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Steins;Gate 3

Butterfly Effect Divergence

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:51 | Go to Steins;Gate

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 3 - Butterfly Effect Divergence

1: The IBN 5100
2: is a computer that IBN put on the market in 1975, but has recently become a
legendary super-retro PC that is extremely hard to find.
3: According to John Titor, the code Daru found when he hacked into SERN
4: can only be decoded by the IBN 5100.
5: In order to get to the bottom of all the strange occurrences that have been
happening thus far, including the incident with the phone microwave (tentative title),
6: I will find an IBN 5100, no matter what!!
7: Wait a minute!!

1: Oh
2: haaaaaaaaa!
3: ...huh? Did I screw up?
4: I heard that slang term has been really popular lately.
5: ...who the hell are you?
6(2b): Amane Suzuha, I work part-time here at this plumbing company. You're the college student who lives on the second floor, right?
7: H...how do you know that?! Don't tell me, YOU'RE WITH THEM?!

1: THEM...? I don't really know what you're talking about. I just asked my boss. He
said there was some weirdo living on the second floor.
2: I AM NOT A WEIRDO!! I'm Hououin Kyouma!! Just who do you think you are, huh?!
3: I'm busy looking for an IBN 5100. If you'll excuse me.
4: IBN 5100...
5: What's with her...that Shingo Mama Ohah thing is already a decade old by now... (*In 2000, Kattori Shingo, a super popular TV talent from the boy band SMAP created a character called "Shingo Mama" and made that catchphrase popular.)
6: ...I just need to forget about her, and focus on finding the IBN 5100!!
7: ...Although
8: I have absolutely no clues...I tried fishing for data at a net cafe, but I came up
with nothing.
9: Haa...
10: I don't really want to, but I guess I should try asking Shining Finger...
11: "Phone Request." That should do it...

1: I'll just have to keep looking until I get a reply...
2: Woah, that was quick!
mail:from Shining Finger
Thanks for sending me a message! I've been waiting! I don't like talking on the phone, though, so let's just communicate this way.
3: ...huh?
4: Are you fucking kidding me...I just asked nicely!!
Re: Re: Phone Request
to Shining Finger
July 31, 12:31
Give me your number. And all the info you have on the IBN 5100.
Re: Re: Re: Phone Request
July 31, 12:32
I don't really have much. How about you?
7: She ignored me!!
8: That bitch...how useless can you be?!
9: Fine!! I'll just look through every used PC shop...
10: Hello?!
11: Doot-do-dooooo! Mayushii at your serviiiice! (I'm at work right now!)
12: Oh, it's just you...I told you not to give me any direct calls! There's a
possibility that they're listening!

1: What's the situation?
2(2b): Okarin, Okarin! I don't get what you're saying!
3: What do you want already?!
4: Oh, ok. Ummm, I just heard something CRAZY!
5: Something crazy, coming from Mayuri...
6: It's probably something really stupid...she's always getting in my way...
7: I don't have time to listen to your gossip! I'm hanging up!
8(3b): No, wait! Ummm, it's about the IBN 5100!
9: Wha...don't tell me, you found a clue?!
10: I was just talking to the girls at May Queen.
11(2b): At first I asked Makkii, but she doesn't know much about PCs, so I asked Lisa-Lisa, but she only knows about new PCs, and besides, she's a Mac user, and--
12: Just get to the point! I don't care how much work it took you!
13: Ummm, ok, sooo

1(2b): When I showed Feiris a picture of the IBN 5100, she said she remembered her retro mania dad offering one like that from his PC collection to a shrine.
2: Wh...what?!
3: It wasn't Feiris who took it there, but her butler, Mr. Kuroki.
4: Which shrine?!
5: I don't know where it is, but if it was in Akihabara, it'd have to be the Kanda
Myoujin or the Yanagibayashi Shrine, right?
6: Great work, Mayuri!
7: Now dedicate yourself fully to follow-up monitoring!
8: To think I'd get a clue from Mayuri, the weakest link...just goes to show, I picked
my childhood friends well!!
9: From here...Yanagibayashi Shrine is closer! Gotta strike while the iron's hot!!
10: If it was offered to this shrine, then I guess I'll have to ask someone who works
11: Huh? Okabe-san?

1: Okabe-saaaaaaaan!
2: I'm so glad to see you here! It's pretty hot, isn't it?
3: ...Ladies and gentlemen,
4: in order to prevent any misunderstandings, allow me to explain the truth here and now.
5: Black hair as soft as an angel's halo...
6: A slender, fragile figure that any man would want to protect...
7: Porcelain white skin, thin lips...
8: ...However.
9: This human being
10: is a MAN.

