hope...of winning this battle.
9: Wh...what are you saying, grandpa?!?!
10: Who...gave you...those wounds...

1(2b, flashback): My power is on a completely different level than yours -- I'm a godkiller.
2: Th...this isn't anything to worry about!!! I'm definitely going to win next time!!!!
3: Please...natsu...
4: Take everyone...and run away...
5: Don't say that!!!! What will happen to the S-rank exam?!?! You're the Master of Fairy Tail, aren't you?!?!
6: Don't say we can't win!!!!
7(2b): There are times...when one must step down...
8: I...
9: Uheehee

1(2b): You got whupped by Master Hades, didn't you? Didncha? Makarov...
2: Uheeheehee
3: You...!!
4: Master Hades?
5(2b): Stop...Natsu...you're no match for him.
6: What do you mean I'm no match for him...
7: Fear...!!?
8: Natsu, of all people...?!
9: What's wrong, Dragonslayer? There's sweat rolling down your whole body.

1: Fear is not "evil."
2: It means knowing your own weakness.
3: This is...
4: fear...!!?
5: Natsu...
6: Uhahahaha!!!! That's right!!!! That's fear!!!!
7: When faced with an absolute being right before their very eyes, people fear, shudder, and can do nothing but freeze!!!!

1: You've done enough...now run...
2: No.
3: It's true that this is fear...
4: But it's a different fear from what Gildartz was talking about.
5: Huh?

1: These shivers
2: are coming from the fear that whoever did this to grandpa
3: flex, pop
4: might be finished off by someone other than me.

1: I will defeat Master Hades with my own hands!!!!
2: And I will never forgive any of you!!!!

TBC in Chapter 219 - "Dragon God's Brilliant Flame"

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