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Steins;Gate 4

Butterfly Effect Divergence II

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:51 | Go to Steins;Gate

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: Determining that the "phone microwave (tentative title)" developed by we of the
Future Gadget Lab was actually a time machine,
2: we decided to go home and recuperate after our all-nighter.

Chapter 4 - Butterfly Effect Divergence II

3: The next morning--
4: brrriiing
5: ...Hm?
6: It's already morning...?
7: yawn
8: Who's this from...

1: Y...You're Shining Finger!!
2: What are you doing here?! Don't tell me...
3: Hey, wait! Don't send me an explanation from your cell phone! Just say it!!
4: I want to see your...IBN 5100...
5(2b): I thought so...I contacted you just in case, but I never thought you'd come this
6: ...you can look, but no touching! Come on in!
7: ...Here is the legendary PC we found...

1: The IBN 5100!
2: Wha, another message...?!
3(2b): How many times do I have to tell you?! Verbalize!! Oh, you're going to ignore me
now, huh...?
4: What are you trying to take it with you for?!
5: (Because...) You didn't...reply to me...

I'll be taking the IBN 5100 now.


6: Is that the only way you can communicate?!
7: Listen carefully! This legendary retro PC chose me, Hououin Kyouma, and made a deal
with me!
8(2b): That is the absolute truth! It's what Steins;Gate chose! I mean

1: I'm only temporarily borrowing this machine's power!
2: Once I'm finished with it, I have to return it to its original owner.
3: Y-you...
4: Geez...
phone: Who?
from Shining Finger

Who's the original owner? Tell me.


5: I can't tell you that. It's secret, and part of my deal. I also have to keep it
secret to protect the original owner from people who are after the PC.

phone: At least
from Shining Finger

tell me where you found it...OK?


6: Guess I have no choice...
7(2b): The IBN 5100...was at Yanagibayashi Shrine.
8: Yanagibayashi Shrine...

1: ...huh?
2(2b): Okarin, who's that ero...sexy 3D girl?
3: Daru.
4: Allow me to introduce you to Shining Finger, or Kiryuu Moeka.
5: Shining Finger...?
6: Nice to meet you, Kiryuu-shi.
text: IGNORE
7(2b): Wh-what a beautiful ignore!! You're looking down on me because I'm fat, aren't
you?! You're use the word sweets, don't you?! (*This is an internet slang term that
refers to girls who purposefully use the english word "sweets" when referring to sweet
food instead of any alternative japanese word, such as okashi, in an attempt to appear
stylish, etc.)
8: ...what do you want?
9: Um...it's about the phone microwave.
10: I was thinking about improving it.
11: Improving it?
12(2b): Sending D-mails to the past the way it is now is a pretty big pain in the ass,
isn't it? I wanted to figure out a way to make it easier. Oh yeah, and I also wanted to
make it possible to send mails straight from the phone that's actually on the
13: OK, get to it!
14(small): Ooooh

1: I told you, if you have something to say...
mail: Subject: I overheard...
from Shining Finger

you talking about "sending mail to the past." Huh? Just what does that mean? Tell me!


2: Gyaaaaaaahhhh!!
3: I'm such an idiot...!! This time machine stuff needs to be kept top secret!! Damn,
you Daru! How could you make such an amateur mistake?!
4: You misheard!!
5: No...I know what I heard, plain and clear.
6: Then forget it!!
7: I can't...
8(2b): ...then choose. Either pledge to keep this secret, or...die, I guess.
9: ...You're going to kill me?
10: Only if you try to let our secret out...
11: I wouldn't underestimate the mind of the insanely mad scientist Hououin Kyouma if I
were you...

