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Air Gear 346

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 12:55 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 346


tl by molokidan

1: ...ggh!!
2: Self-proof
3: of the "weight"
4: of life!
slanted: What is the new world that Takeuchi Sora desires?!

1: If you really feel you have a right to live,
2: then don't
3: rely on others.
4: If you...want to protect this world

1(2b): then protect yourself.
2: If you have no "power" to fight,
3: then I'll give it to you!!!
4: Is that why...

1: you didn't start...with your Regalia on?

1(2b): Woooooaaaah!! Woah...!! WOAH!!! Againnnnnn!!
2(2b): Wait...what?!
3: Plugman-san!
4: I'm sending the video to your helmet!
5: What is going on with Takeuchi Soraaaa?!
6(2b): What was that we just saw coming from the cyberspace up at Lon
Houtz Bourne Street?! What was that simulation battle we just saw?!
Something looks different to me...!! (It looked like all we saw were the
Regalia frames!)

1(2b): The Regalia of Regalias is at the base of this tower...inside the
orbit elevator transporter.
2(2b): ...this is the "reason" I acquired the Sky Regalia.

1(2b): The Sky Regalia transmits through the Chronos Statue, connecting
itself with all the ATs in the world.
2: Once I reach the transporter...I'll activate it completely,
3: releasing the "power" of the Regalia
4: to all the humans in the world!!!

1(2b): ...oh...nn...?! Umm?
2: ...really?
2: ...oh...
3: Fuck!! (That bastard...)
4: So that's what he was after all along...!!!
5: ...there's probably...a lot of bad people out there.
6: It'd be easy to kill someone with Sky Regalia.
7: Not only that, but they could even use a weapon to destroy the world

1: The special power that only 1% of people currently possess
2(2b): will no longer be special, as it's given out to the other 99%.
3: Ahh...but that's...!!
4: What if...some crazy person
5: just decided to...
6: press a button...they shouldn't...
7: Yeah, I know.
8(2b): That's certainly a possibility. But didn't I say...that you have to
protect yourself?
9(2b): But what if...you can't stop him...?
10: ...um?

1: I told you...you people don't have to change.
2: It's the world that has to change.
message 1: Fuck you! Who asked for that?
message 2: The messiah is a god of death
3(2b): Eh? ...ohah?
4: What?
5(2b): The world itself has no more value than one of your own lives. The
weight is equal. If...it can't even support itself,

1: then we don't deserve to be...you, me, and the world itself!!
2: Let it die.

1: Foolish creatures.
2(2b): It's time for humans...to break free from the "weakness" of gravity
and spread their wings. In this day and age, technology has made that
3: We don't have much time left...
4: Everyone must participate, think, and act together.

1: It was a gamble
2: giving Takeuchi-kun the Bagram.
3: But I won that gamble.
4: Now, show me!!!
5: The beginning of human evolution!!
6: The righteousness of my research!!

1: Alright.
2: Waaaaagaaaaahhh
3: naaaaooooraaaiiiinnn....
4: That's why...
5: you raised me...
6: and called me here...?
7: Iaaaaaooogaaaangiiiiiioeehhhh
8: Goe
9: hi
10(2b): hibaraoooonaaaaaaannn
11: To prove that you were right...?
12: to everyone in the world?
13: To make them understand you...?!

1(2b): I think I've...begun to understood too...the meaning behind the
"9th" that Takeuchi Sora spoke of...
2(2b): ...that's it. Little crow..was called there as the representative
of the "Old World"...!!
3: as the incarnation of the "Death Road"....
4: Was I always
5: just in the cage you created for me, bro?

1: Eh?
2: ...but...I may have misunderstood Takeuchi Sora too...
3: I thought I had cut myself free
4: oh
5: Ah
6: noteh....koh...
7: rah
8: from my own prison.
9: He may not have stepped..."outside" yet...!!!

1: But that was just...
2: the prison you had created.
3: I understand, bro...you're right.
4: Tch.
5: Hearts have "weight."
6: I mean
7: my heart
8: I...I
9: Ahh
10: Bro...I might really
11: feels so heavy right now...!!
12: have to kill you!!
slanted: Will Sora's human evolution plan make Ikki awaken further?!

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