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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 113


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 12, 2011 03:01 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 113


tl by molokidan

1: It's been exactly four years now since we graduated from college, huh?
2: After graduation, we didn't see each other for a while, did we?
3: Yeah, I really regretted not being able to talk to you that much during the ceremony.
4: But I'm glad we were able to get together again.
5: Heheh!
6: I love Aikawa-san.
7: And I'm going to tell her about my feelings today.
8: Before that, though, there's something I have to confess to her.
9: I was surprised, though...you called me up and said you wanted to talk so suddenly.
10: And that is

1: the fact that I am Crauser II!
2: I wanted to tell you up close, in person.

1: OK.
2: I made sure to bring my costume, too.
3: Today, I will appear in front of Aikawa-san as Crauser, apologize,
4: and then, if I can get her to forgive me, I'll confess my feelings...
5: I've done nothing but the worst to her up until now...
6: I can't even begin to count them all...
7: This is the lower half of a bitch pig!
8: Spin, spin, spin!
9: This is my "monster from the valley!"
10: I'm going to make her happy enough to forget all the times I hurt her.
11: Something's different about Negishi-kun today...

1: Could that thing he wants to tell me be...
2: Wanna get some tea somewhere?
3: If I just suddenly turned into Crauser II at a venue, though, that'd just scare her.
4: Ummm, let's go in here.
5: I should get her to take in metal gradually...
6: Oh hey, there's a shop there!
7: A-Aikawa-san, wanna go in here?!
8: Eh?
sign: Sons of Satan
9: T-that shop looks kinda scary...
10: Eh?
11: But it looks like it's the only place around here!
12: And sometimes place like these are surprisingly good.

1: Welcome, Negishi!
2: Ehh?
3: And sometimes they're surprisingly easy to grow accustomed to!
4: I wonder what she's thinking...if she starts to hate me here...
5: I-I guess you didn't want to come in here, huh?
6: N-no.
7: I don't really like this kind of atmosphere, but
8: Uuuu, I knew it!
9: as long as I'm with you, Negishi-kun, I'm fine.
10: Eh?
11: We've been friends for a long time, but I'm surprised by how much I still don't know about you.
12: W-well, of course! There are parts of me I haven't shown you yet!
13: You might hate me if I showed you everything!
14: Ehhh?

1: I'd never hate you, Negishi-kun.
2: T-this is
3: Aikawa-san...you really like me that much...?
4: Haha! Well that's easier said than done.
5: No, wait! I can't let my guard down yet!
6: I'm serious!
7: I need to watch her...a little more...
8: Oh yeah. Will you come shopping with me after this?
9: OK.
10: I always wanted to choose something with you, Aikawa-san.
11: Oh, clothes?
12: Aikawa-san...
13: We're here!
14: This is the music I play...

1: Metal!!
sign: Adult Toys
Super thick GONBUTO
A wide selection of vibrators
2: Ehh?!
3: Wh...what do you think?
4: I-I'm sure they have your size, Aikawa-san...
5: Will she be able to accept all this metal-esque talk?
6: Judging from your face, it looks like you already want something...
7: No, this is horrible! I shouldn't force her!
8: It's like a dutch wife's face...
9: Ahh, you hate me now, don't you?!
10: Just say you hate me!
11: I'm too horrible, huh? You must hate me!
12: That's not true.

1: Negishi-kun is Negishi-kun.
2: Let's go in.
3: Aikawa-san!
4: It's alright!
5: Come with me!!
6: Eh?
7: She understands who I am...
8: I'm sure...
9: She'll understand Crauser too...
10: Aikawa-san, the truth is, I love you.

1: A concert hall...
2: He said to wait in the audience area...
3: Something's really weird about him today.
4: Maybe he got too nervous and panicked...
5: He reserved an entire concert hall for me.
6: Maybe he's going to confess his feelings or something on stage...
7: If that really happens, then
8: Eh?
9: Wh...
10: Why...

1: I am Negishi Souichi.

1: Aikawa-san.
2: I'm sorry about everything up until now...
2: This is the "me" you never knew about.
3: Will you forgive me?

1: Why are you here?!
2: Where's Negishi-kun?! Where did he go?!
3: Ehh?!
4: No, you see, I'm Negishi...
5: Don't come near me!
6: Negishi-kun doesn't have such a raspy voice!
7: O-oh no!
8: Wait!
9: Nooo!
10: W-what about my confession?!
11: I-I know you must be shocked,
12: Wait!
13: Where's Negishi-kun?!
14: Uuuuu, if I don't confess quick,
15: my feelings won't
16: You understand now, don't you?
17: Nooooo!
18: Aikawa-san!

1: Please go out with me!
2: I've liked you for so long.

1: I'm sorry.
2: B-but
3: Wh...why?
4: What do you mean why?
5: Don't you remember all the things you've done to me up until now?!
6: No...I'm sorry for all of that...that's why
7: I guess she couldn't accept this after all?
8: And I...
9: already like someone else...
10: Ehh?

1: I've liked him since we were in college together...
2: And I want to stay with him forever...
3: Th-this woman
4: like someone other than me?!
5: We've been friends for a long time...
6: He's nice...he does some weird things once in a while, but it's cute...
7: S-silence!
8: Yet...she did all those things to make me think she liked me...
9: When I'm with him it's fun, and I can be myself.
10: Silence...silence!
11: The music he plays is honest, too...I'm a fan of him as a person.
12: That's why I'm going to cheer him on for the rest of his life, even if his music isn't a success.

1: There are still things I don't know about him...but I...
2: Silence silence silence...
3: I feel that I can offer everything I have to him...
4: Even today, Negishi
5: Silence, SILENCE!
6: Kyaaa
7: That's why I can't go out with you!
8: Right here and now, I'm gonna show you
9: Kyaa

1: a part of me you've never seen before!
2: Nmmmohhh
3: Buhehh
4: Something small just went into my mouth!
5: Something tiny!
6: Hyahhaaaaaaa!

1: My band is Detroit Metal City!
2: I'm a terrorist from Hell!
3: Yesterday I raped my mom!! Tomorrow I'm gonna carve up my dad!!
4: I'm Crauser II, guitar and vocals.
5: Satsugai, satsugai!
6-8: Satsugai!
9: We're a demonic death metal band who's gained overwhelming popularity in the indies scene.
10: Crauser-san!
11: And then I'll kill you in hell again!
12: Jagi-sama!
13: DMC
Dressing Room
14: But under the makeup...

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