1: I'm baaaack!
2: Okarin, Okarin! I was wondering if you could let me warm up some chicken before you
start the time machine experiment...
3: Mayuriiiiii!!
4: Time machine...!
5: ~~~~~~gh
6: It's all over...there's no way I can cover this up now...
7(2b): Kiryuu Moeka...I'll explain everything to you. But I also have a request for

1: Everyone here?
2: OK, let's begin the 73rd Roundtable discussion.
3: (Hey!) We only had the 66th one yesterday. Why are you jumping ahead six?
4(small): Tch!
5(2b): Don't worry about small stuff like that! Just how anal are you?! At this rate,
you'll NEVER be promoted beyond assistant!
6: In any case, I've registered Shining Finger, or Kiryuu Moeka as Lab Member 005, so
everyone try to get along with her.
7: Nice to meet you!
8: Ditto.
9: ...Nice to meet you.
10(2b): Now then, comrades, I would like to push our plan to stage two with today's
experiments, and hopefully start using D-mail a more practical manner!
11: Practical?

1: So you want to make it so we're able to send messages in the morning saying "Good
morning, Okarin!"
2: Are you brain dead?! Write that on the back of one of your fliers or something!
3: What? But then how will it reach you?
4: My aim is simple!
5: I want to see...
6: whether or not we can CHANGE THE PAST...
7(2b): Hold on a minute, that's way too dangerous! What are you gonna do if the world
goes poof because of some kind of time paradox?!
8(2b): According to Titor, our world exists along with other worlds across a world
9(2b): So that makes you think you can just go and change the past? You're actually
going to believe the delusions of some self-professed time traveler who made a few
posts on the internet?!
10: Do you have any proof that they're delusions?
11: ...! Well...
12(3b): Okarin, Okarin! I don't really get all this, but what do you mean by change the
past? What are you going to change?
13: Excellent question, Mayuri!

1: I'm going to win the lottery!
panel 2 letters: The lottery?
2: (Umm...) Is money all you care about, Okarin...? This makes me sad.
3: Your ambition's so petty, Okabe.
4: If you have some kind of an objection, then come up with a better idea!
5: W-well, now that I think about it...
6: See?! There isn't any better idea than this!
7(2b): I agree with Okarin. If we have money, then we can buy computer parts and go to
Mayqueen all we want!
8: I knew YOU'D understand, Daru!
9: I've got the program ready, so I'll set it to send the D-mails to your phone,
10: Alright! Let the plan begin!
11: ...um, what exactly are we supposed to be doing again?

Search for the most recent lottery that's ended!
2(2b): Ooh, Lotto 6 might be perfect then. They announce the winning tickets every
week. Let me Google it.
3: You're going to send the winning ticket number in a D-mail?
4: Exactly.
5: Ummm, this week's #1 winner got...
6: Woah...two hundred million yen!
7: Wha?! T...two hundred million?!
8: W-wait! Not the #1 ticket! That's too obvious!
9: Huh?
10: Don't tell me you forgot! I'm being chased by THEM, remember?!
11: If I got the #1 winning ticket and was interviewed by the media, who knows what
would happen! All of a sudden everyone and their mother would be aware of my existence!
12: Or not.
13: We should keep a low profile here and aim for the #3 winner or something...
14: That would bring us down to 700,000 yen.
15: You're quite the chicken, you know that, Okabe?
16: 700,000 yen would get us what, a truckload of bananas?

1(3b): That's it! Moeka! It's time for your first mission. Think of the perfect
sentence to put in the D-mail to the past. Something that will make me want to buy a
Lotto 6 ticket one week ago, without knowing about any of this.
mail: Buy this Lotto 6 ticket. You'll definitely win!
2: OK.
3: The 7th is 168 hours ago, so I'll enter it in as 170#.
4: Turning on the microwave!
5: An electric discharge! If we can send the D-mail, then the past should change this
6: El p'sai congrue!!

1: ...!? What was that...
2: What happened, Okarin?
3: ...huh? I thought I just sent a D-mail...?
4: Hmmm.
5: Christina...?! I thought you were over by the phone microwave (tentative title) with
6: Hmmm.
7: Huh...?!

