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Desert Punk 25

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:18 | Go to Desert Punk

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tl by molokidan

recent photograph of the author

Ahhh, I want to exercise. I have no physical strength. And when I have no
strength, I get no energy, so I also lose my concentration more easily. And
when that happens, work drags on and on, and I lose any time to exercise. Ahh,
what a horrible cycle. I guess it's my fault for drinking beer and playing lots
of video games. It's like I can feel myself rotting. I guess I have to go back
to my old routine of two survival games and one camp with no toilet per year.
In short, I want to play. I think playing hard, working hard, and doing what I
feel comes natural is best.

July 1999

MODEL 1897 SHOTGUN (America)
Total Length: 985mm
Barrel Length: 500mm
Weight: 3300g
Cartridge: 2 1/4 in (12 Gauge)
Action: Pump
Rifling: --

1: Kawaguchi Fuyuo
2: Kawaguchi Akio
3: Mizuno Kanta

1: So, what did you want to talk about?
2(2b): What happened to that little squirt? Your disciple. Usually she's always
running around doing something.
3: No umbrella or cloak is sign that one is not going to fight.
4(2b): Well, I'm not here for work. But what about you, where's that idiot Haru
at? Out of the three of you, he's the most together in the head, so he's the
most vital one.
5: Asshole!
6: Haruo's on a date today!
7: Yeah!
8: Ahh...treating a girl to some food again, huh?
9: Still, I'm moved. You actually came unarmed like you said you would.
10: I don't need guns to deal with you guys.
11: That's 'cuz if we both came here armed, there's no way this would end
without some shootin'.
12: hee hee hee! Yep, it'd be a waste of bullets!

1: Listen carefully. If they make even the slightest move, slam one through
their head without restraint!
2: They're some amazing childhood friends...he doesn't trust them one bit!

1: Hmmm!?
2: Ahh, Haruo!
3: D-damn desert punk! Y-you try anything funny and I'll b-b-blow your brains
4: Hieeehh! Childhood friends think alike, I guess!
5(the only japanese word on the map is "sniper," after M40AI and M21)
6: Oh yeah, you owe us.
7: Huh?
8: We saved your life, remember?
9: Ahh...but wasn't that your job? You count that as a debt?
10: Mind disappearing from the town for one day tomorrow? With that, we'll be
even. I won't mention it again.
11: ...tomorrow? What's happening tomorrow?

1: Natsuko's coming home.
2: Ahhh!
3: B-brother's in trouble!
4: Wahh!
5(2b): What the?! Wahhh!
6(2b): Ahhh, dammit!

1: Owahhh!!
2: D-damn, not over there!
3: Wahhhh!
4: Heeey, stop! Stoooop!
5: You've got the wrong idea!
6(small): It's too bad, a little more and I would have hit.
7: Tch! I really can't let down my guard around you!
8: You're one to talk!
9(small): idiot
10(small): Sorry, my bad!

1: Ehhh, you four are all siblings?!
2(small): after everything is settled down
3: Yeah, Fuyuo's the oldest, then there's Akio, and the only sister we have,
Natsuko, is coming home tomorrow.
4: Haru's the youngest.
5: Ohhh. So it's been five years, huh?
6(small): All four of them are each named after a season...
7: Brings back memories!
8(small): They were named after the season in which they were born. Stupid,
9: If the girl's related to them, then she must look like...
10: this, I wonder?
11: boom
12: Mmmmmm
13: What? Is she on a break or something?
14: No...she has something urgent she needs to attend to, and will only be home
for a day.
15: I heard Natsuko-chan really made a name for herself, huh? According to the
rumors your grandma was spreading, at least.
16: Yeah, she became a squad leader for the police in the West oasis or
something. Hahaha!
17: Wooow, a commoner making a name for herself in an oasis, huh?
18: N-Natsuko is a h-h-hard worker, you know.

1: So c'mon, just go somewhere else for a day.
2: Hmmm, I dunnnooooo...
3: Why does master have to go somewhere?
4: Because Natsuko hates Kanta.
5: If we let these two meet, something horrible will happen.
6: Ehhh?!
7: D-did something happen between you two?
8: Nyahahahaha!
9: Still, this brings make so many memories, damn!
10: We always used to hang around together when we were kids.