1: More womanly than the average woman...yet he's a he.
2: The shrine girl uniform really looks good on him...yet he's a he.
3: It looked like he was just sweeping the grounds with a bamboo broom...but he's a he.
4: Don't get the wrong idea, me...
5: because he's a man!!
6(2b): ...Rukako. What happened to the sword I gave you...
7: Ah...! The Demon Sword Samidare?
8: Sorry, I just thought it'd get in the way of cleaning...
9: What are you going to do if someone assaults you while you're cleaning?! And how many times have I told you, call me Kyouma!
10: I-I'm sorry...!
11: Hey...if it isn't Okabe!
12: You came to visit my son again?
13: Ruka's dad! Perfect timing.
14(2b): I heard that a valuable retro PC called the IBN 5100 was offered up to this
shrine. I happen to be in great need of that PC right now.
15: A valuable PC...?

1(2b): I'm not sure if "offer" is the right terminology or not, but whatever the case,
nine years ago, an old PC *was* presented to this shrine.
2: Th...that's it!!
3: That has to be it!
4: Hold on a minute, I'll bring it out.
5: U-umm!
6: If it really IS the IBN 5100...
7(2b): The person who brought the PC here said that someday, a young man would appear in great need of it, and that I could let him borrow it. (When you're finished, bring it back, OK?)
8: Th...
9: This was so easy...
10: To think I'd get my hands on the IBN 5100 this easily!!
11: Fuuuuuuuhahahaha!

1(2b): Look, comrades!! This is the legendary retro PC, the IBN 5100!!
2: Wow, Okarin! You really did find it!
3: Hmmm.
4: So this is the IBN 5100?
5: Wha...Christina?! How did you get in here...
6: I'm a member of this lab, aren't I? Then I should be able to come and go as I
7: Kuh...true...
8: (Whatever.) ...Anyway, Daru, when do you think we can start using the IBN 5100 to investigate SERN?
9(2b): Hmm....it may take some time. I'm sure we'll be able to use it within this
month, though.
10: Hey! Don't just decide on things without me!

1(2b): Explain to me about the IBN 5100 and SERN!
2: ...if I do, you'll become an accomplice.
3: You hacked into
4: SERN?!
5: D-don't be so loud, you fool!!
6: But...you mean that SERN hasn't disclosed to the public the fact that they've been researching time travel theory for nine years?!
7: Yes...
8: And in order to decode SERN's database, the IBN 5100 is necessary.
9: According to our source, that is.

1(2b): ...Putting the IBN 5100 aside for the moment...I want to see some proof that
SERN, the largest research organization in the world, is actually doing that sort of
2: ...Daru.
3: Hm?
4: I got the server master's ID and password while you were out looking for the IBN 5100. (We can rape them with our eyes all we want now!)
5: That's my right arm!! Now hurry up and search for any information on time travel
6(2b): Okie dokie. Let's go back to that Z Program that caught my eye when we were looking earlier.
7: Ooh, here it is!
8: It's all in English...
9(2b): I'll read it. (Umm...) "...The control of time and space, and the destruction of
the history it is based upon. In other words, the establishment of a perfect utopia by
the "Committee" from the past stretching to the future. This is the true reason that
SERN exists in the 21st century." ...That's the intro paragraph.

1: Any other images?
2: How about this?
3: Th...
4: This is...!
5: "The Z Program is an experiment in movement through space-time by colliding protons with one another"...
6: Movement through space-time?! That's...
7: A time travel experiment?!
8: I can't believe it was actually true...!!
9: What about the rest?!
10(2b): "The first step of the program is to construct a Large Hadron Collider and
begin experimenting." "In the fourth step of the program, we will begin the..."

1: "Human experiments..."
2: ...seriously?
3: Ah...Okarin! Do you remember that "Human is dead, mismatch. Check the Jellyman Report for details" message we found the last time we hacked in?
4: Maybe that has something to do with the human experiments...?
5: D...Daru...search for the Jellyman Report.
6: O...OK...
7: Here it is!
8: Wh...what is this...?!

1: Jellyman...
2: Could that be referring to a human who was reduced to gel...?!
3: Human experiments...
4: So they've succeeded at time travel, even though it isn't totally perfect.
5: Huh...?
6: You're saying...that SERN is sending humans into the past using the time travel
experiments with the LHC?
7(2b): "Infinite compression from supergravity and the inability to withstand passage through singularities within kerr black holes are seen to be the causes," it says. Although it doesn't look like...they've attempted this with live specimens yet.
8: A kerr black hole?!

1: Titor's time machine used one of those too!
2: Wait...does that mean that SERN and Titor are using the same time travel theories?!
3: Collecting data on SERN's time machine is the fastest way to find out!
4: Here it is! This file explains the time travel theory used for the Z Program.
5: Christina! Read it to us!!
6: Umm...
7: ...!! No way...
8: This is...practically the same thing as what John Titor was saying!
9: But wait...unlike Titor, it looks like SERN hasn't figured out how to adjust time
movement and leap points coordinates.
10: If we're to believe Titor, then it won't be another 24 years until a true time
machine is invented.
11: There's still so much we don't know...
12: Looks like tonight's gonna be another all-nighter...

