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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Desert Punk 27

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:19 | Go to Desert Punk

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tl by molokidan

1: Hmmm?
2: C-Captain!
3: We're getting electrical interference!
4: We can't send out communications anywhere!
5: Uuuu!
6: Wh-what is this?!

1: I-i-it's a trap...
2: It's an attaaaaack!
3: What was that just now?!
4: An attack, they said!

1: T-they were down there, weren't they?
2: Aw shit. They've probably been blown to pieces now.
3: I can't see anything!
4: What are you doing?!
5: Eh?!
6: What happened to the rear guard?!
7(2b): Ahh?! Yes, ma'am!
8: Dammit...
9: Tch!

1: Keep in position until we figure out what's ging on! Don't let even the slightest anomaly get by!
2: Prepare to fire the emergency communication bullet! Code Red!
3: W-what were the handymen doing?
4: I thought I told them to wait!
5: Gimme a break! Those idiots misunderstood their orders again?!
6: Yeah, I bet.
7: Hmph! She acts cool,
8: but I bet she's panicking inside.
9: This is the first attack she's received on a mission since taking over this squad,
10: and on top of things, her brothers who she hired herself were blown away right in front of her.

1: You should be grateful.
2: About what?!
3: If the Captain hadn't hired those handymen, we would've been the ones blown away instead.
4: H-hmph! So they did come in handy after all...
5: Still, it's been too quiet since that explosion.
6: I don't hear a single gunshot.
7: With all this smoke, we can't even search.
8: Uuuuu...
sfx: scrape...

1: Owwww...goddammit!
2: I really thought I was done for this time...
3: M-maaaasteeerrrr...
4: Ohhh, you're alive!
5(small): Good job surviving that shitstorm...
6: Ha....somehow, yeah.
7: Thanks to you, I was saved, master.
8: Huh?
9: I saw you running in a hurry all of a sudden,
10: but then you ducked behind a stone, so I figured something was happening and did the same.
11: You could at least have said "Danger" or "watch out," you know.
12(small): I just got into such a panic...
13: Sorry!

1: Seriously.
2: Ahhh, you guys survived too?!
3(3b): Well, when I saw you, a man who would sacrifice his entire family just to live out a single second longer panic like a coward and run like that, I knew something had to be the matter.
4: ...which means
5: the reason you're still alive
6: is thanks to me!
7: Muh
8: Kuh
9: Uuuuuugh
10: Master, look over here!

1: Bro!
2: Brother!
3: You got hit, ya slowpoke?!
4: Guuuh...
5: Bro...don't tell me...
6: Hey bro, Kanta...!
7: Muh
8: Alriiiiiight!
9: Ruuuuuuuun!

1: Waaaah!
2: Haruoooo!
3: Dowaaaaaah!

1: Uuuu....it was a-a-all for me, bro...
2: I'm covered in bruises from the blast too, you know.
3: Well all air. If we hadn't had anti-fragmentary armor on, we all would have died.
4: no!
5: Everyone was saved BECAUSE OF ME!
6: Shut up, you idiot! Don't brag while dragging your leg like that!
7: Hmph! Fine.
8: Hey!
9: Yeah.

1: Uhyaaa!

1: Gunshots!
2: High-speed 223 bullets and a shotgun.
3: From whose side? Ours? The enemy's?
4: It's been 15 minutes since the explosion...what's going on?
5: We can't see anything.
6: I just hope the engine doesn't shut off.
7: Guwaaaah!
8: Huh?!
9: It hit.

1: Anyone else?
2: Don't tell me he was alone? If there were others, they would have fired back.
3: Cover me.
4: How's brother?
5: T-two of his ribs are broken, but he's OK.
6: L-let's hurry up and get back to the truck.
7: Sure, once it's safe.

1: B-but we already killed the enemy, didn't we?!
2: Shut up! How could one person set up this whole thing?!
3: What are you getting all upset for? Anyway, I don't like this smoke.
4: The enemy shouldn't be able to see, either.
5: C'mon out and fight like a man! I'll smash your head in!
6: Be careful.
7: What do you mean be careful? I can't even search properly!
8: I mean just move carefully.
9: Check and see where you're heading before you move. Throw rocks or something.

