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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 222

"Arc of Embodiment"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 13, 2011 01:07 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 222 - "Arc of Embodiment"
slanted: Everyone...you'll follow us, won't you?!

slanted: The worst, direst emergency in the history of FT?!
The Black Mage Zeref falls into the hands of Grimoire Heart!!
1: Zeref...
2: You're mine now.
3(2b): I won't hand you over to anyone. I'm going to make you the King of this world.
4: For the sake of the Ultimate Magic World...

1(2b): Erase those without magic, and create a world exclusively for mages?
2: Fuck that!
3: Mages only make up 10% of this world.
4: The other 90% can't use any magic at all!

1: That's right.
2: And that 90% will not be allowed to live in the Ultimate Magic World.
3: You think we're gonna let you do something like that?!
4: But are they really necessary? Humans that cannot use magic are the same as candles that cannot burn. They're useless.
5: It's because people support each other
6: that this world exists!!!!
7: Support each other? Are you talking about your guild...?
8: That's your ego talking. All you people are really doing is devouring riches from the powerless.
9: No!! We need to support each other!
10: We mages give them power, and the commoners reward us!

1(2b): That accumulation of trust is what constructs this world...and it's how Guilds are born!
2: snicker...
3: Don't you laugh at my guild!
4: Don't you disgrace we mages, who are struggling desperately to survive!!!!
5: To be honest...
6: I can't understand you people.

1: You can't get near the abyss of magic...
2: and you don't even know the true horror of Zeref...
3: When you see Zeref's true power
4: all you'll be able to do...is cower in fear!
5: Fairy Tail will never yield!!!!
6: Because we are giant candles who can shine light into any kind of darkness!!!!

1: Despite your name, the people of Fairy Tail really aren't the least bit elegant.
2: Guohhh
3: Gahah
4: Trash like you won't be necessary in the Ultimate Magic World either.
5: I'm fine being trash!!!!
6: But I won't let you call my allies trash!!!! As a man, I can't forgive it!!!!
8: Oh my.

1: Uohhhhhhhh!!!!
2: Elfman!!
3: Gotcha...
4: The foundation of Take Over is knowing your opponent.
5: Right, sis?
6: This "arm"
7: is mine now.

1: Ohhhhhhhhhh
2: My Jet Black Sword!!?
3: Take thiiiiiiiiiis!!!!
4: That which dwells in my left hand is a golden shield that pushes back everything!!!!

1: How naive.
2: Things aren't that simpl...

1: My real target was your glasses!!!
2: Ever!!!!
3: Yes!!!
4: Only Laxus of the Raijinshuu is allowed to shorten my name to "Ever!"
5: I'll make an exception this time, though.
6: Wha?!
7: I can petrify the mouths of those who insult Fairy Tail so they can never open them again, you know.
8: Oh nooooooo!!!!
9: Stone Eyes!!!!
10: Ahhhhhhhhhh

1: ...just kidding!
2: Pu
3: Guahhh

1: Kyaaaaaaa
2: Wh...why...
3: Why didn't my Stone Eyes...
4: Glasses?!
5: But I...
6: My magic is imagination...
7: The Arc of Embodiment.

1: I can materialize whatever I want.
2: Th...that's ridiculous...
3: The embodiment of dreams is connected to the root of all magic!
4: Of course, there are several limits and conditions to this, but
5: it is an invincible and undefeated magic!!!!
6: It has never been bested in my entire life!!!!

1: Come to me, Tower of Dingir! (*Sumerian word for God)
2: Gahah
3: Kyaaa
4: Crush these foolish fairies with all your sadness and send them back to the earth!!!!

1: What is this...?!?!
2 I can't move!!!!
3: Elf...man...
4: Ever!!! Hang in there!!!
5: I'm sorry...
6: If I wasn't your partner...
7: You could have become an S-class mage.
8: And you might not have been defeated by this guy...
9: You idiot...it's because you're here...
10: that I was able to come this far...

1: Elfman...
2: Thank you,
3: Ever...
4: Scatter
5: to the depths of darkness.

1: Natsu-san!!
2: Natsu!!!
3: Where's grandpa!!?
4: Right here.
5: He still can't say anything yet.
6: huh?! My muffler...
7(2b): Wendy brought it back to normal. She also fixed your clothes.
8: Thanks, Wendy!
9: It's fine...
10: jerk
11: This smell!!!
12: I remember this...why is he here...
13: Who?
14: Wendy...do you smell the same thing?
15: I don't know...This place is so filled with everyone's smells that I can't determine their locations.
16: Natsu? Whose smell did you sense?

1: That guy I met on Garuna Island!!!!
text: An undying will turns to hope!!
2: It's a type of lost magic.
3: Magic that was erased from history due to the seriousness of its side-effects and power.
4(2b): I have a good nose. By the way, you smell like women's perfume.
5: He's close!!!!
6: Natsu-san!!
7: Natsuuuu!!
8: FT's "hope" is all that can crush the "heart" of the demons!!
TBC in Chapter 223 - "The Door of Humanity"

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