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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

One Piece 651

"The Voice from the New World"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:28 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 651 - "The Voice from the New World"

slanted: The banquet ends--
1: At its height, the banquet came to a fine end...
2: Whaaat?! We get the treasures?!
3: Will Luffy-sama and his friends be alright, Namichin-sama?
4: Yeah, don't worry!
5(2b): This is a promising beginning! We'll be tycoon pirates in no time!! Owww!!
6: You really think rock'n'roll (life) is that easy...?
7: We should go search too.
8: Yeah right! I checked, and it turns out that guy was over 2 hundred million!
9: What?!
10: --meanwhile, Luffy's group follows Caribou to the main island---
11(3b): Hey, loooook!! Zoro, Sanji!! I found it already!!
12: So your punch already finished him off. Dammit.

1(2b): Look how much there is!! Is ol' beardo really gonna let us all have this?!
2: Waaaaah, we can buy so much meat now!!
3: Looks like he hid it all in that swamp-like body of his...
4: One, two, three!!
5: Alright, back to Ryuuguu Palace!!
6: How?!
7: They have flying fish!
8: Which way is the town, Zoro?
9: That way.
10: Alright, let's go the other way!
11: HEY!!
12: Ahaha!
13: --Nearby, in the Candy Factory--
14: Like I've been saying, Minister of the Left!! Roaaaarrr!!!
15: Is there any way we might possibly get you to overlook this matter? The factory was attacked in the incident...
16: That "civil war" has nothing to do with us!!!

1: I was looking forward to a little snack, too! I'm starving!!!!
2(2b): You gentlemen are supposed to prepare an offering once a month! Then I buy Mama's "name!!"
3: Big Mom Pirates
4: That was the deal, wasn't it?! Roaarrr!!! We're allies bound by an agreement here, so I don't really want to say this, but!
5: Do you know how frightening a being Mama is? Make her angry, and you're...
6: DOOMED!!!
7: squeeze

1: He's cute when he threatens people...
2: You owe me some compensation, roar!!!
3: Hm?
4: Someone's over there!!
5(2b): Ahh!! This is the Candy Factory Pappug was talking about!
6: I just hope there's a flying fish here.
7: Is this the place that made all those deliiiiicious sweets?!
8: Heeeey, Candy Factoryyyy!!
9: Ohhh!! It's Straw Hat Luffy!!
10: Luffyyyyy!! Is the banquet over already?!
11: What are you doing here, Luffy?!
12(2b): Yeah, I filled my stomach!! The meat was good, but Fishman Island's sweets were the best!!

1: ...um, no, Mr. Straw Hat...
2: Don't talk about that!
3: Oh! The catfish guy is here too.
4(2b): ...sweets...? Who the hell are they...?!
5(2b): ...hm? Ahhh...that must be Straw Hat Luffy...
6: So the famed pirate's here right now...
7: Hey, kid! What was all that talk about sweets?!
8: No, Mr. Pekomz...please!
9: Hey, you aren't a fishman! Did you come to buy some sweets? I just ate a whole stomach's full!!
10: What is the meaning of this?! He just said he ate some sweets!
11: No, please, there's a reason for this!
12: Huh?! That lion's talking!! ...ah well, I guess we have a similar one on our ship.
13: Pekomz!! --Threatening people left and right isn't going to help you collect the sweets!!!

1(2b): Let's settle this peacefully-soir....the tea party is in four days-bon.
2: If we send the candy out by boat tomorrow morning...we should make it in time du jour.
3: There's another weirdo...who are you?!
4: clink...
5: Mmmm...Bonnichiwa, half-boiled pirate denizens...
6: Big Mom Pirates
Fighter (Longleg Tribe)
Baron Tamago
7: I am Baron Tamago, soir!!

1: At the very least, remember my name, s'il vous plait. By the way, did you all happen to just eat the candy
2: that had been made at this factory?
3: I got it, he's a compass!
4: Yeah, and I'd love to eat more, too!
5: There isn't any more, that's the problem-bon...that big mark on the factory...stands for our boss!
6: The great pirate Charlotte Linlin's pirate flag de soir! It means that this island belongs to one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom!
7: in other words
8: Fishman Island is being protected by Big Mom's name-bon.
9: So she's a good person! I wanna meet her!
10: Big Mom, was it?
11(2b): Don't misunderstand. This is business. "10 tons of candy per month." It is in exchange for this that she lends out her flag-bon.
12: 10 tons?!
13: Indeed. Mama likes sweet candy more than anything else de soir.

