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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Desert Punk 30

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:19 | Go to Desert Punk

-> RTS Page for Desert Punk 30


tl by molokidan

1: Mmm!
2: Guuuuh
3: Owwww

1: M-my stomach...
2: Dammit, nothing's changed!
3: Uuu...
4: Natsuko!
5: Brother's the same way!
6: Only we four are alright!

1: Why do you think that?
2: You made this elaborate plan just on the basis of a rumor?
3(small): Says Desert Punk, disguised as the enemy
4: Apparently, the South Oasis army trailed the bandits who attacked the D-9 excavation team.
5: But they lost them around Water Supply Station #40 in West Oasis.
6: Tch! That's the last town we did our vacuum work in.
7: And there were people from the special forces sent out to the vacuum car, right?
8: How'd YOU find out about that?!

1: There are three other teams in action right now beside mine.
2: And there are about 100 people working constantly to gather information.
3: Who's employing you?
4: The big company that sent the D-9 excavation team to South Oasis.
5: The soldiers are the guards they had prepared for the team.

1: ...and who's employing the company?
2: There's no way a big corporation would pick a fight with the government.
3: So it is the South Oasis government!
4: If it was just some petty theft, the government never would have sent out a squad to trail them.
5: So they found this super-powerful genocide weapon in the south,
6: then the West caught wind of that, and tried to steal it from them.
7: It's a battle between two governments.
8: Tch!

1: Fufu...
2: ...what's so funny?
3: Even though you didn't know,
4: I still can't believe you were actually eating and sleeping on top of such a horrifying weapon.
5: Is it really that scary?
6: I mean, it's from what, hundreds of years ag...
7: ...don't tell me.
8: It's just a rumor.
9: A weapon from hundreds of years ago was found alive?!

1: It's possible. And if it is...
2: then everything would make sense.
3(small): The robot that went on a rampage after waking up from hundreds of years in chapters 16-20
4: The super-powerful genocide weapon....
all sfx: fidget
5: Hey...
6: You're not behind this BECAUSE it's so scary, are you?
7: I guess you could say that.
8: Now this really seems like the truth.

1: Looks like the south and west are trying to do something while things are still in the dark.
2: If the north and east find out, there'd really be trouble.
3: ...tch.
4: H-hey!
5: You're really talkative, you know?
6: I don't like it!
7: What's your trump card?

sfx: beep beep
1: It has begun.
2: Mr. Rain Spider?
3: Status?
4: 5 or 6.
5: Wait until 9.
6: Roger! (boop)
7: Preparations A-OK, eh?
8(small): Bastard...
9: Masterrrrr! I can't find the interference devices anywheeere!
10: So it was Search Man's doing after all.

1: I found this in a truck, though!
sfx: ta-da
2: Ohh! Wooooah!
3: The brothers' machineguns were in there too.
4: Bah! Leave that shit behind.
5(small): Look, it fits in my hands so perfectly!
6: Uuu?!

1: Agh!!

1: Gahh
2: Dammit!

1: Wahh

1: He's gone!
2(2b): D-dammit! I even frisked him, too...how did he...
3: Bastard!
4(2b): S-sorry...looks like it was my fault...
5: That dirty bastard!

1: What was that gunshot just now?
2: Desert Punk!
3: Ehhh?!
4: More importantly, how is the situation?
5: It's gone from 7 to 8.
6: You've really wasted a lot of time here! Hurry up and clean things up!
7: Go into Step 2!
8: Roger!

1: Guuuu...it was the water?
2(2b): When the enemy invaded, they messed with our water. The only people who are alright are those who didn't drink the water in the supply containers.
3: Pff...that reminds me, didn't you almost die from water poisoning on some job when you were a kid?
4: And then you said you only trust your own water?
5(small): Akio only drinks water he purifies himself.
6: W-what about Kanta....
7: and the shrimp?
8: It's free water! Be thankful and drink!
9: They're done for.
10: yaaaay! Hooraaay!
11: Dammit! This has turned into the worst possible situation in the blink of an eye.
12: Kanta's intuition was right.

1: 4 hours earlier-
2: Damn you, Kanta!
3: You aren't going to scout out there so you can just run away, are you?!
4: Hah! If I was going to run, I'd do so without saying anything.
5: You think I wanna owe you guys anything?
6(2b): ...but you came to tell us what you were thinking about for a reason, right?
7: Hmph.
8: Now that the government has lost contact with their precious special forces' vacuum car,
9(2b): they're probably searching for us like mad.

1: No matter how slow a squad they may be, they'll find us by morning.
2: In other words, tonight is the last chance for the enemy.
3: They're going to come at us soon.
4: Well...they're obviously interfering with our communications for SOME reason.
5: I'm gonna go find out what they're planning.
6: Meanwhile, there's something I want you to do.
7: It's so pathetic that I could never tell anyone, but...
8(small): Seriously
9: unfortunately you people are all I have right now.
10: You bastard!
11: Let me say it straight.

1: I intend to finish this mission properly.
2: For no one but myself!
3: What do you want us to do?
4: I can't believe I listened to him...
5: Now I have to do it all by myself...
6: Is this really OK, though?
7: Hm?!

1: Uuu...
2: Wh-what the?!
3: Something's coming!
4: A mortar?!

1: Dammit!
2: They blinded us!
3: Th-this is
4(2b): huge! Could it be an S-2 radar killer...?
5: How could some bandits have an S-2?!

