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Kekkaishi 337


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2011 06:59 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 337

*Only for use by MC.

tl by molokidan

1: Tatsuki-san.
2: I'm not even a member of the Shadow Organization, so I shouldn't care, but...
3: Once the Commander dies, won't the truth of this incident fade away into vagaries?
4: The Commander has a woman recording information at his side.
5: Recording information...
6: With a modified head and set of eyes, she's been compiling records of the Shadow Organization since its founding.
7: Since its founding...?
side: The battle comes to a close, and the only remaining enemy is the Commander, but...

1: I think I know who she is.
2: She's probably someone from the same place as me.
3: The Ryusen Boundary is a place where people with ayakashi in their blood like me are often born...
4: There are records from a very long time ago written in that book.
5: Which means that this woman--
6: has been alive for 800 years.
side: Suigetsu committed an act of betrayal, but...?!
Chapter 337 - Message

1: What a stimulating appearance, Suigetsu.
2: It's just like when we first met, don't you think?
3: Where is Tsukihisa-sama?
4: Dead.

1: Then has this...
2: appeased you?
3: Why did you betray me at the end?
4: You hid yourself because Tsukihisa asked you to, right?
5: In order to stop you.
6: Hah...
7: You've been his wife for a far longer time than you've been with me, I suppose.

1: I...!
2: have returned to you now, haven't I?!
3: I intended to stay with you until the end, solely for the sake of getting revenge on Tsukihisa-sama!
4: If you don't want to be betrayed...
5(2b): Then you shouldn't keep me in all this suffering...just use all that power of yours to fully control me as you wish!!
6: I...
7(2b): I...figured that if you ran halfway through...
8: That I'd just stop the revenge altogether.

1: Eh...?
2(2b): Regardless of the fact...that your actions are not of your own will, I can't forgive you...
3: Tsukihisa's treatment of you was horrible, though, wasn't it...?
4: Going as far as modifying your body...
5: He used you so much, abused you...
6: Could it be...
7: that the revenge was for me...?
8: You fool...!!

1: What...what idiocy...
2: When did I ever say that I wanted...
3: Th...
4: Thank you.
5: I haven't forgiven what you two have done.
6: Brother!

1: Haruka...
2: Are you wounded?!
3: Does it hurt?!
4: You're OK, right?!
5: I know you'll be better in no time!!
6: This child has a spirit reservoir...
7: She's healing his wounds...?!
8: What should I do...maybe it's best to move her away from him...
9: Who's this...?

1: Why...
2: did you show me that thing back there...
3: What I sent then...
4: was a message from Michiru to you.
5: Sorry for getting you involved, Kakeru.
6: I've always lived for no one but myself.
7: I was a chosen human, and I believed that my sole mission was to complete a new type of spellcaster...
8: And I was prepared to do anything to accomplish it. I felt I could forgive myself for anything.

1: The reason I picked you up...
2: was because I originally planned to use you as that kind of tool.
3: Until that point, I looked as others as nothing but potential tools..
4: But when I saw...the King's utterly battered body...
5: For the first time, I felt...
6: that I had to do something for this person--from the bottom of my heart.
7: Now that I think back...
8: When the King first met me, he was a person who possessed a proper heart.
9: Mm...

1(2b): King...u-umm...
2: Still wandering about...
3: You can't sleep in such a place.
4: You're still a child, so don't overdo it.
5: Recklessly hurting your mind and body during your growth will bring you misfortune later.
6: I worked a surprising amount to save the King.
7: I didn't even mind if I was being used as a result.
8: But gradually...
9: I came to realize that I was decisively powerless.
10: And then all of a sudden, I, who had previously believed myself to be a chosen human...
11: who had chosen actions believing she would be forgiven for them, suddenly realized just what a vicious person she was.

1: Kakeru, I did horrible things to you too.
2: I'm not an amazing person or whatever you may think I am.
3: Therefore, I must receive punishment...for the sins I committed--
4: Even I...knew I was being used as a tool...
5(2b): But still...
6: You're the first person who ever said they needed me, Michiru!!

1: Why do you have to die?!
2(2b): It's all...it's all your fault!!
3: Yeah...
4: You're right.
5: Because Michiru...
6: cared for you!!
7(2b): She wanted to save you more than anyone! It was all for you, don't you see?!
8: I know you understood!!
9(2b): You understood...it all, and yet...!!

1: Ahhh...
2: How can I arrange flowers...
3: as beautifully as Michiru?
4: You read all these books, haven't you, Michiru?!
5: I'm going to learn all the spells you made!
6: So teach me them all!!
7: All I had...
8: was Michiru, and yet...
9(2b): And yet...Michiru...
10: Michiruuuuu

1: Do you understand how many humans you have brought misfortune to?
2: I'm moving you to the HQ.
3: You will explain everything and receive judgment.
4: Judgment...
5: Michiru...
6: I can't do anything with you...
7: I used up all my power through spells...
8: And through that, I came to forget...the feelings of hate I bore toward this whole world...
9: I've lost...
10: everything.

1: What?!
2: She activated...
3: a spell?!
4: Fufu...
5: It's the beginning...
6: the beginning of the end of the wooooorld...

bottom: The most evil spell vs. Mahora-sama?!
TBC in #10

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#1. by manojuchiha ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2011
Thanks, i think i will be able to clean and typeset it today
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