1: Wait...calm down! I need to check the mail I sent to myself a week ago...
phone: No Subject
from Hououin Kyouma
7/27 12:24


No Subject
from Hououin Kyouma
7/27 12:24

Buy this Loto 6 ticket.

No Subject
from Hououin Kyouma
7/27 12:24

You'll definitely win!

2: The mail arrived a week ago...but what about the money? Did I win...?!
3: Hey, CeleSev! Did I get 3rd?! (*Short for Celeb Seventeen, Okabe's nickname for
Kurisu since her parents pay for her to live in a hotel.)
4: What did you just call me?!
5: And what do you mean "3rd?"
6: Wh...what...?!
7: Daru! I just sent the winning ticket number to myself with the phone microwave
(tentative title), didn't I?!
8(2b): Woah! I never even thought of that! If we used the D-mails that way, then maybe
we could become millionaires!!
9: W...wait, wait! Didn't we just decide to proceed with the second stage of the plan?!
10: You mean the stage where we try and change the past?
11: Y-yes!

1: That's what we were all trying to figure out now.
2: You know, what kind of sentence would allow us to change the past.
3: Wh...what...?! What are these people talking about?!
4: It's like the entire series of events that occurred from my idea about "sending the
winning Lotto 6 number to the past" have yet to happen...
5: This is...
6: Um...excuse me...
7: Hello...
8: Ahh! Ruka-kun! Hello!

1: Rukako...what do you want?
2(2b): The truth is, Okabe-san...er, I mean...Kyouma-san, I owe you an apology...
3: Here...
4: Th...this is...! Rukako, where did you get this ticket?!
5: Er, um...you told me "This ticket might win, so buy it"...
6: R...really?! When?!
7: One week ago...
8: Man was I an idiot one week ago!!!
9: Okabe, don't tell me...you sent the winning ticket number to the past using the
10: Why is that sentence a question? You saw me with your own eyes!!
11: Saw you? Saw you do what?
12: Send the number in a D-mail to myself!
13(2b): We discussed the idea, and then decided to go through with it! Then we changed
the past!!

1: The phone microwave (tentative title) can clearly change the past!
2: I don't know why everyone else besides me forgot what happened, but...
3: this machine clearly capable of achieving godlike feats...!!
4: Forget that for now! Ruka-shi! How much did you win?!
5: W...well the truth is, I wrote down one of the numbers wrong...
6: If the 18 had been a 19, then it would have been 3rd just like Kyouma-san sid...
7: What a mistake...
8: Okabe...you're not making any sense, you know? What happened?
9: ...I'll explain everything later.
10: But for today, just go home, everyone.

1: ...I may be experiencing that many-worlds theory right now...
2: This assistant sitting next to me right now may not be the same assistant from
3: But how come I'm the only one who doesn't remember that, then?
4: This is a question for John Titor...!
Subject: I have a question for you.

to John Titor

Thank you very much for your help with the IBN 5100. It was able to decode SERN's

I am contacting you now regarding a different matter, however. I succeeded in
developing a time machine that can send cell phone mail to the past. If I send a mail
to the past that ends up changing it, however, will the world line change as well? A
part of what I just did turned into "something that never happened," but are there any
other side-effects I should worry about? You said that this world exists with many
others on a world line, and I'd like to know from where you're drawing your proof for

1: Hoo...
2: ...who're you writing to?
3: John Titor.
4: What...are you serious?
5: He replied!
mail 1:
Subject: Intriguing.
8/3 16:27

This is extremely intriguing. Judging strictly from your current condition, I would
have to agree that you succeeded in changing the past. The mail you sent must have
created a slight divergence in the world line. Bravo!
The moment your mail reached the past, you moved from your original world to a new one
that's only slightly different. This new world is one built on the premise that "you
found out about the winning Lotto 6 ticket from a mail from the future then told your
friend, who made a mistake with one of the numbers while buying the ticket."
The only part I don't understand is why you've retained your "memories from before the
past changed." Is this true?

mail 2:
Subject: Re: Intriguing.
8/3 16:31

I still have my memories from before the past changed. Honestly. And this is the second
time something like this has happened.