1: Ten years ago
2: Hey, everyone, waiiiit!
3: Stoooop!
4(2b): Don't come crying to me if something bad happens to you when you get
found out!
5: Natsuko, 8
6: Haruo, 7
7: This is a competition between men! Women shouldn't butt in!
8: Fuyuo 10
9: Kanta 7
10: Akio 9
11: Hey, you guys better not run away scared!
123: Keh! This is nothing!

1: This is Water Station #30, a novelty shop where the meanest demon granny in
the world lives.
signs(from left to right): Flounder Fountain Pens
Yummy candy
KURAGE-YA (shop name)
2: It's got a 100% shoplifting catch rate. There isn't a single person who's
made it out alive with something in their hand.
3: You know why Ken-chan from the shoe store can't walk anymore?
4: That was...because he fell off his roof...
5: Tch tch tch! The truth is, that's what happened when he was caught
shoplifting and got the tar beat out of him by that granny.
6: Ehhhhh?!
7: What, you scared now?
8(small): ki ki
9: Wh-whaaaat?!
10: You think I'd be scared of something like that?!
11: OK, then whoever gets out with the most candy has the most guts!
12(small): thump thump (heart beating)
13: T-this'll be a cinch!

1: Ummmmm
2(small): Thiiis
3-4: thump thump
5: Hiieee!
6: What, just that? It'll be 3 yen.

1: Mmm?!
2: Hey, you!
3: Just now
4: did you put something in your pocket?
5: You better not underestimate me! I know exaaactly what you're up to!
6: Where are you from? Show me your face!

1: Ugyaaaaaah
2: Now!
3: Hurry, Haruo!
4(small): I want one with a prize!

1: Ahhh!
2: I won't let you get away!
3: I can't believe you did such a thiiiing! Whose family do you belong tooo?!
4: Ahhh, I'm sorry, 'm sorry!
5(small): Sounds more like robbery than shoplifting to me...
6: That was really clumsy of me back there, eh?
7(2b): After Natsuko and I were beaten silly, we had to go without dinner for a
week, you know!

1: And t-then Natsuko gave me all the dinner scraps that Fuyuo and Akio shared
with us to me...
2: We had so much work around the house to do, and yet Natsuko went without
dinner for a week.
3: That was really something you did back there.
4: I can't believe you didn't cough up our names too.
5: I was saved because of Natsuko.
6: Because of her, I didn't have to become a filthy traitor.
7: And that's not all!
8: In many other incidents, Natsuko had to wipe all our asses!
9: ...there were other incidents?
10: We were stupid, so we always answered to his challenges...
11: Ummm, like seeing who could steal the most erasers from the scariest
stationery shop in town.
12: Or to see who could steal the biggest thing from the sundries shop.
13: We went to ten other places too, I think.

1: And in the end...
2: Please, don't invite everyone to go do bad things anymore!
3: Natsuko, 10
4: Kanta, 9
5:They're the ones who always argue with me about everything, so I have to
compete with them somehow!
6: I'm just doing this to kill time, though, I always know I'm going to win, so
I don't really care.
7: But if I stop...then what are you gonna do about all the free time I have?

1: Ehhhh?! You asked her to let you touch her boobs every day during your free
2(small): Stupid little brat...
3: Natsuko sacrificed her body...for us...
4(small): Poor Natsuko
5(small): Hohh, hmmmm
6(2b): She knew that it would start a big fight if we found out, so she never
showed us any sign of discontent, desperately bearing it all by herself...
7: I'm sure Natsuko-chan enjoyed it too...
8: Gaaaaaaaaah
9: And in the end, that bastard...
10: What, you fucked her?!
11: No!

1(small): Better be quiet, unless you wanna get hurt!
2: 9
3(small): Stop it, Kan-chan!
4: I tried to fuck her, but she ran away!
5(small): Y...you're such aaaa
6: Despite how patient a person she was, even Natsuko was shocked.
7: She came home in tears, with her clothes all ripped up, so we all found out
8(small): I'm gonna kill him!
9: Th...that bastard! I thought he was being a little too quiet lately!
10: Ehhh! Poor Natsuko!

