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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fairy Tail 221

The Ultimate Magic World

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 6, 2011 01:24 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 221

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 221 - The Ultimate Magic World
slanted right: Always a team, working well together!!
slanted left: The "heart" knows the reason for their smiles!!

black: The threat of demons who prey on fairies!! A battle with the fate of FT
resting on it...are things riding on a melody headed toward despair...?!
1(2b): Haa haa
2(2b): haa haa
3: You alright? Wendy?
4(2b): I'm fine...but why...isn't my healing magic working!!?
5: It looked like Master's wounds were too deep...with these wounds, no matter
how much Sky magic you use...
6: I don't know about Natsu. Something must be interfering with the healing...
7: Natsu...
8: Master...

1: Wendy...?
2: Master!!
3: So...you...found...us...
4(2b): I'm...fine...uuh
5: Take care...of Natsu...
6: No!!! No way!!! I'm going to help you!!!
7: I will help you both no matter what!!!!
8: Natsu's...muffler...
9: Can you...revert...it...?
10: The evil staining that muffler...
11: is...interfering with Natsu's healing...
12: I'll do it!!!
13: That creepy guy with black hair got him...
14: Could that man be...

1: The man Grimoire Heart is searching for...
2: Zeref!!?
3: Zeref...!!
4: After searching for so long...
5: Zeref is finally...

1: right before my eyes...
2: What you want
3: is my power?
4: Your entire existence,
5: my lord.
6: I have no intention of doing anything in this period.
7: I don't want to see wars or people dying.

1: Stop attacking this island and leave at once.
2: I'm...
3: angry.

1: Hiiee
2: Nuohhh

1: What is this monster?!
2: You're one to talk!!
3: My guardian saint beast, Belcusas the Thunderclap.
4: He has two separate names?!
5: Fairy Machinegun: Lebrechaun!!!!
6: It didn't work?!
7: Hie

1: Nuooooohhhh!!!!
2: What are you doing?!?
3: Just petrify it!!
4: I can't on things that aren't human!!
5: You idiot!! Petrify the controller!! That guy!!
6: He has glases on!! I can't!!
7: You're useless!!!
8: You wanna get petrified first?!
9: When those who are in love disagree...
10: We aren't in love!!!!

1: Stop that thing!!!
2: Evergreen!
3: I know what his magic really is!!!
4: It's summon magic just like Lucy's!!!!
5: The weakness of those who use summon magic is obvious:
6: they themselves are weak!!!!
7: achoo
8: I am the king of the underworld. This arm cuts through everything with a
deep black blade.

1: Disappear to the edge of darkness.
2: Kyaaaaaaa
3: Evergreen!!
4: Kuaaaahhh!!!

1: Kuh...
2: Wh...what kind of magic is that...
3: Teaching such things to trash would only cause confusion,
4: trash.
5: What'd you say!!?
6: Magic that has gotten too near to the abyss of the magical arts.
7: Therefore, this magic has powerful side-effects...
8: What a catastrophic destiny.

1: But...when we acquire Zeref,
2: this tragedy will end, and a new age of magic will come.
3: That's that one guy...
4: Zeref...?!
5: That...legendary black mage...?! That man...!!?
6: No...right now...Zeref's on...this island!!?

1: The ultimate magic world.
2: The true world of "magic," where chaos and darkness rule.
3: Those who do not possess magic cannot survive.
4(2b): No, even if they did, they would only be in hell.
5: Doesn't it sound wonderful!!? A world just for us!!!
6: Trash who can't use magic cannot exist!!!!

1: When Zeref becomes the king of this world
2: The ultimate magic world will be complete.

1(2b): Those without magic will be annihilated!!!! It will be a paradise only
for mages!!!!
2(2b): I've been waiting for this time to come!!!! Forever waiting!!!!
3: I...impossible...
4: There's...no way...
5: something like that would exist!!!!

[Mashima's Musing] I went to a new year's party held by my childhood rival.
I...I really need to start a new serialization. It'll take some time to
prepare, though.
1-2(2b): haa haa
3: Ah...
4: uah...
5: You may be a legendary black mage...
6: But in your "sleeping state," you're nothing.

1: Don't underestimate the eldest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory!
2: Gah...
3: Guhah
4: It's fine, Lord Zeref.
5: We have the key that will wake you up.
6: Sto...

1: I got him...
2: Kukuku...
3: I got Zereeeeeeeef!!!!
slanted: The crimson sky shines, as if to celebrate the darkness coming to

TBC in Chapter 222 - Arc of Embodiment

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