As a time traveler yourself, John, did you ever experience something like this while
traveling 26 years into the past?

Also, what kinds of things might result from the fact that I personally chose to change
the past out of my own will?

mail 3:
Subject: Memories
8/3 16:39

The theory of changing time without actually traveling through it yourself is one that
doesn't exist in the world of 2036 that I lived in.
Therefore, I have no means of explaining the phenomenon that you're witnessing.
In 2034, the first time machine is created, and over the next two years, world theory
developed rapidly. In 2036, the structure of worlds as scholars understand them is
described as an "Attractor Field."
There is no real point in cutting up the world line into tiny pieces, since small
changes will converge to a similar end. And humans capable of observing these
convergences are far and few between. Since I have never personally met someone who
possesses that ability, I can't give a very accurate answer...perhaps, however, you
yourself possess that rare ability of observation, Kyouma.
You may even be able to guide the world.
To a point beyond a divergence of 1%. To what lies beyond the wall we call the
"Attractor Field."

Subject: The future
8/3 17:30

Kyouma, I want you to become the messiah.

1: Fu...fuuuuuuhahahaha!
2: (Uwaaa!) D-don't just start laughing like that, it's creepy!
3: I knew it! I'm not a chunibyo after all!! You really are the real thing, John
4: Fuhahaha...fuuuuuuhahahahahaha!!
5: Shut up already!!

1: ...the next day-
2(2b): Listen up, lab members! We will now be proceeding with "Operation Urðr!!"
3: Today, I am going to have you all change the past with another D-mail.
4: Change it however you like! Just make it something that's easy to detect!
5: ...I won't be sending any mail.
6: Scared?
7(2b): That's not the issue here. I just feel it's cowardly to change the past like
8: Anyone else willing, then?
9: What...you?
10: Hmm...Moeka seems like a pretty serious person, so she might be able to answer to
my expectations...
11: ...fine. However.

1: I want you to make it a simple, easy to understand change so that we can all confirm
whether or not it actually worked.
2: But what kind of message are we going to send? Making a change that easy seems like
a really difficult thing to do.
3: I have an idea...
4: Oh?
5(small): She's texting me again...
Subject: My idea
from Shining Finger
8/4 14:22

About 4 days ago, I got a new phone. After using it for a while, though, I began to
wish that I hadn't changed it after all. So I'd like to send a D-mail to myself four
days ago so I can tell myself not to change phones. If it works, my phone will change,


6: Ohhh...not bad, Shining Finger! You're turning out to be the shining example of a
good lab member!!
7(2b): No one has any objections, I assume? Then let's turn on the phone microwave!
8(2b): Set the timer to 100 seconds. This should allow us to send the mail to the
afternoon on 7/31, 4 days ago.
9: Phone microwave (tentative title), ON!!

1: The IBM 5100 is at Yanagibayashi Shrine.
2: Th...this is the same feeling I got when all those people disappeared outside the
Radio Hall...!!
3: Don't tell me...!!

1: Daru!
2: Mayuri!
3: Christina!
4: Wh-what?!
5: Moeka!
6: ...huh?
7(2b): ...that shiatsu master...where did she go?

[World Line]
Correlating with quantum physics, our world splits off into many different paths at
small intervals toward every single different possibility that exists from that moment.
A line that connects those "worlds" by time is called a World Line. If "something"
affects the future, then it will switch to another line away from what was otherwise

A concept described by John Titor. Divergence expresses how far the future slid from
its original direction on the world line.

[Attractor Field]
A concept described by John Titor. This is how the structure of the world as it's
understood in 2036 is described. Since the entire world is a collection of multiple
world lines, small changes in a world line will all converge to the same ending.

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