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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fairy Tail 224

Zoldeo's Ambition

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 28, 2011 19:50 | Go to Fairy Tail

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

right side: Aye! I'm Happy!! Right now I'm in the middle of a late-night mission!! My eyes aren't shining because they're burning, it's because I'm a cat!!

Chapter 224 - Zoldeo's Ambition

side: The hidden truth about Lucy, in the middle of a furious battle!!
What is the connection between Capricorn and Layla?!
1: As long as that woman exists...
2: I...
3: Open!!! Hunter of Belparaso!!!!
4: Samagui!!!!
5: Go and destroy Layla's daughter!!!!
6: Yes sir!

1: Guhah
2: Not on my watch!!!
3: Out of the waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Mashima's Musings[1] You can download movies on your iPod now! It's convenient, but I have mixed feelings because I like packaging.

1(2b): According to Crux, Layla made a pact with you 20 years ago.
2: Now, I don't know what kind of deal you made in the human world, but
3: that means your current master should be Layla's daughter, Lucy.
4: Although it seems like she herself doesn't even know.
5: Just what happened, Capricorn?
6: Taboo.
Mashima's Musings[2] The coffee shop I always went to closed. How sad.

Mashima's Musings[3] A manga I love, "Bakugyaku Familia" was turned into a movie! I'm really excited.
1: Every magic has its own set of rules that must never be done.
2: I broke one of those taboos.
3: And as a result, I got this!!! This body!!!!
4: I'm a goat!!!! Hilarious, huh?!?!
5: What are you talking about...
6: You know, I've really started to miss my human form lately.
7: This is perfect timing.

1: Human Subordination Magic: "Humaraise"
2: I'm a "spirit" who that magic won't work on, remember?
3: Yes...that itself is taboo.
4: I can't use this magic on anyone other than humans.
5: All those who do...
6: D...don't tell me...
7: You...
8: will fuse with their target.

1: You mean you're actually
2: a "human" who fused with Capricorn!!?
3: Yes, and now I'm going to take your body!!!!
4: Leooooooooo!!!!
5: You bastard!!!!
6: Looks like you were a bit too late.
7: Gotchaaaaaaaa!!
8: Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

1: Guh
2(2b): Owww...!! Oh yeah...the wound that I...er, he made on me...
3: Kukuku...
4: But now I finally have a human body.
5: Thanks for everything, goat body...
6: After taking a hit from Leo, I doubt you can move, though...
7: I...my name is Leo.
8: My master is Lucy.
9: And by killing her,
10: I will become a complete human.

1: That's it...Lucy trusts this body, so maybe I can trick her.
2: Or maybe it'd be a better idea to make her into a slave and play around with her a little...she's beautiful just like her mother.
3: Eh?

1: Wh...what the!!?
2: Regulus is fully charged...it seems,
3: Zoldeo-sama.
4: Th...that name...!!

1: Guaaaaaaaaahhhh
2: Ahhhhhhh
3: C...Capricorn.
4: Sorry to use such a vulgar method.
5: No...it's fine...it would be impossible to separate from him otherwise.

1: Wh...why....why can you move...?!
2: Capricorn.
3: Just before you fused with Leo-sama, Zoldeo-sama,
4: I received Regulus from Leo-sama.
5: Y...you mean he transferred his magic with that?!

1: You bastarrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!!
2: But!!!!
3: Now I'm finally in my original form...
4: M...my body...
5: What...
6: What is this...
7: Stop!
8: I don't want to disappear!
9: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!
10: It happened 20 years ago.
11: Layla-sama became fatigued, and retired from her mage work.

1: When that happened, myself, Aquarius-sama, and Cancer-sama, the three spirits she possessed,
2: were passed on to three new users.
3: One of them was Zoldeo-sama. He took my key.
4: However, I had made another pact with Layla-sama.
5: I promise to protect your family for all eternity.
6: If there comes a time when a child of yours decides to pursue the path of magic...
7: Yes.
8: Please give them your strength, Capricorn.
Mashima's Musings[4] I went out drinking with some editors for once in a long while. When everyone gets drunk it's fun, but it's also "a pain."

1: So that's why you belonged to Lucy...
2(2b): At first, Zoldeo-sama agreed to that, but he gradually became swallowed up by the darkness...
3: So? How did Lucy look to you?
4: She is truly Layla-sama's daughter.
5: I can tell she both loves and is loved by her spirits.
6: Then you'll lend her your power, Capricorn?
7: No.

1: I cannot give my power to Lucy at this point.
2: For it already
3: belongs to her.
4: I can finally...
5: return to my original master.

1: He won!! Loki won!!
2: Ohhh!!
3: I knew he would.
text: A victory by the "bonds" of the heart!!
4(2b): He's going to tell me the details later...but Capricorn's going to join us, too!! He's going to recover his strength, so he said he'll go back to the spirit world as my spirit.
5: Oh...so he was in the human world out of his own power until now.
text: Now to defeat the other Grimoires and continue the "S-class" exam!!!
6: Wait a minute, then what will happen to my partner?!?!
7: He said to tell you "sorry," Grey.
8: Sory my ass!!! I can't give up on this just yet!!!
9: S-class...
TBC in Chapter 225 - "Tear"

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