1: In a certain sea in the New World--
2: Whole Cake Island
3: Haaaa hahahahahahaha....
4: You sure sound happy, Mama!!
5: I'm just excited for the tea party in 4 days.
6(3b): I'll be able to eat those delicious sweets from Fishmand Island again...I'm so excited I can't even stop my stomach acid from overflowing!
7: So excited, so excited! For the Fishman Island sweets!!
8: Are you all excited too..?
9: Of course!! Those are the best!!
10: --Then continue your excitement in my stomach...
11: Ehhhh?! No, Mama, please!! Stoooop!!
12: Gyaaaaaaahhhhh

1: Snap!!! Snap!!
2: crunch, crunch, gnaw, gnaw!!
3: Munch munch!!
4: Mamaaaaaa!!! I'm home, boyoyon!!!
5: clack clack
6: Oooohh...how did it go, Bobbin?
7: Everything went up in flames!!
8: Sounds good....the baked sweets from that country were the best.
9: I bet the country must have smelled delicious after it was all burnt down...it's a shame, really.
10: But there was nothing we could do. They didn't cook up the sweets they promised, after all.
11: Got any snacks?
12(2b): All those who don't give us sweets must be killed...I don't like people who say they'll give something but then don't. I hate them as much as bitter sweets...
13: Oh, that reminds me...Fishman Island might not come up with the candy offering this month...

1: Huh?!
2: One of the Four Emperors
The great pirate "Big Mom"
Charlotte Linlin

1: --I just got a call from Pekoms. Wanna burn down Fishman Island too?
2: Fishman Island doesn't have their sweets?!
3: Connect a Den-Den Mushi at once!!!

1: Fishman Island - In front of the Candy Factory
2(2b): Mama especially loves the candy from Fishman Island. --So we'll wait. Until tomorrow morning...
3(2b): No!! Baron, as I explained...the giant cooking devices within the factory have been destroyed. It'll take time to repair them...at least two weeks!
4: Impossible-soir.
5: Hey, Tamago!!! Why can't you just wait?!
6: What, does this guy have no balls or something? I thought he was supposed to be one of the Four Emperors...
7: Mama is not a male great pirate, but a female one-vous plait.
8: She has no balls-jour!
9: I love sweets
10: And you, especially, since you make them
11: I see, so she's a madame...in that case...what'll happen if the sweets are late?
12: This pact will be dissolved!!! And the beasts of Big Mom's pirate crew
13: will destroy Fishman Island-vous plait!!!

1: Destroy Fishman Island!!?
2(2b): Are you people stupid?! Who would destroy a country over candy?! We just SAVED this island, dammit!!!
3: Brrrring, brrrrriing...!!
4(2b): It must be Mama, roar! I just phoned in the situation.
5: Eh...y-you mean...that's big Mom calling?!
6: Gulp...
7: Hey, Pekoms...
8: You answer!! I don't want to get yelled at.
9: Hello?
10: HEY!!

1: Hey, are you Big Mom?!
3(2b): This isn't Tamago...or even Pekoms. Who might it be?
4: I'm Monkey D. Luffy!! The man who's gonna become the Pirate King!!!
5: NO NO NO NO NO NO...!!!
6: Monkey D...?
7(2b): Ahhh...Garp's grandson...now I remember.
8: Mr. Straw Hat...!!
9: The little boy that stirred up the war two years ago...
10: There's no more candy!!

1: I ate it all!!!
2: ...so the news was true?! There was supposed to be 10 tons!!
3: Yeah, I ate all 10 tons!!!
4: Mr. Straw Hat!!! You're going too far...
5: What's the big idea...?!
6: Silly boy. You shouldn't lie now...you're trying to cover for the Fishmen, aren't you?
7: But it's true, I'm the one who ate it!!
8(2b): I didn't know that the candy was promised to go to you!!

1: We have a bunch of treasure here now!! I'll give it all to you!!! To make up for the candy!
2: Treasure?!
3: You expect me to eat treasure?! I want sweet, delicious candy!!!
4: Hey, wait a minute!! Is that all treasure over there?!
5: Yup.
6: Mama!! It's Tamago, please, calm down for a moment...
7(3b): A few days ago, some brat named "Captain Kidd" sunk two of our pirate ships-bon! The damages were great, and the truth is, we're hurting a bit for money right now-bon!
8: Perhaps we should save the excitement of the sweets for another two weeks!
9: I believe that accepting this wealth in exchange for their mistake would be a wise decision-jour!!
10: In return, I will bring home the finest, sweetest sweets when they are prepared!

1: Have you gone brain dread?! Tamago!!! How dare you even speak such a shameful proposition?! Are you suggesting a pirate accepts a compromise in exchange for something they want?!
2: I...I'm soirry!!
3(2b): --However. Hahaha...now I've become interested in that little brat who's trying to stand against me. --As you wish...I'll change the target of my wrath from Fishman Island...to YOU!!!
4: Monkey D. Luffy...!! I know your name now! ...come on out to the New World!!!
5: Yeah, you just wait!! I owe you now!
6(2b): It's too dangerous to leave you in charge of this place! So I'm gonna kick your ass when I get to the New World
7: and make Fishman Island MY turf!!!
white: A declaration of war!!
8: twitch...!!

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Un-retired again?
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That's right!
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