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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Desert Punk 29

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:19 | Go to Desert Punk

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tl by molokidan

text at bottom: ALLY

1: Don't you think it's strange?
2: What is?

1: We don't know a thing about the enemy's goal.
2: H...huh? W...wasn't it the shit?
3: Oh, come on! They put rocks in front of the road and blocked us!
4(2b): Once they got on our vessel they could have ended things with a single grenade! But instead they kept throwing smoke bomb after smoke bomb!

1: I wonder if they wanted to take the entire vehicle.
2: It would be easier to escape then, and I could understand them knocking those rocks down.
3(2b): But yeah, so the prisoner told me...that he was ordered to retrieve the cargo AND the vehicle in one piece.
4: But still, if they were going to take it, they could have taken it with those rocks.
5: They seem too careful, or maybe cowardly, for a bunch of people going after a pile of shit.
6: Shit is hard to find in the desert, but stealing it is easy.
7: Instead they're going about it like little jackasses with some bombs and electrical interference.
8: So I keep getting the feeling that there's more to this than meets the eye.

1: What else could there be?
2(2b): How should I know?! Anyway, the point is, this is fishy!
3(2b): Hmph! So then was Rain Spider the one that set you off, oh great and all-powerful Sand Punk?
4: ...yeah, I guess. And...
5: Hey, Natsuko-chan!

1: Natsuko...
2: The guards said they changed with you. Why did you decide to interrogate the prisoner?
3(3b): ...I-I'm sorry, master! The prisoner was all beat up so I panicked and called her. I never thought it would be you...
4: Ah...
5: Sorry?
6: When doing something within this squad,
7: no matter what it is, please ask for permission from me.
8: Even though you're a commoner, I can have you punished by West Oasis army regulations.

1: You sure have gotten elite,
2: Natsuko-chan!
3: I heard you were even the elite among the elite in that special course!
4(small): W-what's he saying?
5: what does he mean special?
6: What did such an elite like you come to this squad for?
7(2b): Wasn't it only a week before we set off that you were put in charge here? The mission itself seems to have been decided suddenly too, for no particular reason.
8(small): y'know?
9: H-hey, Kanta...

1: Something's up here!
2: There's something you're hiding from us!
3: Ohhh, wait!
4: Don't tell me everything!
5: I don't want my life to be targeted,
6: so I don't need to know the important parts!
7: However.
8: I'd at least like some hints as to how to move from here on out.
9: I'd hate to die
10: irritated and confused like this,
11: without knowing anything.

1: There's a terrible secret hidden within that truck.
2: "That" is the true reason why the enemy is attacking us, and ironic enough, they're attacking us "for" it.
3: Natsuko-chan was dispatched out here on the fly to protect it.
4: Am I right?
5(small): or am I right?
6: What do you think?
7: Mmm...I bet he's just overthinking things.
8: It does seem strange, but...
9: Hey, hey, w-what's the secret?
10: Who cares what it is?!
11: Didn't the prisoner tell you what the secret was?

1: I used drugs in the end, but since he was pretty low on the food chain, even though he coughed up all he knew, it wasn't anything important.
2: In the end...? But all the nails on his legs and hands were ripped off!
3: According to what he said, there is a small group remaining, and they're going to come after us in a military transport.
4: This truck's super-powered 180-degree search ability spans an area of 1km.
5(2b): They get even one foot in there, and the turrets will have a field day with them. What is one tiny little squad gonna do to us with our equipment and range?
6: Hmph! The enemy is already aware of all that.
7: Muh!

1: Hmm?!
2: What's wrong?
3: Something moved just now!
4: What?!

1(2b): Was it just me? Uuuu...let's change, my eyes are tired from looking through the night vision scope for so long.
2(2b): Tch! Come on!
3: M...master...
4: Mm...
5: Yeah?
6: Let's take a rest.
7: Guuuuh...I feel like I'm gonna puke.
8(2b): dressed up like the enemy with paint and a Machi Komaki-esque shawl
9(small): haa haa zeh zeh
10: Hee hee hee! You're tuckered out already? Guess it's to be expected.
11(small): the prisoner's equipment
12: We've been crawling for so long, after all.

1: Hooo...gulp! We went around the entire place.
2: I can't believe she insisted on not moving tonight.
3(2b): ...I wonder if the enemy knows about our problem? They might be able to see from the scopes on their helmets...hmmm.
4: Is something wrong?
5: Yeah! What the hell are they thinking?
6: When the truck starts moving again, they'll just throw out another interference bug.
7: But it'll backfire, and they'll be the ones in trouble this time.
8: Relying only on that bug,
9: they'll be following the truck straight into government territory in West Oasis.
10: Obviously something must be up here.
11: Natsuko-san didn't say anything, huh?
12: Hmph! Because I was totally on the mark.

