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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Desert Punk 28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:19 | Go to Desert Punk

-> RTS Page for Desert Punk 28


tl by molokidan

1: Wahh!
2: Guh

1: Waaaah!
2: Master!
3: Dammit!

1: Wha?!
2: Doryaaaah!

1: Aggh!
2: Urryaaah!
3: Guhyaaah!

1: Hiieee!
2: You bastards!
3: More and more keep coming up!

1: They're on the other side too!
2: I know that!
3: Dammit, you idiots!
small text at bottom: 8 magazines acquired!
4: This is ridiculous.
5: Cover me!
6: Mm-mmm?
7: Don't you have any more weapons?!
8: W-w-we got e-everything taken from us when we were c-c-captured back there.
9: T-there's a rifle in the box back there...

1: Dammit! Of all things...
2: C-c-can you go get it, Kanta?
3: I'll die!
4(2b): Close and lock this door! And do not open it no matter what until you are ordered to!
5: B-but!
6: That's an order. If they get to the control room, we're finished.
7: Y-yes ma'am!
8: What's the situation?
9: Not good, dammit!
10: The smoke is really bad.
11: They keep burning more to blind the turrets.

1: Have the turrets guard the control room.
2: One of you cover the handymen!
3: Dammit!

1: What the hell are you doing?!
2: Hee hee hee hee!
3: Uuuuuu!
4: Now they won't be able to shoot like crazy!

1: Mmmm!! H-how cowardly!
2: Uwahhh!
3(small): That's so dirty!
4(small): Haha, but so like him.
5: That might be a good idea, though.
6: Dobahhh
7: dammit!
small line: Smoke grenade
8: What should we do? We can't shoot like this!
9: Nnnn...I guess we have no choice. Focus on sniping!
10: Yes sir!
11: Hmmmm.

1: Ahhhh!! A-A-Akiooo! They're coming from the front too!
2: Whaaat?!
3: B-bastards!
4: Waaaah!
5: What about the left?

1: Hey.
small: He got 3 magazines from Desert Punk <3
2: You'd better guard this thing right!
3(2b): I know, I know! Don't you order me around!
4: These turrets are as good as useless.
5: They're so powerful they'd end up destroying the vehicle.
6: Th-this is bad!
7: If we don't do something quick, we'll really be in trouble.
8: Hm?

1: Stop, you'll get yourself killed!
2: Look at where the bullets are hitting.
3: Eh?
4: Pretty much only the high places.
5: They can't see down here.
6: Huh, where did Natsuko-san go?
7: Eh?
8(2b): Ahh! She's gone?!
9: Dammit, she must have escaped into the control room!
10: This is why I hate working with low-class people!
11: Captain my ass!
12(2b): Ah! Hey, wait!

1: This is a chance for me to prove myself.
2: I have to get them to acknowledge me a little.
3: Now they'll see what I'm really capable of...
4: Oww?
5: What the hell?
6: Since when was this here?
7(small): Yes?

1: Ukyaaaaah!
2: Waaaah!
3: You little...
4: Gyuh
5(small): Hurry up and kill her.
6(small): That was close.
7(small): Owww...

1: Guh

1: Guuu
2: Gaaaaaah

1: Guehh

1: Wh...
2: What a strong beautyyyyyy <3
3: Dammit, what's going on down there?!
4: C'mon, let's go. At this rate things will never end.
5: Hm...?

1: Waaah!
2: Ahhhh!
3: Ahhh

1: Waaah!
2: Shit!
3: This is bad!
4: Mmm

1: Baaaaaaaaaaaah
2: Waaah
3(2b): Take this! Die!

1: Waaaah!
2: Hiiiiieee!
3: It's no good!
4: Escape!
5: Withdraw!

1(2b): I took out the enemies in the back. How is the front?
2: They ran away!
3: Check carefully to see if any stayed behind.
4: Nuuuuu!
5(2b): Dammmiiiiit! I wasn't even able to shoot one!
6(small): This is why I hate noise! I wasted all those bullets...
7: How's brother?
8: H-he's alright, he's just sleeping.
9: I got morphine from this guy just now.
10: Hmph.
11: Keh!

1: Yo! How's the radio?
2: still down.
3: Thought so.
4: Please stop the vehicle.
5(2b): We need to check and see if something has been attached to it. All those who can move must stand on guard.
small: So cool!
margin: Too small!
6: Good thing you're still alive, huh? Don't do anything so reckless again.
small(right): Wah...
small(left): Sorry...
7: Y-yes ma'am!
8: ...thanks. To be honest, I couldn't find a good chance to jump off that tank, but you saved me.
9: Y-you're welcome!

1(small): Thank you very much!
2: What was that about?
3: Masterrrr!
4: natsuko-san is so amazing!
5: She like
6: came out in a flash, then beat up all the bad guys!
7: Huh?
8: She's the same as, that one guy...
9(small): Ummm, errr

1: Kaidou Masaru!
2(small): Lover of humanity!
3: hmmmph
4: Ahh, we found a dispatch device!
5: Geez! Then our radio would have never been back up no matter how far we traveled! Destroy the damn thing!

1: Check more closely, there may be more.
2: They snuck it on while we were staring at those big rocks.
3: That's a really convoluted way to do things.
4: Seems that they wanted to take the truck with as little hassle as possible.
5: After all, it is full of shit. It's not like they can just stuff it in their bags and run.
6: Hahaha! Yeah, they have it tough too!
7: How's the radio?
8(2b): Hold on a moment...ahh! Dammit! It's still blocked! The interference that had been here until now is gone, but a new one popped up right after...
9: bzz bzz bzz
10(2b): Tch! So it was right under our noses the entire time.

1: Seriously?!
2: Yeah, that little squirt was just talking about her.
2: If she used martial arts...then she'd have to be from that special course.
3: She's a commoner! Why was she allowed to enter the special course?
4: She's the one who got us out of that pinch back there, though.
5: ...yeah.
6: Yo.
7: Seems like you two don't know a thing about your Captain.

1: Through inspecting the truck, a major malfunction was discovered.
2: When we forced it through the destroyed stones after they were blown up,
3: A part of the engine got damaged, leaving us unable to travel for long periods of time.
4: Since it would take a while to repair, we had to spend a night in the same place.
5: In short, it was a very bad situation.

1: What is it?
2: T-the order of who's gonna go on guard.
3: B-b-but no way, I'm not changin'.
4: How rare of you to come to us
5: with such a meek face like that.
6: There's too much about this I don't like.
7: The way both the enemy and Natsuko are going about this...

1: You got some complaints about Natsuko?!
2: That's not what I mean. (Don't be so eager to fight all the time!)
3: I just came from talking with one of our prisoners.
4: We may have bitten off more than we can chew this time.

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