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Desert Punk 26

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:19 | Go to Desert Punk

-> RTS Page for Desert Punk 26


tl by molokidan

1: Ready?
2: We can go at any time.

1: Then we depart now!
2: Everyone get in!

1: Numerous highways connect oases over the Great Kanto Desert,
sign: Southwest Highway
West Oasis - South Oasis
2: creating trade routes to and from key oases.

1: For towns and villages, these are lifelines on which valuable materials are transported.
2: Due to the frequent bandit attacks, however, commoners rarely use them.
3: They are only used several times per year by powerful, guarded oasis vehicles.

1: Someone is in trouble day, waiting somewhere for aid
2: We need to be there for them, we're everyone's heroes, the allies of the people
3: Ahhh, ahhh, the West Oasis Handyman Union~

1: W-wow, master!
2: Yeah, this is a government truck.
3: It looks strong.
4: Well yeah, like I said, it's a GOVERNMENT TRUCK!
5: I can't believe Natsuko-san is the captain of this truck, though.
6: She's so amazing!

1: Is it alright to leave the five up top like that?
2: Their endurance is about the only thing I can guarantee.

1: Water Supply Station #6
2: Ahhhhh!
2: They're here, Taa-san, they're here!

This facility is administrated by the West Oasis Government. Unauthorized use is prohibited and will result in strict punishment.
2: OK, hit it!

1: Woahhh, master! It's sucking stuff in!
2: Yeah, I know! I told you, this is government equipment!
3: It's a huge vacuum car.
sfx: plop
4: It goes around sucking up half a year's worth of shit from the towns in the West Oasis. Fuckin' crazy.

1: Sign right here.
2(2b): Yes, thank you for all your help.
3: From what I hear, you're accepting 10,000 a year at this tenement?
4: Ehh?! Ahh! ...yes...
5: I won't call it excessive, but receiving this fertilizer fee once every half a year should give you more than enough money.
6(2b): Ahh...well, you see, there are many violent people living in this tenement, so we've had to make a lot of repairs...
7: Listen carefully. Fertilizer is a valuable resource needed to create fields and grow vegetables.
8: It's something that supports all life in the Kanto Desert.
9: Putting the villagers who create this fertilizer in unsatisfactory living conditions
10: is nothing but colossal idiocy.

1: Heh-heh! That's whatcha get, you greedy pig!
2: You're so cool, Natsuko-san...
3: Now isn't the time to be playing.
4: 26 hours earlier--

sign: West Oasis Water Supply Station #30
Handyman Union
Everything Store
1: That'll be it, thank you.
2: Now our contract is sealed!
3: Yay, we have a government job!
4: I-I-I'll do my best!

1: There's one thing I have to tell you right out.
2: As written in the contract, in battle situations, you will be required to follow the orders of me, your Captain.
3: In those times, you will think of me neither as your sister or childhood friend.
4: S-sure, of course! Personal feelings can't get in the way of work!
5: Tch!
6: I-I'll listen to whatever you say, sis!

1: Fine, fine, I get it.
2: What a killjoy.
3: Hmm?!
4: What's wrong?
5: ...nothing.
6: Was it just me?

1: Natsuko really is something! She's so prompt and precise!
2: Well, she IS a Captain. Captains gotta be cool.
3: And she's a Captain on a very important mission.
4: You assholes better not trip up and make her look bad.
5: Let's keep things cool as usual. Fry up a few hundred bandits, you know.

sfx: wahahahaha
1: This is just like a picnic.
2: Huh? Pic...nic?
3: It means it looks fun.
4: Well of course! I mean, we're honored to be on such a mission, master!
5(small): Deheheh
6(small): Don't come any closer. You're so dirty!
7: Well, enjoy it. I don't think anything's gonna happen, though.
8: Eh?

1: The next town--
sign: Water Supply Station #10
2: Huh?
3: What did you say just now?

1: Did you just call Natsuko low class?!
2: Hey, hey, Akio!
3: Hmph! It's true that you're on an important mission.
4(2b): But there's no idiot out there who'd fight over a shit truck. You won't get any glory no matter how serious you are about your work.
5: I see.
6: So you're saying that only low class people are entrusted with this kind of work.
7: Hey, Kanta!
8: I thought you guys were just slacking off, but what do I know? You're actually up to something fun.
9: Hmph!

1: She just came to the realization that she'd never see success, so she decided she might as well help her little brothers earn some allowance,
2: and hired you even thought she had no use for you, you idiots.
3: Hahaha! Well isn't that a nice thing for you to say.
4: Which means that you all must be
5: the rotten shit that squirms and stews below us low-class trash.
6: Puh
7: You bastards!
8: Wanna go?!
9: Yaaay, the rotten shit got angry!

1: Ah...ahh, Natsuko, it's not what you think...

1: Ahh! Ahhhh, Captain...
2: They didn't talk to us, so we just came up to introduce ourselves to them.
3: I'm sorry!
4: We'll go back to work at once!
5: ...I see.
6: We'll be leaving as scheduled. Please get back to work.
7: Yes ma'am!
8(small): Ssssh!
9: And you guys return to your post!

1: Idiot!
2: Don't you dare shame Natsuko!
3: I-I'm sorry...when I heard them talking trash, I just couldn't take it...
4(small): I can't believe it. Why do we have to follow the orders of some low-class bitch like that?
5: Well then do something about that disposition of yours!
6: Seriously.
7: Don't add fuel to the fire!
8: O-owww, that hurt, dammit!

1: Master...
2: I heard from Haruo-san
3: that shit is valuable, but no one comes to steal it. What did he mean?
4: Yeah, that's because you can't sell it.
5: In order to make shit into money, you need a biiiiig facility, and 100 times the amount of shit that's in this truck.
6: Ohh, so risking their lives to steal it wouldn't give them money.
small: Shit power!
7: If there were, it'd have to be a huge haul.
8: So that's why there's so few people on our squad for this 'important mission.'
9(small): Captain Natsuko, the truck captain, two drivers and engineers, five soldiers, and us, that makes 14.

1: Bodyguards...?
2(2b): Yes, five of them. Don't tell me they caught on to us?
3: If they did, then five is too little.
4: ...I'm not sure, but they're taking caution for some reason.
5: Well, you see, within those bodyguards happens to be...
6: What...?

1: Desert Punk...?
2: ...kukuh
3: That's good...
4: This is gonna be fun.

1: What should we do?
2: Continue as scheduled. 5 or 6 extra people isn't going to mess with our plan.
3: yes sir!
4: waaaah!
5: What?
6: What's wrong?!

1: That's...
2: Ahhh, some rocks are blocking the road.
3: Take the 5 Handymen to go check it out.
4: Yes ma'am!

1: Watch the perimeter!
2: ...what's going on?
3: Just formalities. There's no way there'd be any enemies out here.
4: How does it look?
5: It must have fallen recently.
6: Can we get through?
7: If we made two or three blasts...it doesn't look like we can go around it, the sand will get our tires.
8: Hm?

1: Sure brings back memories, Desert Punk...
2: I'm glad to see you again.
3: Now let's settle things once and for all.

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