1: Doot-do-doooo!
2(2b): Good morning! Huh? Is it already afternoon?
3: ...Mayuri?
4: Huuuh? Didn't you three get any sleep?
5: It's already noon...?
6: Well, good timing...now that all our lab members are here, we can a break and have a roundtable discussion. (Oof...)
7(2b): Let me explain the current situation to you, Mayuri. The truth is...
8(2b): Geeez! I can't believe you did something that bad again, Okariiiin!
9: SERN's the bad one here! They weren't happy with just the world, so they've decided to conquer time and space as well!
10: I agree. Now that I know they're doing human experiments...I can't just turn a
blind eye to them.
11: I guess you're right, but...

1: Christina, your mission was to investigate more about SERN...did you have any luck?
2: pop
3(2b): Well, here's the thing. SERN has two major problems regarding time travel.
4: 1. Tuning the "Lifter," their electronic injection machine
2. Setting an exact exit point during time travel
(*The words on the board are exactly the same as bubble 4)
5: It looks like they're searching for answers to these two problems, but it hasn't
been going very well.
6: Hmm...and did you find any clues from the phone microwave (tentative title) that are related to SERN's time machine?
7: The LHC happens to also be known as the "World's Largest Microwave."
8: I see...so then our phone microwave (tentative title) is like a tiny LHC?!
9: That's not entirely incorrect.
10(2b): But there's too much we don't know about the phone microwave. Unlike the LHC, this wasn't built specifically for time travel. Why those electric discharges happen and how they work is all unknown.

1: But the text message was only sent to the past when the electric discharge happened in our last experiment.
2: We've only done it twice, but I'm convinced. The path to a singularity, the door to
the past is opened only when those electric discharges happen!
3: But you don't know WHY the discharges happen.
4: We're gonna find out now!
5(2b): Let's call the text messages that were sent to the past "D-Mail," and set them
aside for now. The thing we need to figure out now is how to actually use the phone
microwave as a time machine...
6: Wait a minute!
7(2b): It seems like you're all under the assumption that those electric discharges
happen randomly. But I have a hypothesis!
8: I went back and checked the times at when those two discharges happened.
9(2b): The first D-mail I sent by accident to Daru happened between 12 and 1 PM. And the second...the one all four of us saw happened around 6 PM.

1: In other words...if we conduct an experiment within that time frame,
2: it should be possible to succeed again!
3: And so, we began another experiment using the phone microwave (tentative title).
4: Ah...
5: Ohhh!
6: Another gel banana!
7: Fuuuuhahaha! Just as I hypothesized! The discharges are related to the time of day!
8(2b): Not bad, Okabe...but we have to check and see whether we can send a D-mail or
not...I'll send one to you.

1: Ahh, here comes the discharge!
2: Just like before, the microwave's getting heavier...
3: Did you send the D-mail?
4: You sent two, but both of their time stamps are from five days ago...success!
5: Huh? I only sent one, though.
6: That reminds me, the last D-mail got split into two as well.
7: I wonder why...
8: I want to know what the significance of five days is!
9: True...the last D-mail came from five days ago as well.
10: I wonder if there's some natural law that can be applied here?
11: Let's just keep trying!

1: OK.
2: Now, at the very least, we know what's possible with the D-mails.
board: Is there a special condition for the electric discharge to occur? (Only between the period of 12-6 PM?)

Only 12 half-width or 6 full-width x 3 characters can be sent in a D-mail. (Anything
more will disappear.)

It's possible to change the amount of time that the mail travels back through by the
numbers that are punched into the phone microwave (tentative title.) One second on the timer equals one hour in real life.

Anything that's inside the microwave at this time will be jellified. (And teleported.)

3: Any additions or corrections?
4: There's still a lot I don't understand, but as far as the D-mails go, I think it's
perfect! Final answer!!
5(2b): Let's prepare a detailed examination tomorrow. I want to make one thing clear, however.
6(2b): August 2, 2010 will become a day that will forever remain in human

1: On today, the Future Gadget Laboratory succeeded...
2: in developing the human race's first time machine!!
3: ...it isn't really the first though, is it? SERN beat us.
4: And it's not like we actually developed it. It was just sort of a coincidence.
5: Heathens!! Pay some respect to my stately announcement!!
6: Fine, whatever! The 66th official roundtable discussion is now over!! The end!!


A particle physics laboratory in Europe. However, SERN is actually an abbreviation of the French title: Societe Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire. (*In real life:
Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire) The particle physics laboratory itself is located in the suburbs of Geneve, Sweden. It is officially under neither Swiss nor French jurisdiction, and a bank, library, post office, and dormitory exist on the laboratory grounds. They have gathered thousands of lab members from all over the world to conduct their experiments.

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