1: Still, I'm surprised she sent us out to search. She can use all the help she can get right now.
2: I guess the elite are really different from the usual idiot officials.
3(2b): Yeah, well, that makes her scarier in the end, though.
4: Captain...
5: Ahhhhh
6: Umm...

1: Natsuko.
2: What Kanta said earlier.
3: It's not like I believe all of it, but...
4(2b): We just thought maybe there was a chance you were trying to bear a large burden all by yourself...
5(small): err umm
6(3b): Y'know...it's not like we think we can make any difference, it's just, uhhh, errr...
7: How should I put this?
8: Anyway,
9: we just want to help you out.
10: No...obviously we're going to listen to our Captain's orders, but
11(2b): we still want to help out beyond that...that's all I wanted to say...

1: ...thanks.
2(2b): U...uuuuuu!
3: ...What's wrong?!
4: M-my stomach hurts!
5: Aw, man, did you eat something off the ground again?!

1: Yes sir! We're alright, no problems.
2: Everyone is in position.
3: Roger.
4: Let's take our time with this, no reason to rush.
5: Roger... (snap)

1: Hooo
2: Boy oh boy.
small: A wired communication device
3: Forgot something...?
4: I thought everyone was in positio...

1: Wh-what is it?
2(small): Don't scare me like that!
3: Hey, you sure are small...I don't remember someone as short as you...
4: Hm?
5: Ahhh?!
6: Dumbass.

1: Dammit!
2: You're Sand Punk, aren't you?!
3(2b): Wahahaha! That's it, cry, cry it all out! It's your fault for lowering your guard! You idiot!
4: As usual, you're really cunning, Sand Punk...
5(small): Ho ho ho! Now I can get revenge for earlier!
6: Hee hee hee! Thanks to you, I've been able to move pretty freely.
small line: Rain Spider's weapons and personal belongings
7: That Search Man you had up there made me panic a little, since if he saw where we were coming from, our disguises wouldn't even matter.
8: Luckily, we came from the opposite way from where he was looking, so we made it through.
9: *Search Man
Someone who has a radar that while not as powerful as a vehicle's, is very powerful for a single person to own.
10: I forgot about your lack of common sense.
11: dammit!
12: To think you'd come sauntering out here in this situation...

1: Heheh! Looks like luck wasn't on your side this time! I just came to see what was going on up here, though.
2: Can't believe you were sitting back here all by yourself like some king!
3: Hmph!
4: I suppose I might as well have you talk, though.
5: ...what is that?
6: A drug that was in the truck's medicine cabinet.
7: Uuu?! Wait, could that be...
sfx: pop
8: that drug that makes people talk, which can make people turn stupid if too much is administered?!
9: Hee hee hee hee!
10: That's right! It's a good drug that works well, but it's been known to turn people into retards when overdosed.
11: wait, is that what you used on the prisoner...
12: Alright, fine, I'll talk! Ask me anything!
13: You take care of the interference stuff.
14(2b): Ehh?! Ah, yes sir!

1(2b): Now what are you after? And if you say shit, I'll fucking kill you.
2: Huh, you don't know?
3: This is just a part-time job for me.
4: yeah, me too, you know! I'm at the bottom of the barrel on this operation.
5: To be honest, I don't even know what it is.
6: What?! But he just said he didn't want to know the specifics...
7: Grrrrrrr!
8: I'm being honest!
9: Oh, I see...he just doesn't want to let Natsuko know that he knows the secret.
10: But...now I don't know if this has anything to do with this mission,
11: but there is something that comes to mind.
12: What?
13: You know about D-9?

1: It's that bare-bones, lawless district in between the borders of West Oasis and South Oasis.
2: It's also where there's an army base from the dark ages from which a lot of dangerous stuff was discovered.
3: And there was a new discovery recently.
4: Hmmm...
5: But unfortunately,
6: the excavation team was annihilated by bandits, and the discovery was stolen.

1: This is just a rumor,
2(2b): but that discovery is something so powerful that biological and scientific weapons can't even compare to it. They've been calling it the genocide weapon.
3: So then, what?
4: are you saying that the genocide weapon those bandits are rumored to have stolen
5: is tucked inside that vacuum car?

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