1: ...man, you know, I bet they planned to damage the vehicle that way as well.
2: Everything's going according to his plan.
3: Even if they blind the turrets and get near the truck like this, though,
4(2b): it doesn't mean everyone else will go down easily. What do they intend to do?
5: What's wrong? You've been acting weird since a bit ago.

1: My stomach...
2: You idiot! Did you eat something off the ground again?
3: Uuuu...I-I didn't do that yet today...
4: Don't tell me...

1: We gave medicine to everyone.
2: It looked like the amount of poison was small, so everyone just has a stomachache, but there's no way they can fight...
3: Did you figure out the cause?
4: Nooo...all I can say is...
5(2b): Seeing how it must have somehow made its way through the water filter,
6: it must be some new kind of poison.
7: The filters that the government uses block all currently known poisons and bacteria.

1: ...and now they go and use an S-2, which only the army is supposed to have...
2: They're so persistent, too...just who are we up against?
3: I don't know what they're after...
4: I want to hurry up and get home safely so I can see my wife and child's faces.
5: Dammit!
6: You're saying the enemy knew about everything?!
7: They completely saw through us?!
8: Mmm

1: We can do this. As planned, the enemy is giving hardly any resistance.
2: Well then hurry, we don't have that much time left.
3: Roger.
4: Dammit! It's annoying not knowing exactly what's going on...
small: The S-2 guy can only use long-distance radar.

1: Ogehh
2: Gahh
3: Hiiee

1: Hey, can you hear me? I destroyed the interference, we can use our radio now.
2: ...are you that handyman kid?!
3: Get the three brothers on.
4: Kanta, you bastard!
5: Yo, Akio! Looks like you're all pretty busy.
6: We're all poisoned!
7: Yeah, same thing happened to Taiko.
8: What about you?
9: Fine for now.
10: And what about "it?"
11: I'm trying to set it up, but...

1: While I was doing it, though, we started getting attacked, so there's no way I can set it up now.
2: I don't even know if it'll work right or not.
3: Tch!
4: ...even if it does, though, it looks like they won't be able to take the truck, like you said.
5: Yeah, but what about us, now that we're surrounded?
6: What if we can't wait until the reinforcements come?
7: Then die.

I have returned yet again...with problems! With this volume, I've run out of "guns that are usable in the desert." Anyway, I'm going to cut it with all the tedious talk. From now on, it's going to be guns that MAY be used in the future! Heheheh!

M21 Sniper (America)
Total Length: 1125mm
Barrel Length: 570mm
Weight: 4590g (without the scope)
Cartridge: 7.62mm
Action: Gas operation
Rifling: 4 slots, right-rotation

Redfield Long-Distance Scope 3~9x possible magnification model
Total Length: 324mm
Weight: 455g
M2 Type Bipod Five-Level Adjustment
Weight: ?

SIG/Sauer P229 (Swiss-Germany)
Total Length: 180mm
Barrel Length: 98mm
Weight: 865g
Cartridge: 40S&W
Action: Short Recoil
Rifling: 6 slots, right-rotation

FA MAS F1 (France)
Total Length: 757mm
Barrel Length: 488mm
Weight: 3760g
Cartridge: 5.56mmx45
Action: Delayed Blowback
Rifling: 3 slots, right-rotation

FN High Power MK3 (Belgium)
Total Length: 200mm
Barrel Length: 119mm
Weight: 910g
Cartridge: 9mmx19
Action: Short Recoil
Rifling: 6 slots, right-rotation

AK-74 (Soviet Union/Russia)
Total Length: 940mm
Barrel Length: 475mm
Weight: 3415g
Cartridge: 5.45mmx39
Action: Gas operation Semi/Full
Rifling: 4 slots, right-rotation

1: This is the equipment of the lone wolf of the desert, Rain Spider. A lot is different from when he first fought with Desert Punk. Maybe he wanted to rethink his style, or it just took too heavy a beating from the harsh environment. The equipment of those who live in the desert is ever-changing, and always getting better. It's all a question of how much you can improve, and how much you can keep yourself alive in the hellish Great Kanto Desert!

1: Explanation

(1)Rainwater chemically engineered Pooling Type 18 Helmet
(equipped with a radio, sound amplification, long-distance vision, night vision, heat vision)
Just as capable as Desert Punk's helmet, except this one lacks the light, compact nature and the anti-fragmentary technology.
(2) Aramid Hat (Anti-sun, anti-fragmentary)
(3) Tactile Desert Vest Breast Pouch (to put little things in)
(4) Vest Pocket Left/Right (to keep ammo and grenades)
(5) M-1, M-2 Carbine 15-shot magazines x2
(6) Modified M2 Order made Holster & Belt
(Made so that one can draw easily. It can even be fired while still in the holster)
(7) Alamid Cloak (Anti-sun, anti-fragmentary)
There seems to be some suspicious things on the back side. (Whip, large IV, extremely thick candles, etc.)
(8) Tanabe Desert Battle Boots
They fit his feet perfectly, and are his current favorite.
(9) Rainwater chemically engineered Pooling Type Personal Air Conditioner - Upper Body Air Pool-Linked Version
(It works like the normal zero-type helmet systems. They're called zero-type since they were the first. They got very popular, however, so various companies began putting our their own types.)
(10) Personal Bag (for food, first aid kits, stuff needed to live in the desert.)
(11) Walther P38 =8-bullet magazine x1
(12) Gerber Bowie Utility Knight (245mm blade)
(13) Tactile Desert Vest
Made for those who need to survive in the desert. It can be used well with a good balance of food, ammo, and air conditioner technology. It's also made so that it supports back weight better.

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