1: Obviously, we beat the shit out of Kanta.
2: Until he was as ruined as Natsuko's clothes.
3: That's the obvious result, yeah.
4: But...
5: The true horror happened afterwards!
6: Ehhhhh, there's more to this story?!
7: Kanta, furious at having been beaten up by us,
8: of all things, set up a bomb in our bathroom!

1: Natsuko was in there when it exploded.
2(small): Uwahhh, what a stench!
3(small): N-Natsuko!
4(small): You alright?!
5: Ahhh, I want to go help her, but I can't get any closer than this!
6: Th-that's...too horrible!
7(small): And Natsuko-san
8(small): was dumb not to realize it!
9: There's no proof that I did that!
10: That sweat on your face is more than enough proof!
11: I think that's when it started...
12: Natsuko's personality changed completely.
13(2b): That gentle Natsuko who used to think only about her family and
brothers now ceased to do any housework, and only sat at her desk, doing
nothing but studying.

1: That's not all! As soon as she saw people's faces, she'd throw rocks at them
and chase them with metal pipes and stuff!
2: She became very violent all of a sudden, and in the end, she even started
walking around with a gun. I almost got killed a ton of times!
3: Well anyone would be mad after that!
4: It's her fault for being a weak woman!
5: Those who lack intelligence always end up in bad ways!
6: Ahahahaha!
7: We were all such troublemakers back there! Ahhh, brings back memories!

1: Well, it was like a sort of happiness midst unhappiness, you know?
2: Since she forced herself to study because of all that resentment, Natsuko's
grades went way up, and she became #1 in town in no time at all.
3(2b): Then, due to the scholarship student system, she was able to go to the
oasis school. It's already been five years...
4: Ahahahahaha! You know,
5: maybe it was all thanks to me that Natsuko-chan made a name for herself, and
that her boobs got big! Eh?
6: I completely understand how Natsuko-san must feel...
7: She really must be something...

1: Listen up.
2(2b): That's exactly why you're gonna hide your miserable self tomorrow. For
your safety.
3: M-master!
4: A-are you sure you'll be alright? If she's a police squad leader...
5: She must be really strong.
6: I bet.
7: It's for your own good...she'll really kill you this time!
8: Hmph!

1: I'm sure that after finally making a name for herself, Natsuko-chan wouldn't
want to tarnish her perfect record with something like that.
2(small): For my own good? Hah!
3: If she ends up killing or assaulting some commoner, it'll all have been for
4: Don't you dare show your face!
5: Alright, alright! I compleeetely understand what you're saying!
6: Later!

1: Ahhh <3 Fuyo-san, Akio-san, Haruo?

1: Long time no see!
2: You've all gotten so big! Especially Haruo!
3: Y-you've become so beautiful, Natsuko!
4: Yeah, I didn't recognize you at first!
5: How was the oasis?
6: Yoooooo, Natsuko-chan <3

1: Long time no seee!
2: Wha?!
3: Waaaah, wait a minute!
4: M-masterrrr!
5: goh
6: I told you not to bring your ugly mug around here, Kanta!
7: I said I understood what you said, but I never promised I wouldn't!
8: You fucker!

1: Kan-chan?
2: That's Kan-chan, isn't it?
3: N-no, Natsuko!
4: Natsu-buhh!
5: This thing?!
6: I-I'm sorry, I-I'll get rid of him immediately!
7(2b): Suuure brings back memories. You've gotten so big!
8: And you've become so womanly, Natsuko-chan!
9: Your boobs got so much bigger, too! Guess I did have some kind of effect
after all, eh?
10: Ohhh, come on!
11: This seems like kind of a nice atmosphere...
12: Huuuuh??

1: I'm glad you came, Kan-chan.
2: The truth is, I came here to ask you all to do a job for me.
3: A job?
4: You're all working as handymen right now, aren't you?
5: Well yeah, but...
6: It's a government job, so you'll get a huge reward!
7: Ohhhh!
8(small): Woooow! If we do a government job, our worth will increase!
9(small): That's right! I-it won't be our first time, though!
10(small): Hey, Kanta! You'd better thank the one smart childhood friend you've
11(small): Oh, believe me, I'm thankful <3
12(small): Hahahaha

1: Hmph.

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