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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Gamaran 126

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2012 15:46 | Go to Gamaran

-> RTS Page for Gamaran 126

*Only for use by Tank Baba.

tl by molokidan

1(2b): Watch closely, you stupid monkey. This is a special lesson...
2: ...huh?
3: I'm going to teach you here and now
4: which path you should go down...
slanted: The sword instructor risks his life on this lesson--.
5: By defeating this spoiled dandy!

1: Defeat me?
2: ...heh. I can't wait to see you try.
3: K-Kashitarou, be careful.
4: He's strong.
5: Hmph...who do you think you're talking to?
6: But that's not all!
7: It feels like he has something else beyond physical ability that I lack...
8: Can he really be beaten?
9: Kashitarou lacks both strength AND stamina...
10: ...fufu.

1: Are you the one who trained Zenmaru-kun?
2: Your katana looks shorter than average.
3: But honestly, you don't look like an assassin.
4: I was born a weakling. I can only use a short sword.
5: But I have a bit of confidence in my abilities.
6: At least enough
7: to defeat you.

1: Fufu...good.
2: Please, go ahead and try.
3: We'll see whether that confidence is well-founded or not...
4: B-be careful about his fingers!
5: He has the ability to paralyze people!!
6: What?!

1: Don't take your eyes away!!
2: "TENMYAKU KISATSU" (Heavenly Pulse Killer)
3: I'll take your left arm first--

1: What?!
2: H...he stopped me?!
3: Ah, so you were aiming for my vitals...

1: That's a move built on a surprising amount of technology and intelligence. And it's truly fast -- but.
2: Because you focus so much on accuracy, the thrust is a bit weak.
3: --That isn't enough...
4: to stop me!!
5: O-oh no--
6: Yeah!
7: This is it!!

1: pih
2: wha

1: Kuh...it was shallow...
2: gih
3: A-amazing!
4: Kashitarou's...
5: It was shallow,
6: Hoo.
7: but it was still an easy success!!
8: I'm surprised...
9: I had confidence in my physical abilities too...
10: But you're a bit above me...
11: Damn...

1: It'd be such a waste
2-3: throb
4: to kill you here!
5: That's--
6: Wh-what fist is that...?
7: It looks so unusual--
8: What's going to come next?!
9: This one'll be fast.

1: Wha?!

1: Oh--
2: He scooped out my flesh...
3: Although I did manage to dodge a direct blow!!
4: Guh

1: Kashitarou!!
2: H-he's too strong, after all!
3: No matter how physically strong Kashitarou may be, that's not enough!
4: You can't beat this guy with physical abilities alone--
5: Kuh
6: Fufu...that was a deep one.
7: Looks like I managed...to get some kind of reaction.
8: The next one
9: will finish this!!

1: Your weak point is that you're too lacking in the basics--
2: gih
3: Not relying on one's power may be the true path of the warrior,
4: but remember, the muscles are what move our bodies!
5: You

1: can't escape my fists!!
2: Die!!

1: --what?!
2: Wha...
3: Whaaaat?!

1: Guahhh!
2: I got slashes?!
3: I-impossible. He was barely able to dodge it before.
4: Why--
5: I took that last attack on purpose.
6: What?!

1: For two reasons...
2: One:
3: To accurately grasp the speed of your attack.
4: And two:
5: To make you think that I couldn't dodge your moves
6: to pull you into my range.
7: Wh-what...
8: The first attack...when I let you go there, that was the end of this battle.
9: I have the ability to deal with your speed, but not the pure power to take you down.
10: Therefore I utilized your full-power charge and attacked you!
11: Without you even realizing that I was attacking.

1(2b): I was not blessed with a strong body -- but.
2(2b): Using your characteristics and abilities to their fullest will allow you to beat even the strongest of adversaries.
3: Don't take the initiative, pre-empt the opponent taking theirs!
4: This is only possible with the most perfected of physical movements. That's how I fight.
slanted: To fight means to know yourself, and utilize yourself! Got it, Zenmaru?!
Next issue, does Kiyomori counter?!

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