1: Hm?
2: Waaah

1: Hiieeee! Masterrrr!
2: Oh no...stupid!
3: Hmm?!

1: Ahhh?!
2(small): You're...?!
3: Yo.
4: If it isn't Rain Spider! What the hell are you doing in a place like this?
5: Seems like you haven't changed, Desert Punk.
6: I just thought we should settle things once and for all..
7: Mmm...
8(small): Wahh! Don't shoot!
9: Tch!

1: So, when did your debt collecting business go under?
2: Hmph.
3: Haa...pathetic.
4: Rain Spider, #1 in the debt collecting business in the South Oasis...I can hardly believe it.
5: You're a real scumbag, you know! Dropping down to petty theft like this!
6: Yeah, well I had to, thanks to SOMEONE!
7: Eh?

1: Ahhh! You mean it was because you failed that one job?
2: Shut up.
3: Anyway, it's time for a showdown.
4: Oooh, so we get to continue our battle? Yeah!!
5(small): I-is he a friend of yours?
6: Sure, bring on whatever you've got!
7: Hmph. The smokescreen will thin out soon.
8: I don't have much time left to waste on you. I'm a busy man, you know.
9: Therefore, I'm just going to have you die here.
10: Guh...

1: ...by the way, you fired on a truck in the West Oasis just now, right?
2: Ahhh, master's started thinking of little tricks to get away alive.
3: Do you even know what it's carrying in there?
4(small): good luck, master!
5: If you did, you wouldn't be able to believe your ears!
6: Shit, right?
7: You attacked it knowing it was shit?
8: Of course.

1: ...t-that's crazy.
2: I guess.
3: Wh-what?
4: What's going on?
5: M-master's
6: stiffened up!!

1: It's the first time I've seen master so tense.
2: O-oh, I get it...
3: The fact that he knew he was shooting at shit means the enemy's serious stuff!
4: Uwaaaah!

1: Gah
2: W-whaaat?!
3: Dammit, they can see us?! But our radar isn't even working yet!
4: With that vehicle, they've probably got a much better search mechanism!
5: Dammiiiiit!

1: Hiiieeee!

1: Not bad.
2: Yeah, but I like how they went all out like that.
3(2b): oww...owww...
4: We missed our chance with Desert Punk, though.
5: He's just bought himself a little extra time. We still have a lot of chances. How's the next plan coming?
6: Perfectly.
7: Ahhhh, y-you saved us!

1: I really thought we were goners this time!
2: sniff...just after I finally bought my uzi, it was stolen...
3: Just be thankful you're alive!
4: Rain Spider?
5: A highly-skilled ex-debt collector.
6: He attacked us knowing we were carrying shit.
7: Then he's no petty bandit.
8: Yeah, and I don't think he's just going to leave us alone now.
9: Good job getting away in one piece!
10(small): It was thanks to us, though
11(2b): Aren't you overthinking things? Maybe they were just trying to blow up the rocks that were in the way. You made yourself look really stupid.

1: Natsuko...
2: Ahhh, I mean Captain, can you stop by a town with a doctor?
3: Brother's acting really strange...
4: He may have gotten an organ hit or something.
5: we can't do that. We're going to head straight for West Oasis now.
6: Wha...
7: Taking this vehicle and its contents safely to the oasis is our highest priority.
8: But then brother will...

1: It's just as the Captain says...
2(small): haa haa
3: If this vehicle gets taken down, we're in big trouble...we should pick up the pace in dangerous times like these.
4: B...but!
5: Hmph...I'll be fine.
6: B-brother...
7: Pfft.
8: How's the radio?
9: About that...
10: It still isn't working. The interference isn't very strong, though.
11: But how can they give it such a wide area?
12(small): Electrical interference...?
13: Hm?!

1: Wah!
2: What the?!
3: They blinded us agaaaaain!
4: Ahh!

1: Wahhhhhh, I get it now!

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