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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Billy Bat 53

The Continuation of a Dream...

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 15:20 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 53

*Only for use by MS and M-U.

tl by molokidan

side: Jackie Momochi, the college student who loves Chuck's version of "Billy Bat." She has no boyfriend, and hears the voice of Billy...
1: Francisco De Xavier.
2: Born in Navarre, Spain, in 1506.
3: He was a Basque.
4: As you all heard earlier, the Basque were a group of people who lived in Europe a very long time ago.
5: This is evident in the fact that the Basque language has not been influenced by any other modern languages that are still in use today.

1: Yaaaawn...
2: Xavier was a founding member of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.
3: This most likely originated from when he went to study philosophy at a university in Paris in 1525, at the age of 19.

Chapter 53 - The Continuation of a Dream...

1: The Jesuits were focused on missionary work, so in 1541, Xavier traveled from Lisbon to Africa...
2-3: skritch
4: In 1542, he arrived in Goa, India...
5: He preached all over India, and then traveled to Marakka...
6: and them Molucca...
7: Hey
8: Hey, wake up.
9: Hey!!

1: Stay with me, now.
2: Don't you go fainting again.
3: Despite how charming I may be.
4: Hyuck hyuck hyuck!!
5: Th...that laugh!
6: That's the laugh I heard in the afternoon...!!

1: I heard it at the World Trade Center construction site...
2: No...
3: I've heard it my whole life...
4: And now we finally meet.
5: Wha...
6: We're on a very similar frequency, you know.
7: Frequency...?
8: I've been sending signals to you the whole time, though.

1: Signals...?
2: Look at that crap.
3: Things just wouldn't work with Chuck's character.
4: ...but today...
5: Now that you finally got a hold of this old comic that Kevin drew,
6: we were able to meet.
7: It must have been destiny, wouldn't you agree?
8: What?

1: I mean, come on, look at this!
2: Look!!
3: Look at the shape...
4: of this cola you spilled!!
5: Grab that pen!!
6: Huh?
7: That one!!
8: See the ball pen over there?!

1: Yeah!! Now put an X there!
2: Huh?
3: Toward the right side of the stain that sticks out a little.
4: Ummm...?
5: H...Here?
6: No!! Down a little more!!
7: H...Here?
8: More to the right!!
9: Yeah, that's it.
10: Goood work!!
11: Perfect! That's the spot!!

1: That's the spot...?
2: Yup.
3: That's Japan National Railroad land.
4: Japan...Railroad...?
5: And there's a reason Shimoyama was killed there.
6: Shimoyama...?
7: People who thought he was a traitor to the country whispered their rumors to a certain entity in GHQ
8: who kidnapped and killed him.

1: Sayin' it was some communist plot.
2: And then there were some guys who sneaked in on top of that,
3: But they...
4: Were after Kanbei's scroll.
5: Get me?
6: Not at all!
7: Hooo.
8: Now what am I gonna do...it'll take me three days and three nights to explain it all so that you'd understand...
9: Oh well, if that's what I gotta do...

1: Go away!!
2: I never want to see you again!! Haa
3: Haa
4: ...or maybe something's just wrong with me...
5-6: haa
7: Hyuck hyuck hyuck!!
8: Don't say that!
9: Hyuck hyuck hyuck!!
10: Let's be friends!

1: Hyuck hyuck hyuck!
2-3: No...
4: Noooooooo!!
5: Stop it!!
6: Hey
7: If this is a dream, then I want to wake up!!
8: Hey
9: Nooooooo!!
10: Hey
11: Hey
12: Hey, you!!
13: Miss Momochi!!
14: Huh...

1: And what topic relating to Father Xavier do you intend to write your report on?
2: U...ummm
3: Errr...
4: Uhhhhh...
5: Yajirou.
6: Huh?!
7: Say Yajirou.
8: Wh...what, you're inside this thing too?!
9: Miss Momochi!! I asked you about your report on Father Xavier.
10: Y...yes, sir!!
11: I would like to write it on Yajirou!!

1: Hmm!!
2: You would like to write about his first Japanese disciple, Yajirou?!
3: Yajirou was from Satsuma, but the truth is...
4: Y...Yajirou was from Satsuma, but the truth is...
5: He was a ninja from Iga.
6: He was as ninja from Iga...
7: Hmm!!
8-9: So I think he was probably a spy.
10: Hmmmm, interesting!!
11: That is a daring thesis, Miss Momochi!!
12: Woahhhhhh!!

1: I'm looking forward to reading your report, Miss Momochi!!
2: Ahhhhhh...
3: A spy? Gimme a break...
4: A ninja from Iga...?
5: What in the...
6: Who is this Yajirou, anyway?
7: rustle rustle...

1: Oh, excuse me.
2: rustle rustle
3: Ahhh...
4: What's with that bat...
5: Why do I have to listen to his weird signals?
6: No...weird signals? How could such a thing exist in the first place...
7: I must be going crazy...
8: Are you for real?
9: I ain't pullin' yer leg!
10: Like I said, first it's just gonna be the Korean War,
11: Yeah, yeah!

1: but this was all set up by Russian spies!
2: Set up...?
3: Yeah, they put radios in their heads.
4: W...wait a second, a radio?! But how would...
5: Satellites. They send the waves down from Sputnik.
6: But why would they send radio waves down from Sputnik for...?
7: Anything they want. For example...

1: They could change a person into an assassin instantly.
2: And then...
3: They could even assassinate the president.
4: Woah...and then because of that spy...
5: Yeah. The Third World War would begin...
6: And the world would end...
7: No it won't!!

1: Huh...
2: I won't let myself be controlled by something like that!
3: Huh?
4: Even if there is a radio in my head,
5: I'm not gonna do what it tells me!!

1-3: klak
4: Hey!!
5: Hey, listen to me for a sec!!
6-7: klak
8: There's something I need to tell you while our frequencies are still together!!
9-10: klak

1: Remember that "Billy Bat" comic you got yesterday?
2-4: klak
5: You need to go meet the guy who drew it, Kevin Yamagata!!
6(2b): I'm sane. I'm sane.
7: I'm sane.
8: With him, it isn't a matter of whether your frequencies line up or not.
9: He's the "chosen comics artist."
10: The problem is, he doesn't try to listen at all.
11: klak

1: Just like you're doing right now, he doesn't listen at all!
2: He's in Dallas or New Orleans right now.
3: Once you meet him, go to Japan.
4: And then...
5: The Third World War will happen,
6: and the world will end, right?!

1: No. The exact opposite.
2: You're going to stop it from happening.

1: Anyway, just go to Japan together.
2: And find Kanbei's scroll!!
side: The scroll that Kanbei buried...its excavation could save the world...has the future been entrusted in her hands?!

Next: March 17, with a color page.

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